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shit i remember from my 2007 - 2013 experiences (before i finally jumped ship for ao3 like everyone else)
  • “don’t like don’t read”
  • uses of the terms “lemon” and “lime” (apparently there was a difference. lemons were porn but i’m STILL not sure what a lime is. i also have NO idea how “lemon” came to mean “porn”. not sure i want to, tbh.)
  • soooo many “i do not own please don’t sue me” disclaimers
  • fics where the whole premise that the whole cast was trapped someplace together and the reviewers would leave questions in their comments and then the characters would answer them in-story. like “ask that guy with the glasses” except shitty and usually self-indulgent towards the author’s preferred ships. (i may have written one of these when i was 12.)
  • authors who legit updated on a schedule (and stuck to it). some every fucking day. (you still see this on ao3, but not NEARLY as much.)
  • fanfic authors who basically had a following and fandom of their own. (again, this still happens, but not as much. not sure if that’s a good thing or not.) not bad considering most of them were 13.
  • “yaoi!!! that means boy kisses!!! don’t like don’t read!!!”
  • putting “————-” or “xxxxxxx” bc wouldn’t let you insert a horizontal line to show the end of a section
  • very long, very rambley author’s notes
  • some of which had the authors interacting with/talking to the characters in the fic.
  • fics that weren’t so much stories as they were a chapter-by-chapter detailing of all the cliche plots and tropes used in that fandom’s shitty fanfics. (i actually sorta miss these, tbh)
  • songfics. no, not fics inspired by songs. fics where the lyrics were put in between every paragraph, with some lyrics altered to fit the characters. it was horrific.
  • fics that were up-front about the oc being a stand-in for the reader so they can read about themselves getting with their fave character. as in, it was written in second person and the summary outright said the pov character was meant to be the reader.
  • the forums being used for roleplay before tumblr rp was a “thing”
  • long, LONG author profiles, filled with things like “copy/paste if you’re a [whatever] shipper!” or obviously fake sickly sweet anecdotes (think chain email levels of bad), or worst of all (in my opinion), a pro-life anti-abortion story from the point of view of a fetus. it was as bad as it sounds, if not worse.
  • listing all your ships on your author profile page
  • seeing a title that was all lowercase letters and thinking “lazy” rather than “aesthetic”
  • “101 one ways to annoy [insert character here]” (voldemort was popular for these things)
  • it being fucking impossible to find f/f fic that wasn’t porn
  • writing ships as “characterxcharacter” instead of “character/character”
  • author’s notes in the middle of the story. literally you would be reading a fanfic and all of a sudden, in between paragraphs… A/N: awwww isn’t it cute how they’re thinking the same thing!!! XD”
  • for that matter, author’s notes using the XD emoticon
  • people FLIPPING THEIR SHIT whenever their fave author (or just a well-established author in the fandom) changed their username. ESPECIALLY if they changed it from something fandom-specific to something more neutral.
  • “character x/character y. NO CHARACTER X/CHARACTER Z.” bc apparently you think i’d think your fic clearly marked character x/character y would be nothing but character x and character z making out.
  • trollfics trying to capitalize on my immortal’s infamy. there are still trollfics, of course, but they tend to be more subtle. 
  • for that matter, trying to pass a trollfic off as a legitimate fic rather than just admitting it’s a parody
  • specifically reading fics for your notp just to bash it in the reviews
  • people putting replies to reviews for the previous chapter in the author’s notes (this died down a LITTLE once finally added a reply function, but not much)
  • the great purge (ahh yes. history lesson time. basically, back in the olden days of fanfiction, when everyone actually used, one fateful day, back in biblical times – 2011 – decided to make MA rated stuff – basically porn – not be allowed on the site anymore. ofc people kept posting it anyway, but then started deleting stories from the website with no notice to the authors. just poof! gone. the aftermath was HORRIFIC. people were FURIOUS, as a lot of people had no backup and just lost their stories. so stopped enforcing the rule, but the damage was done. this was when people began to officially leave for ao3, i think.)
  • lots of harry potter fanfics about the my immortal versions of the characters interacting with the canon characters. some of these were actually quite funny – i think they’re still around, but i don’t see them as much. (i actually wrote one of these stories. it is still, to this day, the most popular story i ever wrote.)
  • drabbles that were ACTUALLY 100 words long.
  • fictionpress (a sister site for original fiction. it was like wattpad before wattpad was wattpad. it never really took off. come to think of it, i may still have some stuff on there from when i was 12 i need to take down)
  • “crackfics” that consisted mainly of “lulz iM SO RanDOm!!!111!!!!!oneone XD cheeeeeeeese!!!!!!” humor
  • “i suck at summaries”
  • “this is my first story so please be nice”
  • “i’ll only update if i get 10 good reviews”
  • AUs before “AU” was a really widely used term, so the author’s note would have a length explanation for why they had to change things for the story and apologizing over and over instead of just noting the AU in the summary
  • AUs out of laziness rather than for creative/plot reasons (ie, “luna’s a gryffindor in this fic because i couldn’t find another reason for her to be here”)
  • authors notes apologizing for late updates
  • being genuinely shocked when you found a GOOD fanfic
Fandom Veteran Gothic
  • One of your favorite old fics has been taken down. You can find it on Wayback Machine, but it’s only the original Geocities site. The font is Comic Sans and there’s a tiled repeating background of stars obscuring the cyan text.
  • You read a fic at some point in a fandom you no longer participate in. You want to re-read the fic, but the title and pen name of the author keep escaping you. You don’t even know where it was posted. You can find dozens of other fics with a similar concept but not that one.
  • An author you used to follow moved their work from their personal website to their friends-locked blog. You sent them a request three months ago. It is still marked “pending.” You wonder if you will ever get to read their work again.
  • You get a follower out of nowhere. Their screen name is familiar. It’s the person you RPed explicit chat logs with when you were sixteen. You’ve changed screen names four times since then and don’t know how they found you.
  • You forgot the password to your old account. There are terrible relics of your past as a writer archived there. They must be destroyed. You can’t recover the password because the email account no longer exists, and the site isn’t answering your emails.
  • You were in this fandom when it was small and just getting started. Now there’s a whole expanded universe of new material, and you just want to read fics in your original fandom. Only the new characters are popular.
  • Three fandoms later, you run into someone you had fandom drama with five years ago. You wonder if they ever forgave you for your part in what happened. You’re too shy to ask. Interactions are tense and you go your separate ways. You travel the same fandom circles for a while, but never speak.
  • You have WIPs on your hard drive from years and fandoms ago. You want to finish them, but the fandoms are no longer active. You wonder if anyone would read them if they were done. You sometimes open them and wistfully read their partially-finished stories.
Here is some fandom “oral history” for you guys

