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Ally is not a word you can take, it is not something you stab your flag into and declare you have earned because you found it. Ally is a word given. A word that is not trustworthy if it only comes from your own mouth.

Ally is a passport; you may travel in these spaces but you must follow the law of the land. The word has no meaning if it has not been approved by the proper authorities. And the authorities are us.

We are citizens of this land and we continue to live here when you have gone home. You can read every travel guide, and know every intersection in our roads, but if you are not a citizen you are a visitor. 

Ally is not a ticket, a pass to sit down and enjoy the show. Activism is not a spectator sport, you are either playing or you are on the opposing team. If you want to enjoy the game you are going to have to shoulder some tackles for the players. Because we have bruises all over our bodies and you are wearing a suit of armor.  

Ally comes with a class. We are the teachers and you are the student. You will listen and will only participate when you are called upon. If you want to be an ally you have to first realize that your voice is not the most important one in the room. You are there to listen, and we will know if you didn’t do the reading. 

Ally is not a part of a gift bag you get for coming to the party. If you want the word you must come to the funerals as well as the parades.  

The word comes with work. It comes with struggle, inconvenience, and time. Ally is something you do. Not someone you are. It is a job, not a title. 

So thank you for your application. We will review it and get back to you in a couple of weeks. 

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Okay the idea I had for a fic (I couldn’t possibly write) is that Lena finds out about Lex having a 18 mo child and she becomes the baby’s legal guardian (she adopts them later ofc), and her and Kara aren’t together yet but they’ve become more close than what we’ve seen in canon so far. Kara helps out a lot with this new change in Lena’s life having found out not only her brother has a child she is now responsible for, she now has this chance of having somewhat a second chance? 1/2

And Kara is there by her place a lot, they get together you know the drill. Basically a bit of angst regarding Lena’s feelings about the entire situation and *lots* of Supercorp domesticity and them acquiring an adorable child and getting together in the process. If this isn’t your cup of tea would you let me know? 2/2

She was led into an office and left alone with a cup of lukewarm coffee for nearly fifteen minutes before the door opened to reveal Maggie Sawyer.

Lena couldn’t exactly help her eye-roll.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, detective, but I was under the impression your job involved investigating aliens in National City, not just Luthors.”

“Brr,” Maggie said, grinning as she sat down in the seat next to Lena. “You know, I’ve heard of the world famous icy Luthor charm, but damn if those descriptions don’t do you justice.” She leaned back in her seat, arms crossing over her chest, still grinning—much to Lena’s annoyance.

“What are you doing here?”

“You may find this hard to believe, but I’m here for you.”

“Funny, I do find that hard to believe,” Lena said, leaning back as well. “Can you tell me what’s going on at least?”

To Maggie’s credit, she looked conflicted for a moment, like she was actually debating on telling Lena the truth.

“I can tell you that I really want to be here to see the look on your face,” she finally said, shrugging a little. “And also because I promised my friend who works for social services that I wouldn’t leave her alone with you.”

“Social services? Why would—”

She was interrupted when the door opened again, a small woman with short hair entering the office with a vaguely worried expression on her face. It was obvious she was the friend Maggie had mentioned, if the tiny smile Maggie gave her was any indication. Lena watched her settle into the only empty seat left—across the table from Lena and Maggie—and clasped her hands together, sitting up straight and meeting Lena in the eye.

“Ms. Luthor,” she began, her voice gruffer than Lena expected. “My name is Sarah Wilkins. I work with Child Protective Services. I’m here to speak with you about Ally.”

Lena blinked, not following at all.

“I’m sorry, who?”

“Alexandra Peters, your niece.”

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Unanimous (M) // BamBam & Mark Tuan

Originally posted by princemarkie

Pairing: BamBam x Reader x Mark

Genre: Smut, Threesome/Menage-a-trios, HouseMate!AU, Angst.

Summary; Upon returning to your boyfriend BamBam’s shared apartment after a crazy party, Mark finds himself wanting to join in on the fun you’re both having in BamBam’s bed.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature - drunken sex, threesome sex.

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SEPTEMBER 12: Pride is released (2014)

On this day in 2014, the movie Pride was first released in the United Kingdom. With solidarity as its thesis, the film tells the real-life story of how the members of the 1984 Miners’ strike found unlikely allies in a group of LGBT activists from London.

