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Jimin as a MLM Boyfriend

Jungkook | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Seokjin | Taehyung | Yoongi

- cutest couple on the planet !!!!!!!!!!!

- everyone would be jealous of how aesthetic you guys are like damn 

- jimin would love it when you both wore clothes that were pastels and baby blues, greens, etc

- he would 10/10 have a phone case that matches yours 

- Honestly ??

- jimin would adore being pampered by you

- you’d give him forehead kisses and cuddles for encouragement when he felt as though he wasn’t performing well 

- whenever he was talking about you to someone else, he’d always say “my boyfriend” instead of your name because wow he’s still in awe that you’re his 

- dates at the pet store looking at all of the cute kitties !

- jimin would whine and beg you to get one of the kittens 

“but just think! she could stay at your apartment and we could name her something really cute and buy adorable hats for her!”

- after your weekly visit to the pet store, you guys would just wander around town, holding hands and drinking boba tea

- you’d go into different clothing stores and pick out cute outfits for each other 

- when you found a pastel pink shirt that had “Baby Boy” written on the front, you’d give it to him to try on and he’d bLUSH SO HARD  AJSLAJDLKA

- cuddles would be literally suffocating,

- since jimin refused to cuddle without wearing his softest pyjamas and like 20 blankets

- but the way he curled up to your chest was too adorable so you never complained

- but oh lord do not be fooled by the soft surface because this mochi sasses like nobody’s business

- whenever you do something stupid like falling over you will never forget

- or if you spell a word wrong when texting him, from then on he’ll always spell it the way you misspelled it to rile you up

- jimin would honestly just be a little shit 90% of the time 

- but the other 10% he’s just the sweetest, most loving and caring boyfriend 

- your nicknames for him would be mochi, chim and (teasingly) baby boy 

- his nicknames for you would be baby, muffin, handsome 

- he would just be so cute and need attention and praise and love all of the time  and fukc i’mcryiing

- if you were sad or stressed out he’d sing lullabies to you 

- sometimes you’d pretend to be stressed just to hear him sing to you, and he’d know what you were doing but he found it cute 

ffffucuck me in the ass 

next is seokjin ! 

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Negan:</b> (to Saviours) I want Daryl found, do you all understand?! I want him found NOW!<p/><b>Simon:</b> Damn right. He made us look incompetent by escaping. Needs teaching a less-<p/><b>Negan:</b> *backhands Simon* Stupid shit, no! I want him found before he has an opportunity to have any fuckin' bromance moments with Rick. Rick is MINE!<p/><b>Dwight to Gavin:</b> Think we should tell Negan about <I>the</I> hug?<p/><b>Gavin:</b> Fuck no!<p/><b>Dwight:</b> Yeah it's probably not the best idea... I can't even talk about it without getting emotional.<p/><b>Gavin:</b> *wipes away tear* Me neither.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Silent Treatment.

We had been ignoring each other for 8 hours.

Eight. Grueling. Hours.

And yet somehow I still found myself walking into the arena, searching for that bundle of stubble that now covered his face and the grey Nike hoodie he had walked out of the house wearing. I was close to just pulling my phone out of my pocket and texting him, asking him where he was, but I knew I would get no response.

We had made plans to attend an FC Barcelona basketball game together but of course with us currently in the midst of a heated battle, Rafinha decided it best to leave without me but if he thought I wasn’t going to use my ticket that was a stupid thought.

I had tried getting him to talk to me for hours using my usual methods but none seemed to work well enough. I wanted him to give in, for him to be the first person to speak but Rafa was pretty fucking stubborn. He knew that giving in would give me the upper hand and that was the last thing he wanted to do. Instead he enjoyed watching me squirm and suffer while, from my perspective, he continued on like it was nothing.


My head whirled around at the sound of my name being called and I could see Thiago, his brother, waving me over from one of the floor seats. He had a bright and wide smile on his face while his brother seemed to roll his eyes and sulk in his chair with his arms crossed.

Me 1, Rafa 0.

I wore a proud smirk and sauntered over to where they sat, making sure to apologize to anyone I walked in front of and made my way over to Thiago as he stood up to greet me with a hug. “I was worried you weren’t gonna come. This one said you wouldn’t be here,” he stated as he pointed to his brother who was still seated and avoiding my gaze.

