found it on ifunny

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do you still have the sketch/post of old nepeta saying bye to equius (who is still young because he's a highblood)? i'd put a link but tumblr won't let me. i found it on ifunny (by someone else) and really wanted to favorite it on here rather than just save the screenshot or something. :? I don't want to trouble you its chill if you don't :)

I couldnt find the post either, maybe I deleted it somewhere along the way :^( but fortunately I still have all my HS drawings deep inside my computed, so here you go !!!
Jfc that thing is so old

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Just to confirm, do you have a iFunny account? I May have found a account impersonating you and reposting your art. I want to make sure it's not you before I tell them

nah i dont

all my social medias can be found in my links page and youtube descriptions

It says: Meenah: I would rather have sex with and octopus. Cronus: I’m closely related to an octopus. Found this on Ifunny (credited to the people who made this post, as I obviously didn’t ) and it got me thinking. Male Octopi rip of their penis and throw it to the female for her to do the do then regrow it later, so if Cronus is closely related to an octopus…. Just a thought.

So I’ve been playing a lot of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (loving it so far(it’s free on 3DS if anyone wants to play it(it released only a few days ago so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it))) and one of my favorite parts about it is that MAGOLOR IS THE SHOPKEEPER.  (He’s from Return to Dreamland for those not in the know.)

He got a palette swap for this game and a lot of people have been making jokes about it but this

This is the best headcannon/ joke I’ve seen with this yet

(Art is not mine.  I found it on ifunny, but the comic has a signature that I can’t read.  “CourtesyCall” I think?  If anyone can find the original artist, I’d very much appreciate it.)  [Edit: I found them.  Or more accurately, they found me. Here they are: @courtesycalling ]

I’ll probably be posting more Kirby stuff along with my other crap because I forgot how wonderful these games were.