Inspired by some posts I saw today: 

When I joined fandom in 1995, we had usenet, which was pre-world-wide-web, but was basically a nonthreaded messageboard. Usenet and email lists were the only way we had of distributing fanfic digitally at the time, and I hung out on both, but both were split up by fandom – you had two usenet groups for X-Files, a mailing list for Due South, et cetera. By the time I went to college three years later, the web existed for most of us and was accessible, so we also had archives, but all of the archives had started out as ways of storing fanfic posted to usenet (Gossamer, an extensive x-files archive, is an example). 

You could also put up a personal archive at geocities or tripod or angelfire, which were the precursors to “build it yourself” sites like Wordpress and Squarespace, in that you had to hand-code all your html or build it in programs like DreamWeaver. Once you had put up a fansite, you could join a “web ring” which was a bit like a friendslist only there was no post aggregator – you had to visit each site of the ring in turn in order to see your friends’ sites. Web rings were really more so that once you found ONE fansite in a fandom, you could go to all the rest as well. They weren’t for the webrings’ actual members. And unless you were super fancy at coding, people would have to email you if they wanted to leave feedback. 

So when I went to college in 1998 and essentially dropped out of fandom (because college), the closest thing to AO3 that existed was a single-fandom archive where you could only get your fic uploaded by contacting the owner of the archive and asking to add it, or being contacted by them to see if they could (Gossamer actually was an exception, it auto-archived any fic posted to

It was much more likely you’d just have a fanpage you owned and maintained, and you’d post fanfic there, and then you’d send out an email announcement to your readers. Using a mailing list that you probably kept stored in a text file because contact lists in email wasn’t really a thing yet. 

In 2003, five years later, I came back to fandom because I started re-reading the Discworld books and wrote a bit of fanfic for them, and I googled “where to post discworld fanfic” because I just didn’t know anymore.

(Things that also didn’t exist when I left fandom: Google, in any meaningful sense. We used Dogpile or Altavista or Yahoo.)

I had thought I was going to have to build a fanpage and then find a mailing list or a messageboard to post to in order to get the word out, but what I found was

Now, FFN is a pit, don’t get me wrong. But in 2003 it was also revolutionary, one of the only archives of its kind and certainly the only one with any significant population of fans. AO3 didn’t exist. Neither did Dreamwidth or Tumblr. LiveJournal was invite-only. I got a LiveJournal account by begging an invite code off someone who left nice comments for me on FFN. And in 2003, in particular, it took a long time to realize FFN was a difficult, terrible place; back then the “no adult material” was basically a show-rule nobody followed, and if you were in a civil fandom like Discworld was (and continues to be) it was quite a pleasant place. 

AO3 was a leap forward. The user interface is so much better and it’s a smooth-functioning site which allows for adult material, easy tag searching, custom skins, and fast downloading. But I have fond memories of FFN, because when it first appeared, it was the only one of its kind, and a multifandom archive was pivotal in bringing fandoms together in a way nothing else up to that point had been. Before FFN and LiveJournal, multifandom gatherings were almost exclusively contained to conventions and meetups, which were expensive, tough to get to, impossible for kids to attend without alerting their parents to their fannish ways, and tended to be exclusive of – well, from what I’ve heard, any fan who wasn’t a middle-aged white male or spouse thereof. Panfandom mailing lists didn’t really exist; I think we would have seen them as weird, because to our minds we didn’t really have anything in common. We were fans of X; why would we hang out with fans of Y? Fannish culture did exist in the macro sense but a lot of us weren’t conscious of it, even when we moved from one fandom to another. 

I guess what I want to say is that the history of where we are today doesn’t begin with FFN or LJ or any of the other early-millennium hellsites, obviously. But in the history of fandom they are one spot that the big obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey would show up. And I thought it might be interesting for kids who came into fandom with AO3 already established would like to hear about the earlier days. 

CMO’s Log - A to Z - Masterlist

Welcome to the repository for my 26-part collection of one-shots starring our favorite CMO!  

In this series, I’ve written 26 short fics - one for each letter of the alphabet - describing the various ailments and injuries Bones deals with on a daily basis.  These are all stand-alone one shots unless otherwise specified, so there’s no particular reading order (unless you’re obsessive-compulsive, like me).

The original idea for this story was taken from a Doctor Who fanfic based around the same premise found on  I obtained the author’s permission to write this at the time, but have since lost her information.  If/when I find a link to the original piece, I will link back to it for proper credit!  If anyone knows who this may be, PLEASE send a link or some information my way.

Now, without further ado… enjoy!

A is for Allergies
B is for Bruises
C is for Cold
D is for Dehydration
E is for Envenomation
F is for Fracture
G is for Growing Pains
H is for Hypothermia
I is for Immunizations
J is for Jet Lag
K is for Knee Pain
L is for Laryngitis
M is for Menstruation
N is for Nosebleed
O is for Otitis
P is for Pneumonia
Q is for Quadriplegia
R is for Rash
S is for Stress
T is for Tachycardia
U is for UTI
V is for Visual Impairment
W is for Wheezing
X is for Xenopolycythemia
Y is for Yeast Infection
Z is for Zoonotic Disease

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So I just now found out, and decided to make a post about it for other people that also don’t know. About a month (apparently longer lmao oops) ago Fiction Press released its official app for for both Apple and Android. My first thought was “YES” followed by “it’s probably just as ugly and bad like the website.” well I was WRONG. And I am here to tell you about it under the cut.