“Yeah well I wouldn’t want to miss the game.” I purposely made my way to my seat next to my boyfriend by intentionally bumping into his legs but he said nothing in return. He just drew his legs under his seat to avoid me hitting them again.

I sat in my seat and threw my bag on the other side of me.

Still no word from him or even a glance in my direction.

He knew I hated him when he was ignoring me and he was so damn good at it. Still paying me no attention, he leaned over and began to speak to Thiago. They both chuckled to whatever he had said, leaving me completely out of the joke.

That was annoying too.

I cleared my throat and leaned forward in my chair to gain Thiago’s attention. “Thiago, could you please tell your brother that it’s bad to be ignoring his girlfriend?”

Thiago simply chuckled and raised a hand to bring down onto his brother’s shoulder, squeezing it tightly as he repeated what I said. “Rafa, it’s a bad idea to be ignoring your girlfriend.”

All he did in response was shoot his brother a glare and knock his hand off of his shoulder.

Thiago leaned forward to look at me. “Yeah. Seems he’s not listening to me. You talk to him.”

“Don’t encourage her,” he warned as if I wasn’t sitting right there. I scoffed, unable to stop the slew of words that were firing out of my mouth and towards my boyfriend who I was supposed to be giving the silent treatment. “So now you’d rather I just stop talking to you all together? That’s what you’d prefer? Because we can keep this bullshit going.”

Rather than responding or even looking in my direction, he gave a small shrug and continued staring on at the game, clapping as a basket was scored. As soon as the action settled for a timeout, he just pulled out his phone and began scrolling through it rather than entertaining me.

Thiago gave me a sympathetic look. He knew how Rafa could get when he was mad and he seemed mad enough as he continued to ignore me though I sat right next to him. I didn’t know what else to do. I thought coming here would mean he would give in and say something but I seemed to be getting nowhere and it was annoying the hell out of me.

“You’re so childish,” I mumbled under my breath. I began to stand from my chair but once I was upright, a hand reached out to grab mine and tug me back into my seat forcefully.

His hand.

He dropped mine out of his grip and instead placed his hand onto my knee.

“You wanna know why we’re arguing?” He questioned lowly as he leaned over to me, his eyes still staring straight forward to the action beginning again out on the court. “Because you went and did exactly what I asked you politely not to do.”

And that was answer a male friend’s text. Rafinha had reason to believe that the man liked me and was after much more than my expertise in my career field. He wasn’t typically the jealous type so when he was wary of someone I tended to listen. Except this time.

I returned the text message and it didn’t take long for him to find out as by some stroke of bad luck, the male answered my message as soon as Rafinha had my phone by his side. His emotions caused him to burst out into a raging fit and an argument ensued from there as I refused to back down.

Hence why we were on this silent treatment ordeal.

“You know I can’t just ignore someone. It’s innocent. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that.”

Now, his eyes finally met mine for the first time in quite a few hours. Those brown orbs had definitely softened since the last time I was this close. “If you’re just going to combat everything I say with the excuse that he doesn’t like you, there’s no point in continuing this conversation.”

“Well what do you want me to do?”

“I told you already. Stop texting him. Is it that hard?”

To be honest, it wasn’t that hard. It wasn’t as if I was getting rid of one of my best friends or something. The man was an acquaintance at best. I just didn’t feel like explaining to him that my boyfriend had a problem with us talking. That would be a tad bit embarrassing, especially if he didn’t like me at all.

“It isn’t,” I admitted.

“Great. Then please stop. I’d really appreciate that.”

The sincerity in his tone and those soft eyes made me feel a tad bit of guilt for having us going through this ridiculous argument over something so trivial I could have fixed simply by deleting a contact out of my phone.

I nodded somberly in agreement. “Okay.”

He gave me a weak smile back and removed his hand from my knee, instead wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me closer, placing a kiss to my forehead in the process. “Thank you.”

I could see Thiago smiling on the other side of his brother, dramatically clapping his hands as low as possible without drawing attention to himself from the crowd. “Look at the two love birds making up. I’d like to think that’s my doing.”

