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Helloooo got some questions fer you: what is Aerys favourite colour, weather, time of the day, animal, gemstone, posession, instrument, herb, food and article of clothing/accessory? I need tae know! Love Aerys<3

I love you anon for asking all of these awesome questions <3 


–>> Color(s)

Since Solas was already appointed as her unofficial tutor on all things ancient, magical and elven, why not throw in some painting lessons as well? Those painting sessions, however, are always interrupted with…activities that require much creativity and less paint. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

–>> Weather and time of the day:

–>> Animal:

Aerys found Falon starving to death in an alleyway by the Orlesian markets. She later fed him her secret stash of fish and now he’s a happy fat kitty. Although Rys rescued him, he clings to Solas a lot and would occasionally be found napping on the elven man’s desk in the rotunda. 

Barnabee was given to Aerys by Cole when he was secretly rescuing the chickens from the cook’s kitchen. One of the chickens (which Sera later named Georgie) laid an egg that hatched Barnabee. Falon, Vesuvius and Barnabee are the weirdest pair of friends (almost as weird as the Inquisitor’s!) you’ll ever find chilling in Skyhold. 

-> Gemstone:

I’ve never painted a crystal before. This is a first for me -_-


She has two favorite things: Her late mother’s headdress and her old, worn out copy of Garahel’s adventures during the Blight <3


She’s definitely a flute person I think. Or someone who can play the violin maybe? Her music would sound like {this} or {this}. Very oriental hehe :>



Because the way to her heart is through fish. And maybe intelligence….and handsome jaws…and…ancient elven men…

She especially loves Starkhaven fish pie <3


Not shown in detail: Her sylvanwood fen’harel ring given to her when she became First of Clan Lavellan and the lover’s knot she and Solas wear :>