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hi dear! how do i get started in tarot? do ya have have resources you could direct me to? (:

I can throw you a couple links, sure: 

More can be found in my [#tarot tag] on my blog! ^^ 

For me, starting tarot reading was as simple as finding a deck that I liked, finding some spreads, and practicing. Depending on why you want to read tarot, your approach may be different. For instance, tarot for me is about introspection and helping myself find some answers or advice I may not have seen at first glance. Tarot can be used for other purposes, though, such as spirit communication, so what you want to use your cards for can change the approach in which you go about it. (In regards to doing tarot for spirit communication, I am afraid I have no personal advice there.) 

Research, of course, is something I always recommend when getting into a new skill. You’re working on that, which is awesome, though I do believe it is important to also leave Tumblr for research purposes. Yes, there’s great stuff here, but there’s also great resources to be found in other areas of the internet, as well as off it. If you can, try to find some beginner’s books on tarot (I am certain there are PDFs of a few somewhere around too), and look into it as much as you can. Sadly, resources can and are likely to show conflicting information, so it’s always beneficial to cross reference and fact check as much as possible. 

Once you’ve got a grasp of tarot - or even if you don’t - picking a deck can prove a daunting task. I personally don’t feel any one deck is “better” than any other for someone new to reading. You will always hear how the Rider-Waite is standard, but that is only because the cards depict symbolism in which they try to make the meaning of the cards clear. Less convoluted, the images try to tell the story of the card, in a way that might make it easy to understand on sight. Not everyone grooves with that, but it definitely can prove helpful at the start when you aren’t sure what every card means. And, let me tell you, even after like three years, I still have to look some cards up, 78 is a lot to remember with an inconsistent memory.  

I would recommend, mostly, just finding a deck that you like, one you think is pretty, or you would like to try out. There may be some research you have to do into that, or you may just be in a store and you find a deck that “calls to you.” There is really no wrong way to pick a deck, as long as you are happy with your choice. (Some decks may not work out for every reader, though, which can be a concern if you buy your first deck and end up not liking it or it’s uncooperative, but it’s a risk we all kinda take. I’ve bought a few decks that I don’t connect with, or that no longer work for me, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you can’t read or won’t be a good reader if that happens - find another deck you like and keep trying!) Printing a deck out, or creating your own, can be a good option for those on a budget, but creating a deck can be very time and energy consuming, and also a daunting task all on its own. 

Also, if you find the book or guide that comes with your cards is lacking, it is also okay to find external resources for card interpretations. I personally enjoy [Learn Tarot’s pages of reference], and am even writing them down, since I know some of the books for my decks weren’t very helpful in the meanings. A lot of people will say reading from the book is bad, learn to trust your gut more, etc., but each person reads differently. I feel it’s important to just try it out, try different things, and find your style. 

Once you have a deck you like, a lot of people recommend cleansing it. There are many ways to do that. And of course, there’s the first shuffle (or shuffles), which can always be a pain when they’re all in order. I like splitting the cards into piles and shuffling those together for a while, it’s proven effective for me. People also talk about ways to bond with your deck - things you can do with it or to it to help it grow accustomed to you or make readings easier or more accurate. Those are also things that would be great to look into. 

Doing readings can seem daunting too. I was nervous for my first few as well. And it is perfectly acceptable to read and practice on yourself. Just take it at your own pace, use your book or guide if you need to, and even asking someone’s opinion on an interpretation can be helpful if you’re stuck. Mostly, though, just read. Draw some cards and try to find what they’re saying. As a skill, it does take practice and time before you may feel confident with what you’re doing, if your readings are good or accurate, and that’s okay! There is no pressure or anything, and we all started out in that exact same spot. (Also, reversals aren’t necessary if you don’t wanna read that way - I don’t, but it’s up to you to decide what you wanna do for yourself and your tarot practice.) 

Creating spreads can also seem hard too, but that is also something you don’t need to worry about unless you want to - I use mostly existing spreads for my readings, and they work just fine.; Creating spreads can take time and energy one may not have, and it’s cool if you never want to do it, or just save it until later, but know that whatever you decide to do is cool. There are so many amazing spreads already in existence, to cover a lot of different topics and questions that may occur. Some also find great results in just winging spreads - asking a question and drawing as many cards as they feel is right or for clarification. Again, experiment, try things out, find what you like doing and what works for you, and what may not. We each have our own way to read and do things with tarot. 

