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The Worst Surprise (Pt. 3)

A/N Thank you all for reading my work and all the love you’ve been giving me! This part ended up being really long, but I hope ya’ll will like it. Part 4 will be coming soon. 

Y/E/C- your eye color

Y/H/C- your hair color

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   Their faces haunted every moment of my life, looming over me and stealing away my sleep. During the day every fiber of my being longed for J. At night, the memory of his betrayal plagued me with nightmares. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get any respite from the torture.

  Since becoming his, I hadn’t spent a single day away from J. We both got antsy when we didn’t see each other, so J made sure that he never had to be away for a full twenty four hours. No matter what, he would always come home to me. However, now I had spent a full two weeks away, and my body was not having it. When I laid down for bed, I couldn’t get comfortable. I found myself craving the feeling of his strong arms around me and the relaxing smell of his scent. On the rare occasion that I did manage to fall asleep, Harley’s ridiculously perfect face crept into my mind. The exact details of the nightmares were different, but the endings were always the same. They ended with J harshly rejecting me, choosing to be with her instead, and me jolting awake, tears in my eyes.

   Despite how much I hated the nightmares, the time I spent awake was worse. I missed J with every piece of my heart, and I hated it. The asshole had cheated on me, but I still loved him and wanted to be with him. In an attempt to get away from the pain and self hate, I got a job, anything to get me out of the small apartment I was renting. The job was at Barnes & Noble, a place that would have normally brought me comfort, but now did nothing to numb the pain. Still, it gave me something to do and money to live off of. I still had plenty from my Jeep stash, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Nothing ever did, apparently not even love.

   This morning my alarm woke me up from another nightmare. My head was pounding and my cheeks were stained with tears, but by now I was used to it. Sighing, I rolled over and turned off my alarm. My body protested when I tried to sit up, still exhausted from my fitful sleep. With a large yawn, I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. The tile floor was cold against my bare feet, causing me to shiver. Blindly reaching into the shower, I turned the nob all the way to the left, making the water as hot as it could be. While I was waiting for the water to warm up, I scrutinized my appearance in the mirror.

   I had changed since I left J, and I didn’t like it. My once bright Y/E/C eyes had lost some of their color, and now appeared dull. My long Y/H/C hair fell around me in a tangled mess caused by tossing and turning all night long. I had lost weight because I had a hard time forcing myself to eat. Up until this moment, I had forgotten how self destructive I tended to be. It had been a long time since I didn’t have J making sure that I was taking care of myself.  

   Absentmindedly wondering how I had survived before him, I bent down to pull a towel out from under the sink. After placing it on a hook next to the shower, I stripped off my clothes and checked the temperature of the water. The water burned my hand, but I didn’t care because that was how I liked it. Stepping into the shower, I positioned myself under the stream of water. I allowed my muscles to relax as the water ran over them.

   I stayed in the shower until the water got cold, then stepped out and wrapped the towel around me. Walking out of the bathroom, I headed for my closet. Shifting through my meager amount of clothes, I pulled out one of my work shirts and a pair of dark skinny jeans. Humming softly to myself, I set the clothes on my bed and stepped over to my dresser. I pulled out a black lacy bra and a matching pair of panties. After drying myself off, I slipped my clothes on.

   Once I was dressed, I made my way back into the bathroom where I started to apply my makeup. I applied only a light layer of foundation and mascara, wanting to keep it mostly natural as not to draw attention to myself. I then brushed through my hair, which took at least ten minutes. Making a mental note to braid it before I tried to go to sleep tonight, I began pinning my hair up as well as I could. When I had got it to lay as flat as possible, I turned to the wig sitting on the edge of the counter. Sighing, I picked it up and slipped it over my hair. The wig was short and black, the opposite of my natural hair. I had needed to change it, knowing that J would easily recognize me if he ever got close enough and I didn’t, but I hadn’t been able to make myself dye and cut it. So I bought a wig instead and forced myself to go through the long process of securing it every morning.  

