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OH MY GOD BABY DRABBLE okay, okay, what about 2 & 6 w Kylo?! 😆

Haha, yes! I hope you don’t mind, I decided to make this a sequel to the triplets drabble I did for @crylorenlo a little while back. Hope you like it!

Modern AU Triplet Kylo +  “Why is it making that face?” +  “Don’t you want to hold her/him?”

Matt and Ben walked into the living room of (Y/N) and Kylo’s apartment instantly setting out in search of their brother. Ben peered into the kitchen with furrowed brows.


“In here!”

Matt and Ben followed the origin of the voice to a room off to the side. Sure enough with a few strides they found themselves in the nursery Kylo and (Y/N) had made for their new twins. Kylo stood beside the crib adjusting the two little bundles in his arms as they cooed in response, their eyes wildly roaming the room as if they had never seen it before. Hearing the set of footsteps Kylo looked up from the twins.


Ben gave him a nod as Matt beamed at the sight of the two little beings squirming in Kylo’s arms.

“Hey. You called?”

Kylo nodded as he adjusted the twin in his left arm, “Yeah (Y/N)’s out for the day, so I thought I could have you guys over for once.”

Ben groaned, “You called us over here for baby duty didn’t you?”

Matt instantly walked over to Kylo, almost too eager to hold one of the little bundles. Preferrably his niece who seemed the most enamored by Matt, or rather his large glasses.

“I’m fine with that.”

Kylo smiled as he carefully handed his daughter over to Matt, already knowing how eager his brother was to hold her.

“I got a new gaming system also so we could do that after I give you a tour.”

Ben crossed his arms with a slight huff as Matt turned to him with a grin on his face, his tiny niece reaching forward to grab tiny fistfuls of his shirt. 

“I guess.”

Kylo walked closer to his brothers, his son still craddled close to him in the right arm, gesturing with his free hand to the room they were in.

“This is obviously the nursery.”

Matt nodded as his eyes searched the room, “It’s nice…cute. Did (Y/N) decorate it?”

“Of course she did, that’s how it ended up cute.”

Ben snorted faintly, “Thank gaud she did.”

Kylo nodded as he walked past his brothers, continuing his tour of the apartment with the litte bundle still in his arms. Stopping in the living room Kylo sighed, adjusting his son so that his head laid on his chest.

“And that’s it.”

Ben nodded in approval, “Great, what games have you got for us?”

Kylo sighed as he pointed to the entertainment system a few feet before them, “Feel free to go through them.”

Just as Ben was about to move he suddenly stopped, doing a double take to the infant in Kylo’s arms. His tiny face seemed to be “scrunched” in displeasure.

“Kylo. Why is it making that face?”

Kylo’s brows furrowed as he pulled the infant away from him for a moment, observing his face. His brows raised slightly as his lips parted.

“Oh, I thought (Y/N) took care of that.”


“He needs to be changed.”

Matt suddenly paused where he stood, looking to his niece with hesitation as she had a very similar expression on her face.

“Make that two.”

Walking back towards the nursery Kylo ran a hand through his hair with a sigh, “Ok I’ll take care of it.”

“Do you need help?”

Kylo hesitated, looking between the infants and his brothers. Suddenly he moved towards Ben, handing him his nephew.

“Yeah just hold him while I get everything.”

Ben’s face scrunched up much like the infants in disgust, “Why do I have to hold them?”

Kylo rolled his eyes, “Just for a minute, I can’t get everything I need and hold both of them.”

Matt smiled at Ben as he nudged his head towards the infant, “Don’t you want to hold him?”

“Not really.”

