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Summary: During a blissful afternoon with Han post-victory on Endor, Leia marvels at all she’s found.

Rated T — that’s PG-13 for all my non-fanfic readers. Nothing graphic, safe for work (I think), but definitely some implied Han x Leia happy times.

Written for @mandatheginger‘s First of May challenge.

Leia felt like she could break from the beauty of it all, lying there in the grassy forest clearing she and Han had stumbled upon earlier, his body still curled warm and lazily against her own as he slept beside her. Like she could crack wide open, split down right to her soul, from the warmth and fullness and vibrancy and peace — the peace that had until now only settled hesitantly on her heart like a question, but now sank deep, deep down through her bones and into the very earth beneath her. Endor itself celebrated its recent liberation; she could feel it now, in that intangible certainty she was coming to realize was the Force. Everything around her seemed to be moving in concert, singing in harmony. The ground, blanketed in soft grass and fallen leaves, thrummed beneath her, birds trilled all around her (she had noticed none before), leaves danced on their limbs high above her, the exultation of beings near and far wove threaded melodies on the wind, and the very air seemed brighter and fuller, ringing with victory and joy.

She had never felt so alive, or so aware of the life around her.

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Playing Cat and Mouse With a Werewolf

Finally finding her voice, she spoke softly, “It’s stupid, Padds…” she paused, “What if he doesn’t even feel the same way?” She asked wringing her hands.

He scoffed, “If he doesn’t I promise to walk up to your mother and ask her ‘What’s new, Pussycat?’”

Alannis burst out laughing, “Point taken.”

{Marauders Era}

Story found here on my page.

A Weapon and a Remedy

A year ago I was depressed a depression so deep that nothing mattered I didn’t care or love anything or anyone, even my family.

Two days before zootopia came out I was planning on taking my own life, but I saw in my recommendation feed on YouTube the trailer for the movie. I was already part of the furry community at the time but it wasn’t a big involvement.

I decided that I should see something cool before you know ending my life. So I managed to get a ticket and saw the movie. I wouldn’t say I fell in love with it, at the time anyway, but besides that I wanted more so I looked for all the fan art on the movie and thought it was incredible.

After a month or so I was still here and I kept telling myself okay you’re gonna stop looking at furry art and just get on with what you planned. But I found FanFiction.Net and I found hundreds of stories, so many that I read them for two weeks straight.

I wanted to write my own but didn’t have the confidence, but then after a few days I figured I’m going to be ending it all anyway so why not try. And I did I wrote a shitty five chapter FanFiction for Zootopia.

And the reviews were all hate and more and more hate. So I cried In pain and realized no one will ever care for what I do or try to do. So I stopped putting off what I wanted to do two months before and got ready the take my life. But as I was preparing myself I got an email for a private message, and I read it, it wasn’t hate, but a compliment.

A compliment that changed everything.

This is what he said, “for the likes of your story…. well: I can say that you certainly have improved your writing from the first chapter onward. I noticed that as I read through your work, and I believe it to be an excellent writing skill! Anyone who can improve upon what they’ve created is talented in my book!

That being said, I can agree with you on the facts that your story does have some unpleasantness. The grammar errors, punctuation, capitalization and a number of other smaller details are somewhat out of whack.

Your story isn’t god-awful or an abomination: It’s just not up to-par with some of the others that are present on this site.

I hope that you found my words helpful, one way or another.


He didn’t know it at the time but he saved my life, I didn’t kill myself, I kept writing, I kept improving, thanks to him I’m a writer and I get compliments every day because of it, I’m happy I care again, I love again I know there are people who care for me and love me. And I know that my writing is likeable and loveable maybe not to all but to many it is.

I still have my ups and downs but I haven’t thought about suicide in a long time. Since then I’ve decided to carry on what he did for me i’ll show the truth but i’ll tell people how to make it better how to improve on their work and make them feel good about it. I’ll help people reach their dreams because they deserve to reach them.

The smallest complement can become the biggest thing to someone. The littlest of hate can lead to ones destruction. Never underestimate your words, they have power, they have force, your words are not just words, they’re both a weapon and remedy.

I’ve said it before but I can never repay you, thank you @upplet. Thank you for saving my life.