   It was interesting to see how changing something as simple as a person’s hair changed their entire appearance. When I was done securing the wig in place, I was unrecognizable. Nobody who had known me before would be able to tell that it was me if they saw me. I was no longer Y/N. Now I was Evangeline Montgomery, a young woman who moved here looking for an escape from her overbearing family.

   When I was done getting ready, I checked my phone for the time. I found that I had just enough time to eat breakfast before I had to leave. Walking to the kitchen, I made a bowl of cereal and sat down on a bar stool at the counter to eat it. The cereal was bland, but I forced myself to finish it, knowing that I needed to eat something. As soon as I was done, I rinsed out my bowl and placed it in the sink. Grabbing my purse and making sure to lock the door on my way out, I left my apartment.

   Barnes & Noble was only about a twenty minute walk from my apartment. On the way there, I let the noise of the bustling city distract me from my thoughts. Although I didn’t really like large crowds, I had chosen a big city because they were easier to disappear in. If I had chosen a small town in the middle of nowhere like I would’ve preferred, it would have been easier for J to find me. Plus people tended to like to meddle in each other’s business in small towns which was something I didn’t need.  

   Arriving at work, I found Kara, one of my coworkers and my only friend in this city, opening up the store.

   “Hey Kara,” I said, causing the girl to jump and drop the keys. I laughed lightly as she turned around and stuck her tongue out at me.

   “Thanks for the scare, Eva, I’ll remember that the next time you’re wondering around the shelves,” she said, smiling at me and bending down to pick up the keys. She then preceded to unlock the doors and make her way inside.

   Kara was the only bright spot in my days. She was a kind but sarcastic girl, and the only one of my coworkers who bothered to try to get to know me. We had become friends after our first conversation, bonding over our mutual love of Eddie Redmayne. She was the only person, besides my boss of course, who I had given my number to, and I was honestly grateful to have met her.

   “So, did you get anymore sleep last night?” she asked, beginning to prep the store for customers.

   I slid my hands into my pockets as I followed her, “No, I had another nightmare.”

   She looked up at me and frowned, “Honey, that’s every night this week.”

   I just shrugged. Kara had managed to pull some of the truth about my situation out of me when we were at lunch one day. I had reluctantly spilled that I missed an ex boyfriend who cheated on me and that it was causing me to loose sleep. Since then, she had fretted over me like a concerned mom.

   “I know what you need,” she said suddenly, looking up from the cash register that she had been in the process of turning on.

   I raised an eyebrow, “And what’s that?”

   “You need a night out at the club with me and some of my friends,’ she grinned, wiggling her eyebrows at me.

   I immediately shook my head, “No, Kara, I don’t have the energy to go out.”
Kara just rolled her eyes, “Mark my words, Evangeline, I will convince you to come, and you will enjoy yourself.”

   Smiling at my friend, I shook my head again and made my way to the back of the store. After placing my purse in the break room, I began pulling new books out of their boxes and putting them on the shelves. Before too long, I had lost myself in the mindless labor of stocking shelves.

   I spent the rest of the day organizing books and helping customers. Every time Kara and would pass by me, she would add another reason to why I should go out with her tonight. After about an hour of hearing her plead and bargain, I decided that I would go. It would be nice to get to dance again, and I didn’t really have a reason not to go. It’s not like I had anything waiting for me at the apartment.

   Even though I had decided to go, I didn’t tell Kara. It was funny to watch her get frustrated with me and walk off muttering to herself, so I continued to make her think that I wouldn’t go. Sometimes I was a little cruel, but I knew that she wouldn’t hold it against me. At the end of both of our shifts, I found her in the break room.

   I grabbed my purse and turned to my friend, smiling at her, “Ok, Kara, I’ll go with you tonight.”

   She immediately turned to face me, squealing and grabbing my hands, “Yay! We’re gonna have so much fun!”

   Kara dragged me back to her apartment, saying that we could hang out there before it was time to go to the club. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching movies that we both loved. For the first time in weeks, I laughed so hard that my sides hurt. It felt good to just hang out and have a girls’ day, something that I hadn’t had in over a year.