I hope that helps you, good luck with your tarot journey! ^^ 

I’m Staying - Unknown’s story

…This is one of my first requests.  And I’ve finally gotten around to writing it.  Because no more school!  And I’m finally catching my breath with my job.

Summary: In my Ideal World, after the Secret Endings, and after they are an established couple, Unknown discovers something about MC that she’s been trying to hide. (2nd person narrative)

Rating:  M for mature, because it’s not explicit, but it is there.

Length:  Almost 1600 words

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SVT Cute Jobs; Jihoon !!

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i love model jihoon but thATS NOT THE JOB PLOT TWIST


-so jihoon

-he’s been an avid fan of music producing ever since he was little

-he remembers telling his mum that he wanted to make music to make her happy

-so ever since he had the dream of being a music producer

-he would save up anything he had


-even god damn pennies

-he labeled every jar as “my dream” 

-if only i had the same motivation to get healthy hAAAAAAA

-when he saved up enough money he was able to actually get himself proper recording equipment !!!

-and from before he wrote a couple songs and recorded him singing them 

-he posted the songs under the username of W00z1

-he then posted them on soundcloud and he got meGA POPULAR OVERNIGHt it was so cool

-he went straight to sleep after posting it and woke up with so many likes and he was just so happy

-one song went really well

-and it got the attention of an entertainment company

-and they asked him to become a songwriter for the company??

-like he was so amazed!! 

-and he took the offer too!!

-he did it!! 

-hes gonna make songs for his mama and produce them!!


-speaking of the company

-you’re a in a 8 member girl group which is signed to that same company that jihoon now works for 

-you guys that had that one catchy song that people fell in love with the minute they heard it

-you guys also just finished having a break after having a huge comeback

-your position is songwriter and one of the lead vocals

-it was filled with variety show performances that showed off your true talent

-your ability to imitate the boss of the company

-who was proud of you but also a little embarrassed to say the least

-so you were preparing for another comeback for july 

-meanwhile jihoon was being given a tour of the whole building just to get him used to the place

-you had just been let off for break and you notice the boss talking to someone 

-you rarely see him out of his office so you go say hello just to be polite

-you start to walk to him

-he spots you first though

-”oh! y/n! please come over for a minute!”

-”huh? oh, hello sir what’s the matter?”

-”y/n, this is W00z1 hes our new producer”

-you look to the boy beside him

-and your eyes light up so much

-wh AT

-he’s that really cool dude off the internet!!!

-you found out about jihoon after looking on soundcloud for songs to cover on performances on different shows

-and you stumble upon his work

-and you’re just amazed at ability to make songs so well


-you snap out of your daze and just smile to him

-”nice to meet you y/n”

-”it’s nice to meet you too W00z1-”

-”call me Jihoon, it’s okay”

-blushinggggggggg damn

-you’re just there with the biggest blush on your face 

-wow o wow

-”he’s going to be working with you and the group for the new comeback i hope he makes you an amazing song”



-so after a month of getting to know the group (somehow especially you as a songwriter and outside of that role)

-when i say especially you

-i mean that you twou would normally hang out and stuff after meetings and listen to music together

-it was a closer friendship

-it was just you and him and no one else

-you had to admit that you may have had a sort of thing for him but you weren’t so sure yet as it was just a friendship

-but jihoon

-can’t really say the same

-he was starting to take a liking towards you 

-but a sort of relationship kind of liking

-of course he liked you as a friend

-but maybe there was something else 

-he gave you cute nicknames like sweetie and sunshine

-he also shared whatever snacks he had with you 

-hes just so nice to you and you’re like aaAAAAAahhhhhhhhHhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH

-but back to what they actually had to do 

-so jihoon had a concept in mind and a melody too

-so he produced the melody and it was cute too

-but one thing he had a problem with


-damn they got him

-since you were also a songwriter

-he called you over to help him write the lyrics

-cause one person can’t really work by themselves

-he also really liked your company

-”so what were you thinking of doing as a concept??”

