found a letter from the ex before

Imagine Chris finding an old love letter from your ex-boyfriend. You’ve talked about past relationships before, and he always got the feeling you weren’t quite over this one - so when he found a letter detailing a certain sexual encounter the two of you had, he just couldn’t help himself. He reads every gut-wrenching detail, trying to think of a single reasonable explanation for why you’d keep such a thing.

The Neighbors (4/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing, bad flirting,

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader

                                     Part 4 : A Night Out with the Boys

       It’s been  a week since you hung out with the  guys but you see them at least once a day. Sometimes you end up sharing the elevator with them or passing them in the hall,  but mainly you have been texting them. Mostly Sam. You talk about everything, so you’re texting constantly. Steve and Bucky are still adjusting to texting and using their phones, but Buck will send you awful pickup lines, which you then respond with a laughing emoji. You and Steve text each other randomly, saying hello or asking how the others day is. It’s not a lot, but enough to keep a smile on your face.   You’ve decided to use all the sick days you’ve accumulated. You deserve it after working so many 15-16 hour shifts this last week. A week off, what do I even do?

  You finally reach your apartment. Walking out of the elevator, you’re so lost in your thoughts that you run right into someone. They catch you by wrapping their arm around your waist before you land on your ass. After you finally register what just happened, you lock eyes with your savior.

Thank God for Steve Rogers

. A sweet smile spreads across your face, and Steve’s expression mirrors yours. “Well hello, Captain,“ Your voice comes out smooth, and you wiggle your eyebrows at Steve. He lets out a laugh as sets you upright on your feet."Hey Y/n, you okay? You looked a little out of it when you walked into me.” You can hear the concern laced in his tone.

Is he always a gentleman? Buck should take a page from his book, this is real 40’s charm

The smile stays on your face, but now a blush accompanies it. “Yeah, I’m good Steve, just lost in my thoughts. Thank you for catching me!”

“I’ll always catch you.” You send him a ‘oh really now’ look. Before he tries to correct himself, a full blush painted across his cheeks. “Uh, I mean, I’ll always try to catch you when you fall.” He rubs at the back of his neck like he did the first time you met him. You feel the butterflies in your stomach fluttering up a storm at how Steve is acting.“Good to know,” You say quietly. You hear him chuckle.  “Alright, I’ll get out of your way. I’m sure you’re exhausted.” You laugh, saying goodbye and going to unlock your door. Before you turn the knob, you hear Steve cough behind you. You smile and turn back to him.“Yes, Steve?” you simply ask. He looks like he’s debating something, his eyebrows are pulled together.

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“Well I - we’re going out to the bar tonight around 7:30. I was wondering if you would want to come with us? If you’re too tired I und-"   

  "I’d love to!” You answer a bit too quickly. You don’t care though. Steve sends you another beautiful smile and says goodbye, again. When you walk in your apartment, you throw all your stuff on the floor, change into pajamas and throw yourself into bed. You pick up your phone, seeing it’s almost 1p.m, and set your alarm for 5:30.

That’s enough sleep right? I have to make sure I have enough time to get ready.

You find a comfortable position and fall into an easy sleep .

  Your alarm blaring wakes you up, making you jump up in bed. You let out a loud groan, pressing the snooze button. As you stretch and begin waking yourself up more, you start thinking about tonight. 

  What do I wear? Oh my God, I don’t think they can handle drunk me. Sam will never let me forget it if I do something embarrassing. Then again, I could get them really drunk too and hold whatever shit they do against them. Wait, can Steve & Bucky even get drunk? You’re pulled out of your thoughts by your text alerts going off. You scroll through, seeing you have a text from Sam and your best friend from home, Gloria.

 Birdboy: You better be ready for a wild night, no wimps allowed >:)

You laugh as you type your response,

Me: Calm your feathers, I’ll drink you right under the table Samuel. Can grandpa 1 & 2 even get drunk?

You hit send, and open Gloria’s text.

Glo: Did you see Nick’s snapchat story Y/n?

   Oh God, I don’t even want to look. Nick is your ex boyfriend from before you moved to New York. Your first love. He treated you like crap; he cheated on you numerous times, lied about it, and you stupidly believed him until you finally had enough. He backed off for a while after you broke up with him, but eventually he tried to reappear in your life.  He tried every way to get to you: texts, calls, snapchats. You name it, he did it. He even found your forwarding address when you moved. He sent you letters, acting like nothing changed between you too. It was borderline creepy, until one day it just stopped. You go to the snapchat app on your phone and open it. His name is the first one to appear, so you click his story. Your eyes nearly fly out of your head.

“No fucking way,” you whisper. Nick’s story was of him in New York.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, he might not even be near Brooklyn.

You try to push the thoughts out of your mind as you text Gloria back.

Me: He’s probably not even near Brooklyn Glo, at least I hope.

     She replies that she hopes so too. She tosses threats out that make you laugh, easing your anxiety. You tell her you’re off for the next week, and she suggests flying back to your hometown.

I mean I could…

   You think about it for a moment but decide against it. You want alone time during the vacation, and maybe a little time with the guys. You finally get yourself out of bed and into the shower to start getting ready for tonight. You have about an hour and a half before you have to go.

          Time skip … 7:20 pm.