Rafinha grabbed a kernel of popcorn from the container in his lap and tossed it at Thiago’s face. “Shut up.”

oh my god

i was supposed to go to get my tattoo today, but i went into the shop without my ID; & i then found out that i needed photo ID (which i don’t have because i’m stupid & don’t have my license) so we went back to the house to get my permit & i was looking for my old student ID but couldn’t find that. so i texted Steve to see if just my permit would be alright, & he said he would need that & my birth certificate, which it took hours of searching only to find that it’s nowhere to be found! 😡 we had to order a copy of it & now i have to wait probably a week or more to get my tattoo that was all ready to go. i feel AWFUL for letting down my art teacher like that, & i cried for the first time in a while because i felt so shitty. i’m sorry for ranting & raving guys, i just had a really long, anxiety filled day & this is the first time i’ve had a bad day in probably a month.

Bartender, Heartbreaker (Jason Todd)

My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak, my brain gets angry & 14 dollars? Is it magic fucking whiskey? Does a motorcycle come with it? Is it going to be served in Jesus’ shoe? with Jason for Anon

WELL HERE IT IS!!! Don’t go too hard on me and remember to correct me if i’m wrong with my grammar or something, Hope you guys like it :)

Saying that Jason was tired was an understatement, he was done with everyone’s bullshit, especially with Bruce’s and all his hypocrisy, all those “Jason no” and don’t forget about the daily “you can’t do this” and his best friend “you can’t do that”, Jason came to the bar that night thinking some alcohol would work to help him relax a little… boy he was wrong.

“That would be 14 bucks, Oreo hair”

“14 dollars? Is it magic fucking whiskey? Does a motorcycle come with it? Is it going to be served in Jesus’ shoe?” Jason grumbled

“I don’t know about the motorcycle or Jesus’ shoe” you laughed “but I’m sure it is magic, give it a try, Oreo” you said giving him an apologetic smile, Jason took a look at them, detailing how their smile was almost saying sorry about the price dude, but I’m not the boss, how their hair was all messy and how their eyes smiled. Not his type, but definitely cute.

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Spilling To A Stranger

Joe couldn’t believe it. But really, there was no one to blame but himself. Although he did think it was fair to put some blame on the girl he had said everything too.

Until he reminds himself that he was the one to pour all his personal life issues to a complete stranger.

Groaning, he lets his head fall back on the couch, his laptop sitting open in his lap, the page open to Twitter, which is filled with retweets of the original post that had made his heart drop.

Because it revealed everything. And now there was no hiding it.

He hadn’t meant to reveal everything. Honestly, he didn’t. But it had been a long day, and he had stopped in at the coffeeshop on his way home, and when the barista had asked him how he was doing that day, Joe had been honest and said it was a shit day. And then the barista had gone on to ask if he wanted to talk, for some reason he did.

The coffeeshop was mostly empty, so he stood at the counter for a while just talking, but they had moved to a table soon enough and he continued to spill everything to her.

He thought she was just some stranger. Someone to talk to that he would never see again.

Until he went onto Twitter two days later and say everything he had said, every detail and name, posted as screenshots from a phone.

The barista had apparently been a fan of his, although she had not given any sign of recognizing Joe when he walked in, and now had posted everything he had said to her so everyone could read it.

Everyone, including Y/N. The one person he didn’t want to know.

Because during his rambling conversation, he had admitted to his true feelings for his best friend.

Which now everyone across Twitter also knew.

For the past hour, Joe had been trying to call her. He had tried to call her as soon as he realized what happened, but Y/N was not answering. And that worried him.

Because he was sure she had seen it. His fans were tagging her in the posts, and he knew she checked her Twitter while at work, which she was at for at least another hour. Joe was tempted to go over there to talk to her, but by time he would get there, she’d be gone. So he instead just tried to call, to text, to get in touch with her somehow. But Y/N was silent.

Deciding to give it one more try, Joe quickly redialed her number, fiddling with the hem of his shirt while it rang, and rang, and rang. Until it went to voicemail.

“Please, Y/N. Just…call me.”

Three days after that, Joe figured he had well and truly fucked up his friendship with her. Because Y/N had still not called him back, and she never answered the door when he knocked. He knew he could probably just use his key to go inside, but he didn’t want to force her that way. So he would knock. But she didn’t open the door. All his text messages went unanswered. All his calls went to voicemail.

Joe knew she was listening to them though, because her voicemail inbox was never full. Unless she just deleted them without listening.

He didn’t want to think about that as an option though.

Twitter was still going crazy over it, and he did his best to avoid going on there, but he still found himself scrolling through the tweets about what happened, hoping that maybe Y/N had responded to one of his fans.


