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Do you happen to have some links to old vlogs from old scene kids back in the day? Or old videos in general etc idk I feel like this question is too vague but I just mean like old videos from circa 2007-2008 because I always have the hardest time trying to find them

i’m pretty sure i answered this entirely wrong because:
1. most of this isn’t even related to scene queens. but a lot of them are relevant to the scene.
2. a lot of the previously mentioned videos are from 2004-2006. i don’t think there’s any from 2008, but who knows.
3. WHEN YOU SAID “OLD VIDEOS” I BASICALLY DEFAULTED BACK TO MY OLD SELF and went through my youtube favorites from 2005-2007. the scene queen ones are mostly at the bottom.

this is long. prepare yourself. i could have done better, but i have a job interview tomorrow and that is more important. there’s still a whole lot in here.

here are some videos i fondly remember:

this driveby hardcore dancing video will always have a place in my heart
i want candy dead + barbieboy. maybe watch all their old videos. cute emos.
bitch please + healthy foods + it’s a hairflip + all of Chris’ old videos? sorry not sorry i still love him bye. go to his channel and sort them by most popular.
smosh/original pokemon video that got them famous, hay hay hay
um, here’s andy sixx’s myspace proof video btw
hope is emo. there was a series for this.
an evening with sonny moore but i’m really biased towards fftl, so. all i know is that it’s still fucking funny to me and it’s been 10 years.
interpretation of sugar, we’re going down. pretty sure i found this video on funnyjunk way back in the day. it probably isn’t funny anymore… but it’s in my favorites on my first youtube channel.
shoes by kelly totally used to get played on fuse
Q&A with bert and gerard… you know the one.
there’s also tourette’s guy, idk
i like your hair by scotty vanity. + let’s go to the mall. i still get this stuck in my head sometimes. fml.
alaina beaton: EW!
the real audrey
i love u by tila tequila
i guess you could watch old livelavalive videos and old desandnate videos. they’re fucking annoying now. the original fred videos on the youtube channel jklproductions.
blacking out by livelavalive was pretty funny. wish he still had that underoath music video up.
me tellin you motha fuckas off
shane dawson’s old videos… i liked the ones featuring shinaynay. i know they’re racist but i guess i was in denial at the time. idk. they’re old. i guess if you watched him then check those out. sometimes he was pretty funny. i don’t think his humor has changed much, so be aware of that. definitely not PC.
old trashy life video channels: 1 2 3
kiki’s youtube. sort them by most popular to get the old ones you want.
audrey’s old vlogs can be found on her buzznet. not all videos will play.
the millionaires’ videos.
hanna’s old vlogs on buzznet.
old amor hilton videos 1 and 2
old raquel reed videos from buzznet
old jeffree videos from buzznet. you can find videos he’s deleted on youtube if you search hard enough… here’s the simple fag life 1 and 2, for instance. don’t really know how old these are, but maybe one of them is the one he throws a drink at some random lady for no fucking reason, other than the fact he’s on camera.

i have some old videos in my video tag. and i bet you can dig up some vk fansites that host a lot of old videos for kiki and dakota if you go to prettyuglylittleliars. here are some of dakota and some of kiki. that site used to be a goldmine, but i guess it got shut down recently.

thank you for making me travel down Nostalgia Lane when i should be figuring out what to say in my job interview tomorrow :P