   You’re barely done getting ready by the time you have to leave. You put on some boots and call yourself done. You glance in the mirror to take in your appearance. Your hair is in loose waves, eyeliner is winged flawlessly, and your outfit looks perfect to you. You are wearing a striped black & white long sleeve dress that lands mid thigh and hugs your curves perfectly. You pair it with thigh high black boots and a black leather jacket to complete your outfit. 

You twirl yourself around in the mirror, checking every angle to make sure you look okay. You stare a little too long at the way the dress clings to the curve of your ass, wondering if you look like you’re trying too hard.

    Before you can even change your mind on your outfit, you hear obnoxious knocking on your door. You roll your eyes, knowing it’s the guys. You shuffle to the door, opening  it to see all three men looking hot as ever. All three had jeans on that fit their body perfectly. Sam is wearing a dark green shirt, Bucky is sporting a maroon Brooklyn t-shirt, and Steve is looking cute as a button in a blue flannel with the sleeves rolled up his forearms.Stop drooling, Y/nYou motion for them to scoot out of the way and notice all of their eyes are on you. You hear a chorus of whistles and curses. You lock your door then follow the boys into the elevator. Compliments are thrown around about how everyone looks. You managed to make all three men blush by telling them how good they look. You giggle when they tell you the same. As you exit your building, your excitement builds. This is going to be fun!

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Time Skip to the Bar -

   The bar is packed. There’s people dancing, drinking, talking, and making out in booths.   As you make your way to the bar, Steve has to grab onto your hand so the guys don’t lose you in the mass of people. He interlaces his fingers with yours, making butterflies erupt in your stomach once again. He doesn’t let go right away when you get up to the bar, making the butterflies worse. You all order your drinks, the guys sticking to beer while you order a glass of whiskey. They all send you a surprised look, but you wave them off. Finding a booth takes some time, but you manage. The talk flows easily between you guys, just like the night at their apartment.

After a while, you decide it’s time for shots. You have to yell over the music so your friends can hear you.

  “I’m going to get shots! And then one of you is dancing with me!” you demand. You slink yourself through the hundreds of people between you and the bar. When you finally get there, you still have an almost clear view of the table. You order a round of tequila for your table,  as you’re waiting you feel a tap on your shoulder. You assume it’s one of your boys, but when you turn to face them you’re speechless.

Son of a bitch.

  "I thought that was you.“ Nick. You’ve gotta be shitting me right now. Out of all the damn bars in the freaking city…

"What are you doing here, Nick?” Your tone is flat, your anxiety is flaring, but you don’t want him to see.

He beams a bright smile at you, his dimples out on display.  "Vacation, thought I’d visit New York, see what the big deal is about the city.“

Where the fuck is the bartender?

You look around the bar for her but come up empty. You end up making eye contact with Steve & Sam. You look away and back at Nick."So who are you here with?” he asks.

What a nosey jackass.

“Actually I’m here with-”“Everything okay sweetheart, what’s taking so long?” Steve slides his arm around your waist, resting his hand on your waist and pulling you into him.

Steve? When did he even come over here?


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 "I’m  just waiting on our shots,“ Your voice comes out more steady than you expect, surprising you.

Nick clears his throat obnoxiously loud, causing Steve to turn his focus to him.

"Hi, I’m Nick.” He sticks his hand out for Steve to shake. Steve takes it, shaking it firmly.

“Hello, I’m Steve Rogers. Y/n’s boyfriend.” You’ve never heard Steve’s voice sound this deep, almost dominate. Holy balls, this must be his Captain America voice. Your thoughts take a dirty turn, sending heat straight to your core. Stop it Y/n, not the time. Wait, did Steve just say he’s my boyfriend? What the hell is he up to?


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Can i plz request a bts werewolf au reaction to their pregnant mate/wife being kidnapped by their insane ex?(if its a bit long, i would appreciate it) Thanks lovies XOXO❤

Ah my sweet sweet werewolf au reactions are back! <3 Also wow I haven’t written this much since the last chapter of the fan fic I wrote. Thanks for requesting!


He knew something was wrong when he came home from a quick run to the corner store to get you some snacks and he found the apartment door was cracked open. Nervously Seokjin pushed the door open to reveal the living room was a mess. He dropped the grocery bag in the entry way before pulling out his cell and calling you as he slammed the door closed and rushed back outside. He was only gone for a moment but he already feared the worst. The call connected and in the background he heard your ex’s voice screaming at you. You were able to tell him where you were between your tears before the line went dead. 

You had told your boyfriend about how you saw your ex around town here and there, it felt like he was following you but you were trying not to make a big deal about it. You blamed your crazy pregnancy hormones but Seokjin wasn’t so convinced and now he was being proven right. Seokjin had no memory of how he got to you, how long it took or how he even found you… Well that part was probably the instinct he had since you were his mate. As for the rest he might have taken a taxi or ran the entire way shifted in his wolf form in broad daylight. It was a mystery to him. In his anger and panic he blacked out.

When he came to at the sound of you screaming his name, it took him a moment to clear the fuzziness from his head. Looking at his feet he saw your ex lay motionless at his feet, bruising already visible and blood on his face. Seokjin took a few more moments before he shifted from his wolf form to look at you over his shoulder. “Are you okay?” He mumbled between heavy breaths and making his way toward you. He pulled you close more to reassure himself than to comfort you.