The movie opens on a scene of the 1983 London Pride Parade. A 20-year-old kid named Joe wanders scared but curious through the crowd, and before long we are introduced to our scrappy group of underdogs. Mostly based on real life counterparts, Mike, Jeff, Steph, Gethin, and Jonathan are led by Mark Ashton with the iconic book store Gay’s the Word serving as their headquarters. After Mark sees news coverage of the Miners’ strike, he has the idea that he and his friends should start collecting money to send to the protesting miners. The small mining towns at the center of the strike are the very conservative hot beds that our lesbian and gay main characters have worked their whole life to leave and forget, and so Mark is initially met with push back, but before long, Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) is up and running.

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Although Pride is not a huge blockbuster or the next film in the long anthology of comic book films, it is still worth avoiding spoilers over; watching the two worlds of gay London and small town Wales collide and eventually become both political allies and friends is a wholesome experience like no other. The sorrows and successes that follow these real life figures – all with anthems such as Solidarity Forever by Pete Seeger and There is Power in a Union by Billy Bragg playing in the background – will most likely have any LGBT person sobbing by the time the credits are rolling. Go watch Pride, then go follow the LGSM twitter account to learn more about the true story of the film. You can also now buy the recently released Pride: The Book by Tim Tate!



Some feminists have made a good point that including male “allies” in women’s spaces is derailing in itself because it always leads to divisiveness among women & weakens solidarity. Many women feel unwelcome or unsafe in feminist spaces (online & irl) that allow men to join discussions, activism, or projects about women’s lives & feminist issues. Then women argue over whether men should be there, whether we need male allies to help us, etc. & it’s such a fucking waste of time. I’ve had that experience myself & it’s so, so alienating when women defend men’s right to be there & have their voices heard, & then scold women who criticise the men. I will never, ever trust feminists who bring men into feminism (looking at you, straight feminists). As much as I can’t stand them, I hate the male “allies” so much more, because I know they feel smug and confident getting validation from women that their opinions are super important & their “help” is super needed, & knowing that these women will drive out other women to make room for them.

30 Day OTP Prompt Day 17 - Doing Something together 

I picked growing older together because I wanted the challenge. I had a lot of fun drawing this. They both crack me up. 

I’d say this is Klance 30+ years of being back on earth together. They are in their late fifties, maybe. They love each other but they still like to rile the other up. 

Lance: Keith! Where the truck did you find that vest? It’s hideous. 

Keith: I like it. Ally found it for me. It reminds me of the jacket I wore when we were in space. 

Lance: I see. It does, kinda. For the record that jacket was hideous, too.

Keith: What? You liked that jacket. You stole it all the time.

Lance: What? Nope. Don’t remember. Didn’t happen. 

The Last Aztec Emperor

Cuauhtémoc was the son of Emperor Ahuizotl of the Aztec Empire. He was born around 1495. Bad, bad timing. In 1502 his uncle (or possibly cousin) Moctezuma II became ruler of the empire. Cuauhtémoc was busy going to a school for elite boys, then being a warrior. After a period of fighting Aztec enemies and capturing some for sacrificing, he was named ruler of Tlatelolco, with the title cuauhtlatoani (“eagle ruler”) in 1515.

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Sailor Moon and the Persuasive Guardians | Overdubs | Ford
Friends make everything sweeter, like the sixth found ally of Sailor Moon, the Ford Fusion. Learn more about the Ford Fusion, here:

fireyfobbitmedicine submitted to sailormoonsub:


OK the first one was weird but they put so much extra EFFORT into this one

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Last night i was walking home with my friends and we found a dog? It was just on the pavement and it was raining and we were all worried so we brought her back to mine and aaaa im a nervous person anyway but idk who's dog this is shes old looking and i called the council who will contact the dog people to help but i really hope shes okay here i have a dog myself so cant leave her loose in case he doesnt like her but i hear her crying but i cant do anything until the dog people arrive ;;

OMGGGG. please let me know how it goes ;;__;; does she have a collar? hopefully she has a microchip if she has an owner, but more than anything i hope that she’ll be taken in by animal welfare centres if she isn’t. ;3;



This is my favorite look to date, I don’t know how we found this amazing ally but I am so thankful and obsessed with how this spread came out.

I’m finally featuring these lace up thigh high boots that I got for xmas. I have been wearing them so much, even when I shouldn’t, like when it’s at a rainy and muddy music festival or it’s Wednesday morning and I’m working postmates🙃… sometimes I just like to dress up for no reason at all. The hoodie is instant tomboy paired with the girly tights and boots. + the purse, choker and hoops bring the tomboy glamgirl styles together. I love how it all works in a weird way and lets me feel boyish & badass & girly & sexy all at the same time.

Hoodie : Walmart
Fishnets : thrifted (new in packaging)
Lace-Up Thigh High Boots : Gift (EBay)
Hair Clips : 99 cents store
Purse : Just Fab (Online)
Belt Choker : Thrift DIY