wetheawake  asked:

Have you decided on any wedding details yet, darlin? Keep us posted I bet it's going to be like a fairyland

Our wedding is postponed! We have some other things that are currently eating up our finances and a spring wedding just wasn’t realistic! I will definitely post more when we resume plans, but til then I’m just picking up cute decor items for the wedding when I see them at antique shops and what not :) thanks for asking!! x

What would you do if one day you woke up

In the middle of the ocean. You are in the middle of the ocean floating in a plastic kiddie pool. There is nothing and nobody anywhere near you. You have no memory of what has just happened. The only other things in the kiddie pool with you is a small bag of swedish fish and a bottle of water

after a while you decide to eat one of the swedish fish

it’s laced with 100 hits of liquid lsd

you are in the middle of the ocean tripping balls and you see a boat coming towards you and you think theyre gonna help you

but theyre pirates

you are in pirate bay, off the coast of somalia

the pirates surgically remove your organs without anesthesia and sell them

you die alone in your kiddie pool.