   At about nine, Kara decided that it was time to get ready. She dragged me to her room, pushing me towards her bed as she went to her closet. I watched as she flitted through her clothes, trying to find something she deemed worthy for me to wear.

   “Here, this is perfect,” she finally said, shoving some clothes in my arms and pushing me towards her bathroom.

   After stripping out of my work clothes, I slipped the outfit on and looked in the mirror. I smiled at what I saw, immediately deciding that I loved what I was wearing. The outfit consisted of a pair of high waisted shorts and a shirt. The shorts were a glittery gold with silver zippers on the pockets. They fit me perfectly, showing off my legs nicely. Kara had paired the shorts with a simple black, long-sleeved crop top. Looking in the mirror, I had to admit that I looked good.

   When I emerged from the bathroom, I found that Kara had slipped into a sexy red dress that looked amazing on her. She grinned when she saw me, holding out a pair of black tight high heels for me to put on. I clumsily put them on as she slipped into a pair of black stilettos. Taking a look at myself in her full body mirror, I decided that my makeup needed to be more dramatic.

   Kara instantly agreed when I suggested it, leading me into her bathroom where she kept her makeup. She handed me some gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner, saying, “The more dramatic, the better.”

   As I applied my makeup and she curled her hair, we continued to talk and laugh. I found that it was super easy to be around Kara, and I was starting to believe that I could make it without J. He wasn’t the only person in the world who could lift my spirits.

   We were about to walk out the door, both all dressed up and ready to go, when Kara stopped me. She told me to wait at the front door as she scurried back to her room to get something. Shaking my head at her forgetfulness, I grabbed my purse off her couch and went to stand by the front door. She was grinning when she came back, hiding something behind her back.

   “This is for you to complete your outfit,” she said, bringing her hand to the front and revealing a beautiful gold necklace.

   I smiled at her gratefully, taking it and fastening it around my neck. With that we were finally ready to leave, and we made our way downstairs and out of her building. Once on the street, Kara hailed a cab.  

   “So what’s the plan?” I asked as one pulled up in front of us.

   “We’re going to meet a few of my friends at The King,” she answered, opening the door and sliding into the cab.

   My mind immediately went to J, my King. I thought about how this outfit would have made him purr, and God I loved it when he purred. This is the kind of outfit that would’ve made him keep me close to his side, not wanting anyone to have the chance to get too handsy. It was definitely the kind of outfit that he wouldn’t let me leave the house alone in.

   It didn’t take long to get to the club. The building was packed, a long line spilling out of the large black doors and around the corner. As Kara paid the cabbie, I took a chance to look up at the club. It wasn’t as nice as J’s, but it was definitely a nice place. ‘The King’ was lit up in large glittery-gold letters above the doors. The building looked new, and I had a feeling that the interior would be quite modern.

   I followed Kara to the door when she was done with the cabbie. The bouncer seemed to recognize her and immediately let us both in, much to the chagrin of the couple at the front of the line. Making a mental note to ask her about it later, I followed her through the club. The music was pounding, the bass pounding through me and helping me to relax. I was right about the interior being modern, but I was surprised to see how simplistic it was. With a name like ‘The King’, I had expected it to be overly lavish.

   Kara and I pushed our way through the crowd, making our way to the back of the club. We made it to a wall lined with leather booths and high topped tables. Kara stopped for a moment, seeming to be looking for someone, before heading towards a booth in the corner of the room. Sitting at the booth were two men and a woman.

   “Kara!” the woman squealed above the music, standing up and pulling my friend into a hug.

   “Amara,” Kara said when she pulled away, “I’d like you to meet Eva.”

   I smiled at the stunning platinum blonde, giving her a small waving.

   Amara smiled at me, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eva. I’m Amara and this is my boyfriend, Nico.”