Which meant he had lost his best friend, and the woman he loved. All because he had been stupid enough to spill his guts to a complete stranger.

When a full week since the reveal had passed, and there was still no response from Y/N, Joe was ready to give up. Because it was clear that she wanted nothing more to do with him.

It wasn’t that he wanted to give up, or give her up, but he also didn’t want to make things awkward by forcing her to remain in his life or even talk to him when she didn’t want too.

As he was contemplating how to word another text to Y/N, one that explained he would stop trying to get in touch with her, Joe heard someone knock on his front door.

Confused, he pushed himself off his couch and towards the door, glancing briefly at the security system that usually rang first, alerting him to a visitor down at the main door.

Who would be able to just come in without him buzzing?

Apparently, when he swung open his front door, Y/N was.

“Hi.” She said, shifting on her feet.

Joe blinked in surprise, speechless. Because after a week of complete silence, she was standing in front of him. And didn’t look like she wanted to tell him off.

“Uhm, hi.” He finally got out. “Come inside, sorry.” He stepped to the side, allowing her to walk in.

“You aren’t busy, are you?” Joe’s mind jumped to the message he had been wording, but not that it mattered now, since Y/N was her in front of him.

“No, not at all. What’s up?”

“Really?” She tilted her head, a small smile tugging at her lips. “You’re asking whats up?”

He laughed softly, running a hand through his hair. “Guess that’s kind of pointless, isn’t it.”

“A little.”


“So am I.”


“Because I’ve been ignoring you for the past week.”

“I mean, I get it.” Joe shrugged. “Kind of a lot to take in.”

“You know you’re an idiot, right?” Y/N said suddenly, surprising him.


“Instead of just coming and telling me that you like me, you instead go and tell a crazed fan, so she posts it all over the internet.” Her tone is light and teasing, and he can feel himself relax, because he hasn’t lost his best friend he realizes.

“Hey! I didn’t know she was a crazed fan.”

“So you just go around telling strangers how you feel? But not your best friend.”

“Well…” He trailed off, shrugging again.

“You are an idiot.” Y/N repeated fondly, smiling up at him.

“You said that already.”

“And I’ll probably say it over and over again, because I’m apparently in love with an idiot.” She giggled.

“You know, it isn’t ni—” Joe stopped, eyes widening as he realized what she said. “Wait, what?”

“Sorry it took me so long to say back. But to be fair, you did choose to tell a stranger over me first.”

“You love me?”

“For some reason, yes.” Y/N said, reaching up to kiss him gently.

“So I should tell random strangers stuff more often?” He grinned, his arms moving around her waist.

“Only if they are secretly crazed fans.” She replied, leaning into him.

“I’ll make sure to check the next time I go spill my guts.”

“Make sure you do.”

Imagine #12 Drunk fight

You were getting ready to go out; you were making plans with your girlfriends fort his party for the entire week. You walked to your car to meet your friends and to get to the discotheque with a taxi.

This night you wanted to spend with just your girls, so you told your boyfriend Neymar, who was also coming to the party with his friends that you would just text him through the night so your friends would not get mad. He was okay with that, because he also didn’t want to annoy his friends leaving them alone every time you would come.

It was great, you and your friends were drunk having a blast, and then you saw a text from Neymar “Where are you?” It was from half an hour ago.

You replied telling him the exact place you were. You and your friends got a place at the VIP table from some boys and you told him so. Even if it was a VIP place, everyone could still see you and come to you. A VIP place just meant that you could get free drinks and you had a sofa to sit on. After a while, you felt the phone vibrating, it was Neymar again. You tried to move away from people shouting, so you could hear him better, but it didn’t really help.

“Where are you (y/n)?” His voice sounded angry.

“I told you! I’m at the VIP place.”

“Well I can’t see you!” You wanted to answer but he hung up. You were getting upset because you knew that he was angry and he didn’t believe you. You walked to the toilet and when you came back none of your friends were there, but you saw them on the dance floor. You got another text from Neymar “I’ve just been at the VIP place and no one was there. Where the fu*k are you?!”

You walked away of the VIP section and replied “I went to the toilet, come at the entrance!”

You waited for him to come about 5 minutes. He was walking towards you, his face was scaring you, he was mad. When he was in front of you, you tried to hug him but he moved away.

