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I just realized: Ladybug hates when Chat Noir calls her Buginette because it's literally a mix of her civilian and super-hero names: Ladybug + Marinette = Buginette. She's pissed because for a second she thinks he found out her true identity.

Important takeaway of today’s ask: Don’t piss off Ladybug, ever. 

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So you fucked your way to the what?

This is Marissa Mayer, current CEO of Yahoo! It appears that she will be is getting the boot very soon. She’s had 4 years at the helm of Yahoo! and her tenure has been an unmitigated disaster, even despite all the fawning media attention that she got simply because men all over the planet want to cum in her.

This is Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos CEO and the world’s first self-made Billionaire. Well, she was a billionaire. According to Forbes, after Theranos was found to essentially, her stake in the company is worth essentially nothing. She took a company with a valuation over $10 billion dollars to absolute ruin - again, despite the fact that she was the subject of many media profiles because, again, she’s the rare CEO that men want to fuck.

This is Ellen Pao, former Interim-CEO of Reddit and current laughing stock. In less than a year as CEO, she nearly destroyed the entire website before turning in her resignation in utter shame. Even with the press at large supporting her simply because she was a woman, she was unable to hide her monumental screw ups. Oh, and she lost some absurd discrimination lawsuits in the process.

So why is it that women who find themselves in true positions of leadership so often end up being failures? Well, the key is in The Peter Principle and how it effects women differently from men.

The Peter Principle says that “employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted and remain at a level at which they are incompetent.” Simply put, people get promoted until they are promoted to a job they can’t accomplish. It affects men and women, but with one crucial difference: Sex.

The obvious fact is that, as women, we can suck our way up corporate ladders and fuck our way through business deals. We have a (not so) secret weapon and the only thing that stops some of us from using it is a lack of ambition. The ironic part is that these skills are most valuable in “male dominated” industries - a higher percentage of men means less competition and more available men to service with your unique skillset. As a woman, you can fail and fail and fail and still be confident in your job security - all it takes is the right blowjob for the right guy and not only will you keep your job, but you can even improve your job, assuming your incompetence doesn’t also apply to sucking cock.

This means that attractive women don’t simply rise to positions of incompetence, they use sex to rise to positions that leave them completely and utterly out of their depth, drowning in a sea of complexity that they simply can’t handle. Rising to a position of mere incompetence will result in inefficiency that can be hidden and swept under rugs with good PR.

But rising to the sorts of high risk/high reward/high visibility positions that Marissa Mayer, Elizabeth Holmes and Ellen Pao? That’s how a relatively intelligent woman can quickly and efficiently make herself appear to a bimbo. When results are expected and the numbers start coming in, there’s no cock to ride to fix your fuck up. All you can do is sit there on the conference calls, hoping that it ends soon and that maybe you can score another puff pice in a Chick Mag about how totally rad you are for being a kickass chick in the business world(!!!)

Do I actually know Marissa Mayer sucked and fucked her way to the top? Of course not. That’s just what she would have done if she was being efficient - the simple fact that she was an attractive female in an environment that is lacking in women means that the men who are around her want her.  It’s not a coincidence that supposedly “empowered” women in the business world like Marissa still dress in high heels and dresses. They know that they need to, at the very least, arouse the men around them if they want to make it anywhere. And once you see how effective that is, spreading your legs for a leg up (Pun intended) isn’t really much of a stretch (Pun also intended.)

In the end, your worth and what advantages you can ply will always come down to how much time men spend either thinking about fucking you or actually fucking you.

The lesson is really the same as always: Know your place as a woman. Certainly you’re more capable than some men, maybe even most men - but all men? Don’t be absurd. Just because the media is impressed by your legs doesn’t mean you deserve anything resembling a CEO position. Don’t let pressure from feminist ideals lead you to humiliating yourself. And certainly you should be as much of a cumslut as you want, but don’t use that little Work Place Cheat Code to jump too many levels ahead - otherwise, you’ll end up like poor little Marissa here:

(Not pictured: All the jizz stains on her dress.)



