fought to

Her Protesting for Animal Rights and Getting Arrested on Live TV: BTS


Would go blank while watching the TV, his food falling out his mouth.


Would pretend that he doesn’t know you, while covering his face with a hand… However, inside of his head, he would still be proud of what you fought for.


Arrested together with you.

Rap Monster:

Would quickly rush over to the station to get you out.


A concerned mochi mode: ON. He’d rush to the station, much like NamJoon, and ask the officers to see you so that he could coo over you, praising you for the right thing that you did.


Arrested together with you pt.2.


Would laugh at you so bad that he’d fall to the flour in front of the TV, later picking himself up and that’s when the realization of you sitting in a prison cell began settling in.

No college and shattered dreams

So my sister hates me for no apparent reason and it’s been going on all my life. She tells me that she hates me, she slept with the boy I thought I loved, she fought me, she pushed me causing me to break my arm, she kicked me in my stomach multiple times yet I always seem to find the strength to be the bigger person and never done anything back to her. So one day she was smoking and had a ton of weed in her room and I called the police, changing my voice a little. I told the cops that some young girl was selling drugs and trying to get me to buy it, they came so quickly. I just sat on the couch and waited for them and when they did come I watched as they searched the house then watched as they took my sister out in hand cuffs. She only spent a few nights in jail before she got her trial. She got off with just a felony so which means she can’t go to college or do any of the things she wanted. Bitch ruined my life so I ruined hers and till this day they still don’t know it was me. Is that beyond petty? Did I go too far? Idk but I sleep good knowing her life is ruined now

ok, i’m kinda desperate so i’m posting this here in hopes of someone responding who had a similar experience.
our cat is 6-7 months old and broke his left leg 2 weeks ago. he got surgery done and all was well and fine, he was recovering nicely, already jumping and playing like the little active ball of energy he is. 3 days ago my husband and i were sleeping when suddenly he was hissing angrily and growling when he shifted in his bed but it was so loud that i literally jumped out of bed because i thought i was gonna have a heart attack. we noticed how he suddenly had a lump there that was clearly hurting him. the next day we brought him to the vet, where he fought against the vet and his helper so badly that not only he pissed himself but also lost 2 teeth. the vet examined him and told us that there was an accumulation of water, probably because he injured himself and gave him an injection for the pain and gave us some pills to give him for the next 6 days.
when we get home we found out that he doesn’t even want to enter our bedroom anymore bc he associates it with it inflicting pain, while he was the one inflicting it upon himself, but that’s just a minor sidenote. we put blankets in the hallway, the living room, everywhere so he can sleep wherever he wants but he doesn’t because it hurts him to lie down or shift while lying down. he just sits in front of the front door, behind the curtains in a corner or behind the garbage cans in the kitchen literally all day and all night, staring at absolutely nothing. today i succeeded in coaxing him out of hiding and lying with me on the blankets we put out for him to sleep on. we can’t bring him to the vet every day since it isn’t only stressful and agonizing for him but also bad for my mental health, although i’d literally fly out of my comfort zone if it meant him getting better. plus we are kinda in a pinch money-wise at the moment because we paid the vet 700€ already and only have a bit left to survive this month. if any of you have any tips at all on how he can recover faster, pls let me know! also i’m a bit suspicious of the vet so if any of you know anyone at all who has a vet as a friend or some knowledge, please let me know if our cat’s injury does look like it’s “just” an accumulation of water.

whoa okay so how do you think that conversation went when RJ went back to their boys with newfound gender identity knowledge

because ten to one Stephen and Ollie and Johnny were like “oh my god WHAT IF I’M NOT A BOY WE HAVE TO TEST THIS” and they all spent days trying different pronouns to see if it Felt Right and poring over RJ’s zine and Having Revelations

Stephen DEFINITELY whipped out a dress and threw it on, like, immediately because “gendered clothing is a conspiracy I ALWAYS KNEW IT” and Johnny went around spreading the word that RJ’S PRONOUNS ARE THEY/THEM, IT’S A THING, LOOK IT UP KIDS, I’M BEING DISRUPTIVE FOR A GOOD CAUSE THIS TIME MISS BAXTER, and god help you if you forgot and misgendered RJ, Ollie would LOOM, they all fought so many kids that week

And eventually all three were like “sorry dude I think I’m still a boy” and RJ was like “obviously that is okay” and it took them all a little while to unlearn subconscious things 


that’s how Johnny got his heart shirt! because he saw it in a store or something and for ½ a second was like “nope I’m not allowed to wear that it’s a girl shirt” and then he remembered “oh right clothing is arbitrarily constructed symbols and gender stereotypes are fascism and my friends will love me no matter what” and so he took the shirt

and Stephen sometimes still wears dresses

6x21 - San Diego

I loved this episode. 

First of all, I’m glad Nick and Reagan broke up. It was a mistake to make them a couple in the first place, though. Reagan’s exit was disappointing. Some of you may not like her character or Megan Fox, but she’s an amazing woman with a great sense of humor and she did her best with the material. She didn’t have much to do this season and the writers wasted so much potential. A Schmidt/Cece/Reagan storyline would’ve been so much fun, tbh. She deserved a better exit. If there’s a season 7 I think we could see her again. 

Schmidt’s name reveal was hilarious, imo. It was time for another Schmidt/Winston storyline and connecting it with Schmidt’s name was pretty great. I was hoping for Nick Schmidt, but Winston’s also good. Loved how they fought and Cece and Aly were just sitting there, watching. Had to shoot those scenes several times, lol.