   She slid back into the booth, wrapping her arm around the man who had been sitting next to her. Her boyfriend, Nico, nodded at me, and I gave him a small wave. Nico was a massive block of pure muscle, dwarfing the petite woman who was nuzzled up against him. Despite his huge size, he was handsome with his black hair and brown eyes.

   “Hey Kara, aren’t you gonna introduce your friend to me?” a voice called, instantly pulling my attention towards the man sitting next to Nico. He smirked and winked at me, causing a light blush to bloom across my cheeks.

   Kara rolled her eyes, “Eva, this is Amara’s obnoxious brother, James.”

   James grinned at me, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eva.”

   I gave him a small smile, “It’s nice to meet you too. It’s nice to meet all of you.”

   Seeing that we all seemed to be getting along, Kara smiled and slid into the booth next to Amara. This left me to slide in next to James, who seemed all to happy to have me next to him. We all talked for a while, laughing and getting along like we had known each other for years. I found myself enjoying all of their company, so when James asked me to dance, I agreed.

   Standing up from the booth, I allowed James to take my hand and lead me to the dance floor. It was extremely crowded, but we managed to find enough space on the edge for the two of us. My back pressed up against James’ front, I began to move my hips to the music. It took only moments for me to completely loose myself in the heavy bass. Forgetting all of my troubles, I felt a sense of euphoria wash over me as I swayed and grinder against James to the beat. Here, dancing at the club, it was easy to forget what had happened just a few weeks ago.

   After hours of alternating dancing with James and dancing with the girls, I decided that it was time for me to go home. Saying my goodbyes, I gave Kara a hug and promised Amara that we would hang out again. As I left the club, I noticed that the line outside had disappeared, everyone either getting inside or moving on to another club. It was easy enough to hail a cab, and I gratefully slid into the seat. I gave the driver my address and closed my eyes as he pulled out onto the street.  

   It took about twenty minutes to get form The King back to my apartment. I had to fight to stay awake as we bumped along the road, my body absolutely exhausted. Grinning, I realized that tonight I would finally be able sleep without nightmares. 

   The cab pulled to a stop outside my apartment building, and I slowly got out. I paid the driver, then blindly made my way upstairs. Yawning as I approached my door, I dug around in my purse for my keys. I finally found them and pulled them out, slipping them into the door only to realize that it wasn’t locked. Frowning, my body immediately went on high alert. I never forgot to lock my door and this morning was not the exception.

   Pulling my gun out of my purse, I slowly pushed open my door. I cautiously entered my apartment, finding the lights already on. After finding nothing out of place in the living room and kitchen, I made my way down the short hallway to my bedroom. I kept the gun raised in front of me as I slowly walked to my room, listening carefully to see if I could hear anyone.

   When I reached my bedroom door, I found that it was only partially open. I slowly pushed it open the rest of the way, but paused before entering. Taking a deep breath and steeling myself against whatever I might find, I swung into the doorway. Aiming my gun straight at the figure sitting on my bed, I almost screamed.

   The figure on my bed grinned, “Y/N, so nice of you to finally come home.”

I forgot to post about this a while back, but once when Ash and I were at Barnes n Noble I was browsing the Disney section trawling for Frozen stuff and found this book called “Princess Adventure Stories” and it’s about the Disney Princess going on adventures.  (Not all together, unfortunately, but in their own canons. Some are inserted into the movie timeline, others are after the movie takes place.)

There’s this one story about Aurora and the three faries where Merriweather complains that they have to eat the same red berries every day, and she wants blueberries, but nobody wants to go get them. So one day Merriweather leaves all by herself to get some damn blueberries, and gets her ass stuck in a pit. Then her hapless fairy girlfriends come to save her and get their asses stuck in a net.  Apparently these are hunter’s traps, and the fairies need to get out before the hunters arrive because apparently in this world the hunters would shrug and eat them for dinner instead of Aurora’s animal friends.

So they scream and scream until Aurora comes and saves them, heroically, because she’s the only one over 3 feet tall.

Spoiler: Merriweather gets her damn blueberries at the end. So it is a happy ending, sort of.