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Where The Signs Haunt
  • |Use sun or moon sign|
  • ARIES: Aries haunt the battlefields of the past. They run amongst soldiers that are long gone, ready to fight anything and anyone that crosses their path. If found they can sometimes offer guidance to those who seem worthy, helping them with conflicts in their own lives.
  • TAURUS: You'll find a Taurus ghost guarding banks or armoires in old castles. They protect the treasures at any cost, considering it their property now that their dead. If you trespass on what's theirs, you best make a quick getaway.
  • GEMINI: If you've ever heard a story about a ghost haunting the toilets at your school, or other good areas for gossip, that'll be the Gemini ghost. They love listening into conversations, mainly because they miss the sound of people talking. And they especially love to give the kids a scare once they're bored.
  • CANCER: Cancers haunt large country homes filled with families. They can be found in a child's nursery, often watching over the babies. Sometimes they'll brave showing themselves and try to befriend and play with the older kids. They watch over the family, scaring off any dangerous spirits that wish to do them harm.
  • LEO: You will nearly always find a Leo in a palace, castle or place of regal significance. They float around the corridors and ballrooms in gorgeous expensive suits and long flowing dresses. Just because they're dead doesn't mean they're not in charge and they'll chase anyone from the grounds if they dare to disrespect them.
  • VIRGO: Virgo ghosts are helpful ghosts that you probably won't realise aren't real people until they vanish on you. They hang around school campuses, offering assistance to pupils struggling with papers or personal issues. They're good at blending in and will stay for as long as you need them, before vanishing to find someone else to help.
  • LIBRA: Justice ghost. A Libra ghost is the type to seek out those who have done terrible things in their lives, haunting them to make the rest of their existance is hell, ensuring they never forget what they've done. If the living won't prosecute, the dead will.
  • SCORPIO: Scorpio ghosts want to be left alone. They stay in extremely remote houses and keep themselves to themselves. They can't stand young and curious people that come 'hunting' them for a joke and the Scorp isn't against throwing things at them to scare them off. The only people they tolerate are the elderly, as long as they leave well alone.
  • SAGITTARIUS: They hang about railway stations, usually the old abandoned ones with rotting wood and pieces of track missing. Even in the afterlife they're still chasing their dream of adventure. Sometimes they can be found boarding trains at stations still in use, but always vanish without a trace once the doors close.
  • CAPRICORN: These ghosts are painfully shy and self conscious around the living. They can be found in quiet places like libraries or old attics and you'll only ever see them if they think you're especially kind. They're a little cold and distant and probably won't want to interact with you much, but if you're lucky they might sit beside you, reading your book over your shoulder.
  • AQUARIUS: The haunted house ghost. These ghosts find great pleasure in spending their time at amusement park attractions. They hide in supposedly 'fake' haunted houses to give the visitors a real scare. They also like the the underground. Places covered in graffiti, that are cold and smell grimy. They won't acknowledge you in these places and you best stay away from them.
  • PISCES: Pisces ghosts are the graveyard ghosts. Spiritual in life, extra spiritual in death. You'll find them walking about in silence, often looking around at the scenery or singing softly to themselves. They won't speak to you unless you seek them out because they don't want to frighten you, but once you've approached them they'll chat for hours, telling you fantastic stories from their past life.
Saviour // Carl Grimes

Okay firstly I want to apologise to the person that requested this. I forgot to write it then I did write it but somehow it got deleted so I just had to re-write it. I’m really sorry.


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It was an unusually hot day in Alexandria. Don’t get me wrong practically every day was hot but today was the worst it’s been in months making everyone frustrated.
You and Carol were digging holes for some new flowers you two had found at a nursery just out of town and somehow, everything was either aching or sweating and you felt extremely uncomfortable. By the end of the Day you probably wouldn’t be able to walk. Great
“I’m sure Carl and the others will be back from the run any moment now so I might run inside and quickly make up some cold lemonade, you want some sweetie?” Carol said catching your attention. you dropped the shovel and wiped a line of sweat of off your forehead.

“That sounds perfect” you smiled and got back to digging.
You smiled at the thought of your boyfriend coming home soon after a 7 day run. You missed his hugs, kisses, cuddles etc. You just missed him being around in general
You bent down and drop a plant into a random hole, covering the roots in dirt and giving it a quick water then taking a moment to take in its beauty. There wasn’t much beauty left since the apocalypse.

As you stood up a hand went over your mouth, the impact made you gasp and on instinct you begin to fight, kicking and trying to scream through their fingers.
Carol was just inside, you tried your best to scream just loud enough for her to here but you were running out of oxygen, only small bits were slipping between his greasy fingertips and you needed that.