Okay so this here is the first thing that pops up once you log in (scream, finally a fan fiction reader I can actually connect to my account.) I was surprised, it looks sleek. “Sure it’s pretty,but what about navigation?” You say. “WELL,” I reply, with the look of someone utterly satisfied with the subject of this conversation. 

So first you can click on the magnifying glass and this search screen will pop up. Search history appears right below it. This is interesting because later I searched a user and it displayed this way (for the sake of this we’ll pretend I searched my profile)

User: bluedragon03

Story: dragonslayers

I thought that was a nice touch, adding what you were searching. I don’t really recommend using this unless you’re searching a specific title, because much like on desktop, when I searched “dragonslayer” anything with the word in the title, descripton, or character list came up. It did, however, work to search for my profile.

This is the mobile app version of the traditional Category pick, click the read icon to get here. The screen you go to is listing every category by number of works archived, but click on a letter to look for something or scroll through the top listing to switch category. Also click the three parallel lines at the top of the screen to get a different version of the category listing. 

Now lets say we searched a person (me)

This scrolls all the way to the bottom of my profile, and to look at my stories and favorites and things like that you click the link at the top! There are also docs features where you can write on the app if you want! The image manager can be accessed and images uploaded, and according to the twitter mobile publication is in beta, so maybe soon we’ll be able to publish from mobile! How convenient would that be?!

These are what the doc and image managers look like! And guess what! You can download fics!!! I mean, could it be any better??!! (It’s worth mentioning that story covers are turned off by default, so they all show the same picture. You can turn the cover feature on if you want, but before you do the app will warn you that this consumes a lot of band-width, or whatever.) I Haven’t checked out that “friends” thing yet, so I can’t really tell you anything about it. 

Navigation for searching communities and forums are the same as searching the story. 

And that concludes my review!! I hope it was helpful! All my dreams have come true!

Gone too far...

The Harry Potter fandom has officially gone too far! Was looking through fanfics on and found one where Hogwarts, the entire castle itself, was sentient and alive. And got fucked by the giant squid that lives in the lake. 🤤😵😷🤒🤕🤢☠️ (Seriously. What the fuck people?)


anonymous asked:

you know of any good Emison fanfics?

Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, there’s a few gems out there. Some of my personal favorites are:

  • Moments by HauntedTwilight
  • Affair by emisonislifeok
  • Gravity by ConflictedCalypso
  • Even If It’s Just Pretend by emison-readings
  • Mermaid by MysticalGoddessOfWords

There’s loads more great Emison fics out there, but these are the few from the top of my head. They can all be found on! :)

Draco watched as Harry’s chest rose and fell while he slept. He hadn’t noticed that Draco sat down next to him, or took his hand into his own, lacing their fingers together. 

No, he was far away in a deep, calming sleep. 

Draco sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He should have been sleeping too, but he couldn’t bring himself to leave Harry. All the time he’d spent away from him, worrying about him, trying to find him, and now he had him right in front of him. How many nights had he stayed awake, anxiety blanketed over him, fear constantly reminding him that he’d left Harry, left him alone.  

It felt like a dream he didn’t want to wake up from. He worried the smoke would clear and Harry would disappear as if he wasn’t even there.

A small noise broke his thoughts. The door to the small reading room opened and Hermione poked her head through, only slightly, and whispered. “Draco? Would you like me to sit with him while you rest?”

Draco shook his head. “No, I want to be here when he wakes up.” 

- Future Snippet from “The Fall”

The Fall can be found on AO3 and!

Shadowhunters Fanfic: Stamina

(Based on a prompt by @discarded-arc-reactor thank you! This will be multi chapter I’ll try and update soon I hope you like it!)

“Alec, are you listening?”

The shadowhunter blinked his tired eyes and turned back to an impatient Raj who was going over forms for all the casualties from the last attack on the institute.

“Yeah, I’ll sort them out, just leave them on my desk.”

The man didn’t move though, he just opened his mouth as if he were about to start talking without ever getting any words out. Alec growled.

“Spit it out.”

Raj swallowed and shuffled some of his papers nervously.

“Sorry, you just…someone has to call the families of the deceased.”

Alec sighed. He was the head of the institute, it would have to be him. But by the angel, he would give anything to not have to do this.

His voice was softer this time, as he massaged the back of his neck, trying to loosen his overly tense muscles.

“I’ll do it. Leave me the list of names and I’ll go see them all myself.”

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Masterpost of my fanfics

I’ll try to keep this post updated regularly.
I can be found on, as well as AO3

Call the Midwife


- Kiss, interrupted. What if Doctor T and Sister B had kissed, only for Sister Julienne to find them? Sister B has some serious thinking to do regarding her life as a nun. Somehow, a metaphor surrounding cake and biscuits snuck its way in here. My first fic EVAH.

TW for abuse.

Part one  -Part two  -Part three  -Part four  -Part five  -Part six  -Part seven

-Lips touch. Based on the amazing fic by @kienova66, in which she details twenty possible ways in which Sister B and Doctor T could have shared their first kiss. Now, I’ve tried to near her perfection in these ten fics. UPDATE: it’s going to be fifteen fics, now. The first ten are a mixed bag of the silly, the (sometimes a bit overly) dramatic, and the sweet, and all inlcude a proper kiss on the mouth/a snog. The last five, though, are more serious and written with the idea that these COULD have happened, though they probably didn’t. They also explore other kisses that don’t include two mouths.
TW: assault (chapter 1), alcohol abuse (chapter 2), abuse (chapter 6)

Part one   - Part two  -  Part three  -  Part Four-   Part Five-  Part SixPart Seven-   Part Eight-  Part NinePart TenBonus PartPart Eleven-   Part TwelvePart ThirteenPart FourteenPart Fifteen

-Bold Girl (Sometimes). In which I try my hand at smut, with mixed results. Based on an anonymous Tumblr ask, asking if I could write something in which Shelagh is the instigator in the bedroom.
This will probably remain four chapters long, because smut is just not my thing+ there was a bit of controversy around these fics. All in all I had fun writing them, but I’ll leave it at this.
TW: none, I think. 

Part One-   Part Two-   Part Three-   Part Four

-Fragments. A series of asks in which the asker gave me a first sentence+a ship and I had to write the next five sentences. A variety of people and situations. Possibly one of the most entertaining things I’ve written!