Sharing my story for mental Heath awareness month
Notes on a scandal [jughead jones]

Summary: Secrets aren’t meant to be found, and when Donna found out Archie Andrew’s, she has no option but to be a good friend and keep it— even if it meant to keep it from his best friend. 

Pairings: Jughead/OC (Donna), side (AND I SWEAR IT’S FOR STORYTELLING PURPOSES) Archie/Mrs. Grundy, side Archie&OC (Donna).

Warnings: canon/OC, my shitty writing.

Also can be found on

He was supposed to be here.

Jughead stared again at the screen of his phone, only to click his tongue once he saw the hour, seven o’ clock in the morning and thus, marking an a hour and a half of being there, waiting for him.

Usually, he wouldn’t do that. Someone like Jughead was used to people not giving a damn about him, and when they did it was him the one who wouldn’t care about what they’ve got to say. For Riverdale, someone like Jughead Jones was considered a pariah, somebody they had given up many years ago— and as far as they know, Jughead was pleased with that, never trying to change their perception about him.

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( The following is an excerpt from a fanfic which takes place 30+ years after the events of steven universe, all characters are of legal age, do not message me about this, this is your first and last warning. the rest of the fic can be found here: )

!!!This post is not a joke, do not laugh at this fanfiction, it was written with care and is to be taken 100% seriously, this was not written “ironically”, if you laugh at this I will be so fucking mad, and legally, I cannot say I will hurt you, but if it was legal to do so, I would hurt you!!!

When the DMT is smoked on the ground, the soul is taken to the center of the earth where clusters of souls old and young kindle in communion.  When the DMT is smoked in outer space, one goes into a terrifically fast orbit around the earth, creating a charge in the body once bursts of spiritual energy catch up to the body and pierce through.  The body is charged.  The mind is on fire.  The soul is in “freefall”, but never makes it.  This trip lasts five days.

The threesome were transported to this porch in magnet boots and gas suits.  The time was near.  Once they felt ready- the DMT would be circulated in their space suits.  They looked around and noticed the ambient blue, the darkness of space, and the feeling of helium flesh.  They were ready.

Lapis’s Trip

Like glass, the image of the world shattered into hundreds of shards of glass, then into thousands of speckled stars, then into dust.  Beyond reality, lay before her a castle of granite.  Torch sconces lit with bizarre flames illuminated many goblins.  The goblins were dancing and jumping, and their necks stretched and snapped back into place at a rhythmic pace.  Lapis was swallowing over and over again bizarre psychedelic fluids.  Her body was a soup, no, light.  Her ululations were becoming to the goblins.  Intrigued, they snapped themselves into place beside her, and started doing some sort of violent dance that made her euphorically cackle.  Her mind afire, she joined the dance.  She realized now that she was a God.  She took pain to create objects with her mind.  She kneeled into a ritualistic surf, and pulled suddenly a plasma sword from her throat.  The bolt of energy protruding from the hilt waved like a snake.  Lapis shouted like a warrior and stabbed the sky with her sword.  A bolt of energy went into the atmosphere and broke it into glass shards once again.  This time she was in the clouds, though clouds made with the divine, not base matter.  What these clouds and air were made of was some sort of pure mathematics and infinity.  Continuous, lacking discrete particles whatsoever.  The Creator’s head sprang from the infinite reality of the moment onto the scene.  In a single instant she flew information into Lapis’s brain.  

Connie’s Trip

A pause.  Then, suddenly, a dim screaming.  It was the sound of humans in apathy.  The chorus seemed to grow in both number and amplification.  The chorus was growing.  Once she heard strange interference in the noise, rapidly changing and screaming in their own right, becoming in and of themselves entities, Connie crouched toward the ground.  Oh pain!  Give me pain so that I may learn!  Then the noise ceased so abruptly that the comfort was almost painful.  The cessation of noise was like the pain of a terrible orgasm, so intense and ear splitting that it causes apathy not through circumstance, but from an absolute perspective.  Now she fell gently and slowly, an opiate.  She could not see, nor hear, nor formulate a woman holding her, but she was.  She was a goddess.  Her consciousness ran towards the flesh of her tits.  It was a delight, and all of her being was pounding through its limits, transcending to kiss her own soul.  She was gold colored.  She smiled as Connie’s eyes met hers.  Her gentle womanhood turned into a determined, noble soul and she advanced.  The moment touched upon eternity.  Connie reached and grabbed her shoulder, and at this moment she looked her in the eye like a confused rodent.  This Connie adored.  “A poem first, my love.”

