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In honor of #PokemonDay I wanted to share some of my most prized and retro Pokémon possessions! I have some pretty obscure goodies like Pokémon Band-Aids, Pokémon watches, erasers of Pikachu, Meowth and Blastiose, as well as a Pikachu Walkie Talkie! (I used to have the matching Meowth Walkie Talkie, but I’m not sure where it is anymore!) I included some of the figures I got at Burger King when they did their promotion way back in the day as well as some guidebooks and consoles! I thought it would be neat to compare my first ever handheld gaming console to my most recent one in the last picture! I had a fun time putting together this little display and hope you all enjoy it as well! I have a Photoset of my Pokémon Video Games Collection if you’d like to check that out as well! All of these photos can be found in high resolution on my Flickr!


ROBUST GHOST PIPEFISH (30mm) por Sonja Ooms
Por Flickr:
This uncommon species is found in coastal reefs and weedy areas or lagoon reefs, often on algal flats or seagrass beds. Monogamous, always in pairs. Females carry the eggs in their pelvic fins that are modified to form a brood pouch. Feed on small crustaceans. This one is a red young female variation, relatively rare.


The Old Bridge by Maureen Bracewell
Via Flickr:
The old pack horse bridge found on the road to Braemar through Glen Clunie, the old road goes over the bridge to the ancient military road and still carries a small amount of traffic.