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Right? I dated this guy for over a year, and I was so in love with him that even though we fought all the time and he said things that made me feel bad about myself I just told myself it happens to all couples. Once I got out of it and over it, I see now it was so toxic and I was so miserable. It's not healthy people

its not “cool” or “funny” to feel drained by a relationship being it platonic or romantic. friends or boyfriends or girlfriends or whatever should not make u feel drained and exhausted or bad about urself. thats not fuckin healthy lmao why are they even tryna push this so bad

Ok but what if Ransom doesn’t really want to be a doctor.  His family and culture put a lot of pressure on their kids to be doctors and get prestigious jobs, and he wanted his parents to be proud of him so he went into pre-med.

What if he was having a post-game panic attack over molecular biology when a scout from the Maple Leafs asked him if he had a minute to talk.  And the thought of just not going to med school, of just ending his education in two months and not having to study for a test ever again, made him feel so relieved he found Holster afterwards and cried for five minutes.

“I don’t ever want to stop playing hockey,” he says to Holster, who… honestly, was kind of looking forward to not having morning practice for the first time since he was four.

What if Justin Oluransi made his parents the loudest, proudest cheering section in Toronto, screaming with love for their son the NHL player.

They didn’t agree on much. In fact, they didn’t agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other ever day. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other.
—  Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Let us lay in bed until morning arrives,
under the stars and through the night,
talking about how you saved my life,
illuminated by the moon light

Let me tell you about all those times
you brought me back and fought my demons,
rescued me from the monsters in my chest,
to show me how bright it actually shines

Let me stay around when you can’t control yours,
to mend back together the pieces of your soul,
when you look up at the sky
and can’t find the courage to go for a fly.

—  // let’s talk about how you saved my life

i find the fact that snape calls himself the halfblood prince so funny. I mean, think about it, we know that by the end of their fifth year, the marauders were already using their nicknames. And where do we see the appearance of half-blood prince? At a sixth year textbook.

I can just imagine snape spending the summer, his head bent over his desk, trying to come up with a ~~dark and edgy~~ nickname to call himself, trying to outdo the marauders.

ok but imagine if they had given wonderbread mcgee’s storyline to kira instead

imagine scott fighting to keep every last second with her in his memory, imagine scott encouraging the pack to remember all the times kira had fought beside them, imagine scott painstakingly describing her until a mental image of her face slowly became a memory again

imagine scott remembering lightbulbs and escapes from eichen with a girl he loves taking away his pain, remembering weapons hidden in belts and awkward introductions, sushi nights turned pizza nights, lying on the bed and talking for hours

imagine scott fighting with everything in him to bring kira home because he fucking loves her and nobody is ever going to take someone he loves from him ever again, especially not by cheaply dropping her out of the show because they didn’t need her culture’s mythology anymore

Duality part 1 (J-Hope smut/angst)

Summary: You treasured your friendship with Hoseok, until a drunken mistake changed everything.

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Part two Part three Part four Part five

Word count: 2.7k

Genre: Smut/angst

You sat on the practice room floor, hunched over your laptop as you monitored the first run-through of your new choreography. You were struggling to concentrate with Hoseok behind you, grumbling about the argument he was having with his girlfriend over text.

“I can’t reason with her when she’s in this kind of mood.” As he said the word “mood”, Hoseok threw his phone onto the couch. It landed with a soft thud. He stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind him, leaving you alone.

You decided to make the most of the silence, so you restarted the video on your laptop so you could monitor more closely, but your mind was still elsewhere. Hoseok fought with his girlfriend all the time, it was nothing new. You knew that they would soon make up, and go back to being madly in love, just like they always did.

But you hated when Hoseok was annoyed. You never knew what to say, and you knew that if he stayed in this mood, you wouldn’t finish the new Bangtan choreography on time. For the last three years, your main job at the label had been to help the boys come up with their choreography. You had first met BTS when you were all trainees, and over the years you had become good friends with Hoseok. You had watched with pride as he debuted with BTS, and tried to hold onto the glimmer of hope that one day you would be placed with the right group and given the chance to debut as well. But for now, this was your job, and if you were going to do it to the best of your ability, you needed Hoseok’s co-operation. And while he was fighting with his girlfriend, he was in no mood for co-operating.