-”we last did a kind of badass superhero concept before and this time they said that we should do like a kind of school type of love concept”

-”really? like a kind of confession thing?”

-”yeah! just like that!”

-he kind of had an idea about the song but he wanted to have the members say something like “i like you a lot” during the song

-and every time jihoon would step out of the room because he was laughing at how funny the confessions were

-so when they were recording

-one by one they would say “i like you” in a cute way or if they had a dialect they would say it in that dialect

-you were always the last one to record so it was pretty funny to hear everyone else’s fake confessions

-and you noticed how he would exit the room with everyone else right?

-but he stayed in the room for yours

-maybe there was something going on??

-all the other members didn’t know that he didn’t come out cause they went to go have a snack

-”okay so this has to be authentic as it can”

-you nod and put the headphones on

-you listen to the melody that he made for it

-and counted yourself down to say the sentence

-you could also see him count down too


-and without any thought you just 

-”i like you Jihoon”

-”i like you y/n”

-you two just said that simultaneously

-you both stop and look to each other

-hU H 

-W H A T          J U S T          H A P P E N E D 

-the biggest blushes just appear on your faces 

-he presses the mic button

-”y/n did you mean that?”

-”wait did you?”


-”i…meant it too”

-”second take on the confession, alright?”

-”got it”

-and somehow after that you two became even closer

-but no one really batted an eye


-y’all getting away with it

-but you two are cute at the same time 

-”second take”

-”i like you Jihoon”

-”y/n when i said second take i meant without my name”

-”oh but it’s true”

-”sweetie i know”

Dating Blackpink’s Lisa

Because it’s her birthday and I love her :)

  • she was super confident when she asked you out
  • all smiley and flirty and adorable
  • and when you said yes her eyes widened and she tried to regain her composure 
  • “I’ll see you at 7:30 then!”
  • but when she got back to the dorm she was yelling and laughing and filled with warmth because oh my God she said yes
  • the super fun gf that takes you on dates to the aquarium where she points out all the fish and then tries to make the same face as the fish are making
  • Lisa would just really love to hear you laugh and see you smile
  • she’d probably call you at like 1 am and be like
  • “Y/N, listen to this joke I just thought of”
  • but you still love her
  • she’d like to do couple things like cook or buy matching clothing
  • her favorite part about cooking with you would be getting the ingredients on you  
  • like the two of you are trying to make cookies with a super simple recipe you found off of the internet and all the two of you end up making is a gigantic mess and one giant, partially burnt cookie
  • (seriously, it takes you a straight week to get all of the flour out of your hair)
  • Lisa would take candid photos of you all the time
  • and send them to the Blackpink group chat because she’d love to brag about you and show you off
  • the first time she said “I love you” she’d rehearsed it in her head a million times but then it just came out when the two of you were joking around
  • but she wouldn’t apologize she’d just roll with it because she does love you and you should know that she loves you
  • and when you said it back she’d have that big grin on her face and get all giggly again
  • but like after that if you texted her something romantic late at night when you couldn’t sleep and told her you loved her she’d probably be like
  • “you have a crush on me… that’s so cute. i love you too.”
  • lunch dates all the time
  • also, if you offered to teach her your native language she’d be so excited because then she could tell you she loved you in front of her members without them making fun of her for the next 70 years
  • she’d do her best to teach you key phrases in Thai in return
  • overall, she’d love to joke around with you and show you off and take you new places because she’d be so proud to have you and she’d love you unconditionally

could i request texts with jun when he suddenly starts sending you dumb pick up lines in spanish he found off of the internet to impress you, and you just keep texting him angrily in spanish but he thinks you’re flattered so he keeps going? haha i hope this makes sense… thanks ^.^

- Marcy (I don’t speak spanish but thanks to @ultswenjunhui for giving me pickup lines even though I only used one and she also wants to let everyone know that my grammar mistakes are not her fault and she is not a fake mexican) 


Genre: Straight up fluff

Characters: Hoseok/reader(male)

Words: 0.8k

Warnings: None other than the over use of the word “babyboy”

A/n: Hoseok loves his babyboy, so when he’s stressed from the up in coming comeback his babyboy decides to help him relax

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now that you’ve mentioned this, dear anon, I think that I’m going to keep this in my mind for a while xD

