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Ive been struggling with living arrangements since I moved out of my dads house in 2014. I left without knowing how to do anything on my own. So I just learned on my own, googled, or friends taught me. I went from my own apartment with one roommate who i was on bad terms with, to my cousins house with her kids, and then with strangers that I found on craigs list.
Now, for the past two months I have been crashing at my friend and her bfs place to save some because we were all supposed to move into another complex together in July. We already put the deposits down and even signed the lease. So all we had to wait for was the move in date. Everything was going so good since I got a new job, one that Ive always wanted and it pays decent, plus at my main job they rose the pay PLUS I got a raise on top of that. So I knew I would be able to afford everything and save to put towards a vehicle by the end of the year.
But my friends bf…. He is a very entitled white guy likes to talk down to people and has a superiority complex. So when I said that I didnt want to pay him cash for the bills and that I wanted to pay the companies directly he got super defensive and started raising his voice at me and cursing me out and went on a rant on how he deserves to have every bill in his name and how I dont have credit and that he does so I cant do anything. And how I should be lucky and thankful that he’s helping me out because he doesnt need me here and he can afford everything on his own because he’s the “bread winner”. Yet he only works 4 days a week as a barback doing maybe 8hrs or less shifts, spends over $500 a month on video games etc. He claims that I cant afford anything. When in reality I make more than him. And so does my friend but she knows that if she shows him the numbers he will get pissed because hes not on top.
So anyways the last thing he said to me was basically if I dont do things his way I can get out. And my friend messaged me telling me that we shouldnt move in together anymore. This was about a week ago, and since then I have been looking online for places close to both my jobs so I can uber or even bike there.
Im pretty sad and pissed about this whole situation. Sad because my friend is letting him act this way. I understand she doesnt want to get in the middle of it. But when he straight up disrespects your friends it just isnt cool. I really want her to break up with him, not just for this incident but because of all the other things hes put her though with his selfishness. But I know she wont because he is her first everything and shes gotten comfortable and doesnt believe that she’ll find someone else. Im pissed because I never thought someone would talk down to me like that and because I moved out of my last place where it was pretty nice despite living with strangers even if my commute by bus was two hours. And now im freaking out because I still havent found anywhere to go. I still have about three weeks left but I just want to find somewhere and secure a spot so when July comes I can be out!!!

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