Hoseok re-entered the room, interrupting your train of thought.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his voice softer than before.

“Monitoring,” you said. You focused back on the computer screen. You were vaguely aware that Hoseok was pacing back and forth behind you.

“Do you want to get drunk?” he asked, so suddenly and with such enthusiasm that it made you jump.

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Disclaimer: I’m sure this has been done somewhere already, so credit to whoever thought this up first! Also, while the collages are my own, all pictures are from Google Images, so credit to their owners. For each house, I found a list of their typical characteristics, and picked the three that most matched to each person.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON: Gryffindor; courage, determination, daring

Alexander was the definition of brave; he literally fought for everything he had. His courageous and daring personality catapulted him into a world he never dreamed of as a bastard child in the Caribbean. His determination paved the way for him to become one of the Founding Fathers of the US.

JOHN LAURENS: Gryffindor; courage, determination, chivalry

John was courageous in everything he did. His tragically short life’s mission was to lead an all black battalion. He fought for this in a time where it was unusual to say the least. A Southern gentleman, he was courteous and chivalrous to all he encountered. He died fighting for the country he loved, determined to gain equality and freedom for all people. 

HERCULES MULLIGAN: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, originality

Hercules was a highly creative person, working with his hands and mind to create clothing for his clients. During the revolution, he successfully pretended to be on the side of the British officers he worked for while he gained valuable information to relay back to Washington. Keeping up this charade required a careful intelligence few possess. He was not afraid to rebel against the British, further proving his ability to go his own way.

MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, tolerance

Lafayette was one of America’s most loyal allies. While France was his home, he had a special place in his heart for the US. He stayed loyal to General Washington his whole life, naming his first and only son after the future president. He worked tirelessly to help turn the tides of the Revolutionary War against the British, and then went back home to France to help lead the French Revolution. He fought for freedom for all, regardless of their personal trappings.

AARON BURR: Slytherin; traditionalism, preservation, ambition

Aaron took a traditional approach to his entire career, never taking a big risk or risking offending anyone. He fought to stay relevant in a rapidly growing and changing new form of government. He aspired for great things, but ironically, was held back by doing everything by the book. He was willing to adapt his personality to whatever the situation called for (see: talk less, smile more). He willingly switched political parties when he saw an opening in the Senate.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Gryffindor; bravery, heroism, strength

George was perhaps one of the bravest men in the history of the US. In addition to leading countless battles, he ventured into new territory when he became the first president of the country. He was seen as a hero to Americans everywhere in his time, and now as well. His strength was most well exhibited in his ability to avoid being attached to one political party, and in staying neutral in conflicts between the British and the French. These decisions were not easy, but he was the right man at the right time.

THOMAS JEFFERSON: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, individuality

Thomas embodied the word intelligence. A master of language, he wrote an estimated 19,000 letters in his life. He collected books, and his personal library had hundreds of works on all sorts of subjects. He had a wide variety of interests, ranging from law to science to the natural environment. He designed dozens of inventions, and was skilled in the field of architecture, displaying his creativity. He was a strong individual, with his own ideas and views that faltered for no one. 

ELIZA SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; loyalty, patience, dedication

Eliza was one of the most loyal people you could ever find. Her husband was always away; at the beginning of their marriage, fighting in the war, and then working as a lawyer, and eventually in politics. Through these separations, she stuck by his side, raising their children. This not only exhibits an amazing amount of loyalty, but it proves her patience as well. She lived a long life, and dedicated it to preserving the legacy of her loved ones. She established an orphanage in honor of Alexander, fought for the end of slavery as Laurens would have, and worked to help establish the Washington monument.