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He was shuffling back home after meeting up with the pack for some business, taking his time as he did. Looking up from his phone and the annoying group chat he kept leaving and being put back into, he turned down the street of your shared apartment. It was as if his instinct knew something. He stopped in his tracks and his eyes locked with yours as you struggled against your ex, who was trying to shove you into his car. You called out Yoongi’s name and fought against your ex even more. He shoved you into his car roughly before turning to look at Yoongi.  

Yoongi simply smirked and started walking toward the car. Your ex had to be completely insane to think that he could get away with taking you and his baby from him. Rule number one in never pissing off a werewolf was to never touch his mate or child and this fool did both. However it was daylight and on a public street so it wasn’t like Yoogi could transform or anything. Shoving his phone back into his jacket pocket he glared at your ex who was too afraid to turn his back on Yoongi and was simultaneously trying to get into his car.

Before he could get to the car you threw the back door open and jumped out as quickly as your pregnant belly would allow you. Your ex lost his mind and ran around the car to grab you but wasn’t fast enough. Yoongi grabbed your arm first and pulled you behind him. One moment your ex was looking with wide eyes at Yoongi and the next he was slammed on top of the metal of his closed trunk. Yoongi’s hands were around his neck and you didn’t hear what he whispered to your ex as he frantically tried to get Yoongi to let go of his neck. When he let go, Yoongi backed away and grabbed your hand and pulled you toward your apartment silently.

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He came home from hanging out with Yoongi and Hoseok and found you gone. It normally wasn’t uncommon but it was lately since you had been tired from being pregnant more often these days. Looking around the apartment for you he finally found a piece of paper left on the coffee table. Picking it up he had a sinking feeling before he even read one word. He knew something was off right away since it wasn’t your handwriting he was reading, but the letter was supposedly from you. It told him that you were leaving him and not to look for you. Of course he wouldn’t listen. Instead he crumpled up the paper and rushed out of the apartment. 

Namjoon knew exactly who was behind this. Your psycho ex had been bothering you for weeks now. Namjoon wasn’t a violent man, he preferred to handle issues with words and reason but this crossed a line. This put you and his baby in danger he couldn’t let that slide. He had to make sure to get you both back safe and sound no matter what. He drove to where he knew your ex lived and slipped into the building. When he first started bothering you again Namjoon made sure to keep tabs on him and that meant knowing where he lived and worked. 

Not bothering to knock he kicked the door open. It took a few tries to get it but his anger had reached it’s boiling point on the way over and with that anger came a greater strength then he had normally. Storming into the apartment he looked around and saw you on the couch, your arms protectively around your stomach and your eyes red from crying. Your ex was paused in fear standing above you. Your ex made one move toward him and Namjoon sent him flying into the nearest wall. Silently grabbing your hand Namjoon pulled you to your feet and calmly left the apartment. He would deal with your ex properly later on, he didn’t want you to be around for that. Instead he held your hand tightly all the way home, not saying a word because he didn’t trust his voice just yet.

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Waiting outside of the subway station for you, Hoseok decided to get a coffee for himself and a lemonade for you. You were coming back from visiting a friend on the other side of the city. He wasn’t particularly worried about you travelling by yourself on the subway being eight months pregnant but still wanted to walk you home from the trip. He knew that you got tired more easily these days. Leaning against a nearby wall away from the busy foot traffic going in and out of the subway, he kept an eye out and waited for you. 

When Hoseok finally saw you he smiled and pushed away from the wall. His smile dropped off quickly when he saw you were upset. Tearing his eyes away from you he saw your ex close behind you… touching you… trying to pull you back into the subway station. You were trying to pull away from your ex discretely and Hoseok couldn’t help the small growl that formed in his throat as he pushed past people to get to you. Anyone who knew Hoseok knew that his happy, smiling self was only the surface of who he was and when he felt threatened he was one of the most dangerous people. You knew this well and you were half relieved and half panicked when you saw him coming toward you and your ex. 

Hoseok knew that you probably didn’t want to cause a scene in public but that was the least of his concerns at the moment. He knew what your ex was capable of… But he was capable of more. He swiftly reached out and poured his hot coffee on to your ex’s throat and chest. It caused him to let go of you and gave Hoseok the opening he needed to put himself between him and you. Pulling back his fist he slammed it into your ex’s face. You heard a loud crack and knew he broke something on your ex. You didn’t feel bad in the least but didn’t want this to escalate. You saw that Hoseok was showing signs of trying to keep his shift at bay, which was hard for him when he was so angry. So you quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the area, talking to him softly until he calmed down. When he did he handed you the lemonade he got for you and apologized under his breath.

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He didn’t really want to leave you that day, only because you could go into labor at any moment and he wanted to be there for you. But he was hovering and annoying the crap out of you. So you called up Jungkook and Tae to get him off your hands for a few hours at the least. It worked! Jimin was having fun hanging out with his best friends and though his mind wasn’t far from you and the baby he was happy to get a small break with the guys before his world turned upside down by the arrival of the baby.

