found in my closet

The Hamper In The Sky

Is it a laundry room in heaven?
Or a laundry chute below?
My favorite dress when I was seven
The silky pants I used to know.

Does it matter how they met their end?
Murder or some sort of suicide…
The holes and tatters left to mend
So many outfits for which I’ve cried.

I mourn that matching reindeer toe sock
The left is lonely for a mate,
Losing it was quite a shock;
After months, hopes do deflate.

I hope that sweater dress
Found her happiness in the sky
My closet became such a mess
I had a good, disheveled cry.

The spirits of our dear departed
This is our fond farewell
I’m slightly less broken hearted
Telling my socks to go to hell.

-thanks for the inspiration @autumnsunshine10!!!


throwback 2 this cursed spongebob vhs i found at the bottom of my closet


bertcember day 1 - Bertolt’s never really been bothered too much by cold weather. It doesn’t ever effect him like it does Reiner.


i got a tablet i found in the closet working again so

but what if a criminal au where shinji, asuka, rei, and others wear masks and kawoboy accidentally sees shinjis face when his mask gets thrown off somehow and then they start meeting and shinji gets the love and support hes needed for years and stops being a part of these crimes or something idk 

Today I finally reached my first goal of losing 20 pounds. I remember taking the first picture and feeling so incredibly uncomfortable in this tank top that as soon as I took the picture I changed my clothes and hid it away. Today I found it in the back of my closet and put it on to take a progress picture.

I am so unbelievably proud of myself, I’ve come a long way in both health and body positivity. Through this process I’ve gained confidence and a new understanding of myself and what I’m capable of. I can’t wait to reach my next goal of 170!

Starting weight: 210
Current weight: 190
Goal weight: 150

concealing method I'm going to try out tomorrow??

I always feel nervous as fuck stuffing shit in my bag and mine is semi structured but I can never lift big stuff with it because it shows, and that’s the first place LP would look,

so like most girls in like 2014 I bought into the whole waist trainer gimmick and bought a really cheap one off amazon. I recently found it in my closet and it still fits. so what I’m thinking is that I’ll wrap a small amount of clothes around my body and put the waist trainer over it to compress it?? if that makes sense. that way it just looks normal and non bulky under my clothes. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. stay safe everyone!