“This is it, he’s going to kill me” you thought as the stranger pushed you down onto the patch of grass squashing multiple newly planted flowers in the process. Your back was getting wet but that was the least of your worries.
You could now see the man wasn’t a stranger. He was new to Alexandria and had only been here 2 weeks. His name was Bryan. You were introduced to him and remember the way he looked at you. Like you were nothing but a piece of fresh meat.

“I suggest you stay quiet and stay still, doll” the man sneered and got way to close for your liking, his breath smelt like rotten egg and dog food combined making you gag under his gruesome hand.
You refused to cry as the man pulled out a knife brining it close to your chest. Instead of stabbing you with it he cut your shirt off. Now this made you cry.
The only thing running through your mind was Carl. You knew if he was here he would most likely beat the man to death.

“You have no idea what you do to me, how you make me feel” the man’s hot breath fanned over your face and you squeezed your eyes tight, trying to think of happier things.

You thought about the moment he asked you to be his girlfriend and how happy it made you.
You thought of the time Carl first told you he loved you and the huge kiss you two shared after, you thought of how amazing it felt and still feels to this day. You thought of the dates you two shared and the nights you had spent in his arms.
You thought of the last moment you had together when he promised to bring you back a comic or a new book to cheer you up and lessen your nerves about him leaving, or at least attempt to.
God he made you so happy, you’d do anything to be in his arms right now.
“Baby I-“Carl

Your cries only got worse, you were embarrassed to say the least. A gunshot was heard and Bryan rolled off of you clutching his Leg, another shot was heard and he dropped lifelessly to the ground.
Desperately, you tried to catch your breath, your hands clutched the grass for support for a quick moment before Carl grabbed one of your hands in his.

“Breath, baby breath it’s okay I’m here” Carls hand squeezed yours every time you breathed in, eventually your breathing evened out.
You jumped into Carls arms and just broke down, out of pain and embarrassment. He ran his finger tips up and down your back and rocked the two of you back and forth calming you down slowly, but surely.
You were speechless and Carl new at that moment not to make you say anything. Somehow you fell asleep to his fingers brushing through your hair.
You knew you had a loving, supportive family to help you get through this.

My mom found this beautiful Euphorbia horrida hybrid in a nursery a couple of years ago. She has a history of killing even the toughest plants (mostly underwatering), but her small cactus collection thrives. Possibly even more than my own succulents.
I found that overthinking everything about a plant’s needs isn’t necessarily a good thing. You don’t always need expensive pots and soil mixes, gadgets, fertilizers and calendars to keep a cactus alive. Just give it lots of light + very little water and it will be happy!

New House: Breaking In the Kitchen

You asked/begged for it, so here it is! Breaking in the nursery can be found here.

He’d insisted on the window coverings this time. Their house was far enough away from the main house they’d likely be safe. But the last thing he needed was one of the tenants to walk by or Ian send one of his children to come help them.

She was already stripping by the time he got inside.

“Stop,” he said in a commanding voice he usually saved for his children.

She did, staring up at him.

“Jamie you promised.”

“Aye I did, and I mean to break in this whole bloody house wi’ you. But I also said I had specific things I wanted out of this one.”

“Oh that’s right! You never did tell me.”

Grinning madly, he held up a brown paper bag with the necessary outfit inside.

“Put these on.”

She frowned at him.

“You want me to dress up?”

He shrugged.

“I’d more call it… dressing down. Go put this on before we begin. Quickly now, or I’m like to start wi’out ye.”

Taking the bag, she ran around the corner to dress. His fantasy was becoming a reality. He knew she wouldn’t ask why, especially in a mood like this. But Christ, to see her and feel her in his hands…

He stood in the empty kitchen, panting like a dog. 

“My my,” came her voice. “You actually went through my drawers to find these, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did. I told ye it was specific.”

“I usually only wear these on special occasions.”

“This is special. We’re going to make love in our new kitchen. Or, weel. It’s new to us.”