Ask One-   Ask Two-   Ask Three-   Ask Four-   Ask Five-   Ask Six-   Ask Seven-   Ask Eight-   Ask Nine-   Ask Ten-   Ask Eleven-   Ask Twelve-   Ask Thirteen-   Ask Fourteen-   Ask Fifteen-   Ask Sixteen-   Ask Seventeen-   Ask Eighteen-   Ask Nineteen-   Ask Twenty-   Ask Twenty One-   Ask Twenty Two-   Ask Twenty Three-   Ask Twenty Four-   Ask Twenty Five-   Ask Twenty Six-  Ask Twenty Seven-   Ask Twenty Eight-   Ask Twenty Nine-   Ask Thirthy-   Ask Thirty One-   Ask Thirty Two-   Ask Thirty Three-   Ask Thirty Four-   Ask Thirty Five-   Ask Thirty Six-   Ask Thirty Seven-   Ask Thirty Eight-   Ask Thirty Nine-   Ask Fourty-   Ask Fourty One-   Ask Forty Two-   Ask Forty Three-   Ask Forty Four-   Ask Forty Five-   Ask Forty Six-   Ask Forty Seven-   Ask Forty Eight-   Ask Forty Nine-   Ask Fifty-   Ask Fifty One-   Ask Fifty Two-   Ask Fifty Three-   Ask Fifty Four-   Ask Fifty FiveAsk Fifty Six-  Ask Fifty SevenAsk Fifty EightAsk Fifty NineAsk Sixty-   Ask Sixty-One-   Ask Sixty-Two-   Ask Sixty-Three-   Ask Sixty-Four-   Ask Sixty-Five-   Ask Sixty-Six-   Ask Sixty-Seven-   Ask Sixty-Eight-   Ask Sixty-Nine-   Ask Seventy-   Ask Seventy-One-   Ask Seventy-Two   Ask Seventy-Three   Ask Seventy-Four   Ask Seventy-Five-   Ask Seventy-Six-   Ask Seventy-Seven

TW: none, I think.

-Adventures in Faerie. When Angela starts her ‘fairies live in our garden’ phase, Patrick discovers more about Shelagh’s childhood, and decides to do something special for her.
TW: none, I think, though chapter 4 does head into the uncanny. What can I say? Angela is an imaginative child ;).
Chapter 1- Chapter 2-Chapter 3-Chapter 4- Chapter 5-Chapter 6- Chapter 7

-Pros and Cons. For the 100wordsctm2017 challenge. What are the pros to being maried to Patrick? And what of the benefits of being maried to Shelagh?
TW: none.
Part 1-Part 2-Part 3- Part 4- Part 5- Part 6- Part 7

-Breathless. After Sister Bernadette has been diagnosed with TB, she decides it is time to put into words how she feels about the doctor, and goes to him to tell him in person.
Season 2 Canon divergence, because what would have happened if Sister B and Doctor T had given in to their love for each other before the misty road?
TW: Sister Bernadette is afraid of dying and thinks about this possibility.

Chapter OneChapter Two-   Chapter Three-   Chapter Four-   Chapter Five-   Chapter Six-   Chapter Seven-   Chapter Eight-   Chapter Nine-  Chapter Ten


-Rainy Road. What if the misty road scene had become a rainy road scene instead?
TW: none, I think. 

-This Unbearable Heat. Some sexual tension between a married Shelagh and Patrick, which involves a toy rabbit, a tin of formula, and a rainstorm.
TW: none, I think. 

-Greetings, Doctor. A steamy phone conversation between Patrick and Shelagh, because Patrick didn’t get to show his appreciation for his wife’s uniform properly that morning
TW: none, I think. 

-Scars and Kisses. Shelagh thinks back on the previous few weeks during the ride to the adoption agency to pick Angela up.
TW: none, I think. 

-Four things to be proud of. Trixie Franklin has four things she is proud of. When she sees Shelagh in those drab, ill-fitting suits, she simply has to employ one of them to help her friend. She didn’t expect a shopping trip to teach her a bit more about herself, though.
TW: none, I think. 

-Home. Shelagh takes a bit of time to reflect on her new house in the middle of the night with Teddy in her arms.
TW: none, I think. 

-Stripes. Trixie is insecure about her body post-baby, so Christopher decides to give her a bit of a pep-talk.
TW: none, I think. 

-Unconventional Motherhood. Phyllis and Sister Julienne have a conversation about unconventional motherhood when Phyllis struggles to understand her emotions after Barbara’s wedding.
TW: none, I think. 

-Unconventional Daughterhood. A companion piece to Unconventional Motherhood, though both can be read separately. Barbara and Shelagh have a good conversation about what name to give to friendships that don’t always fit that label.
TW: none, I think. 

-A First Time. Trixie’s and Christopher’s wedding night. Steamy, as you can imagine.
TW: none, I think. 

-Tension. Every marriage has its little fights, but what happens when Angela Turner picks up on the tension between her parents and has a nightmare as a result?
TW: none, I think. 

-Strife. Every marriage has a bit of strife sometimes. When Patrick ignores a pile of unfolded nappies, Shelagh can’t control her anger. This fic explores how little tensions can come out in an argument that started over a little thing, but also how these two talk things through and make up. A companion piece to Tension.
TW: none, I think. 

-A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. When Sister Bernadette wakes up from a troubling dream, she turns to Sister Julienne for advice.
TW: none, I think.

-Beasts in the Bedroom. Angela has the firm belief, like most children of her age, that her room harbours a vast array of monsters. What happens if she decides to vanquish them, only to hear strange sounds from her parents’ bedroom?
TW: none, I think. 

-Once Upon a Dream. A fic in which Patrick explains a young Angela how he and Shelagh met. Since it is almost a fairy tale in and of itself, Patrick takes some liberties, borrowing from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
TW: none, I think.

-Three. When Patrick gives Shelagh a rather obvious love-bite, he tries to find a way to justify him leaving his mark on her, and does so by explaining what this mark means, along with all her scars.
TW: None.

More to come, I’m sure.