His phone rang and he let it go to voicemail, not recognizing the number. The person didn’t leave a message. Instead they called again and this time Jimin picked up. Your ex’s voice floated out of the other side of the phone and Jimin stiffened. He let the other man go on and on about how you were leaving Jimin because you still loved him, which he didn’t believe at all. Your voice echoed in the background calling your ex profane names before the phone went dead. Jimin cursed and threw his phone at Taehyung’s wall before rushing out without explaining anything to anyone. 

Running back to your apartment, Jimin burst through the door to find you on the floor breathing heavily and clutching your stomach, clearly the stress of this encounter caused you to go into labor. Your ex was trying to pull you up and to the door with him to get you out of there. Slamming the door behind him, Jimin wasted no time in shifting to his wolf form and attacked your ex, making sure to pull him away from you as he did. You couldn’t see much and were kind of busy focusing on your breathing and not birthing the small human inside of you yet to pay much mind to what Jimin was doing somewhere behind you. After a few moments that felt like forever you felt someone next to you and looked up to see Jimin. He had shifted back and blood was on his face. You were going to say something to him when Jungkook and Tae burst in taking in the mess of a scene in front of them. Everything happened quickly after that, Jimin was pulling you up to rush you to the hospital. 

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He couldn’t explain why but he just knew something was wrong. It was something that resonated in his soul, it was a deep instinct he had in the part of himself that was connected to you. Sure Taehyung could have been overreacting because you both just found out that you were pregnant a few days ago or it could be because your crazy ex was constantly calling you for the past few months. Either way you were suddenly on his mind and not in a good way. He cut Jimin off mid-sentence and Facetimed you right away.

You answered and his heart sank when he only saw your face for a second before your ex’s face appeared as he wrestled your phone away from you. Getting to his feet quickly, Taehyung ran out of the restaurant and booked it full speed the five blocks to your apartment. His chest was burning from running and a pulling he felt was you. He knew you weren’t home anymore so he just let his feet carry him past the apartment and down the street further. Getting stopped by a green light he slid to a halt and took the time to look around. He caught a glance of the back of your head across the street as you were pulled away out of sight quickly.

Deciding he couldn’t wait, Taehyung stepped off the curb and narrowly darted a few cars as they honked at him. He paid them no attention as he caught up to you and your ex. Using his element of surprise, he hooked his arm around your ex’s neck and yanked him back, growling in his ear. Tae choked him until he let go of you but Taehyung wasn’t done yet. He shoved your ex face first into the wall of the closest building. He would have gone further but stopped at the feeling of you tugging on his arm to pull him away. Issuing a threat to your ex to never come near you again, he growled a final time and led you away. 

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Coming home in a rush, Jungkook brought you a stuffed animal for the baby you were carrying as a peace offering. He knew he was late and didn’t want you to be too upset with him. He called for you as he put the stuffed bunny on the couch. You were supposed to go to the doctor to see the gender of your baby and he was starting to wonder if you left without him because he was running late. He sighed under his breath because you wouldn’t let him live it down if you had to go by yourself. Sending you a quick text, Jungkook started to head for the door to go to the doctor’s office figuring that’s where you went. 

He got a text back from you… Well it was under your number but he knew instantly it wasn’t you. Your message said to never contact you again and that you were leaving him. It was strange and he knew that even if you were upset about him being late today you wouldn’t do something so extreme. He checked the Find Friend’s app and saw you weren’t anywhere near the doctor’s office. You were in a part of town where you didn’t know anyone… Well anyone but your ex. His heart sank into his stomach as the worst scenarios flooded his mind. Leaving the apartment, he grabbed a taxi and headed to your location to see for himself what was going on. If you wanted to leave him for your ex then you would have to tell him to his face.

Jungkook was let into the building by an ajumma and charmed her enough to get the apartment number of your ex out of her. He knocked on the door, his hands shaking from anger and nervousness. When your ex opened the door he pushed his way inside. He started to call for you but stopped when he saw you with your hands tied behind your back, a gag around your mouth and wide eyes. He then put it all together. Of course you wouldn’t leave him like this. He spun around and attacked your ex as the other man attempted to knock Jungkook out from behind. You could only watch as the two of them struggled around the small living room. It wasn’t too long before Jungkook got the upper hand and your ex was unconscious on the floor in front of him. Letting you free, Jungkook pulled you up and guided you quickly out of the apartment.

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Liked this? Here’s more of my BTS werewolf au reactions (since they don’t show up on my reaction list yet) :

He’s Getting His Rut
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He Looses Control When In Wolf Form
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BTS reaction to you two not being able to be together

Please someone stop me with all this angst


When you had called him to tell him that your parents are making you have an arranged marriage, he hung up. Later that day, he would come home to you crying and eating ice cream on the sofa, watching some sad movie. He would then come sit next to you and start hugging you, asking if it was true to which you would nod and say that you can’t do anything about it. The following day, he would arrange the most perfect date for you two and you would make love into the early hours of the morning.

Don’t forget me okay?


The day was a mix of happiness and sadness. You had been waiting for the letter to come though the post from the university you had always wanted to go to. As soon as you found out, you told Namjoon but the only problem was that it was a 6 hour drive away. He knew how hard it would be if you stayed together and he understood how important your studies were. He wouldn’t cry in front of you but as soon as the train left, he would cry the most he has ever cried before in his life

After this, promise me that we’ll be back together.