“Ah!  Mmmm.  Oh yeah baby!”

“What spheres, sisters of the moon, pull the tides of the soul?

What red dab indicated a violent tug from God’s brush?

Her eyes that do lull,

Her lips that so hush.

What mass of detail defiantly reached after her soul in sleep?

What domes of lust turn pink with ale?

Her hair that makes me weep,

Her cheeks that sacred burial mounds in comparison doth pale.

What meek little shape of flesh picks up the vibe?

What tender enunciation against the starry night?

Her nose that probes a gentle bribe,

Her neck that rises to tame my fight.

What globes hang from a mighty purse nailed to a wall of delight?

What poundcake quivers at the brush of my callused, evil hands?

Her breasts that caused my soul a light,

Her belly the great beast that shakes these lands.  

I am but a fool compared to thee!”

With that they began violent sex.  The whites of her eyes showed to her that eternity poured into her mind, through her stomach, through her eventually.  She too began to look like a righteous zombie.  Connie, out of breath, struggled to get out these words- “A poem to sex!-

The destruction of the earth is at hand!

A beam of light splits my mind in half!!

I am now righteous as your soul brings my body to sleep!!!

Cursed be nothingness!!!!

A light brings my brain…into…power!!!!!

I am Zablewgonad!!!!!!”

Connie started screaming.  From her mouth, shockingly, arose the chorus of apathy heard earlier.  But now it was welcomed.  This time it was louder than reality, and brought her utter bliss.  Infinity was at hand.  Suddenly her heart sank.  She was being ripped away by reality.  She exclaimed, “Come back for me!!!!!!”

“I shall fuck you again!!!!!!  Harder!!!!!!”

Steven’s Trip

Machines.  Machines everywhere.  Is this a dream?  Suddenly a robot jumped into him.  Steven was frightened.  He was not controlling his body.  Suddenly the scene of the great porch passed onto the right of him as the real Steven turned around.  He was on the computer the whole time?  Then who IS Steven?  “He” scrambled around the room, fearful and sobbing.  Suddenly the advanced computer room passed onto the right of him as he turned from the magnetic resonance brain signal interpreter.  Steven was screaming.  The scream destroyed reality, and his- soul he guesses- God knows what the hell anything means anymore- tumbled forward in a space that wasn’t space.  Then this space spiraled into a mathematical point and inverted itself into the inverse world.  He then sprang into reality, yet everything was reversed.  

Connie got punched in the face by a cyborg.  While she was seeing stars, and while Steven and Lapis were seeing empathic stars, the cyborg proclaimed, “I am Killquest, pleased to meet you.”  Killquest was approximately seven feet tall with a slight resemblance to the “Somewhere in Space” Edward, the Steel Maiden mascot- only meaner.  As he looked steven in the eye in anticipation for a response, it was if his bionic eyebrow was raised…      

Drabble: The Cost of Losing Control

This is the sequel to “The Cost of Going Rogue”.  After reading a bunch of these, I think everyone’ll get the idea that “The Power Inside Her” is one of my favorite episodes.  Not just the episode itself, but the theories of what April’s thinking before and after the story as well as the theories surrounding the Aeon Crystal.  Anyway, I figure since April gave Leo a scolding for helping Karai, why not reverse the roles?

Also found here:

Leonardo was the first to notice April disappear from the pit. The others seemed to notice with enough time, but didn’t question where she went. They were too busy flocking over Donatello and making sure he was back in body and spirit. This was after April voiced apologies for the events earlier that evening. Leo easily summed everything up in his mind. April finally lost herself to that Aeon crystal, went on a psychic rampage as a being called ‘Za-Naron’, reduced Donnie to molecules, destroyed the crystal and Za-Naron, and brought Donnie back.

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I call a Weiss and Mercury ship ice cold criminal. this is what this blog has done to me I'm shipping now wtf

Mun says: good luck with that. I’ve found 3 fics for them in and ao3 combined. Which is two more than for mercinder and I’m very salty about that.

Also there’s a shipping chart. All shipnames should be on it.