“Where the hell have you been?” He started shouting, scaring you.

“I told you we were at the VIP section.”

“No you weren’t! I was there and none of your friends were there!”

You tried to make him calm down telling him the truth but he didn’t believe you. He thought you were with someone else and he didn’t want to listen. He walked away leaving you alone.

You started crying, because he made you really nervous and upset. Then you found one of your friends and told her what was going on, she laughed because Neymar’s actions were childish and stupid, you agreed but you needed to find him.

You were texting him, calling him but without an answer. You walked all around the place and then you finally saw him with his friend drinking beer at a table. You saw he noticed you, but he looked away.

“Can we talk?” you grabbed his arm turning him around to face you.

“No, stop it, I’m with my friends so leave.” He was mean and his words did hurt you, but you knew he was always like this when he was drunk.

“Why don’t you fuc*ing believe me!?” this time it was you who started shouting.

“Because you weren’t there!” this time he did look at you, straight in to your eyes.

“I was! When you came, I was at the toilet! I was there the entire time Neymar!”

He rolled his eyes smiling, still not sure what to believe. You came closer and hugged him around his waist “I wasn’t with anyone, please believe me.” He didn’t hug you back and he also didn’t look at you.

“I don’t know (y/n), just leave me right now.” You let him go and started crying walking away from him.
When the event finished you waited in front of the entrance for Neymar. Your friends tried to calm you down and tell you to go home without him and wait until tomorrow to talk, but you didn’t listen, you needed to see him. They went home, and then you saw him walking outside.

“What are you doing still here?” He asked you as he stopped to talk to you. He looked much calmer.

“I was waiting for you.”

“You’re coming with me?” You two were both planning that you would go to his place after the party, but you thought that after the fight you two had he would not want you to come.

“Yeah.” You were sad about the fight and you didn’t talk much the entire road to his place. When you were finally at home, he gave you his training shirt and you both went in bed.

“I would never lie to you, or even cheat on you Ney.” You said silently not looking at him, because you were sleeping facing the other direction. You heard him turn around and coming closer putting his hand around your waist “I know, I’m sorry for being a di*k.” He kissed your head and you both fell asleep. 

PS: I think this is a really bad imagine, but the idea came from last nights fight that my friend and her boyfriend had. Hope you like it!

Gabriel X Reader

Request: Ive been having a bad time with my friends lately so would you mind doing a Gabriel fic where the reader is being put down by all her friends, them calling her a bitch, whore, useless, stupid, etc(actually choking back tears)and he comforts her and its all like super fluffy at the end. Thanks

Request: Heyyy I wanted to request a Gabriel oneshot in which y/n is alone at the bunker and Gabe comes to cheer her up with a nerf war and like fluff and they confess feelings? Thanks love, your the best!

Request: One Shot-Just really cute Gabriel jealous fic please! Kill me with fluff! Thanks dear!!!

Request: I just need GabrielxReader hardcore flufffffff please!!!!!!

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mereck & jonathan ✘  beneath the july sky

       There it was. In glaring, black Sharpie. 

                    [TEXT 4 A GOOD TIME]

       He sighed in disappointment. The day was half over, his skin golden from his morning in the sun, his stomach full from French camp food, and he’d finally wandered into the bathroom in the auditorium area- in part because he’d been walking by and had to piss and in part because Stranger kept invading his mind. Throughout his entire day, he was there, wondering which of the several dozen faces he’d passed was his.

         Somehow, he’d wound up with a Sharpie in his back pocket; smuggled from the office that morning when he’d signed up for soccer and lacrosse. They filled up quickly and Mereck learned early on that going to the office before sign-ups were posted guaranteed him a spot. The Sharpie, however, found its way into his pocket and it wasn’t until he stood in front of the mirror that he realized just why he’d taken it. Without thinking, he blacked out the message and Stranger’s number and tilted his head, studying the hideous black blocks.

          It looked wrong, somehow, and Mereck leaned forward and wrote in small text around the boxes. “I am lost in the sea of people. I am yearning for someone in whom I see myself in. I am searching for you. But really I am searching for myself.” It looked stupid and the second he finished, Mereck considered just blacking it out with the rest but instead, he looked away as he capped the Sharpie and tucked it safely in his back pocket for later. Maybe he’d write messages to strangers all around the campground this year. His own private graffiti. When he glanced back, the black boxes surrounded by small text looked beautiful. Like art.