Probably the saddest one out of them. After his ex came back to town, there had been multiple rumours about how Yoongi wasn’t satisfied with your relationship. After countless fights, it was decided that maybe it wasn’t working out. After your break up, he would always be depressed and quite aggressive towards the other members. When he admitted that he made a mistake it was already too late since you were on a flight to another country to stay there for good.

I know this won’t work, I’ve never been good with long distance.


You and him both knew how strict your parents could be, but you weren’t expecting them to send you to another school after finding out you had gotten into a fight with another girl in your class. The worst part was that they thought Hoseok was the influence. After telling him the sad news, he would understand but still keep saying he’ll try to come see you as often as possible

Remember to keep your window at night so I can sneak in to see you


When you had told him you were moving, he didn’t expect it to be to another country. He wouldn’t be able to take it and he would constantly face time you. After he mentioned he had a concert in 2 weeks, he would hope you would surprise him but you didn’t, then he remembered that you weren’t together anymore. And so, for a whole month he would always be sulking around, hoping that there is still a chance that you would visit him.

I really hope she comes to see me


After being told that bighit wanted him to date a famous female idol for popularity, he would immediately kick off but after realising, they were being serious, he decided to tell you. You told him you wouldn’t be able to cope with another woman kissing him so you both ended it. Soon after your break up, he would become really clingy to the other members, still wishing you two were still together.

I just really miss her hyung


When photos of you and him leaked on twitter, you knew it meant nothing but bad news. Jungkook was forced to end things with you since they couldn’t have the fans getting jealous and he knew how much hate you would get. the break up ended on good terms but you would still both cry and he would even call you to make sure if you were okay.

Hey, how are you holding up? The other guys miss you

And that’s that. Another angsty reaction since I’m always in the mood for writing one.

Thanks to @the-shadows-of-gravity for helping me with the jimin part

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Does it run in the family?

Many know of the murder of Elyse Pahler.  Elyse was a 15 year old girl who as brutally murdered by 3 boys in California on July 22, 1995.  But the story doesn’t end with the murder of Elyse.
It is said that Elyse was promised a fun night out which included drugs.  She met up with Royce Casey, Joseph Fiorella, and Jacob Delashmutt…all of which were under the age of 18.  The three boys stabbed her to thinking it was to death (it wasn’t, none of her wounds were fatal.  Elyse actually bled out).  The boys proceeded to have sex with her dead body.  The boys had been planning the murder of Elyse for about a month.  They played in a band together called “Hatred” and admired the band Slayer.  Casey claimed the killing was a sacrifice, ritualistic.  It is said, however, that the murder had nothing to do with a sacrifice, but it had more to do with Joseph Fiorella being obsessed with Elyse Pahler.  The trio was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison.
The parents of Elyse Pahler attempted to sue the band Slayer for the murder of their daughter.  The lawsuit was thrown out.

But it doesn’t end there…

Joseph Fiorella had an older brother named Anthony Fiorella.  Anthony was an avid marijuana smoker and a small time dealer.  He was described as a calm and passive guy, but was having trouble due to the situation with his little brother.
In 1998, Anthony went to meet with two brothers, Garrett and Grant Hunter to sell them half an ounce of marijuana.  The Hunter brothers had purchased marijuana from Anthony in the past, but this time they planned to rob him.  Fiorella had handed the bag to the older brother.  The older brother walked over to the car to “get money” (a friend was driving) and his little brother was in the backseat.  Suddenly, the younger brother told the driver to take off.  They saw Anthony as an “easy target”.
 The brothers then taunted Fiorella with a page.  They sent him the following page 211-420-187 – In California, the armed robbery penal code is 211, while murder is 187.  420 as a code for Marijuana.  It seemed the boys were saying “We stole your pot, and we’re going to kill you”.  Fiorella responded to them with 187-666.  When later asked about why he used the 666, Fiorella responded with “I was just trying to scare them…My brother, he done something.  So I thought maybe they would be scared by threats, like, ‘Oh, his brother did something. So maybe it runs in the family'”.
The next night Fiorella drove to Boston Market armed with a shotgun where the younger brother, Garrett Hunter worked.  The Hunter brothers were outside smoking cigarettes.  Grant Hunter ran into the restaurant to call the police when he heard a shot and his brother Grant scream.  

Grant did not die right away.  As his older brother held him in his arms, Grant told him he didn’t want to die.  He was bleeding profusely.  Doctors could do nothing to save him and Grant was pronounced dead at 1:35 AM.
The people who knew Anthony said that his demeanor had changed weeks before the murder.  He was more prone to outbursts and seemed to have a lot of anger.  His mother felt that Anthony had snapped with everything going on in their lives.  Anthony had said someone had stolen marijuana plants from him, at one point going to the house of his ex-girlfriend and accusing her of setting him up.  Later, he said he thought about shooting her.
When searching Anthony’s home, police seized marijuana and many things having to do with marijuana.  They also found two large envelopes containing letters that his younger brother Joseph had written him from prison.

Anthony fled the country.  He initially wrote a letter telling his mother he was off to San Francisco, obviously trying to throw everyone off.  Somehow, he was found in San Felipe, Mexico nearly a month after the murder.
In December 1998, Anthony Fiorella received the sentence of 50 years to life.