She came slowly around the corner, almost the perfect embodiment of what he’d imagined. 

“No, no. Ye canna have it buttoned up to yer neck!”

One of her brows ticked up.

“Oh? You didn’t give me any instructions.”

“Unbutton it.”

With a wry smile, she did. Slowly.

“How long have you wanted this?” she asked, pulling her hair loose from it’s tail.

“Ye ken how I imagined the kids’ rooms?”

“I do.”

“Since I first saw this house, I imagined ye just like this.”

“Goodness! I hope I love up to your imagination.”

He nodded towards one of the counter tops and she backed towards it.

“You’re much better than my imagination, mo chridhe. Much warmer and softer.”

When she reached the counter, she let her head roll to one side, examining him. His cock twitched and ached to be engulfed by her.

“Have I ever spoken in these fantasies of yours?”


“What did I say?”

“Ah, weel… Ye said… ‘come make love to me, James Fraser’ and…” he hesitated.


“Weel ye told me to come home in you.”

Sliding onto the flat surface of the counter, she let her legs drift open.

“Well then, I ought to do this right if I’m to be the living embodiment of your fantasy. Come make love to me, James Fraser.”

Her voice was even sexier than he’d imagined. As he got closer, he thought that he must be dreaming. But no. It wasn’t a dream. He could smell her strongly here and now. When he dreamed about having her, the smell of her was always faint.

“Come home in me, my love.”

He pulled her to the edge of the counter and kissed her hard. Immediately her legs wrapped around him, bringing him closer and closer. He didn’t remove any of the clothing on her body, that wasn’t the point. All he wanted was to be inside her and one with her.

“Lord,” he breathed as his fingers probed her hot flesh. “Ye gave me a rare woman and God! I love her well!”

Now her arms wound strong around his neck, bringing his head down to her shoulder as they became one flesh. She gasped and let out that little squeak she always did and he smiled.

He’d been a little rough with her the day before, because that’s what she’d wanted. But today he could love her slowly and sweetly. Thank her for carrying another of his children. Show her how much he cared for her as he made love to her.

Being together like this almost had a sense of forbiddenness to it, like she would hop off and run away at any moment. The only thing keeping her there was him.

Endlessly she whimpered his name, paired with a full-body shudder when he was fully inside her. Her hands slid down his back and took a generous hold of his buttocks, pulling him even as he pushed against her.

“Yes,” she groaned. “Yes Jamie! Come to me!”

The sun was golden on her brown curls, making it look as though God himself had painted a halo on each hair. Everything. She was his everything and so much more. His soul. His heart. His love. The very air he breathed.

Suddenly he cried out and tasted her skin between his teeth. What? Had he bitten her?

When he regained control of himself, she was wheezing and shuddering, hanging against him limply.

“Did I hurt ye Sassenach?”

“A little. You bit me, you barbaric Scot.”

Stepping back, he kissed the small red welt.

“Isna the first time. Likely no’ the last.”

“I suppose we can check the kitchen off the list then, yes?”

“Oh aye, we can.”

“Good. Because I have plans for the sitting room.”


She pecked his lips lightly and smiled.

“Do you happen to know where your nice kilt is?”

During WW2, Joan Crawford became part of the American Women’s Voluntary Services. She was the chairman of its California State Nursery Project where she founded the first nursery in the Los Angeles area. Fifty children received care six days a week while their mothers worked in war plants. Joan bought the furniture, financed repairs, payed the rent, visited the children regularly and brought them gifts.

Jocelyn: What’s up- oh, you’ve found the nursery.
Stacie: Yeah, are you, um… expecting?
Jocelyn: Well… not yet. But we’re… trying. With Leighton.
Stacie: Aren’t you… I mean… You’re still pretty young, Jocelyn.
Jocelyn: C'mon now Stacie, we’re almost 26. It’s the perfect time to start a family in my opinion.
Stacie: Maybe… I-I don’t know, but… I admit becoming an auntie would be nice.

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Supercat having superbabies?


