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I’d been stuck in one gender my whole life. It never bothered me. Now I wondered how that would feel for Alex. The only analogy I could come up with wasn’t a very good one. My second grade teacher, Miss Mengler (aka Miss Mangler), had forced me to write with my right hand even though I was left-handed. She’d actually taped my left hand to the desk. My mom had exploded when she found out, but I still remember the panicky feeling of being restrained, forced to write in such an unnatural way because Miss Mengler had insisted, “This is the normal way, Magnus. Stop complaining. You’ll get used to it.”
—  Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor, Rick Riordan

@ann.foley : Happy Birthday @iain_decaestecker ❤
This S2 gem was taken after I came back to my office having left Iain alone for 5 min & found him at my desk 🐒#BTS #agentsofshield

We’re clearing out my room at the moment and in the process of savaging my old desk I found some old sketches from school! They’re in biro and on the back of some woodwork notes so I must have been like, 15? Maybe. Anyway. Thought you’d like to see.

I wish I could remember what their name was but I remember drawing this character quite a lot… edit: I REMEMBERED! they were called Piffle, or Piff for short, because it was bullied for being small and weak and unimportant aka. ‘piffling’

Jeez, I was mean to my characters even back then

journal page 56/?
it’s been snowing since last night and I only slept 3h but im good as new and instead of going to uni (cause apparently the profs are snowed in) im going (alone) to the movies to see Juste la Fin du Monde bc today’s the first showing and I really hope it wont be sold out like every Xavier Dolan movie ever ((wishmeluck))
//lame collage of scrap pieces of paper I found around my desk


23/01/2017; 7:30PM

this is kinda my bullet juornal when i was in highschool, and these four are my fav pages!!

1st one is literally my goal; like it is still tho right now; to join more MUN!! in the picture was the merchs of my first MUN which was HSMUN (High Scope Model United Nation) << literally i was alone travelling from Jogja to Jakarta only to join HSMUN but it was once in a lifetime experience;; i love it!!!

2nd is a doodle by my lovely friend (read: fighting bilfach!!) but the quote was written by me tho lol

3rd is a page of magazine i found left in my class desk lol i cut it because i love the quote!!!

4th is… a lifetime goal. despite of what happening now in usa with the trump won election, i still want to go there!! and it all listed as detail as where i want to go!!(i had this one dream with my boyfriend to go to the ice skating in new york omg)

i might start a 100dop very soon because im still working on my room sorry about my cleaning procrastination;( 

Well..he suddenly became my senpai 

Goth is so addicting to draw ;o;

The reason why the paper is a little crumpled because I found it on my Old Art Desk ;;-;;

Please tell me what to draw next..

Goth | @nekophy

Merry X-mas


In my first year at design school I was in a class where I was supposed to have kept a ‘sketchbook journal’ the whole semester. I didn’t. I forgot. I had my own sketchbook that I kept all year, but I didn’t want to hand that in and never see it again … so instead I bought a $2 sketchbook in the school store, did this on the first page, and handed it in on the last day like a dinkhole

so flash forward to yesterday

my head of department passes me in the hallway, and says “I was cleaning my desk and found something of yours? dunno how long it’s been there but come pick it up if you want it” so that’s how it came home to me

but the best part. THE BEST PART

  • Coworker who barely knows me: you're always so sweet
  • Other coworker who has fought through the milky exterior & found my sarcastic, bitch middle: peeps out from behind her desk to make the office face @ me
exam prep tips!!!

June 2, 2016: so i’m currently in the process of cleaning out my desk, and i found an old paper my 8th grade geometry teacher gave us before finals…and it was a list of exam preparation tips! it’s currently finals season, and although many people (like me) are done, some still have a bit of time left till their exams start! so, here are the tips i found (+ a few things i added)

preparing for the exam

  • record the dates of your exams in your planner/bujo/agenda/calendar/etc.
  • bring home all the textbooks and other materials u need for studying (pencil case, notebook/binder, etc.)
  • ask questions or go for extra help if you’re not sure about/don’t understand something
  • do NOT wait until the day before the exam to learn everything, especiaLLY if it’s a dense subject
  • do NOT attempt to CRAM EVERYTHING INTO YOUR BRAIN THE DAY OF THE EXAM!!! please you don’t need the added stress life is already stressful
  • solve practice tests and questions! i’ll admit, i don’t always do this, but when i do i feel much more confident and ready for the exam
  • don’t memorize everything! you need to understand the material being studied.
  • take short breaks every now and then if your study session is long. the pomodoro method is excellent, and there are other useful methods out there as well!!
  • make sure your study space is well lit, has good air flow, and that your supplies are all in one place
  • remove any distractions such as your phone, and block distracting websites if you know they will ruin your study schedule and will lead to procrastination and time-wasting
  • if you need to, use printables!!! a HUGE amount of study blogs make those, and you can find some here!
  • a good way to understand and remember a topic is teaching it to someone! on test and exam days there’s always someone like “AAAH I didn’t study i’m gonna die omg” and teaching them would definitely be beneficial, both to you and your classmate!
  • if it would be helpful, find a study buddy! you can do the above, make practice tests, etc.

the day of the exam 

  • get lots of rest the night before the exam. at least 6 hours of sleep, pLEASE.
  • don’t go to school on an empty stomach, unless it’s ramadan or something (in that case!!! good luck!!! <3)
  • arrive early so you have some extra time to revise
  • look over the whole exam after it’s handed out
  • pay close attention to the directions given on the test. pay close attention to the directions given on the test. pay close attention to the directions given on the test. pay close attention to the directions given on the test. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH
  • if you have to skip a question bc you’re not sure or something, make sure to mark it so you’ll remember to come back to it!! it’s better to pick a random answer and have a chance (no matter how slight it is) of getting it right, than it is to leave the question blank.

so, that’s the end of this post! and you can use this for any normal test, not just final exams! good luck to everyone!! <3 <3

~ rawan ⚜