Both Fiorella brothers are in separate prisons in California.  While they may never see each other again, they are able to send one another letters.  I wonder if they do…

AU prompt: Marinette Dupain-Cheng had her heart shattered right before she decided to go on vacation for a week just to get away from everything. Her fiancé, Adrien Agreste, called off their engagement just two months before the wedding and it left Marinette devastated. She had been so sure that he wanted to marry her, but he began distancing himself from her just a few months before they were to be married and he never explained why. So, here she was, in a small mountain village where no one knew her name and she could nurse her broken heart in peace.

However, when she returned to her hometown she was shocked to discover that half the population was missing and none of the remaining citizens could explain why. She was again shocked when she found a small box on her kitchen table from her ex-fiancé. Inside were photos of them together and several letters from Adrien; letters that she had never seen before. She opened the newest one first, hoping to gain some clarity as to why Adrien left her.

What she reads chills her to her bones.


If you are reading this then I have succeeded. There are no words to express how sorry I am to have broken your heart, but it was necessary. I’ll understand if you hate me and I wouldn’t blame you for it. What I did was unforgivable. You deserve someone much better than me. I am so terribly sorry for what I have done, but I couldn’t let them find you. Please, you must leave this town before the next sundown. Listen to me, Marinette, you must leave! If you stay they will know and they will come for you, too. Please, grant me this last selfish wish and do not stay. Leave while you still can and forget about this cursed town and the fool of man who broke your heart.

I will always love you.


Terror filled Marinette as she looked out the kitchen window to see the last of the sun’s rays slipping beneath the horizon. A strong wind rustled tree branches and blew leaves about her yard. The lights from neighboring houses began to flicker and go out, leaving the street in darkness. Her own house lights flickered and died, too.

There was a knock on her door.

Marinette swore she could hear a voice whispering to her in the darkness.



Solving Problems

Here the Imagine dedicated to Anonymous. I hope I could put your idea with this.
It really was a challenge think about this! I’m sorry for the delay. Enjoy.
Warnings: English is not my first lenguaje. Drugs and a little violence.

You were looking at the board again without paying attention in the class, only two days for your brithday.

 Together with your best friends Sherri and Jess had planned to have a party for your eighteen brithday.

 You tried to show yourself excited because you had never celebrated your birthday, but there was something that prevented you from being happy at the time, that something was Your trouble with Bryce and your ex boyfriend Jeff.

For four months you two has broken up the relathions after leaving for a year and a half. It still hurt that you could not be more with him and you miss him a lot. From the moment when you two decided to finish their relationship you two did not stop to frequent because you two were in the same group of friends.

In your group of friends was Bryce who in the last months had been there for you and had helped you to forget your ex boyfriend. The help was not a good because he took advange of you.  

You hear about the comments that were said about him but in that moment the comments not had importance for you. 

He have a lot of money and he have in trouble with some addictions. At first when you started to approach him you said  that you would only do it to forget Jeff but then the problems became more serious until one night he tried to touch you. You felt very bad in that night.

Jess: Hey, wake up. What are you thinking?

AN: I just did not sleep well last night, you know. My birthday keeps me excited.

Jess: its going everyone. It will be fabulous !!

Sheri: There will be a lot of alcohol at the party and maybe it’s your time to meet someone.

AN: I’m fine. So, let’s go to the cafeteria.

Justin: Heeey. How feel the birthday girl?

AN: Something excited. 

Brice: Hey AN, this afternoon. You can go to my home? I have something to teach you.

AN: I cant.. I have a lot of things to do.

I lied. I wanted to get away from him since that night. I did not want the help of anyone and less of your ex boyfriend. Jeff was worried about you because he knew the rumors about Bryce but you warned him to stay away from your affairs because they were nothing.

The day before party went by fast. You kept busy with different issues and the preparations for your party.

When day of the party arrives. The nerves came to you. You were just afraid of what might happen at the party.

Jess: Happy birthday sweetheart. I love you. You deserve the best of life. You are an amazing person. She gave you a big hug.

Sheri: Happy birthday friend. Today is going to be a great day.

Went to your locker where you opened and found a brown package with some drug that Bryce had sent you as a gift to what you hid before your friends could see. When you looked up the hallway you look Bryce with your friends watching you. Your gaze and his were complicit in what you had in your hands. You were ready to face him that night.

Jess: Will not you see the red letter  they left you? Maybe you have a secret admirer.

AN: You took the letter and you opened it. The letter came from your ex boyfriend. For the best girl I met. You deserve everything good in life. Xx Jeff.

What was this letter? Your friends and you were really surprised because you two were not a couple more.

Sheri: Wow. This was not expected. Maybe he regretted leaving you.

AN: I do not know. These last days he was text me. I do not want to talk about it now.

Your head was very confused. You were thinking about how you were going to confront Bryce that night and the letter sent by your ex-boyfriend.

The time for the party came. People started getting drunk. And you too.

Jess: Come on today is your day and I  not allow your to be sober.

AN: You laugh when you hear this from Jess’s mouth. You were a little lost. A little drunk and funny. You saw your ex  walked towards you.

Jeff: Hey. Someone drank too much around here? Happy Birthday Baby. He hugged you and you hugged him and kissed him very close to his mouth.