Nakahara Chuuya

  • at first Chuuya’s just really confused like why is s/o obsessing over his name
  • “what are you doing”
  • “Singing your name duh” *flips hair*
  • when they cuddle, s/o would hum a spontaneous melody into his ear and it’d include his name being repeated over and over, sometimes with no logical sense
  • strangely, it’s calming for Chuuya and he starts to love it when she does that
  • Chuuya thinks that her voice is especially pleasing when she says his name, actually, and he can’t help but smile when s/o obsesses over his name
  • it’s really cute??? when she sing-songs Chuuya’s name over and over??? how many times have I said that
  • one time she uses Chuuya’s name as a fake magic spell for a trick she found off the internet and Chuuya couldn’t stop laughing for ten minutes bc the prospect of his name being chanted while someone performs a magic trick is just too amusing for him
  • no one really knows why she likes Chuuya’s name so much; perhaps it’s just a matter of loving a person as well as everything related to them i.e. 爱屋及乌
  • bonus: another time she sings a song with Chuuya’s name in it in front of Dazai and Dazai never, ever let go of that incident

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I just wanted to share with someone, hope that's ok. So I've been considering getting an ace ring for a few months now and it's not easy to find anything black where I live as I can't get one off the internet. Yet I found one that I like and I bought it today! And I'm very happy with that :)

Awesome! Good things are sometimes all about timing

more adventures of hamilton in the mcu
  • He wakes up and the first word he hears is  wait! and his lips start to form the word burr? but then he sees the speaker: a woman with red hair wearing something obscenely, splendidly tight and he wonders if this is heaven and God is more of a tomcat that he suspected – but then he tries to move and pain flares down his spine, one greedy white jag, and he amends his original assessment: this is Hell, surely. “Pray tell,” he says, “where am I?” and the woman is joined by a sandy-haired man with some strange flesh-coloured apparatus curling around his ears. “New York,” says the man, “who’re you?” The man has a bow. The arrow is notched and aimed at Hamilton’s face. It is frightfully, laughably primitive – but then again the Indian braves have done much damage to westbound farmers with less and so Hamilton bites his tongue on some of his more hysterical questions and says, “My name is Alexander Hamilton. I’m at your service, sir.”
  • They tell him where he is. He does not believe them. They tell him when he is and he does not believe them – just a moment ago, just a moment ago, there was Burr, the gunshot, the smoke and the blood and I died I died I heard my heart lurch to a stop I saw God, the great beyond and –
  • They say a lot of words. There is a man in a slim black suit with obnoxious facial hair and he talks far too much and Hamilton is too quivery and out-of-place to understand the absurdity of such a condemnation (Hamilton says Tony Stark talks too much; in other news, a garden pond accuses the Atlantic of being overly wet.) He understands. He weeps. His children are dead, his grandchildren are dead. His legacy is –
    • there’s a musical, says Stark in a hush to Captain America (tall and blonde and how ridiculous, how perfectly absurd, this nation should not have saints or idols or – )
    • “A musical?” 
  • There is a musical. There are books and television and the internet – God help the modern world, Hamilton learns about the internet and the first thing he does is write a twenty five thousand word blog on why the memory of Jefferson is overrated and false. He gets Jarvis to proofread it. He gets Jarvis to stick it on the New York Times and there’s a mass panic about someone hacking into the website for the sole purpose of slagging off a long-dead Founding Father. Nick Fury explains about firewalls and internet security. Hamilton rants at him – the Avengers listen through the door, hear things like Sally Hemings and how would you feel if the worst person you knew was remembered a hero and the article is taken down but somehow, somehow Hamilton learns what a blog is. 
  • Things Hamilton loves about the modern world: twitter, blogging, Lin Manuel Miranda, swearing, loose sexual morality, Starbucks, minimal slavery (it still counts, he says hotly, in Africa and Asian it’s still there it isn’t gone yet – )
  • Yes he meets Lin Manuel Miranda. He rebukes him at length about inaccuracies. He thanks him. He sees his own play fifteen times and starts thinking about a sequel. 
  • Oh yes. There’s a sequel. 
  • Because the fact of the matter is this: Clinton’s corrupt and Sanders is well-meaning but doesn’t have the support and Trump is just…well. Hamilton breaks his nose and writes op-eds for every paper in the country declaring why he was right to do so. 
  • Look: American politics is a mess. And in comes the Founding Father Without A Father, the Bastard Son of a Whore and he says: so what did I miss?
  • And he claps his hands and grins and says I’m not throwing away my shot and the internet goes mad and the public goes mad and no one is saying he’ll win this election but the next one, oh the next one. Four years is an eternity in politics and Senator Hamilton has the one thing he needed most: more time. 