I also write original fiction. A masterpost of my own work can be found here.

Muffin′s Fairy Tail Fanfic Master List

Ongoing Multi-Chapters:

I’ll Keep Your Secrets Safe
Rating: T-M (Mature themes, swearing, adult situations, sexual discussions, Gay!Lyon, Trans!Meredy)
Pairings: Lyvia Brotp, Gruvia, Lyred
Minor Pairings: Silvur, Gajevy, Nalu, Jerza,
Very Minor Pairings: Albis, Rerry
Description: Lyon and Juvia are like two peas in a pod. Inseparable from the moment they met, they share everything; including their deepest secrets. No matter what, they always have each others backs. But a trip up north to spend Christmas with Lyon’s family will put their relationship to the test, and threaten to expose all of their secrets. The biggest of which is that their relationship is fake.

Sugar, Spice, Latte Art And Ice - Sugar, Spice and Ice : Meddlesome
Rating: K
Pairings: SSI - Lyredy : Meddlesome - Gruvia
Description: Coffee Shop Au where Juvia and Meredy work at the same coffee shop and Gray and Lyon are customers. Mostly just a collection of drabbles from the same universe.
Coffee Shop AU - Multi POV, random drabbles

Canon Universe/ Universe Alterations

Maybe | | AO3
Rating: K
Characters: Lyon Vastia, Ur Milkovich, Gray Fullbuster
Prompt: Write about Lyon Vastia
Description: This wasn’t what he’d had in mind when he agreed to train under Ur. Wandering through the rubble of destroyed towns. He missed home, missed his old life, but he was here now and he would do his best to make the most of it.
Canon Universe Drabble set when Ur found Gray

Let it Snow | | AO3
Rating: K
Pairing: Gruvia
Description: “You act like you’ve never seen snow before.” “But Gray-sama, that’s because Juvia hasn’t seen snow before….”
Canon Universe Drabble set before the Tenrou arc

Think About It | | AO3
Rating: K+
Brotp: Groke/Loray
Prompt: Loke teasing Gray about Juvia and trying to make him jealous
Description: A cold beer, his favorite bar, and one of his best friends. Gray’s ready to enjoy a relaxing evening, until Loke brings up a certain water mage.
Canon Universe set before Tenrou

Someone to Understand : Someone to Care | | AO3

Rating: K+ (Swearing)
Pairings: Gruvia and Nalu
Brotp: Navia
Prompt: Could you write a Navia Brotp getting Gray and Juvia together?
Description: The truth was Natsu needed this as much as she did, he needed to talk about it, to confide in someone. He just never thought that someone would be Juvia.
Canon Universe set post GMG

Much Ado about Pancakes | | AO3

Rating: K+ (for a mild sexual innuendo)
Pairing: Gruvia
Description: Who would have thought snowflake shaped, mint flavored pancakes would cause so much drama?
Post Tartaros Arc Headcanon

Watching Every Sunrise | | AO3
Rating: K+
Pairing: Gruvia
Description: “Juvia likes to watch the sunrise. Every day since Juvia met Gray-sama Juvia has gotten to watch the sun come up, and every day it reminds her how truly blessed she is to have met you. Every day Juvia has with the sunshine is a gift, and Juvia doesn’t want to miss a minute of it.”
Canon Universe Set during the One Year Time Skip

Wash Away Your Fears | | AO3
Rating: T+ (Nudity, Adult Situations, and Impure thoughts)
Pairing: Gruvia
Prompt: Gruvia bathing together.
Canon Universe set during the one year time skip

Any Way You Want It | | AO3

Rating: M (Explicit Sexual Content)
Pairing: Gruvia
Prompt: Could you write about Gruvia and their stripping habit? If you don’t mind nsfw? Thank you (:
Canon Universe Alteration set during the one year time skip

Nothing Compares - Dreams : Storms : Voices | | AO3
Rating: T (Mild sexual thoughts and swearing)
Pairing: Gruvia
Description: He’s holding onto something that use to be there. Hoping that one day it might come back…. only he knows it won’t.
Canon Universe Alteration set during the One Year Time Skip

Tell Me How You Feel | | AO3
Rating: K
Pairing: Gruvia
Prompt: How about Gruvia where Gray really apologizes to Juvia for leaving.
Canon Universe Set Post Avatar Arc

Alternate Universe

Muse Me | | AO3
Rating: T (swearing and teen Gray’s impure thoughts)
Pairing: Gruvia
Description: She consumed his thoughts, his dreams, and his sketchbook.
High School AU

I know what you want | | AO3
Rating: K
Pairing: Gruvia
Description: “A medium hot chocolate with whipped cream. Right?” Well that was disappointing. Not just because it totally didn’t live up to her fantasy, but also because that wasn’t even her usual order.
Coffee Shop AU

Worth It | | AO3
Rating: M (Explicit Sexual Content)
Pairing: Luvia/Jucy
Other Characters: Gray and Lyon
Prompt: It can be too specific so feel free to tweak it however you want, but for some reason your post made me think about Juvia and Lucy having experimental lesbian sex and Lyon catching it on the tape for some reason and showing it to Gray in total awe lol ;)
College/University AU

Rating: K
Pairing: Bixanna
Prompt: Trapped Together - Bixanna

Rating: K
Pairing: Gratsu
Prompt: Coffee Shop Au - Gratsu

It’s no Coincidence
Rating: K
Pairing: Lyredy
Prompt: Trapped Together - Lyredy


Rating: T for swearing
Pairing: Gruvia
Prompt: Outlaw AU - Gruvia

Shopping for a Gift

What do you get someone who you haven’t know for all that long, but you’re greatly attracted to and might be in love with even though romantic relationships are pretty much forbidden for you?

Oscar groaned as he looked at the window display. ‘When did things get so complicated?’

Do you want me to answer that or do you want some advice?

Of course, the former farm boy could never forget his situation if he tried given who was in his head. He gritted his teeth as he walked on to the next store. 'I’m FINE.’

Really? From my point of view, you look like you could use some help.

'Unless you a have a perfectly good idea of how to get back at Nora for springing this little gift exchange on us for no apparent reason, I don’t want to hear it.’