AN: Thank you for your letter. Although I not understand about the meaning. But nice detail. Now I come.

On the way to the kitchen you found Bryce whom you approach.

Brice: There’s my girl. Happy Birthday. I hope you are enjoying your gift. 

AN: about that. I wanted to return the gift. I do not want any more gifts or anything to do with you. And please, I need you to leave of my birthday party because seeing you reminds me of things I do not want to remember.

Every time you looked at it, you remembered that night when he wanted to take advantage of you.

Brice: Hey. Everything is fine! Tomorrow you will regret this.

AN: Please, I need you to withdraw and take your gift. You gave him his brown envelope.

He retired from your party. The day after your party, after talking and telling your friends your truth, you decided to talk to the directl of your school about what Bryce had tried with you.

Speaking and telling your truth had made you find peace with yourself. Thanks to you decided to talk about your situation many girls were encouraged to tell their experience with him. Bryce was expelled from school and taken to rehabilitation. Thanks to you.

Jess: How come all this happened and we could be so blind? I do sorry for that baby.

Sheri: There were always rumors about him but we did not know he’d come so close.

AN: It’s fine. Now I feel better and I feel like I can get back into my life again.

What about you and Jeff? He accompany you in your situation. He was at your side when you needed him. And he was really surprised about how brave you were. You two went out again.

You’re Lucky

Genre: Angst and random emotions

Characters: Reader/OC

A letter to Jimin’s new girlfriend. I hope she doesn’t take this the wrong way, I’m so happy and excited for them. This isn’t something she’ll be expecting to read so I hope she doesn’t get too shocked.

You’re lucky.

I hope you realize this as you look at his face in the night. Pretty, right? Serene, innocent, and beautiful. He’s an angel sent from heaven. Notice the way his eyelashes fan out from his eyelids and cast shadows on his cheek, the way his cute mouth pouts and his bottom lip juts out from time to time, and the way his breath hitches when he gets really deep into his dream world.

I hope you realize this when his eyes sparkle and hide when his smile gets really big. His hearty laugh that will ring in your ears, listen closely. His laugh shifts tones and will tell you volumes about his heart. His smile is contagious and will hopefully brighten your days as it did mine.

You see, this boy’s heart is pure in all its pieces. He will do all sorts of things and go as far as roaming the streets late at night to just to bring you food and give you a warm hug to make sure you didn’t feel alone or upset. He absolutely cannot stand seeing the people he treasures, or anyone for that matter, with a frown. Sunshine radiates from this boy, I tell you.

Okay, onto the stuff you have to remember. This boy is a precious little dumpling and no matter how tough he acts and looks like, he will jump and scream at jumpscares. Whenever I’d suggest we watch a horror movie, there’s this fear in his eyes, but he will agree and cover everything up. It’s very entertaining to watch, really. When he’d jump or flinch, he’d immediately act as if he meant it and was just adjusting his seat. When he’d whimper or scream, he will lower his voice midway, cough, and go “Ah, really, what is this?” in a tough guy tone.

He loves snacks and sometimes will eat instant noodles before going to sleep to get a swollen face in the morning so he’d look cute. He won’t go to sleep without saying good night and will send you long, cheesy messages or silly pictures while you’re asleep. 

He likes writing things on paper and slipping them into bags or pockets. The papers will range from nice coloured papers to pieces that he ripped from random places like a scratch paper. In every letter, he’d put reminders and sweet phrases instead of texting them to you. It’s special that way. I’d know because I kept every single one of his letters, no matter how short or long; but don’t tell him that.

He’s delicate. He has a big and warm heart for everyone, and he trusts them far too fast with it. His heart has been beaten down for so many times, but he lets everyone in, no matter how tattered it is. Often times, he’d get hurt, but he never stops loving. He’d never complain, but you’d see it in his eyes and how he tackles situations how it has affected him. 

I won’t tell you any secret of his because I had to break down his wall, crumb by crumb, to get close to him. I hope you’ll be gentle and patient with him. He really doesn’t want anyone to see him vulnerable and he doesn’t like it when people worry about him and his problems. In time, he’ll let you in and you’ll finally understand what burdens him and whatnot.

When you tell him you love him, make sure you really mean it, not just something you say out of habit. He deserves to be loved as deeply as he loves. He deserves to be cared for as much as he cares. I was a witness of that and nothing feels better to be loved and cared for that way.

I hope you don’t think of this as a bitter ex girlfriend’s letter, though I won’t hold it against you; I am an ex after all. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for the two of you and I’m glad he found someone to love and that would love him, too.

I’ll end this here before this gets too long. Best regards!

- The girl from his past

P.S. Take care of your hands, you’re holding what used to be my world. I hope he is your world now, too.

P.P.S. Always remember this:

You’re lucky.

Monsta X Reaction to your ex wanting you back

Yes it is my love! You got it right ~ Enjoy

Shownu - Jealousssss… our sweet boy would be really worried when you told him that the red rose he saw on the dinner table was given by your ex. You just kept it because you didn’t want to to throw out such a pretty thing, even though it didn’t meant a single thing to you, since you loved your boyfriend and already forgot your ex ages ago. But Shownu would be really worried and suffer in silence. He would pretend it didn’t affect him but would be really affraid of you leaving him to go back to your ex. He wouldn’t do anything about it though, just keep an eye on you and your ex, to make sure he wasn’t bothering you and would ask you about it in a really subtle way, making it seem like he was just asking to make up a conversation and not because he was jealous.