           Ten minutes later, Mereck was back in his cabin to change his shoes for an impromptu hike he agreed to go on with a bloke from Paris and a girl from Nice he’d met last year. He paused, grabbed his phone, and opened the messages to Stranger. 

                         [1:45PM] Bathroom taken care of, mate. Hope you’re
                                         having a good day and aren’t too tired.  
                       [1:45PM] Er. Hope it’s alright I’m texting you again.

I’m so sick of fandom and especially white fans who






when it comes to PoC representation (particularly female PoC representation in media. A recent example is the Hannibal fandom. I’ve become more active in the Hannibal fandom lately because I heard it was one of the more “fun” and accepting fandoms out there. Boy, was I wrong. Every since the death of Beverly Katz (an Asian woman) on the show, many white fans have spewed hatred and vitriol at anybody who is unhappy with a female PoC dying on a tv show. When I wrote an article on why it sucked to see a minority character dropped from the show, I was called “stupid”, an “idiot”, “too immature for the show”, etc. I was also accused of “playing the race card”, “playing the victim”, “crying over nothing”, “making everything about race” and so on. One person on tumblr even accused me of being a white person in disguise because “only white people get this pissy over pointless sjw shit”. That comment, in particular, pissed me off because it erased my identity for the sole purpose of ignoring my point. Instead of just listening to what I had to say, that person decided to identif

So to all the idiots-who-keep-missing-the-point: We aren’t surprised that a show about a serial killer decided to kill off a character. We aren’t calling Bryan Fuller racist because he killed off a PoC or sexist because he killed off a woman. We aren’t complaining because

We are, however, upset because Beverly Katz was one of the FEW examples of a likeable, well-written, non-stereotypical PoC woman on tv and she was killed off for the sole purpose of furthering the male protagonist’s manpain. Her death was the very definition of fridging. Bryan Fuller has OUTRIGHT ADMITTED that the only reason Beverly got so much character development was so that her death would be sadder. And to add insult to injury, she died as a result of out-of-character stupidity: she went to Hannibal Lecter’s house, at night, without calling or texting anyone to  gather evidence that wouldn’t even be admissible in court because she found it without a warrant. That is so insulting and stupid that I can’t believe people are surprised that some fans are upset by it!

We are also upset that a show which claims to be so progressive and female-friendly is now one step closer to being like every other white male sausage-fest on television.

Iris- Jack Gilinsky PART 5

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Part 3: 

Part 4: 

PART 5 :

(Y/N) POV:

Oh god what happened? My head hurt like a bitch. I walk over to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. My lip was bruised and cut. Did I get in a fight or did I fall. Wow I was really drunk. I walk over to see Jack sound asleep, even in his sleep he was really cute. “Jack” I whispered and lightly shook him. He just moaned and rolled over. Well then. I walk onto the bed, and started jumping on it. I kept jumping, until I feel his arms around my waist. He tackled me to the bed, him and I just laughed. I stayed in this arms for which felt like forever. I fell back asleep but this time in his arms. 

Jack POV:

(Y/N) was jumping on the bed trying to wake me up, I grabbed her waist and tackled her down to the bed. She laughed as did I, her laugh was contagious. I kept my arms around her, I liked her next to me when I wake up. I wish it could be like this every day. I look over to see her asleep. Wait, how am I going to get out of James house? The van is still the driveway, shit. I sneak out of (Y/N)’s room and head downstairs to James’ room. I hear people in the kitchen, I sounded like Barbara, James’ mom. 

I walk in to James’ room, he was playing Call of Duty: Ghost. “Bro, what time is it?” I asked. “Uhhhh….like 7.” James responded with his eyes glued to the TV. “Wait, Jack, how did I get in my room?” James asked as he paused the game. “I drove you, and carried you into your room. And I need to find a way out of your house, without your mom finding out.” I said. “Dude just grab what you have here and sneak out of my window, since I’m downstairs and you can leave without anyone noticing.” James said to me like I was stupid.” God I’m such an idiot sometimes.” I said as I mentally face palmed myself.