If I had to guess the reason, it was probably to get our minds off our worries for only a little while. Besides, after so long traveling and being away from what they would consider home, the others certainly deserve something nice.

Oscar looked at the window of the next shop, pretty sure that shoes in the display were not something Ruby would want. 'Yeah, but I’m pretty sure she rigged that drawing.’

Probably, though Qrow has worst of it out of all you. Gifts aren’t his strong suit and I don’t think his tastes really align with Jaune’s. At least you have some idea what Ruby might like.

'Yeah, but I don’t want to go with the obvious things she must gotten already. I know I could buy her something at a weapon’s store, but I don’t know what she’d like specifically. I already got her cookies before, a gift card feels so impersonal, she doesn’t really need any clothes…”

And I would recommend not getting her jewelry. One of the many life lessons I’ve learned is to never a buy a woman a piece of  jewelry unless you’re absolutely sure she’ll like it.

Oscar’s expression was utterly curious as he went to the next shop, only to be disappointed by it being purses. 'I sense there’s a story there, but I won’t ask. Jeez, why is this so hard?’

The wizard commented calmly. Because you care. I….also had trouble getting gifts for someone I liked. Much like Ruby, it was difficult to get something because the obvious things felt too impersonal and getting something specific out of that person was almost impossible.

'How’d you manage?’

My mentor eventually pointed it out to me that what mattered was that the gift came from me, not what it was. I’m sure that Ruby will be appreciate whatever you get her as long as it is not something she would dislike otherwise.

'I guess you have a point. Still, is there anything I haven’t thought about?’

Well, you haven’t come across a bookstore yet. Granted, from what I know of Miss Rose her favorite types of stories are…..wait.

Oscar stopped looking at the display, his full attention going to the wizard in his mind. 'You have something?’

Yes, yes that would work…..rather fortunate I decided to lend that book at the time. I suppose I should have given it to Summer years ago, but I didn’t want to….

The farm boy turned up his inner volume, all too familiar with how the headmaster could go off on a tangent in his thoughts. 'OZPIN, you’re doing it again!’

That thoroughly got the headmaster’s attention. Oh, sorry Oscar.

'It’s fine. Moreover, it sounded like you thought of something.’

Yes. It’s a book I lent to the head librarian at Haven Academy over a year ago. It’s an illustrated collection of fairy tales, legends, and folk tales from all over Remnant. It contained a couple lesser known stories that the librarian had been researching. I didn’t really want to let go of it, but I eventually gave in after she promised she would treat it with the utmost care and she would return it to me when I came to visit Haven during our next break. Ironically, if I had kept it at Beacon it probably would have destroyed.

Oscar felt a little puzzled at the concern being shown over a single book. 'Is it an expensive book?’

Not really, but it was special to me for a number of reasons. Anyway, it’s not as if I will need it anymore and I’m sure Ruby would enjoy it.

There was something more that Ozpin wasn’t saying and Oscar was going to call him out on him before Ozpin spoke again. You’ll understand when you see it. Well, do you want to pursue that book or keep looking?

Oscar sighed and shook his head. 'Well, you’ve got my curiosity. I suppose some idea is better than no idea. Do you think we have enough time to get to Haven and back to the hotel?’

I think so, if we hurry. And don’t worry about security, I remember all the codes for the academies including the Master Code.

Okay, done. Now I can probably head back to my other writing on FanFiction.Net. Hope you guys found this cute as I might write a sequel in which we see the results of this 'gift exchange.’

Gajevy Love Week 2017 - Day 7 - Marriage/Living together

A/N - once again posting from my phone so no read more I’m afraid. I’ll fix it as soon as I get computer Internet back

One month post wedding

Things were supposed to change after couples got married. At least, that’s what Macao and Wakaba told Lily as he looked for a job to take while Levy and Gajeel were off on their honeymoon.

“Don’t worry there buddy, within a month they’ll take their hands off each other. Ya just gotta hold off until then.”

Lily didn’t know whether it was bad for him to hope that his best friend’s relationship started to stale, but the amount of nights that he had to spend at another guild member’s house in order to get any semblance of sleep was just getting ridiculous now. Added to that the fact that more and more guild members were getting into relationships, and it was difficult to find one that didn’t mind harboring him for the night. He assumed that after an entire month of having no one but each other to keep them company the two love birds would be able to stay apart for more than an hour, or at least tire themselves out, so the first time he got back to the house after they had returned he felt safe entering in the front door. He pushed the wood open with his back, his arms carrying enough groceries to last all three of them for a week, and almost ran into where Gajeel had propped Levy against the wall, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Levy screamed as Gajeel pulled away, desperately tugging her skirt down to cover herself. Lily sighed. This wasn’t anywhere near the first time this had happened. He simply walked through to the kitchen, left the groceries on the side and left through the back door.

“I’ll be back to make food in an hour. Consider this fair warning.”

Three months post wedding

Lily was sat at the bar at the guild, a glass of strong liquor in one hand as his head was rested on the other. Mira walked over to him, leaning on her elbows on the counter as she prepared to offer her advice. That’s why she had come over, of course. To offer Lily advice. Not to get gossip, not at all.

“What’s the matter, Pantherlily?”

Her voice was sweet enough to disguise her true intentions, and Lily almost fell for it. Almost. He took a sip out of his drink, before facing the takeover mage. At this point, he was far too drunk and far too angry to worry about the information he was about to give her.

“I walked into the garden earlier, and let’s just say I discovered why Levy asked Droy to put all those twenty foot trees around the perimeter. They were fucking on the lawn. On the lawn, Mira.”

The takeover mage only just managed to suppress her laughter, covering her mouth with her hand in a gesture she hoped Lily would think was just her trying to come up with a solution. Her plan didn’t work. Lily knew exactly what she was doing.

“They’re young and in love, Lily. I know it must be hard living with them, but it won’t be long until they calm down and you’ll have your house back again. You’re free to come and live with me and Freed for a while if you want?”

Lily looked over at the rune mage, who didn’t even attempt to hide his grimace at the suggestion. He wondered if Mira could feel the scowl that Freed was currently boring into the back of her head. The exceed sighed, finishing off his drink before standing up and heading out of the guild.