Today, after 13 years my dog found out where her snacks are hidden. And now with 13 years the old lady tries to live the thug life. She takes every opportunity to sneak into the kitchen to get something, especially when it’s dark (there’s a tiny hint of her in the first photo).
So i go to the kitchen, turn the light on and she looks at me like “OH FUCK, SHE GOT ME!” and runs away hahaha

Sylvie Curci: Humanitarian Doubles as an Athlete & AcroYogi

Growing up, Sylvie Curci was a professional gymnast and extremely competitive. All she cared about were her leotards, scrunchies, and the scoreboard. But when she severely injured her foot, it looked like her days as an athlete might be over, and she transitioned into focusing on her studies. After graduating from Emory University, she pursued two masters at NYU. She also served in Haiti and worked for the UN as well as the Red Cross. But now she’s making her way back into sports, though not in the way she expected. Now, as an acrobat–she’s found a way to work it all in, and maintain her balance in many ways. Read on to learn more about how she healed and found her way back into sports even when her future as a powerful female athlete seemed very bleak.

Injury Setbacks

At age 11, I broke my foot and two surgeries later I have some nice hardware in my foot. That injury brought my fitness career to an early end, or so I thought. From age 12, until the first day I walked into Emory for my undergraduate studies, I pretty much decided I was going to be a nerd, and that playtime was over. And that was really hard. My brother was a D1 swim captain, and though I loved having his athleticism in my life, I was also pretty jealous.

The Beginning Of Diving

My first day at Emory, I saw a huge trampoline in the gym, and said, “I have to get on it.” Unfortunately, they said, “sorry, that’s only for varsity divers.” So I went and met with the swim coach. A week later, I was on the diving team. Four years later, I was captain. I realized I didn’t have to just be a nerd or an athlete, I could be both. And still kill it.

Finding My Diving Flow

For the first time, I stopped caring about that scoreboard, and was able to just enjoy movement for what it was and for what it did for me and those around me. This was the only time I could turn off my brain from studying chemistry and public health, and just go into–what I call–my “flow.” This is when you’re supremely focused on the movements that you’re doing at that moment (to save your life, literally).

Discovering AcroYoga

I discovered AcroYoga about a year and a half ago. I’d seen it online, and I’d seen it a little bit on Instagram, but I didn’t really know anyone who did it. I thought it was mostly a West Coast thing. I found a yoga teacher in New York, who is now one of my best friends. She took me under her wing and taught me the basics. AcroYoga seems to be blowing up right about now, so I think I picked a pretty good time to get into it. Lucky me!

A photo posted by Sylvie Curci (@sylvie.curci) on Jul 20, 2016 at 4:20pm PDT

All Or Nothing

I’ve always had this battle in my head of, “you’re either an athlete, or you’re not.” As injuries have come and gone, and as I’ve returned back to various sports, I’ve come to realize it’s not an either/or thing. It’s best if it’s both. Being a well-balanced human is always a great thing. Being able to talk about handstands–awesome. Being able to do handstands–also awesome.

Judge it by Your Enjoyment, Not the Scoreboard

It’s about finding that balance and realizing you don’t have to be the best at a sport. You don’t have to get that 10 across the board, you just have to learn to enjoy yourself, and enjoy it for what it is. My 70 year old father does AcroYoga with me. The way his face lights up when I fly Superman style on his feet is amazing. That’s almost more rewarding to me than any 10 I could get on a scoreboard ever again.

No True End Goals

I grew up with a structured workout plan because I was a gymnast. The plan had very clear intentions for where I was supposed to go. Right now with my fitness and movement routine, there are no true end goals other than for me to feel fit, feel happy, and be able to share it with other people.

Finding the Balance: Stretch & Strengthen

I have game plans that I follow, and I have structure. For instance, if I have a tough WOD at CrossFit, I make sure to counteract that and balance it out with a yoga session. You don’t want to strengthen without stretching, and you don’t want to stretch without strengthening. So I do both. I try to keep a well-rounded and well-balanced regimen. But I don’t necessarily plan out every workout I’m going to do, or where I am going to do it.

I always say, I love being the athlete. I love to try it all. I play to stay fit, and I stay fit to play harder.

Play Time is Simply Movement

“Play” to me is just enjoying movement–being able to try new forms of movement comfortably, and having confidence in my own body. For me, it’s gone from being highly structured, to more of a modified, go-with-the-flow feeling for my fitness.

Inspiring Others to Move and Play

My friends and I always go to Central Park on the weekend, and we do AcroYoga and different kinds of fun fitness things, such as hand balancing. My favorite part about it isn’t necessarily the friends that I’m playing with. It’s when I look around the park and I see random couples, random father daughter pairs, trying to do what we’re doing. They’re putting their kids on their feet and lifting them up in the air. They see what we’re doing, and they realize it’s very accessible.