I left his room and snuck back upstairs to (Y/N) room. I found a piece of paper and I pen and left her this note:

Dear (Y/N),

          I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye, I would like to go on a date with you. Actually I’m not asking I’m saying you’re going on a date with me. Tomorrow at 7 o’clock. Dress casual and I had a lot of fun with you last night. Also I’m not sorry for that kiss.

                             Text me: 1(***)***-****


(Y/N) POV:  

I woke up with Jack not next to me. I found a letter. Oh my god I’m going on a date with Jack. I can’t wait honestly, I walk downstairs into the kitchen and find Scotty naked on the counter eating waffles. And April in a princess dress and plastic heels dancing with Fancy playing in the background. She was singing all the words with her pink sparkly microphone in one hand and her other hand had a waffle in it. She was living the life. I cannot stop laughing, oh my god these kids are so cute.

I walk into the living room after about 10 minutes of laughing. I turn the TV on to MTV. I need to catch up on my teen wolf. Dylan O’Brian got me feeling some type of way. James soon walks in looking like a complete mess. “Are you okay, you look like a hobo that ate a cat and shit on a stair.” I said with a giggle. “Yeah I just have a really bad headache.” He said rubbing his head. “So how was cuddling with Jack all night.” James said with curiosity rubbed all over his face. “We didn’t do anything, we just slept” I said dead serious. “Sureeee, be careful around him though (Y/N) he sleeps around a lot”. James said with a hit of worry in this voice. I sat there silently, and it had me thinking about the date with jack and him taking me home. Did he really like me or was he trying to get me to sleep with him?  

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Long Flight - Part 3 (Calum Hood)

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Word count: 1007

Story line: After all that happened, you realize you were wrong and you just want to apologize to Calum but he doesn’t want to see you.


Accepting that you were wrong was difficult but it was more difficult trying to solve the mess that I made when I was leaving town. When I told my Y/F/N what happened, she didn’t say anything to me. She knew I was having a hard time and that I knew I made a mistake but I wanted her to yell at me, to tell me that I was stupid and that I ruined a perfect night with Calum.

“I really want to see him”, I said one of the nights we stayed home watching movies. She looked at me, raising her eyebrows. I understood her disbelief, a week ago I didn’t even want to meet him. “I screwed up big time and I just want to apologize. I can’t go home without making peace with him”.

“You have to think that maybe he doesn’t want to see you”, she said with the nicest tone she found. “You texted him and tried to call him and he just ignored you”. I had to say that was a stab to my ego. Being ignored by any guy was embarrassing but being ignored by Calum Hood was worse. But I asked for it so I couldn’t complain. Either way, I couldn’t do anything. Calum had decided to forget the frightened girl he had met on the plane and I had to accept it. It was time for me to go home and forget this little mishap.

I tried to enjoy my last days in Los Angeles and when the time arrived, I packed my things and my friend accompanied me to the airport. I was nervous about getting on that plane, I was still afraid of flying. “Call me, okay?”, Y/F/N said.

“I’ll miss you so much”, I mumbled, trying not to cry.

“We would see each other very soon”, she said. I frowned. “I have a feeling”, she added.

“You’re crazy”, I laughed. We hugged each other and I prepared myself to pass security. I spent the next two hours sat on a chair, trying to find ways to relax myself. I knew that flight would be unbearable. The chances of finding someone like Calum were limited and the thought of being locked in there was giving me anxiety. If Y/F/N had a feeling that we were going to see each other very soon it wasn’t because I was flying to Los Angeles again. I was sure about that part.

Finally we boarded and when I sat down, I tried not to pay attention to the fact that I was on the side of the window. I closed it and laid my head on the wall as I closed my eyes, hoping to fall asleep before we took off. “Excuse me, miss. Do you mind if I sit there?”, someone asked me. I opened my eyes and I almost choked when I saw Calum standing there. What was he doing there? Or most important, why was he there? Calum wasn’t smiling but he wasn’t serious either.

“Yeah, of course”, I finally said. I didn’t know if I had the right to ask him anything because, what were Calum and I? Nothing, two people who had met on a plane.

“I don’t bite, you know?”, he said with half-smile in his lips. “Ask whatever you want to ask”, he said.

I opened my mouth but I closed it immediately. There was so much I wanted to say. I wanted to apologize for how stupid I had been, I wanted to tell him he was right, that I was concerned because he was famous but I had realized he was a boy like any other. But I didn’t say any of that. “What are you doing here?”.

