found out!

I understand that people who weren’t at the Secret Sessions don’t understand why certain things are “secret”, but honestly, it’s not their place.

If you weren’t in the room when taylor looked us all in the eye and told us how confidential everything was, and how her tone changed when she mentioned her circle of trust, then you have no right to criticize how a SSer is protecting information or feeling hurt by possible leaked information.

Remember, that while attending a secret session is obviously an AMAZING opportunity, you may also forget that it is a HUGE responsibility that isn’t taken lightly.

Please don’t heckle those of us trying to keep our word to taylor.

it costs zero dollars to respect that while a wedding photographer may have a contractual right to post pictures they took from someone’s wedding for exposure for their service

it does not give us the right to further spread those pictures around the internet when they havent even posted by the couple themselves because we just so happen to watch those people play d&d on thursday. thats all i’m saying.

fic prompt: jungkook is an athlete (basketball player, soccer player, football player, hockey player or something else) at a press conferece. jimin is a reporter in the room. when jungkook sees jimin, he whispers to his teammates “god, he’s beautiful”, and the entire room hears it. 


Dealing with Destiny - Dream sequence

I was going to gif this but I literally couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it so I decided to just upload the entire scene for you to join in the misery. (you can gif this if you like)

  • Dakota: Balthazar!
  • *everyone looks at him*
  • Cavendish: Dakota, why so loud? I'm right her-
  • Dakota: (make him stop with his hand) We need to talk.
  • Cavendish: What are you talking about? and looking back, why my first name?
  • Dakota: Something happened, and I don't have much long, so please listen. *take a deep breath* I don't know how to tell you this, because you're a very dear partner, and the only friend I have in the Bureau...
  • Cavendish: Vinnie?
  • Dakota: A-And that makes it weird, because... I like you.
  • Cavendish: I like you too.
  • Dakota: No! I... I LIKE like you!
  • Cavendish: *process it, then gasp*
  • *everyone gasp and look at each other, Milo stares with a short smile, but a worried stare*
  • Dakota: I know, it's wrong!
  • Cavendish: N-No! I-It's not wrong, it's just that-
  • Dakota: *starts tearing up* I just knew you don't feel the same, and i thought it would go away if I pretended I didn't felt that, but I do!
  • Cavendish: Vinnie...
  • Dakota: *sniffles* Just... take care of yourself. *runs outside*
  • Cavendish: Vinnie? (runs after him) Vinnie, wait! I- (sees a time portal disappear, slowly fall to his knees) I... I like you too.