What’s in My Gym Bag

1. Y-3 Backpack (Sold Out)  2. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller ($40)  3. The Body Wheel ($40)  4. Lululemon Mat Strap ($18)  5. 66 Audio Headphones ($60)  6. Freek Strength Wrist Wraps ($25)  7. WODshop Lacrosse Massage Ball ($10)  8. Valside Gliders ($30)  9. Quest Nutrition Bar ($25 per case)  10. The Natural Grip ($22)  11. BKR Glass Water Bottle, Butter ($35) 12. La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat, Marseille ($86)

That’s part of the reason AcroYoga attracts so many people. It doesn’t have to be competitive. It’s more about community and creativity.

The First Step Towards AcroYoga

What I love so much about AcroYoga is, it doesn’t require a studio, equipment, or you signing up for a class necessarily. For the introductory level moves, you can just watch and play copycat with us, and comfortably do it with a partner you trust (and love).

I think that’s one of the reasons AcroYoga speaks to so many people. It’s just very approachable and non-intimidating in a lot of ways. And who doesn’t like to workout outside? Let’s be real.

AcroYoga Is Mostly About the Community

AcroYoga is so focused on the community, because it draws in people who are really interested in building meaningful and fun relationships with other people. You can’t do AcroYoga with someone unless you trust them. Building trust builds communities.

Written by Shirley Ju

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On Raven's home world is dreamscape-diving (is that a correct way to refer to it?) very common? The technology surrounding it seems pretty advanced.

Oh, not at all. It’s unheard of. 

When Raven stored herself in the pendant, it was meant to be temporary. They’re supposed to be a last ditch resource to store the minds of injured soldiers while a new body is built. For the person being stored, it’s generally like sleeping or being in a coma.

But she was never found. Her mind was stored for much much longer than intended, and this had side effects. Her mind fought to reach out, anywhere. It turned inward and created a more solid ‘world’ for herself in her subconscious.

I have some good news about my college money!!! My aunt originally told me I only had about 3k left out of 25k. It made no sense and I knew something was up. She finally found her mistake and it turns out I have 22k. It doubled over time. I’m so fucking grateful that I don’t have to take out loans and have money to cover my living expenses. This is the only positive situation to come out of my mother’s passing. I’m forever grateful she left all of her life insurance to my sister and I. 


Foster animals update 7/26/16. Busy day… A lady found 2 kittens under her house when she got home from working all night. She had put up a privacy fence over the weekend and thinks she must have scared off the mother cat. When I met her to pick them up I was mistakenly under the impression that I was picking them up from one of our fosters, but was actually getting them from the homeowner. She didn’t have them in any kind of carrier, just popped out of her car with a kitten in each hand, passed them to me and left. I improvised, dumped out my canvas bag and had Quinn put the handles around his neck and keep them in his lap.

They’re both female and I would estimate they’re about 4 days younger than Hope. I really don’t want her to be alone, so I’m gonna try to handle all three. Fingers crossed!

I pulled the feral kitty out of his cage today and he did pretty well. I sat in the recliner with him. He tolerated petting and didn’t lash out in anyway, so I’m very pleased with that. He’s a really handsome guy. Gotta come up with a name…

apparently I can’t look for screenshots without noticing five different things about what’s going on in an episode (by the way, I still haven’t found the perfect calendiles screenshot I’m looking for. it’s been two days. I keep on getting sidetracked.)

because look

she goes to him and checks if he’s ok first thing when she wakes up in an unfamiliar location and doesn’t seem to be all that interested in worrying about herself and that is darling and wonderful but that’s not what I would like to bring to everyone’s attention today

I don’t…even know if I need to say anything here

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Chisato frowns as she sits there. Looking at the two who helped her, she wasn't sure what to do. "How long is this going to take?" She asked as she wasn't so sure about this place since she's never been here before.

One of the physicians that helped her had found a way to mend her wings with no issue. Alex has just arrived to the place after taking care of some business of his own.


Candy found her happy place in the hot springs, but soon an eager local guy showed up. He seemed pretty full of himself, so Candy made her apologies and went looking for Junior.

“What are you doing, Babe?”

“Uh, nothing. Definitely not digging holes and breaking water mains while looking for a map to a secret place where a witch doctor lives.”

I was searching through Serena Campbell gifs just now and I found loads of her and Colette. I’d forgotten how absolutely brilliant they were together. Colette was fantastic in her own right but I really miss their interactions. *cries from Colette nostalgia* Anyways sorry for the random Colette throwback. Also thanks to @/not-a-date for the gifs (and for seemilngly being the only person to make Serena/Colette gifs)

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