Next week: NESS! And so many more great stuff is also coming next week.

I keep thinking about how Keith inherited the blade from his mother but the BoM members don’t actually seem to recognize that blade from someone they know. It might be simply because they don’t remember, but considering the Red lion was on Zarkon’s side, I wonder if Keith’s mother was in fact fighting for Zarkon, and acquired the blade by killing and/or stealing from a BoM she either fought against or was already dead by the time she found them.

I feel like this is what happened because 1) during Keith’s backstory sequence, his father seem to remember the galra destroying things, not helping, which indicates Zarkon, not BoM and 2) the BoM immediately assumed Keith had stolen the blade, not acquired it somehow through “legal” means. It makes me think they already knew a blade had been stolen long ago and they never managed to found it again until Keith returned with it, so they assumed Keith had been the thief all along.

my hope for Goten in Dragon Ball Super SOMEDAY (since he still looks like a seven year old and he’s ELEVEN which is OLDER THEN WHEN GOHAN FOUGHT CELL WTF He wAS LIKE TEN?) is that one day he’ll come into the Son Family kitchen to eat breakfast and literally OVER NIGHT he grew from tiny boy to looking like he does at the end of Z with a lowering of his voice and everything- just an overnight shoot right up like Goku did, and Chichi has a fricken heart attack because her baby doubled in size overnight

and then he gets a haircut b/c he looks too much like Goku.

Criticism is necessary and useful; it is often indispensable; but it can never take the place of action, or be even a poor substitute for it. The function of the mere critic is of very subordinate usefulness. It is the doer of deeds who actually counts in the battle for life, and not the man who looks on and says how the fight ought to be fought, without himself sharing the stress and the danger.
—  Theodore Roosevelt

Sp1derman in the comics: *Has literally fought naked in the past because the suit absolutely does not matter in the slightest.*

Sp1derman in his own movie: “I’m nothing without this St*rk Tech™ suit that provides me with absolutely no notable benefits and was actually a hinderance to me when I first wore it! Nothing I tell you!”

Forever in our Hearts ~ Part VI do not like to leave a long time between the parts, so I’m back with the sixth part of my little story. : 3

I have to say: It surprises me how people like it and I’m glad about it, too! Actually it is only a small insight into my feelings about the different episodes with Gaara … Thanks for your support! :3

The last time we had completed a whole season with Gaara and after these episodes it went on with the fight against Madara Uchiha.
I still hoped … Please don´t kill my baby ;-; xD ♥

It was still about bringing Naruto to his father. Kurama gave Gaara this advice before he was drafted by Madara and Gaara did not hesitate. He immediately took him to Minato to save him ~

After Gaara brought Naruto to Minato and the fight with Madara went to the next round, Gai fought against him. He opened all eight inner doors, which was his sure death. Naruto saved him! Gaara remembered the fight with Lee. Aweeesome ♥

“Naruto … If you’re Hokage, let’s go for a drink.”

And then the Jutsu of Madara was activated. All fell into a kind of dream world … also Gaara. My heart was broken.

The dream of Gaara was heartbreaking. I cried bitterly when I saw this. The dream was from his childhood. How it could have be … How it should have be.

And of course Temaris Dream! Her brothers are so hopeless ~ ♥

Then came the dream of Killerbee. These episodes were incredibly great! It was a Dream of the Bijuu and Jinchuuriki teaming up and fighting together against Akatsuki. These consequences were GREAT ♥ I loved it!

Gaara played with Tsunade and … yeah.. XD

Btw, this smile of him in front of the other Jinchuuriki Fu was so adorable, so pure ♥

So sad this was just a dream …

And then … JINCHUURIKI SQUAD!! ♥♥♥

And then it came, as it had to come … The dream was ended, Kaguya was defeated and the war was won. My heart was so heavy and broken, it was so sad and so beautiful … I cried a few days very often. I was sad and happy because i knew: The End of Anime war near …

The second Handshake ~ ♥

After the official end of the main action followed a few special consequences. Including one of Gaara. An insight into his childhood.

After this episode was officially clear: Rasa kept his siblings away from Gaara. This little Bitch, I hate him.

This … little … Bitch.

But it was warming my heart to see little Gaara smiling so often. The episode was very nice but thanks to his super father also very sad. But Gaara was still happy and smiled … I love him so much ♥♥ ALWAYS ♥

The next part will be the last one. The last part of the wonderful story of Gaara.

Part VII follows.

Want to read the previous Parts?

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Does he know that you hate him ?

*sigh* My father left with the other God because my dad and my father fought. over and over until he left us, so I found out he has another son.”

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Who do you think is the bravest avatar character?

This is extremely hard and I hate you. 

Off the very tip-top of my head, I say Zuko. I will admit, I am partially biased towards him as he is my sweet fire son, but at the same time, he did commit treason and leave behind all normalcy to help Aang and Company. 

Then, I was going to say Katara. She found Aang, fought Pakku, traveled the fucking world over, got herself imprisoned, took out a crazy waterbender, posed as a spirit, befriended the Fire Nation prince, and defeated the Fire Nation princess. I mean… that takes a lot of courage. 

But, you know what else takes courage? Leaving your tribe behind, leaving your post as protecter behind, and following your ‘magic’ sister and her ‘magic’ friend on a journey that started because of a random twist of fate. It takes courage to see your faults, to admit your weaknesses, to fight for something you’re scared to believe it (i.e. magic water and such) and overcome it all. 

So, I’m going to say Sokka.