                            100 Random Sentence Starters

- ranges in genre; will contain swear words

  • “Why you little-”
  • “Fuck me.” *pause* “Not literally.”
  • “Why is that a thing?”
  • “Is that a legit thing or a made up thing you found off the internet?”
  • “I just hopped onto a random flight and ended up here.”
  • “I was right here the whole time.”
  • “Please, I beg of you, don’t hurt [her/him/them].”
  • “What the fuck?”
  • “Okay, but was the Ren and Stimpy Show an actual show for kids or was there confusion what audience it needed to be directed at? There is no way that show was appropriate for kids.”
  • “Fight me!”

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The Morning Shift


Cafe!au Series

Word Count: 1,816

Genre: Angst

You’re a strong person. You wanted every corner and crevice of your brain to believe that you had the ability to go through any possible disaster.  Even when Wonwoo left you, you still wanted to believe that you were happy. It’s okay, strong people cry and breakdown too.

Happy, what a funny word. You weren’t even living life before he came into the picture You were content before him, but not happy. No, you never knew true joy until you met Wonwoo.

So when spring waved goodbye, you didn’t understand why Wonwoo had to too. The cafe he works at turned into another vague memory that got stamped into the back of your mind. Your head still aches every time you walk past that building.

Maybe it’s the sad constant reminder of how you and Wonwoo used to be, but you knew you couldn’t let that little cafe go. You told yourself that since you have taken the liberty of doing your best to forget all of the other moments you and Wonwoo had shared, you owed it to yourself to keep just one.

You’ve never liked coffee. You were always a bit of a tea person, something Wonwoo had always teased you about since he does work in a cafe. Yet, your opposition to coffee had quickly changed when he had his friend, Mingyu, whip up an americano for you.

From then on, an americano was what you ordered when you arrived at the cafe in the evenings. Now, you were always a firm believer of drinking coffee in the morning, but Wonwoo worked the morning shift so this was your way of being close to him without actually even seeing him at all.

You’re just a hopeless romantic. A hopeless romantic who lost someone so dear.

To unwind from a stressful day at work, you decided to pay a visit to the cafe which was hosting their weekly Music Mondays.

How strange, yet welcoming, it is to have someone who you used to be complete strangers with turn into someone you can rant about your day to, even stranger is that that person is your ex’s best friend.

“Hello, welcome, what would you like to drink or eat?” Mingyu says, taking out his pen. You slightly chuckle at his formality.

“Hi, I would like an americano and that’s it.” You hand him a ten dollar bill, and he gives you your change and receipt in return.

As you wait for your americano, you try to take in and appreciate the assistant manager, Jihoon’s, performance on stage.

“Here ya go, Y/N.” You gave Mingyu a gracious smile as he held out the coffee for you to accept. The americano itself honestly wasn’t that great. He’s a lot better at making pastries; especially his famous cheesecake. Yet, just the fact that Wonwoo introduced you to it made you love it.

The coffee cup slightly tipped over, a bit of it spilling out.

“Oh, oops, I’m so sorry.” Mingyu hurriedly grabbed nearby napkins to dab the counter while you stood there letting the scene unfold in front of you. He handed you some napkins so you can wipe away the remainder on your hand.

“To make up for this, the cheesecake will be on the house, yeah?” Seungcheol, the manager who was just a little older than both of you, saw the whole incident and piped up.

You sympathetically smiled at both Mingyu and his boss, “It’s fine. At least it didn’t get on me, right?”

“I’m sure it wasn’t that good anyway, Mingyu made it.” An undoubtedly recognizable voice says. 

Your eyes scanned over Wonwoo’s body, is he really standing there in front of you after so long?

“I-I thought you worked the morning shift, what are you doing here?” You tried to keep your voice steady, your hand tightly gripped the paper cup it was holding.