“The other night, at the restaurant, I told you something”, he said more serious. “I wished you a nice flight home”. I frowned, really confused. I wasn’t sure where that conversation was going. “I knew you wouldn’t have a nice flight home if you were going alone. So, here I am”.

“Oh, come on!”, I exclaimed in disbelief and Calum chuckled. “I can’t be real. You can’t be serious”.

“Why are you trying to sabotage it?”, he asked between laughs and I felt like he was also saying it for what happened the other night. “I’m not here because I said that, I’m here because your friend is a pain in the ass and she made me promise her I was going to talk to you”.

“What?!”, I yelled that time. “How…? Why…? Wow”, I finally said. unable to form a sentence. I didn’t know whether to be angry at her or thank her. “Okay, I’m really sorry about my friend, she’s nuts but seriously, Calum. You’re on a plane, if you’re doing this because she said that you needed to talk to me, I–”.

“Relax, I’m here because I want to be here”, he interrupted me. “And I think you owe me an apologize”.

Hearing that from him, embarrassed me. I had repeated it a thousands of times in the texts I sent him that I wanted to apologize. But when he said it out loud… I felt small, stupid and really, really embarrassed. “You were right”, I finally said. “I was afraid of going out with you because you are famous. I screwed up. A lot. And I’m really sorry”. I felt better after saying that but the lump I had on the chest didn’t disappear.

“I’m sorry too”, he said. I looked at him, surprised. Why was he apologizing? Calum didn’t do anything wrong. “For being a dick”, he added, sighing. “I guess I could have tried to make you understand that I’m not a monster in a nicer way”.

A smile formed in my lips and I understood that it was our chance to start over. I turned my body toward him and I said: “I’m Y/N and I’m your worst nightmare in this plane”. Calum laughed out loud and shook my hand.

When I’m a parent, I’ll understand why a band, or artist means so much to one of my kids. I think it’s hard for a lot of parents to realize with this generation, how much certain things mean to us. Music is, and always has been, a huge thing. The world runs on it. But now with social media and things like that, you get a closer view of people and their lives. That doesn’t mean you know everything about them, but you get to see more than you would without it. We get to know these artists and musicians. We make a special place for them in our hearts. And it hurts when that’s overlooked and not cared about. When people don’t care about the things that mean the world to me, it hurts. You don’t tear down people because of the things they like or the things they feel. That’s how you destroy them. You might not understand, but that doesn’t mean you have to say anything about it. Just let them be. Just let them love the things they want. Because you have no idea how much those things help them. Please stop judging people for the music they listen to. The clothes they want to wear. The books they read, movies they love. Any hobby they have or things they love to do. Can you please just stop judging so much without knowing them? Because it hurts. It hurts feeling stupid and wrong for the things you like. And makes us question why we are the way we are. Please be open to hear why we love these things. Because we’re dying to tell you, we just don’t because we don’t want to be ignored and judged.

Today had been hard. Between having to actually genuinely tap out of work that day, waking up with amitriptyline on her mind, and failing to text Nina as well as she hoped she might, Samson’s morning had been less than stellar. What had started as her trying to text some witty, vaguely sexual remark that doubled as a warning that she wouldn’t be at work and an apology that Nina wouldn’t be getting coffee from her turned into not at work and was left at that. It’d been the only thing that her fiercely shaking fingers had been able to text without error, and she’d been so mortified that she had abandoned her phone for hours and sulked in bed. That lasted right up until she realized it might be time for Nina to get off work, found her phone, and clumsily (pathetically) texted her asking her to come over, promising that she wasn’t sickly. Now, a good hour later, her back was flush against Nina’s front, twitchy fingers curled around Nina’s arm that she had tugged around her.

It was stupid to thank Nina a third time, she realized, and pursed her lips before she could do it again. Samson couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this quiet, not without the other person awkwardly trying to talk more to fill the silence that would have previously been handled by Samson herself. This wasn’t anything like that, and that was something to love about Nina. “I love when you call me Harlowe,” the brunette finally mumbled, eyes fixed on the wall ahead of her, fingers tightening around Nina’s arm. If Nina was going to look at her differently for anything, she thought it happening sooner would be better. Was this how Nina’s thought process had gone during that particularly explosive fight? The corner of her mouth twisted in displeasure. “It’s pretty stupid.” ( @theforgottenwanderers )