found him yesterday


This is Bucky. I found him yesterday curled up against a fence. It was freezing out, and the skinny little thing didn’t even stand up when I came toward him. This is him a day later, after a bath, food, and lots of cuddles.

Bucky’s super cuddly and he doesn’t bark much, he just groans.

BrainDead Or Talking Head: Who Actually Said It?: Aaron Tveit Sections Only (x)

“That’s Tony Shalhoub, BrainDead - BAM! I was in that scene.”

Do check out the original video for Mary E. W., Danny P., and Tony S. - and don’t forget to watch BrainDead Sunday nights 10/9c on CBS!


I was thinking maybe a Castiel x Reader one shot where the boys are all having a movie night off in the bunker, and Cas is trying to flirt/snuggle with the reader, but he’s really awkward about it so Sam tries to subtly motion what to do, maybe Dean is just being sarcastic about it all? Please & Thank you! xo

You woke up to a silence. You didn’t hear Sam trying to convince Dean that a case he found was actually a case, or Dean blasting Zeppelin from his room. The bunker had a still peace, so you ventured out into the halls. Wrapping the blanket around yourself, you let it drag on the floor as you checked in on the brothers. Dean was asleep on his stomach, drooling on his pillow. After opening Sam’s door you found him passed out in yesterday’s clothing, book open on his lap. You gingerly closed the book and shut off his lamp, letting his eyes rest as he slept.
The bunker seemed to be all yours. Wrapping the blanket you turned on the coffee maker, watching each drop drip.
You reached for a cup, pushing aside the white one for a bright blue mug. Sam decided to buy new dishes after Dean found about a thousand spiders in one of the cabinets. So you joined him, and this cup reminded you of Castiel’s eyes. Beautifully blue, hues mimicking the ocean. Lately, everything reminded you of Castiel. Whether it be this stupid mug, or the birds flying in the sky, (you’d watch them on long rides in the Impala, wondering how angels felt when they flew).
The coffee maker dinged. You poured it into your mug slowly, then added some milk. Eventually the blanket dropped onto the chair as you drank, spacing out into the counter tops.
The heavy footsteps you heard obviously belonged to Dean by their rhythm. You had learned how each brother walks after years of being with them.
“Mornin’” you said, and pointed at the coffee maker. “Freshly brewed” you smiled and Dean nodded, grabbing the white cup you pushed aside earlier.
“We’re free today” he said and you looked up.
“No hunts, no Crowley, no dick angels” he said, and smiled at the last one.
“Not all angels are dicks” you whispered.
“Yeah, Castiel is too sexy” he said and your eyes went wide.
“What? No I didn’t-“
“It’s ok. I know” he said, and you took another sip of your coffee. “He likes you too, you know”.
“Don’t tease me like that, Dean” you said, and cupped the mug.
“I’m not” he said, and you sat in silence. Listening to him pour the coffee, then hear the spoon hit the ceramic as he stirred it.
After you placed the mug in the sink you reached over and snatched the newspaper from Dean who looked genuinely offended.
“So what are we doing today if we aren’t hunting?” you asked, lazily flipping through the pages for something interesting. Dean stuck his feet behind the metal bar of the island stool.
“Sleep. Maybe a movie later. We can invite Cas you know” he said, and you stopped flipping the pages.
“It’s fine, it could just be us. I bet angels don’t even know how to sit still for five minutes” you said, “He wouldn’t want to just sit around with me, Dean” you confided in the eldest Winchester.
“You’d be surprised about the things he’d do for you” Dean left you thinking as he walked to his room.
“Son of a bitch” you whispered, but couldn’t help but smile.
It was hours later when you finally found the collection of movies Dean kept in his room. Sam helped you decide on The Godfather, a favorite of his.
“I thought you were more of the animal planet documentary type” you said and he chuckled.
“I’m not as boring as Dean makes me out to be” he said, and popped the disc into the player.
You grabbed a couple blankets and the popcorn you had made earlier, and plopped down on the couch. Sam sat on your left, while you took the center. Dean decided to kick back in the recliner on your right.
“Hey, Cas!” Dean shouted and you rolled your eyes, but deep down inside you almost hoped he would show.
“Yes?” the angel appeared before the TV, dimming the room. His hair was mussed up at all angels.
“You busy?” Dean asked.
“No, just had a fight, that’s all” Castiel finally got the hang of sarcasm.
“Join us, we’re watching The Godfather” Sam said, and pointed to the spot on your right. Not the two other empty chairs.
“Alright” the angel said, and sat down next to you. His trench coat landed in your lap and you played with the material in your hand.
It was only ten minutes into the movie when you realized you couldn’t focus. His chest was going up and down as he breathed, and his eyes were so focused on understanding the movie that it was innocently adorable. You tried snapping out of it, so you pulled up the blanket from the table, and motioned to Cas if he wanted one also. He smiled and didn’t realize what you were trying to say, and instead pulled over half of yours onto himself. You were sharing blankets, and his warmth radiated off him. Sam began dozing off, and began leaning right, taking up your space. You moved over to Castiel, who didn’t mind when your thighs touched as you sat with him.
Dean raised a brow and smirked at you, knowing how little touches can effect you. Castiel looked at Dean while you tried to re-focus on the screen. Dean motioned for him to wrap his arm around you, but Castiel furrowed his brows. Dean moved his arm, and pretended to hold someone, to show Cas what to do.
So he did exactly that, after awkwardly trying to get his hand out of the blanket.
“Should I move?”
“No, it’s fine” Cas smiled at you, and that’s when he wrapped an arm around you. Eyes wide you looked at Dean, who choked on his popcorn laughing. What he didn’t expect was for you to smile, and mouth a ‘thank you’ to him.
Later on you began to get comfortable, snuggling up to Cas as you rested your head on his chest. Dean began throwing popcorn at Sam, who woke up swatting his hands in front of his face. Even Castiel laughed at the moose. Sam took one look at you and Cas and gave Dean a knowing look. How did these brothers have conversations without speaking?
You began drifting off, opening your eyes occasionally when the movie got louder. Sleeping wasn’t the word for what was happening.
Sam motioned for Cas to put his hand on your shoulder, but at this point the angel didn’t need anymore assistance, it began coming naturally. He wrapped an arm around you, and lazily played with your hair.
Sam sighed, relieved, and allowed himself to fall asleep again. Dean shoved another handful of popcorn in his mouth, and stared intently at the screen.
The room was dark, except for the screen brightening and dimming over the room, casting a dull   blue glow on everyones face. Eventually you fell asleep in his arms, and he pulled the blanket up higher.
“What do I do?” he asked Dean once the film had finished.
“Take her to her room”
“I don’t want to wake her” Cas looked at you sleeping, a small smile playing on your face.
“She won’t wake up if you drop her through the table” Dean said and placed the bowl on the table. He wiped the butter off his hands and onto his jeans. He shook Sam’s shoulder until he woke, then they both disappeared into their rooms.
Carefully Castiel leaned forwards, then picked you up, holding you tight against him. He kept the blanket wrapped around you like someone would a baby, and carried you to your room. Laying you down he fixed your neck, and then the blanket.
“Goodnight” he whispered, and you shifted in your sleep. “See you tomorrow” he said, making sure he’d visit tomorrow. Whatever was brewing in his stomach seemed to be a happy nervousness. When he asked Dean last month, and he told Cas that was called a crush. Funny word, Castiel thought. But he liked the feeling, and smiled at the thought, shutting your door quietly.