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Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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Written by Gabby Rivera
Art by Joe Quinones
Cover by Jamie McKelvie & Matt Wilson

Saw this cover about a month ago, animated it the same day, waited until the creative team was announced and if they keep up the spirit of her character from Young Avengers, this is gonna be a wonderful book. Super excited!

My other animated comic covers can be found here 

Better quality version of this one can be found here

There is no wrong way to be nonbinary.

You found this awesome name you like and want it for yourself? Make it yours! You like your birth name and want to keep it? Awesome!

You want to stick with the pronouns you’re used to? Great! You think you will be happier if you change pronouns? Go for it!

You want to wear that outfit, that makeup, that nail polish? Put it on!

You want to use hormones or surgery in your transition? That’s a totally valid choice. You don’t want hormones or surgeries? Also a valid choice, and one that doesn’t mean you’re any less trans.

You’re considering a different or additional label for your gender or sexuality? Try it out, see how it fits.

There is no rule book or dress code you must follow to be a “real” nonbinary person. You are nonbinary enough.

i got a car so the first obvs thing to do is make it a tfsona
his name is getaway and he has a crush on swindle not like he’d ever admit it
he’s a minicon but also a giant pain in the butt
his vechile mode of choice is a mercedes smart car