Wonwoo shrugged, his shoulders as broad as ever. A small smile braced his lips, the glasses he wore gave him a studious vibe. You’d never seen him wear glasses before.

“I was just clocking out, I just had to cover a shift.” He said, putting his hands into his front pocket.

From the corner of your eye, you saw Seungcheol and Mingyu watching with wide eyes like your interaction with Wonwoo was some sort of drama. Oh how you wished it was a drama, so maybe you could’ve ended up with Wonwoo.

Everyone in the cafe knows of your relationship with Wonwoo. They witnessed how you had always brought him lunch, how he snuck you pastries from the back, how he adorned an adoring expression whenever he looked at you.

As if there was a dam in your head that tried to suppress your memories of Wonwoo ruptured, all the kisses and the promises came flooding back to you.

The image of Wonwoo working the coffee machine was still fresh in your mind. How impossibly perfect he looked as he carefully wrote out the customer’s name on a paper cup, the way he was so shy interacting with anyone.

Where was that Wonwoo now?

“Babe? Ready to go?” A light airy female voice broke you from your trance, you turned to your right to find a pretty girl looking straight at Wonwoo.

You cocked your head, a crease developing between your eyebrows while your eyes glued itself to the floor. Wonwoo was grinning at her words.

Babe? Did she just call him babe?

It all makes sense now.

Your mouth hung agape, you slowly nodded. That was the reason why he broke up with you.

“Y/N…The cheesecake is done, I’m on break. I’ll eat it with you.”

Before you had enough time to register whose voice was talking to you, your arm was being tugged, dragging you away from someone who was so dear to you.

Mingyu deeply sighed as he sat down. He pushed the plate of cheesecake towards you, but you couldn’t move.

“Y/N, he didn’t cheat on you if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“You knew about her?” You blinked, your tear brimmed eyes finally met his.

Once again, Mingyu sighed and nodded.

“I know it doesn’t sound any better, and it definitely won’t make you feel any better, but I guess Wonwoo just found someone new.” Mingyu took a bite of cheesecake.

With his mouth still full he continued, “Wonwoo did really care about you, Y/N.”

You shook your head. If he cared, then why didn’t he stay?

“Wonwoo didn’t mean to hurt you, the second he realized that he started to have a crush on her was when he broke it off with you.”

Now it was your turn to sigh, you wiped off the escaped tears with the sleeve of your sweater. “Who is she?”

“She’s just a customer that came to the store.”

You didn’t know what was worse, the fact that Wonwoo fell for someone he didn’t even know or the fact that that was how you had fallen for Wonwoo too.

You wanted to scream at Wonwoo, to get up from your seat and storm after him to give him a piece of your mind. Impressively, you decided against it.

Mingyu tried to comfort you by telling you motivational quotes he found off the internet and Seungcheol tried to give you relationship advice, but to no avail. You were still miserable.

The once sort of fantastic americano you used to oddly love tasted bitter and sour. You thanked Mingyu for the cheesecake and Seungcheol for the kind words. You finally gathered the strength to stand up from your seat. On the way out of the cafe, you tossed your half empty coffee into the trash.

Getting home was your first priority, and leaving that cafe filled with reminiscence behind was your second. You don’t think you could ever come back there again.

A yellow cardigan clad back stood in your driveway. Oh no. You did not want to deal with this. The tears were starting to form again. The burning sensation in your throat returned.

You walked up your driveway, past the statue of the man that you once knew.

“Y/N. Let me explain!” Wonwoo shouted behind you, his footsteps close behind.

You were so close to unlocking your front door, to shutting it behind you, and keeping Wonwoo out forever. But you couldn’t. You were strong enough to walk past him, yet your fingers froze when the key was about to meet the lock.

You quickly turned around to face him.

“What more is there to explain, Wonwoo? Shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend?”

“I’m sorry.”

Wonwoo couldn’t even look you in the eye. “I know you’re hurt that I didn’t give you an explanation as to why we broke up, and I’m sorry. I should’ve told you. I should’ve been honest with you.”

Now you were crying, you didn’t even try to stop your tears from hitting the pavement.