Even without super hearing, Kara would have heard her wife’s bellowing cry for help from across National City. She sprinted up the stairs to the nursery, where she found Cat clinging to their son’s ankle as he drifted above her head like some sort of giggling balloon. Merrick didn’t look the slightest bit chastised, although Kara wasn’t sure two year olds had any sense of guilt to speak of.

“Mer, baby, you need to come down.”

His fingertips grazed the ceiling, and he shook his head over and over again, tittering out a happy song of No’s. Cat huffed and glared at Kara. The hand that wasn’t clutching Merrick gestured at her, palm up and flat. Kara had learned to interpret her unspoken statements, and this clearly meant that super powers was a super problem, which she was uniquely situated to handle—so she had to get on that.

“I asked you once, very nicely.” Kara squared her shoulders and did her best impression of Alex, with her hands on her hips and her head lowered so her eyes looked a bit more intimidating. “Mer, you have one last chance to come down without consequences.”

The giggling ended abruptly. “No!”

Kara stepped forward and held her hands out to him. “We’ve talked about this, buddy. You gotta take it easy on Mama. She loves you very much, and she’d be very sad if you flew away.”

He sobered and nodded, lowering slowly into her arms. She cuddled him to her chest and kissed his forehead. “You should really apologize to her.”

He buried his face in her shoulder, his pudgy arms wrapped tightly around her neck. She waited a moment before rubbing his back and leaning away. He turned slowly and, with a guileless smile, offered, “Sorry, Mama.”

The look in Cat’s eye suggested frustration, but her tone was gentle. “Merrick, I’m very proud of what you can do, but I get scared when you put yourself in danger. I need you to listen to me.”

“And if you’re not happy about something, you gotta use your big boy words.”

He opened his arms to Cat, who embraced him.

EXO React To Going To See Their Child At School Because They Were Naughty

This is my first EXO Reactions post and I hope its okay and it would be super cool if you guys could send me some requests!!!!

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would be stood trying to keep a serious face while his son’s teacher is explaining what has happened but as soon as he hears his son mumble out a sarcastic comment under his breath he can’t help but break out into a small smile and hold in a laugh (but going back to a serious manner after) as he knows full well what had happened wasn’t his son’s fault and therefore he shouldn’t be mad at him.

Chanyeol: When Chanyeol found out the reason why he had been called down to his daughters nursery he started laughing almost instantly, much to the teachers disgust. However chanyeol didn’t seem to care as he was still laughing on the way out. “I cant believe you poured water over him” Chanyeol giggles, taking hold of his little girls hand and she pouted. “He was being a meanie to me” she huffs, stamping her foot. “I know princess, It’s okay I’m not mad” he says crouching down and placing a kiss on her forehead.

Chen: “Buddy, what have I told you about this?” Chen sighs, crouching down beside his son and he pouts at him. “That I shouldn’t play kiss chase with girls who don’t want to play” he says, crossing his arms and sulking. “But she is pretty daddy!!” he exclaims, jumping up and down and Chen smiles. “I know she’s pretty, but that doesn’t mean you can just grab her” Chen explains and his son nods. “I’m sorry” he says and Chen nods his head. “Hey it’s okay! We just need uncle Sehun to teach you some good aegyo, then you can try and get the pretty girl” Chen winks which makes his son giggle. 

D.O: “You’re in so much trouble when we get home young man, how dare you skip your classes? I thought I taught you better than that” he says sternly to which his son rolls his eyes at him. This only made the the anger bubble inside of D.O even more and he snapped. “Don’t you dare role your eyes at me, you wait until mum finds out that you’ve been skipping classes” he snaps, standing up and pushing his chair in with enough force to make a loud noise. “I’m very sorry Sir for my son’s behavior, I can assure you that he won’t be skipping classes again for a very long time”

Kai: As soon as you told him that your little girl had gotten into trouble at nursery he was straight out the door to go see what had happened. He was more concerned about if his little angel was okay, not what she’d done to get herself into trouble. “Don’t cry” he’d say to her, giving her a smile and taking her into his arms when he arrives. “Daddy’s here now, tell me what happened” he smiles, letting her sit on his lap when they go and speak with the teacher, always hearing his daughters side of the story first.