“Thanks for the suggestion, Mira, but I think I’ll just go and stay with the exceeds for a while. Like you said, I don’t think this can last for long.”

Six months post wedding

Lily lay in his bed, desperately trying to cover his ears to block out the noise coming from the room next to him. He had thought that Levy’s announcement that she was expecting would slow down the constant screaming that he heard at night, but obviously not. Erza had been joking around with Levy about the benefits of having sex while pregnant, but Lily had assumed it was just that. Joking.
As soon as it was ridiculously apparent that he wasn’t getting any sleep that night if he stayed there he opened up his window and jumped out, unfurling his wings as he flew away from the house.

Freed opened the door in a tank top and pajama bottoms, rubbing his eyes as he spotted the exceed stood on his porch. He sighed as he pulled the door fully open, allowing it to hit the wall as he stepped back and invited the exceed inside. Yet again he was cursing his girlfriend for extending the invitation three months ago, but he couldn’t get too angry. The exceed made his way into the house without saying a word, heading towards the sofa as Freed turned around and made his way back up to his own bed. Unbeknownst to the other, both men hoped that this informal arrangement would end sooner rather than later.

Fifteen months post wedding

Lily, like always, was the first one awake when one of the twins cried. This time it was Shutora, and he made his way through the hallway to the twins room. Grabbing a bottle from the fridge inside the door he shook it absentmindedly, activating a rune to heat it slightly before heading to pick up the young girl and cradle her in his arms. She was contented almost immediately, her screaming stopping as she ate and Lily chuckled. She was just like her father, placated by food. It wasn’t long before Lily heard the door open, and turned to see Gajeel resting against the door frame. The Dragon Slayer had just managed to pull his boxers on, and he went to check on his son to make sure he hadn’t awoken.
“I’m sorry, Lil’. For makin’ ya put up with this. I love havin’ ya here but, d’ya think ya might wanna stay somewhere else until the brats are a little older?”

Lily smirked, looking down at the now sleeping face of the baby in his arms. In the three months since the twins had arrived, Levy and Gajeel had been far too exhausted to interrupt his sleep with any funny business in the night.

“Don’t worry about it, Gajeel. I think the twins and I will get on just fine…”

And that’s the end of Gajevy love week!
Shameless self promotion time! I currently have two weekly fanfics which can be found here:

Ties that Bind, Chapter 16

Summary: AU. A story in two times. Present day: None of them were expecting this, not this seemingly instant bond between two elderly strangers, or the story that they had to tell. That they have met before, bringing a drama like no other back to life. 1952: Delphine Cormier and Cosima Niehaus meet for the first time, and become so close, that it threatens to tear their lives apart.

Also found on AO3 and

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Dragonfly ‘A’

When your friend writes you some dumb Hiccstrid to make you shut up, but instead of doing this, you decide to turn it into an actual fic.

Based on this conversation with @wilderwestqueen

Can be found on as well

“Hiccup”, Astrid said, looking soulfully in his eyes. “I am eternally, utterly and hopelessly in love with you. Let’s wed on the shores of the Edge and fly off into the sunset together, shooting plasma blasts through the wind, all whilst conceiving twelve beautiful children named after every dragon we’ve met on this island.”

“Astrid,” Hiccup said, tears filling his eyes as he grabbed a hold of Astrid’s hands. “I thought you’d never ask. Quick, clasp my chest. Let’s ride Toothless into the night sky and make passionate love in mid-air whilst wearing our dragon fly suits!”

Honestly, she didn’t even know she could raise her eyebrows that high.

“This is insane,” she stated, eyeing him in disbelief. “You are insane.”

The man in front of her rolled his eyes, but didn’t stop smiling nevertheless.

“Hiccup, I am not wearing this.”

“Just give it a try, will you?” he answered her, the excitement still resonating in his voice, as if he hadn’t heard what she’d just said. “It won’t bite, you know.”

“Oh, yes it will. And even if it doesn’t, I’m sure it will be the cause of my misery, injury, or death itself in some other way. Look, I love you, but this is way too much to expect from me.”

“Astrid, just -”

“I’m not wearing the Thor damned flight suit!”

With that, silence fell on the room. Admittedly, Hiccup did open his mouth, but clearly, he wasn’t able to come up with any sensible answer, so he closed it soon enough. He didn’t retreat immediately, but responding to Astrid’s words proved to be more difficult than ever, and thus, after a few moments of frowning and chewing his lower lip, he gave up, and sighed.

“Fine,” he muttered under his breath. “Forget it. Apparently I can’t even make a gift for my betrothed without making a total fool of myself.”

Berk’s blonde Shield Maiden only shook her head, seeing the grumpy expression on her beloved Viking’s face.

Good gods, he was hopeless.

When he told her that morning that he wanted to talk to her, she didn’t have the slightest idea of what it might be about, but then again, she didn’t really care that much. Fairly speaking, she expected him to propose another round of let’s-map-the-entire-world-together-before-my-Dad-decides-to-make-me-Chief thing rather than anything else, however, she was quite as ready to do everything he wanted her to.

Except this.

In her wildest dreams and nightmares, she certainly did not suppose that Hiccup Haddock, the Pride of Berk, her personal husband-to-be would drag her to his workshop, and gift her with nothing else, but her own, brand new Dragonfly ‘A’.

Yes, that was the name.

“Hiccup, listen to me,” she said, trying to sound softly, taking a few steps towards the flustered man. “You know how… sceptical I’ve always been about the whole Dragon Fly idea. It’s frustrating enough to see you using it, provoking some accident to happen every time you jump off of Toothless. What on Earth made you think I would agree to use one, too?”

“I figured that maybe if you ever tried it yourself, you might be more understanding for me and my enthusiasm for it,” he mumbled, still avoiding her gaze.

Astrid crossed her arms on her chest. “Well, I’m not.”

Hiccup finally glanced at her, only to give her the most offended glance he could offer – and yet, his beautiful fiancée didn’t even stir.

“I can see that.”

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Can I Sit Here?