The Best Mario Fanfic ever made
The Best Mario Fanfic ever made

Sometimes, you fall on a random fanfic that just calls to you.

If you want to read along, the original post can be found here:

Please, please, please, in any events, even though this file was made as a joke. Please stay respectful towards the artist at all times, thank you ;;

Looking through some of my favorite ‘frostiron’ stories and found two I would highly recommend from Although sadly, neither have been updated for some time now. Nor are they finished. 

Crush by DimeStreet
Summary: Tony doesn’t really notice how Loki keeps unintentionally saving his life, or think that it’s odd how often he manages to survive an encounter with the god. The guy is just having a hard time killing him. Frostiron 
Chapters: 18

Symbiotic Relationship by WorldWanderer
Loki and Tony are hit with a spell that forces them to remain in close contact with one another. They must learn to coexist quickly or else face debilitating physical and mental pain. Story takes place post-Avengers and will eventually be Tony/Loki (Frostiron).  
Chapters: 8

I highly recommend reading these two stories if you’re interested in Frostiron. 

OH MY GOD!!!!! I just read the best fanfiction last night!!! And I kid you not when I say I actually cried myself to sleep because of it!!! There’s this certain writer I found on, which happens to write the stories I am looking for all these time. The story is well-written, her plots are so believable.. I honestly think they can be squeezed in between the chapters of the manga, or could be made as a really good filler episode!!! Really!!!! The story was well balanced with the right amount of drama and fluff!!! I can intensely feel the emotions of both Inuyasha and Kagome, The raw pain. The unconditional love. The fear of the thought of losing each other. The joy of finding their way back and realizing they belong to one another all along.

It was just simply perfect.
Who Wouldn't? - PotatoMash - Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

This can also be found on yay

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dangan Ronpa - All Media Types, Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc


Kenzou Kirigiri thought he was being obvious with his advances. It turns out he wasn’t very obvious after all.

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kirigiri Kyouko/Naegi Makoto
Characters: Kirigiri Kyouko, Naegi Makoto, Togami Byakuya, Celestia Ludenberg, Ishimaru Kiyotaka, Oowada Mondo, Asahina Aoi, Maizono Sayaka, Enoshima Junko, Yamada Hifumi, Hagakure Yasuhiro
Additional Tags: Fluff, Fluff and Angst, very slight angst???, does it count as angst lol, fic request, Request from BlueBerry TeddyBear on, Genderbending, Alternate Universe - Non-Despair, Fem!Naegi x Male!Kirigiri, Only Naegiri and Kirigiri are genderbent in this fic, basically the rest of the class are like extras lol, Romance, Friends to Lovers, Frien

Looking for a couple of RWBY fanfics

Looking for a couple of fanfics.

Can’t remember their names but I’m pretty sure they were both M rated and found on

-One was an au where all Faunus are slaves/servants. Velvet is Jaune’s servant, she was brought to him by Ozpin (who is the Arc family butler).
-Jaune lives in this kind of run down house because of wanting to live on his own and never wanted a Faunus servant in the first place.
-He works at a bar run by Qrow and alongside Ruby, Yang and Sun. All of them are some kind of Faunus freedom fighters who go out at night and get enslaved Faunus out of the city.
-Ren and Nora are part of a special police task force.
-Jaune is also to be married to Weiss while Pyrrha to Cardin.
-Glynda Goodwitch is a seamstress.

-The second story was a Jaune harem fic.
-RWBY discovers a journal/diary belonging to Jaune and they all find out that he’s a secret badass who has to have a harem of girls because it helps quell some sort of Arc curse.
-RWBY, Pyrrha, Emerald and Neo are all part of his harem.
-Velvet is his cousin.

I looked but couldn’t find them. Maybe the stories were taken down.

locke-writes  asked:

8, 10, 19

8. Why do you choose to write? - To get out a weird type of creative energy. I have an idea and i just need to get it out, and to procrastinate school. 
10. What inspires you the most? - I know it’s cheesy but asks. Asks specifically about something I have written. A line, a situtation. I love writing but I also love talking about writing and how stories work. Lets be real all writers have a constant need for validation. 
19. Why did you start writing? - Fanfiction or just in general? I’m generally better in written word than in person so writing felt right. Also I found and was enthralled. I think for Harry Potter originally. 

List of questions for writers / My ask box