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95’ Line || They Get Jealous When You Have To Work With Another Male Idol


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I regret nothing. Although i had to alter the original Idea i had for this.

Morning Poison

Xylo had just finished making a fresh batch of poison to fill the Alpha Squadron’s blow darts before they left to explore the hostile planet of Dran’dal. Made from a plant the humans had introduced them to, the substance was highly lethal if shot into one’s bloodstream, or ingested. Xylo was about to pour the substance into darts when the ship’s resident human wandered in.
She had obviously been looking for something, and her eyes lit up when she saw the steaming liquid in the beaker in Xylo’s hand. “Yo, Xy. Can I have some of that?”

Xylo went still and turned toward the human quizzically, but handed her the beaker. “Of course?” It came out sounding like more of a question than a statement, but the human had bonded with everyone on board the ship, so there was no risk of her doing something with lethal consequen- Xylo’s thoughts were cut off by alarm as the human raised the beaker to her lips and downed the contents. They scrambled for the comm at their hip, desperate to call a medic, but they knew it was already too late. Still, somehow the human rushed towards them.

“Xylo, what’s wrong?” Her forehead creased in concern, but not for herself, Xylo realized. She was concerned for them.

They tried to keep their voice from shaking as they answered, “You just drank an entire batch of poison. How are you not dead?”

A flash of confusion flashed across the human’s face, before she started laughing. Xylo stared. They had long gotten used to the human habit of using signs of aggression as an indication they were happy or found something humorous, but there was nothing humorous about ingesting poison.

“I’m sorry for scaring you,” the human managed to say after they had calmed down. “But that’s not poison, not to humans anyway. We call that coffee. A lot of us drink it every morning because the caffeine helps us stay awake.”

Xylo’s blank stare slowly changed to shocked horror. “It’s the caffeine that’s poisonous…”

toukanyounot  asked:

hi! a while ago i read a fic where pidge wrote a study on klance's relationship and i cant find it:( could you help me w that??? thanks!!

okay so i think it could be this one? - Lily

Objects in Motion (When Unbalanced) by Mytay (6/6 | 37716 | Teen and Up)

Lance and Keith are constantly being mistaken for a couple. Lance is highly offended. Keith is quietly outraged.

Pidge decides if she can’t have peace, then she can write an epic scientific dissertation on the romantic failings of two exceptionally dense paladins.

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Can you help me? I'm looking for a fic, and it's got Lance as a cheerleader, and Keith is pining after him, and Keith, Pidge, and hunk are in the robotics club, and Hunk is friends with Lance and Allura, and then Keith and Pidge spy on them, and they think that Lance is dating Hunk and Allura, and I'm pretty sure there's some Hunk x Pidge in there,,,,,

got it!
- Vallie

i think i found myself a cheerleader by Authoress (1/3 | 13,845 | Teen and Up)

“I am trying to figure out these VSEPR exercises,” Keith sighs. Loudly. “You know, like—”

“Like valence-shell electron-pair repulsion theory?” Lance finishes for him.

Keith stares.

Lance bats his eyelashes and chews on his bubblegum, blowing a large bubble and snapping it right in front of Keith’s face. “What?” he says. “Like it’s hard.”

(or, the fic in which antisocial loner Keith seeks chemistry tutoring from resident airhead cheerleader Lance. Who, actually, isn’t that much of an airhead as it turns out.)

//underage drinking