You - “I just kept the flower because I thought it was pretty”

“Humm, ok.”

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Wonho - He would find it funny XD Wonho knew you loved him and that you didn’t even thought in your ex anymore, so when you told him he was bothering you and saying he wanted you back, he would just find it funny. Hoseok would laugh and wouldn’t get jealous at all. He would just have a talk with your ex if he noticed he was bothering you, like if he was constantely calling you or following you here and there, only then he would have a chat with the boy, but he wouldn’t take too long, just make sure he knew he had lost you and warn him not to bother you anymore. All in all, Hoseok wouldn’t be jealous at all and would just step in if he thought the situation got out of control. You were his and the three of you were sure about it.

You- “I was just shopping and he came outta nowhere and almost proposed!”

“Omg poor guy…”

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Minhyuk -  He would just casually ask you who was phonning you, since you weren’t answering that call. You would tell him it was your ex and that you were not picking up the call because he has been saying he misses you and you were tired to tell him you wanted nothing with him. Minhyuk would be one of the most jealous about it, I feel like he wouldn’t be jealous at random dudes looking at you on the street or your male friends, but when we talk about ex boyfriends, which you have a shared past with, it’s different. Minhyuk wouldn’t be able to think in anything else the next few days. Kinda like Shownu, he would be worried to loose you, but he wouldn’t be affraid to speak his mind and I can even see Minhyuk going to talk with your ex. He might not even been bothering you that much, he may just have called you once or twice but the boy was getting on his nerves and Minhyuk would just make sure to tell him to give up on you.

*you two were at the cafe when your ex appears and asks you to talk with him in private, Minhyuk holds your hand and steps forward* “Uhh… don’t you think you are kinda late now?”

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Kihyun - He wouldn’t be one of the most jealous ones, but he’d be definitely annoyed. When Kihyun saw you talking with someone he didn’t knew, he would ask you about him and you would say it was your ex that was apparentely missing you. His first reaction would be to freak out! Both inside and outside. Kihyun would attack you with questions about him and complain to the boys about how your ex had the nerve to come and talk with you when he knew you two were together. But then he would kinda forget about it…? It would be just an initial shock since he never thought your ex would come and tell you he wants you again, but he would later find the idea funny and laugh at your ex’s failed attempts to get you back. You just needed to assure your boyfriend that he was the only one you wanted.

*thinking to himself* “But who does he think he is?”

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Hyungwon - Ohhhh yeah this boy wins the jealous crown in this aspect. He would notice you talking on the phone with your ex and raising your voice while saying that you have a boyfriend and that you didn’t miss him (your ex). Hyungwon would stare at you, trying to understand what was going on and get up to listen closely. Once you hung up the phone he’d be already with his arms crossed, waiting for an explanation. When you told him, he’d be pissed off and act like a little child that didn’t got the lollipop at the store, throwing a tantrum. Hyungwon wouldn’t go talk with your ex, he’d wait to see what happened. Laying an eye on you, holding you close to him and making sure your ex didn’t stepped the line. If you want to know more, I think he’d be one of those boyfriends that would mark you all with love bites when he is feeling jealous and wants to make sure everybody know you are taken. (im fucked)

“Why are you still answering his calls?!”

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Jooheon - Jooheonie would just sit and watch tbh. He would feel a bit jealous thinking in the possibility of you catching feelings for him again, but would not make a scene. He would just post a lot of selcas with you on social medias with a lot more of skinship than usual, all involunterly. He knew he didn’t have reasons to feel jealous so he wouln’t be that shaken. Jooheon would forget your ex instantely and keep living his life with you, it wasn’t that big of a deal. He would just make sure to know if your ex was still bothering you, and, like Wonho, would talk with him only if he was stepping the line, but Jooheon would be super polite and not agressive at all since he wasn’t mad or jealous (not saying Hoseok wouldn’t be polite, but he’d be more threatening compared to Jooheon). He just didn’t want you to be annoyed by someone who has hurt you before.

“Has he been bothering you?”

(omg yass jackson tOucH hiM good) 

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I.M - Maknae would be kinda like Shownu. Feeling jealous but keep it to him and make it seem like he was completely fine. Changkyun would shiver when he found that little stuffed bear hanging from your door locker as he was about to make you a visit. He would take it and read the letter that your ex left you attached to it, then knock at your door to show you what you were missing. You would explain to him that you were suspicious that your ex still loved you, while you ripped the letter in half and assured him it didn’t meant anything to you. Changkyun would laugh akwardly and make some jokes about it, but even after you changed the conversation topic, he would still be thinking about it and thinking that he never done something like that to you. Changkyun would not talk about your ex even if he really wanted to know if he was still sending you gifts, he would keep silent and pretend he didn’t care, but your ex just gave him some ideas to surprise you, and he’d make sure to spoil you a lot, til he was sure you didn’t want to leave him.

*you open the door and your boyfriend enters, kneeling down and giving you a  bunch of beautiful orchids”  You- “Baby, why are you doing this?”

“Because I love you! and bc im jealous af”


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