found in pond water

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I saw all the amazing pokemon subspecies going around and I had to do some of Quagsire :D I really like how these came out. 

Standard- most common, typical wild appearance. 

White-tipped (appearance from the anime)- common, popular as pets.  

Striped- common, often found in deep forest ponds/rivers.  

Mottled- uncommon, its skin mimics water patterns. Found only in very clean water. 

Ridged- uncommon, has a larger ridge than normal that curves up onto its head. Popular as battling pokemon. 

Ringed- has many ringed markings along with purple hands/feet. Popular as contest pokemon. 

Deep Mud/Ombre- rare, Quagsire sub-species that spends most of its time submerged in mud or very muddy water. it has a gradient-like appearance to its skin. 

Speckled- rare, only known to be found in jungle rivers or streams. The speckled skin is thought to be an imitation of poison type pokemon to ward off danger. 

Deep Marsh- rare, only known to be found in deep marshes/swamps. It has a slightly greener and darker coloration than usual quagsire. 

Cave- very rare, only found in the dark depths of flooded caves. These Quagsire are blind and retain parts of the feelers from their pre-evolution to allow them to feel their way around. They are also taller and longer than most Quagsire. 

Ocean- very rare, the only known Quagsire sub-species able to live in salt water. It spends most of its life swimming, so its hands and feet are more fin-like. It also has a more paddle-like tail. Only seen in warm, shallow oceans.