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do you have any fics where phil pulls the breaking up with my roommate prank? or vice versa?

The Prank Phil does the breaking up with my roommate prank like Caspar did to Joe and said that he was moving out while he is at a vacation with his family in Florida to Dan while he is on live radio at BBC.

Presenting… The Breaking Up With My Roommate ChallengeFor Dan’s next video, he’s asked fans to give him a challenge, and the response is overwhelming. When he calls Phil up to inform him he’s moving out though, the response is unexpected to say the least. platonic!phan

Breaking Up With My Roomate Prank (Ft Amazing Phil)Dan takes inspiration from Caspar Lee’s breaking up with my roommate prank with suprising results.


accidentally adopted a werebaby!stiles

Hi! Thank you for any help you may give. I’m looking for a fic I read awhile back (on AO3) in which Stiles gets an omega were-baby thrust onto him by crazy extenuating circumstances (the mother dying in an alley and making stiles promise he’ll take care of the infant) then stiles looking around for work and finding Laura Hale’s Day-care that is overrun by too many children and basically gets hired on the spot. Ring any bells? Thank you !

Didn’t See That Coming by knittersrevolt (43/43 | 83838 | E)

Stiles leaves Beacon Hills in the dust after he catches his husband cheating on him.

He finds his way to New York where he starts working for the Hale House Nursery, accidentally adopts a werewolf baby (through no fault of his own thank-you-very-much), and somehow starts training to be an Exorcist Emissary. So, in general, life was going good.

Then he hears that demons have found their way into his hometown. Can he face his inner demons and go back to save the day?

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I read a fix once where Phil is Tumblr famous and Dan follows his blog but then Phil comes to his school and starts blogging about how cute a guy is and then Dan figures out he's talking about him. I remember one part was like, Dan asked Phil anonymously if "Bear's" last name was Howell and Phil posted "to the anon who asked about the last name, yes"

Bear - Popular!TumblrFamous!Punk!Phil starts to have a crush on NewKid!Dan and makes secret posts about him on his blog, that Dan happens to follow.

- Gabriela

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there's a fic called Obviously In Love but the link doesn't work?? it's nerd!phil and jock!dan and they've been secretly dating and one of their mom's walk in on them making out?? thanks!

Obviously In Love - Dan and Phil have been dating for two years, and they’ve never told a single person about their relationship, but Dan’s mum is about to find out.

- tori

There is a place where things go when they get lost. Whether it be the right sock or the matching earring; or perhaps something such as a dream or ambition. Sometimes it is under the bed or in the back of your wardrobe, and sometimes it is in the dusty corners of your mind where you’ve kept it for so long that you thought you forgot about it all together. What I’m trying to say is that you can always find them, you just need to look in the places you neglect the most.
—  Wednesday Night Inspiration

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hey, im looking for this fic and i can't even remember the pairing. OTL I know it is a kyungsoo-related OTP and that it's harry potter au. in it, i remember it being somewhat long, and closer to the end they get together. it was a slow build friendship and I believe kyungsoo gives the other guy a moving picture for his (birthday??) and i remember them being cute af in the cafeteria during christmas break because they are staying in. i think. i hope im not mixing fics i read too much but HELP

Hello! I think the fic you’re looking for is Take a bite (of my heart) and it’s chansoo! You’ll have to join the comm to be able to read it btw. If that’s not the fic you want, feel free to get back to us ^^ - Admin Vic

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Hi sorry to bother. But there was the really cute fanfic, it was about how whatever song you had stuck in your head your soulmate also had stuck in their head. And dan played classical and phil did rock (i think). So they would have to put up with eachothers music taste. Then they got together when phil (or was it dan) tweeted dan (or phil) songs and started to play them together. Could you find it

The Song In My Head (Reminds Me Of You) - soulamates au based on a tumblr post: “When you get a song stuck in your head, it’s because your soulmate is singing it.”

~ Tori

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I was going to submit KeelieThompson1's Faithful Compass series (it's one of the best johnlock five imo) but I think it might have been deleted. Do you guys or anyone else know if it's still around?

You need an AO3 account to view it. That may be why you couldn’t see it. Otherwise, google is your friend.

The Faithful Compass (Series - 300 444, total)

John is five/six years younger than Sherlock and is studying at university when he meets a bored, addicted Sherlock. But Sherlock still needs to become sober, learn his skills and become the consulting detective while John needs to train, find his place in the world, and in the army, to become the man that can match Sherlock. The problem is they may not be able to become these people while in a relationship with each other.

- Kat

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I'm searching for a fanfic about Kate's unknown daughter who's adoptive parents been murdered by Tyson. Later in the fanfic Tyson kidnapped her and shoot her when Kate finds them. Have looked for it everywhere but can't find it. Someone who knows which one I mean?

I had a look, and I just skimmed through this but is it Decisions Divide Us, Fate Unites Us by YoGirlAL?

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Hey, can you please help me find a fic? I can't remember the name or author and I've looked through the library/tags/masterlists and I can't find it. It was a short one and it was a list of places not to have sex written by Dan and I think it might have been 2nd person pov but I'm not sure... I'm sorry if this is too vauge! I love this blog btw you guys are awesome!

7 Places Not to Have Sex, a Guide by Dan Howellbecause not every time dan and phil have sex results in careless whispers in the background and scented candles.


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please help I've been looking for a fanfiction called like you for the past few weeks and I can't find it

Like You - Its 2019 and there’s a wedding. Phil’s saying something, but Dan isn’t really listening, his mind’s elsewhere…that “where” being ten years ago, in 2009.

(i think this is  the one you are looking for?)

- tori

And when you walk with her, you start to forget your way. You start to get lost and it is the kind of lost that feels a lot like going back home.
—  L.W. // Lost in a way that’s found

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hi, I was wondering if you have the link to a fic where Phil only dates people for 7 days and then he somehow falls in love with Dan in 6 and *spoiler* they end up dating in the end? it's lost in my history:(

A Flash Before the Line Gets Blurry - Dan gets dared to date Phil Lester, a guy from his school who only dates people for seven days before breaking up with them.

- Gabriela