Kris: “Sorry he did what?” Kris asks and the teacher nods. “I’m so sorry, is the child okay?” he mentions after, completely shocked by his son’s behavior. “She’s just a bit upset, but it’s nothing too bad” She explains and Kris nods again, not really knowing what else to say. “YOU CUT ANOTHER GIRLS HAIR?” Kris yells down the corridor where his son was stood. “You best be pleased I’m not telling your mother about it and you better stay on your best behavior from now on young man”

Lay: “My little unicorn did WHAT?!” he gasps, completely shocked with what the teacher was telling him. Lay wasn’t really listening to what the teacher had to say after that, he was just so shocked that his little girl started a fight in the playground. “I’m very disappointed in you” he would say to her while they’re walking down the corridor and she would just bow her head down, looking towards the ground. “I’m sorry daddy, they took my skipping rope” she whispers and Lay nods, picking her up and leaving a kiss on her head. “It’s okay baby, just please no more fighting okay” 

Luhan: Luhan is a very protective dad. So as soon as he found out his little boy had gotten into trouble at school he dropped everything and rushed down there. When sat at the desk with both the teacher and his son he would notice that his son continued to butt into what his teacher was saying and not being very polite so he would raise his eyebrows at him, trying to get across to him that he needs to be quite and wait for his turn to talk. Luckily he understood and nodded at Luhan, placing a finger on his lips and waited for his turn to explain what had happened.

Sehun: “Wait.. so she started a food fight?” Sehun asks, completely shocked by his daughters behavior and the teacher nodded. “ I’m very upset with you Y/D/N… I thought mummy and I taught you better than that” Sehun says, sitting down beside his daughter after he came out from the office. “But daddy, I was so much fun” she smiles and Sehun sighs. “That’s not the point baby, you made a mess of your classroom and now your teacher has to clean it up, you wouldn’t like it if I threw food in your bedroom would you?” Sehun explains and she just pouts, looking down at the ground and shaking her head.

Suho: We all know that Suho is well known for his high level for maturity when it comes to serious situations. However this time, that maturity seemed to disappear. He was stood in front of his son’s teacher and she held a few sheets of paper in her hand. “I am very sorry for my son’s um.. explicit drawings?” Suho says, trying his best to not laugh but as soon as he looks at the drawings again he starts to laugh; much to the disgust of the teacher in front of him. “I can assure you madame that my son will not be drawing anything like this again, nor will he be spending any more time with alone with Chen” he says, nodding his head but once again, starts to laugh.

Tao: He was already in a bad mood after you sent him out to deal with whatever nonsense had happened at your daughters school this time. He knew full well it would be once again something to do with the group of girls she’s been hanging around with and he really wasn’t in the mood to listen to what they’d argued over this time. “Dad finally, th-” his daughter starts but he shakes his head. “Just let me talk to the head teacher, I haven’t got anymore time for this nonsense” he sighs, rolling his eyes slightly and looking down before walking into the office.

Xiumin: “You’re telling me that she had no right to smack him when you know he was pulling her pigtails and pushing her around? oh yes how dare she stand up for herself after she asked him nicely to stop and leave her alone” Xiumin says, the sarcasm dripping from his tone and the teacher sighs. “Sir that doesn’t give her the rig-” the teacher starts but he cuts him off. “Are you serious? I’m done with this meeting, come on we’re going home” Xiumin says, taking hold of his little girls hand and leaving the room. “Thank you” she mumbles out and just for a few seconds the anger in Xiumin dissolves and he smiles down at her. “No need to thank me, just making sure that no one upsets my princess”


spring time is here so tyler and her pal flora ditched the city to go find a cute garden nursery and instead found a cute coffee shop :^)

“Baby’s moving!” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by 107th-infantry

It had been four months since you told your husband, Bucky, you were pregnant and five months since you found it out. Since then you two had started preparing the nursery room but from time to time Bucky couldn’t help but get all insecure. He still feared that the shit HYDRA put in his head would pop up again. It had been two years since you found a way to take it out from him and ever since, there had been no problem so you were relaxed about it, but you couldn’t blame him for feeling otherwise.

