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Hi! I’m Shasta, and I was living on the streets, pregnant, when I found myself at the shelter. Then my beloved friends here at NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in Lincoln, California, took me in and gave me perfect care until my babies were born.

I was a wonderful mama and my babies all found equally wonderful homes, but that was four long years ago and I’m still waiting. Some people just have no imagination to see what a perfect good dog I am and how wonderful our lives would be if we were together!

I’m around 4 years old, very healthy, housetrained, friendly, good with kids and other dogs, and very mellow – hanging out with my humans is my favorite thing to do! I also give very excellent kisses.

So, what do you think? Can you help me find a home by reblogging me? Or do you want to meet me and try out one of my excellent kisses for yourself? I would be so happy if after all this time my person finally came!

You can talk to my friends about me at… come on! I need your help… and I know you can’t turn down my puppy dog eyes!





A Hero Returned (A Demigods AU)

Peggy Carter, daughter of Athena, has been fighting for so long, she’s forgotten what peace feels like. The war encompasses everything, blurring the lines between the world of the mortals and the world of the gods. Everything that was once hidden, obscured by the Mist, has been brought forth by the Red Skull, a demigod who seeks to harness the power of the gods by any means necessary.

The loss of Steve Rogers–son of Poseidon and her former partner–was a blow to all who fought against the Red Skull, Peggy most of all. During a battle, he had commandeered the Red Skull’s plane, which was headed for New York, meant to take out Camp Half Blood (with half of the city as collateral damage). Sons of Poseidon are not meant to fly, and he crashed it in the ice, sacrificing himself to protect his home. 

When he is found four years later, very frozen but somehow still alive, Peggy’s whole world is turned on its head. His return fulfills a prophecy that she had never believed to be true, a prophecy that has the potential to change the whole course of the war. She and Steve embark on a quest with a ragtag group of demigods and mortals to take down the Red Skull once and for all. Their journey is full of danger and intrigue–and unresolved tension between the two quest leaders thick enough to be sliced to ribbons by a Celestial Bronze dagger. 

But who has time to rehash the entire history of a partnership while fighting the fearsome Hydra? Well, Steve and Peggy, apparently.

Protective Stones Spell

Take four flat stones from a bed of clear stream or from your own garden. Wash them clean in a solution of salt and water and leave them to dry.

Draw protective sigils or symbols on these four stones using a black ink.

Lay them on a table where four white candles are burning. Bring then to the table a vessel, containing a mixture of infusions brewed from protective herbs, best if they are under the dominion of the Earth element. You may use Cypress, Bistort, Loosestrife, Horehound or Vervain.

Into the vessel, immerse the stones, one by one, to empower them. As you do, speak the following:

“Stone of Earth, protect this space;
Rid all negativity from this place.
Allow no evil enter our circle round;
May safety within our home be found.”

Set the stones within the four corners of your home to cast away any negative influences that may dare to wander and enter your abode.

Maybe the band room wasn’t the home I found comfort in. Maybe these four white walls didn’t see as much as I thought they did. When I think of a home, I usually think of a place with walls and a foundation. A place that can shelter me from the rain and block the wind. After being miles away from my home town, I realized that those four white walls weren’t truly my home. It is my instrument. If I were to ever leave my instrument, I wouldn’t be able to stop my tears from falling. If I ever gave up on my instrument,  my instrument would weep. The true home I made for myself was founded in my instrument. Not only did it see all the good and bad things, but felt them as I played. My instrument sung my feelings, my struggles, my frustration. It felt my self doubt, it felt my accomplishments, it felt my tears, and it felt my smiles. It was there from the beginning and it will be there til the end even as I move from building to building. It is my comfort. It is my home.
—  Ashlyn Port (Silent Saxophone Player)
  • -Own a musket for home defense, since thats what the founding at hers intended
  • -Four ruffians break into my house
  • -"What the devil?" As I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle
  • -Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he's dead on the spot
  • -Draw my pistol on the second man, misses him entirely because its smoothbore, and nails the neighbors dog
  • -I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot
  • -"Tally Ho Lads" the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms
  • -Fix bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion
  • -Bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up
  • -Just as the founding fathers intended

The Green Corvette

by reddit user TeslaToth

When the whistle blew, I punched my time card and drove home bleary-eyed after a long shift unloading cargo at the docks.

But there was no greeting at the door, no dinner waiting on the counter. My daughter, Chelsea, usually home by four, was nowhere to be found. No note left behind, car keys still dangling on the hook. I called her cell phone, got no answer.

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Disney Superheroes : The Wanted (aka Elsa)

Elsa was born with her powers, a gift she hid from the world. She feared of hurting people and the consequences of what will happen if others found out. Home-bound by choice and home-schooled since the age of four. On her seventeenth birthday she decided to transfer to a public high school. She thought it was time to stop living in fear. On the very first day of school she was bullied, to comfort herself she thought, “It’s part of being normal.” Gradually the bullying got worse. One day she accidentally froze the whole cafeteria when someone decided to shove her lunch into the trash. When she realized what had happened it was too late. Several students recorded the incident and uploaded it online.

The video went viral.

She was taken to a secret government laboratory for tests and experiments. Elsa manage to escape and ran for her life. Later, she found out she was framed for murdering the scientists in the lab. Now she is considered dangerously armed and wanted for several murders.

Alan Atwater 911 Call
Alan Atwater 911 Call

At 12:11 a.m. on April 16, 2011, 30-year-old Alan Atwater made this 911 call reporting he had just killed his wife, Dawn, and their three children, Ashley, 4, Isaac, 2, and Brady, 1, at the family’s Oak Harbor, Ohio home. When officers arrived, they found four bodies lying on the floor upstairs and the youngest child in his bed all dead from gunshot wounds.

Operator: Ottawa County 911.

Atwater: Yeah. This is Alan Atwater. I’m at 964 Leutz Road.

Operator: Okay.

Atwater: There’s been a terrible accident at my house. My wife and three children are dead.

Operator: Okay. What happened?

Atwater: Gunshot wound. And I’m getting ready to kill myself right now.

Operator: Okay. Did you kill them?

Atwater: Yes.

This is the new Range Rover Evoque

Littlest Landie gets a mid-life makeover for 2015, including JLR’s posh new ‘Ingenium’ diesel engines.

When the Evoque launched back in 2011, even Land Rover surely couldn’t have imagined the stellar success its coupe-SUV would become.

Over 400,000 Evoques have found homes around the world in the last four years, which might go some way to explaining why this mid-life refresh is very much of the ‘if it ain’t broke’ school of faceliftery.

Not that Land Rover’s upgrades are anything but tidy. The 2016 Evoque gets a new front bumper and grille, all-LED adaptive headlights and a fresh spoiler, all of which combine to retain its concept-car-made-real vibe. We reckon it looks rather spiffy. [x]


A letter so pointless, I feel like I need a cigarette after posting it up here. Barbara, welcome home.

(with many, many thanks to Ramsay Cudlipp over on Twitter for this absolute jewel of a pointless letter!)