With every sniff you tried to ring out a sentence. “Was I going through your mind at all, Wonwoo? Did you think of me at all? I tried really hard to forget about us, but sometimes I still look at our pictures that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. Was it that long ago, Wonwoo?”

If you weren’t mistaken, Wonwoo slightly choked as he spoke, “I know, it’s only been a month since I’ve broken up with you. I didn’t want to make it seem like I moved on so fast, but that’s what happened.”

You peered up at him with glassy window eyes, hoping that he could see right though you.

“When did you even start wearing glasses? You don’t look familiar to me at all. God, I’m just rambling now.” Your hands tangled themselves in your hair, a way to cradle yourself from the headache that was induced from your hysterical sobbing.

You took a deep breath, and halted your crying to say, “Good night, Wonwoo,” before disappearing behind your locked front door.

As you slid down your front door, you cradled yourself with your own arms. The picture you hung of a smiling Wonwoo and you was the smile you hoped to see when you saw him again, but instead he was beaming that smile at someone else.

And you know it makes no sense for you to want him back again, even after what he did, to want him to settle for less and for you to be okay with knowing that you’re less than he wants and deserves. But just in case Wonwoo misses you, and how you used to hold his hand like it was the only thing you knew how to do, like it was your lifeline, you’ll keep all of the memories so it’ll be like he had never left.

So it’ll be like you never had to let the memories of that little cafe go.

Written by Admin V.K

Poorly Made Comic Tutorial

These questions have popped up here and there, so I decided to try my best to give a small tutorial on how I make my comics!

Before anything, I want to explain that I use some Portable Version of Photoshop that I found off the internet some years ago. Idk where to find it again, it was during dark times.

Also! My tablet is an old Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet. His name is Capertillar. C:

Pardon the spelling errors! Woo!

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“Let’s do this occult charm i found on the internet, it’s based off a mass-child murder that happened several years ago!”

“I don’t know about this, Shinozaki…”

“Our entire class will partake in this ‘ritual’, what could possibly go wrong?!”

“I don’t know about this, Shinozaki…”

“ W E ’ L L  B E  F R I E N D S  F O R E V E R ”



Hi, I thought I’d post a few pictures of a number of cross stitch designs I’ve completed over the years. I’ve done more but haven’t taken pictures of them. 5 of the designs I created myself, others were found off the internet. 
1) Tourian Map, Super Metroid
2) Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon
3) Flareon, Pokemon
4) Pikachu, Yellow Version
5) Tina, Louise, and Gene family portrait, Bob’s Burgers (Made this for my dad Christmas 2015!) 
6) Erika, Yellow Version. 
7) Nightmare, Metroid Fusion. 
8) Maze, The Shining (made this one for my horror class in college) 
9) Jolteon, Pokemon

Sorry Not Sorry - details on Big Sean, Lea Michele & Glee

- There’s a lot of mentions in the Glee portion about what things were like when they’d hang out in the earlier seasons after work and the parties they’d go to and whatnot. Kevin being a goof, Heather dancing around in her underwear, etc.

- With Big Sean It started off good but it slowly deteriorated as time went on. He sorta asked her if she wanted to get married while they were laying around, and he told his fam that they were engaged, and then eventually gave a real proposal. But nothing was working. They were fighting like crazy and when Cory died, he was basically like “damn that sucks” and went back to sleep. She was wedding planning and he wouldn’t help, he wouldn’t even give her a guest list of people he wanted there. He was useless. At one point they were fighting and he was home in LA after travelling for a bit and he didn’t wanna see her, so she was like “well I have a key, so.” And she went and found Ariana Grande hanging out sitting on the couch. They went to couples therapy, and basically she said it wasn’t working. He stole the Rolex he’d given her and when she called him out he claimed he was getting it rewound. It was just so messy and then she found out that the wedding was 100% off via the internet. And then there was the stuff with IDFWY.

- Her part about Cory is really sweet. The two of them were really close, and she talked about what a good guy he was. They had a very brother/sister like relationship. She talked about how devastating it was to get a call in the middle of the night about him no longer being alive. But she believed that God must have had a plan, even though she didn’t understand it.