That was one of the reasons he didn’t like the idea of you being pregnant but as soon as he saw for the first time an ultrasound of the baby he completely changed his mind and he started arranging everything from the very beginning. He always took care of you, the second you needed anything he was there to get it from you. Sometimes, he would even get a bit upset if someone else got it first which was really adorable.

But the baby hadn’t moved yet which really worried you. You had heard that they used to move on the fourth month but you were on the fifth. The doctor, Bruce, assured you the baby was ok and maybe it would take him or her a little bit of time to move. There was no rush. But you couldn’t be completely relaxed. It was your baby you were talking about.

“(Y/N) you heard Banner. The baby is ok, don’t worry”, Bucky said as you two walked into the apartment when you came back from the tower.

“But he should be moving already… what if something is wrong but Bruce didn’t see it?” You said looking at him as you took out your coat.

Bucky sighed doing the same as you and then took your face in his hands. You were already used to the feeling of his metal arm in contrast of his real one, but this time it was cold from the outside which made you shiver.

“Sorry”, he chuckled putting the metal arm down. “Babe, nothing is wrong. Maybe she is a bit lazy, don’t you think? And she’s too comfortable in there”, he said placing his metal arm on your belly which was now bigger.

“First, it is a he not a she.” You said smiling a little. “And he’s not lazy!” You added with a frown as you looked down at his hand.

He laughed a little and pecked your lips softly and then your cheek.

“Look, if you are that worried. We will go to see Bruce again in a couple of days? That way, he maybe can do something so she moves and also confirms that he is actually a beautiful little she”.

You rolled your eyes and walked to the kitchen. You had been having that same conversation about the baby sex for a month now. You wanted a boy and he wanted a girl, also you had the feeling that it would be a boy but Bucky didn’t listen to you. It was actually amusing to talk about it over and over again.

“So?” He asked leaning against the doorframe.

“We are going back in two days, whether he moves or not so you just shut your mouth about he being a girl”, you said smiling at him.

He smiled and moved to you to plant a small kiss on your forehead before going out of the kitchen. You were still nervous and worried but somehow he managed to calm you down a bit. As he always did. As he was taking a shower you started preparing dinner for you two. You made some fish and also a salad that was ready by the time he emerged from the room already dressed in some sweatpants and a white t-shirt.

Once you two finished your dinner he offered to wash everything while you went to the bedroom to change into your pyjamas. As you were bended down to take your shorts from the floor you felt a kick against your stomach that made you stop on your tracks. Was it real? Or just your imagination? You stood up with a hand against your stomach, waiting. Some seconds later you felt another one.

“BUCKY!” You yelled walking fast out of the bedroom.

“What? What happened?” He asked running out of the kitchen with a scare look on his eyes. “Are you ok?”

“He kicked. The baby’s moving!” You said.

He looked at you for a few seconds before running to you and placing his hands over your stomach as well, waiting. Maybe you two looked like idiots from the outside: two grown up people just touching a belly; but for you it was being one of the most breath-taking moments of your relationship and your life.

“I felt it!” He exclaimed looking up at you.

You two looked at each other as you could felt the movements inside your belly. Your son was there. Really in there and he was getting bigger and strong, day by day.

“Bucks…” you mumbled tearing up as you saw him tearing up as well. He smiled at you and hugged you tightly, snuggling his head in your neck.

“I love you so much, (Y/N)”, he whispered. “Gosh, he’s going to be amazing”, he chuckled as the baby moved again.

“You said he?” You laughed pulling away to look at him.

“Well, he’s kicking too hard to be a girl”, as he said that you crossed your arms and looked at him raising an eyebrow. “What?”

“Are you saying that a girl cannot be strong?” You said. He looked at you opening and closing his mouth, like he was looking for the right words to get out of the trouble he just got in.

“No, I mean… Of course but…”

“Just for that Barnes, it will be a girl. As strong as her mother and hopefully not as idiot as her father”, you said walking back into the room but you could hear his laugh before you closed the door to hide your own smile.