foulfellow and gideon


Pinocchio, Gideon, and Foulfellow by disneylori

So yesterday was awesome

well before I had to go to work lol

but I met up with Kirsten and Grace again and made some new friends as well.

This is now my new favorite picture with Kirsten (who is basically Alice btw)

but first I was wandering around by myself so I met up with some characters:

I suddenly ran into Bert and he was just my fave.

I asked how he was and he said, “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (lol I typed that all, I can spell properly) I laughed and then he told me, “well, you kinda walked right into that one.” He asked where I was from and I said here, and then he was like, “What part of Disneyland do you live in, then?” and I corrected and said I meant California.

He asked me about what parts and I answered Anaheim, and he said, “wow, long way you had to travel, then.” And he was just hilarious and perfect and I wanted to cry.

and we all headed to the ranch so that was fun so I got to meet lots of fun characters there

Clarabelle got really mad at Horace bc he was kinda making fun of her and then she motioned for him to put a ring on it and I about died

(Horace pretended to be Ralph)

Anastasia didn’t like Vanellope, she was like, “You brought a child”

Anastasia said Vanellope looked like Drizella bc they were “both blackheads”

my favorites were Foulfellow and Gideon, however

They both took selfies for Kirsten

and then Kirsten took my autograph book and I said, “You have my pen, too?” and she said no, and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

The cast member there accused them both and asked them to both lift up their hands. 

Foulfellow was very sly, but I caught him and saw my pen, tho he still refused to admit he had it. I finally got it back and by the time I went back to take the picture Gideon had now stolen my autograph book, and I finally got both back.