- The Quarterback was really hard for everybody. Everyone was just bawling. And people were still mourning off screen, it made it really hard to do in character. Santana having a big part was sort of the writers’ way of acknowledging Naya’s friendship with Cory, and because Lea wasn’t in any place to take the lead in that episode, she was the next choice. Mike O’Malley wrote her a note telling her that he thought people on set looked up to her and that she had to try and be extra strong to help pull everyone through it.

- There’s a whole section about Mark and her awful relationship with him.

- In a segment of the book, she didn’t name Lea by name. However, there are several things pointing to her, because of things said in other parts of the book about how they were not friends and she didn’t really like her. Given her closeness to the rest of the cast, and given who was actually prominent in that episode, talking about a friend by going “… one particular Glee star to amp up her bitch factor.” doesn’t really seem likely when there’s one person that she’s named earlier on that she had a bad relationship with. She mentions how they absolutely couldn’t do the scene without this person, and the producer said it wasn’t them who spread the rumors, and she claims “it sounded like there was a giant, blinking arrow point right at a certain person. so I guess you can throw a bitch fit, lock yourself in your trailer, and stall production, yet still allegedly find the time to leak stories to the press.”

- During the episode Chris wrote with the old people and the dogs, Lea was pulling a diva fit about everything and eventually was locking herself in her trailer. And Naya was ready for them to do a diner scene and she was on her mark with her lines ready and nobody else was, and one of the producers was just chilling on a diner stool and she went up to him and was like “Where’s the rest of the scene? Aren’t going to do anything about this?” and he freaked out and started yelling at her in front of everybody and was was like “I’ve been doing this job for 6 years!” And she was like “Yeah, badly.”

- She wasn’t in the next episode but they mended things during the summer hiatus that year when all the rumors were out about how she was fired. The producers told her that the rumors didn’t stem from them though, and Naya said the rumors were the first she had heard about her getting “fired.”

- She thought he was really cute back in 2009. She wanted him to like her. He asked her out in October. His car was a piece of trash and he was smoking weed in front of her after she declined his offer to do it too. The went to In-N-Out drive through for dinner. He was high, but the date wasn’t bad, and they ended the night with a hug. They kissed the first time the night Obama was elected, he called her to come celebrate at a bar. They became bf/gf after that and he told her he loved her four weeks into hanging out, but he was high on ecstasy. She split the ecstasy pill with him after he convinced her to do it with him. So he was high as a kite and happy and she didn’t feel much. They dated on and off for 3 years, and it was either really on, or really off. His publicist wanted him to pretend not to have a girlfriend. She said she loved fighting with him, that she was addicted to the drama. He was really moody, and she would push his buttons

- She didn’t key Mark’s car, she threw sludge on it source


I’m in a bit of an art funk so i drew some sketches of young Handsome Jack.

I like the first one because it looks they’re being like:

Jack: “Okay, so this is what we’re going to do…”

Angel: “Goo goo gaga?”

Jack: “Angel, sweet heart–listen to me. I can’t understand a word coming out of your mouth. For GOD’S SAKE, speak some English.”.

(Also I drew this picture based off some random picture I found on the internet)


Within two years of apprenticeship with Tsunade, Sakura, an average girl with no particular skill except good concentration, already matches the level of a Sannin. The Byakugou is a technique that no one except Tsunade and Sakura are capable of mastering.

Sakura can be quite inspirational for young girls. Let’s take Gaara’s rescue arc. The entire medical team of Sunagakure spent three days trying to save Kankuro, and failed. This sixteen year old came in, sized his condition, and within a matter of hours saved his life. 

Sakura as far as I recall is the only girl who won a fight, in collaboration with another woman, Chiyo. Sakura showed great observational skills in matching Sasori’s hand movements to his puppet’s. She planned ahead by making antidotes for Sasori’s poison, proving maturity. There are countless occasions in which she’s shown to have compassion and kindness, toward friends and strangers alike.

Her undying love for Sasuke is heartwarming. As strong as she is, Sasuke is her weakness, her soft spot. Yet, it’s exactly this love that gave her strength and motivation to promote her growth. I find this aspect of Sakura’s love quite relatable.

Sakura haters, begone.

I found these gifs off the internet, if they’re yours and you want to get credit, or if it’s a normal practice to give credits to simple gifs like these, please let me know and I’ll edit accordingly.