Hello, everyone! This may be a bit surprising since I don’t really post on tumblr, but surprise! I’m all here to tell you that I wrote a Hiccstrid story which can also be found on (where I’m known as BlackWingedAngel26) here. I got this idea from a prompt list I found, it’s number 30 on that list. I originally posted this here on my side blog for writing, but I figured I should just keep that for my personal writings. If you want to follow that, feel free to do so!

I decided that I really should practice and write more often and that I shouldn’t be confined behind my laptop screen anymore. I hope you all like it!

“Can I sit here—”

“Really? That’s the third time I’ve heard that line from the guys at your table over there.”


“If you scums think it’s funny to approach a girl who’s trying to enjoy her meal in peace, and ask the same damn question every time, then you came to the wrong place, buddy.”

The guy with blond hair gave a few more pathetic stutters before scurrying back to his table, cheeks red, while his companions welcomed him with laughs. What would Astrid give to be able to slap those smiles off of their faces… with her nails.

All she wanted was a little time to herself, was that too much to ask? Was it too much to want a little peace in her favorite spot in her favorite restaurant with her favorite meal, without those four guys at the table across from hers bugging her every now and then? Was it too much to ask to—oh, who was she kidding? Her night’s ruined, and what would she give to punch the living lights out of the guy with dark brown hair who was winking at her at the moment.

She was this close to standing up and storming towards their table when the guy with auburn hair beat her to it.

“Oh, great.” She mumbled to herself. “Another one.”

He was tall, although I little bit lanky. He kept his head down as he approached her, like a child being forced by his mother to confess the crime he did. Only when he reached her table was when he looked up to reveal striking green eyes that could cause any girl to get lost into… not that Astrid was one of those girls, she was just stating facts.

“If you’re here to bug me too then I suggest you leave now if you know what’s best for you.”

He threw his hands up a bit in surrender. “N-no… I came here to apologize, actually.”

She glared at him.

“I’m.. sorry about that.” He said, his voice was a bit peculiar, but not at all annoying. “We were kind of playing a game and you happened to be their target.”

“Their?” She scoffed. “I suppose you have nothing to do with this?”

He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck awkwardly. “No… at least not really. I tend to stay out of most of the games they play.” He gave a small laugh. “I mostly end up as the one who apologizes to the people after it, though.”

She gave a small smirk despite herself. “Somehow, I find that quite believable.”

His smile widened as he thrust his hand tentatively towards her. “I’m Hiccup by the way.”

“Hiccup?” she raised an eyebrow at him. “That’s your name?”

“More like a nickname.” He gave her a toothy grin. “But if you must, my real name is Henry.”

“I’m Astrid.” She gave his hand a quick shake before giving him a playful smirk. “So, Henry… do you come here often?”

He chuckled. “Whoa, we’ve only known each other for like five minutes and you’re already hitting on me?” He shook his head in mock disappointed. “I must say, milady. You should make proper choices.”

She punched him in the arm and his yelp made her smile with satisfaction. Over at his table, she saw his companions snickering.

“Don’t push your luck with me, I’m still mad at you and your companions over there.”

“R-right. Sorry.” He mumbled as he rubbed his arm, but he still had a smile on his face. “And to answer your question… no, I don’t come here quite often.”

Astrid nodded, a slight feeling of disappointment creeping at the back of her head.

“But, I can for you…”

Her head snapped back at him and she can see that he was grinning playfully at her, trying to look and sound cool. It was so awkward and bad that she had to let out a laugh.

“Oh my god,” She gasped between laughs. “Was that a pick up line?”

Despite the redness in his cheeks, Henry joined in her laughter too. “You’re right, that was bad. I have another one though, but it might earn me another punch.”

She gave him a knowing smile. Henry wasn’t so bad, he’d already made her laugh so much in a couple of minutes, and it felt nice. Plus, his eyes were quite nice to look at while he was talking.

“Why not give it a shot,” She leaned back casually in her seat. “Who knows, it might work.”

He grinned once more before pretending to straighten himself out and fixing his hair, which just made it messier.

“Can I sit here?” He asked. His playful smile was causing her lips to twitch upward. “Everywhere else is full.”

Either she was making the biggest mistake of her life, or she was making the best decision she had ever made when she said,


However, when she couldn’t help the smile that was forming on her lips as he sat down across from her, smile bright and cheeks red… or when she heard his friends’ surprised gasps from the other table… or when Henry rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly again, Astrid knew that maybe, it would be the latter.

AH COLOR! (Omg there is a reason I rarely color my fan art.)
Just a little illustration I did for a scene from my oneshot/ possible prologue (Song for a mershark as written under the name HolyMaiden24) for a Little Mermaid inspired AU, which can be found on The background is more of a stylistic choice and I imagined it as being much different than what is seen here. I also originally imagined the dress to be double layered (with the top layer being slightly translucent) but considering the 1930s inspiration, maybe that wouldn’t have been possible.
By the way, the view count for the oneshot is over 110 views. I’m cautiously optimistic about this AU getting a full on fan fic, but I need to see what happens when I post the oneshot on Archive of Our own (as soon as I can get an account over there, of course).

helloimpossiblethingbouquet  asked:

Hi. I'm sherlock&molly shipper and I want to read good fan fiction about them. Specifically after 4×3 the last game "I love you " scene. What is you suggestion?

Hello friend! So I went through my rather extensive list of favorite Sherlolly fics and this is what I have come up with (note: all of these can be found on, and most likely on AO3 as well):

Rated K-K+
-Seven Seconds by Flaignhan
-Fourteen Seconds by MajesticMoments
-Cigarettes and Splinters by Flaignhan
-Moonlight by LadyCumberBunny
-Firelight by LadyCumberBunny
-Repercussions Series (Technicalities, Daytrip, Domesticity) by MajesticMoments

Rated T
-Beyond Words by silverglimmer
-Emotional Context, Sherlock by versarilaetus
-All the Things We Thought We Knew by 16magnolias
-No Small Matters by WickedScribbles
-Domino by colorfulconflict
-Completely Backwards by EllisHendricks

Rated M
-Zephyros by Imogen74
-In Session by FunkyCeili
-A Song for Molly by Imogen74
-Catch Me if You Can by MrsMCrieff

Happy Reading!!!