ANGELICA SCHUYLER: Ravenclaw; wit, intuition, curiosity

Angelica was a witty woman in a time where many women didn’t even have access to basic education. She had a hunger for knowledge, and found very few people to be her intellectual match. Her curiosity was greatly heightened when the Revolutionary War began to surround her. She was very conscious of her place in the world, and despised the fact that her opportunities were limited by her gender. She fell for Alexander, but knew that he would not be a socially acceptable partner for her, and introduced him to her younger sister instead. Her intuition is best observed in these actions.

PEGGY SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; kindness, enthusiasm, practical

Peggy is the most practical of the Schuyler Sisters in some senses. For example, she is the only one to fear the impending war, which would most definitely instill fear in the average person. She is portrayed as being enthusiastic, seen in her reactions when her sister Eliza becomes engaged to Alexander. Despite any fears she had for her sister about her future brother-in-law’s lower station, she is nothing but kind to him.

PHILIP HAMILTON: Gryffindor; bravery, willful, pride

Philip was extremely brave; he died protecting his father’s honor. He expressed fear before the duel, but carried on despite these feelings, displaying a sort of bravery rarely seen. One could argue his pride was the death of him. George Eacker’s insults ended his young life, when the whole issue could have been ended fairly easily. He was a willful man as well; his stubbornness against ending the feud when his father warned him further contributed to his untimely death.

JAMES MADISON: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, practical

James preferred a practical sort of politics for the time, being a Southern Democratic-Republican. He, along with many others, felt that the country would not last with a radically different financial system. He was very close with Jefferson, forming a friendship that lasted 50 years. This sense of loyalty bonded them in matters both political and personal. He exhibited a strong work ethic throughout his career, contributing largely to the Federalist Papers, proposing the Virginia Plan, and even writing the Bill of Rights. 

Let Me Come Home

It was early in the morning for the kids but you had been up all night, you had been up every night for the past few weeks. The divorce would be finalized soon and then maybe you hope you’ll sleep. You stretch out your exhausted limbs and swing your legs off the bed and slip on a pair a kitten slippers. Harry and you had been married for almost seventeen years and for most of them were spent fighting. It was only now that the both of you (mostly you) had decided to get a divorce. 

You had grown up in a home where your parents fought all the time so you knew what it was like to have a home like that. Harry didn’t. His parents got divorced when he was still young and even though he made closure with it, it was still a sore wound.

 Harry had moved out and into a hotel until he could find a place to stay for awhile. 

You woke up your oldest child, August, he was sixteen. He was already moody but he had been sweeter lately. Unlike most teenagers, he understood that a divorce is hard on everyone. Your youngest, Abigal was already up and in a tutu that she wore for her Halloween costume last year. Abigal was four and in Daycare, in her small hand, she held her prized stuffed giraffe. She didn’t quite understand what was happening at home but she knew that Daddy was gone and Mommy was sad. “Hey kiddo, why don’t we go potty and put on some real clothes?” you asked Abigal. you hadn’t realized it until now but Abigal was only in her undies. 

After potty and a change of clothes, you carried Abigal down the stairs that were much too long for a four-year-old to climb down. You feel your stomach drop as you remember that Harry had this house built especially for you, how you wanted a grand staircase and vaulted ceilings and large rooms so you could host parties. Parties that never got to be planned.

 August had already sat at the table with a pop tart, “August, I told you last time and the time before that to stop eating those. You have time to put a piece of toast in the toaster or even make cereal.” You tell him. “But we never eat them unless we’re late-” “And when are we late?” you ask with a raised eyebrow as you place Abigal into one of the chairs and she puts her giraffe in the neighboring one. “Well, I’ve already started eating it so I can’t waste it,” August argued. “Alright but I’m throwing those things out,” you ended and made yourself a cup of coffee and Abigal some toast with some jam.

 Abigal gobbled up the food as you heard a knock at the front door and opened.

 note: change locks on all doors you reminded yourself.

 Harry came into the kitchen and Abigal jumped from her seat and ran to her father. “DADDY,” she yelled as Harry picked her up “Hey there sunshine,” he replied as he placed her back on the ground. “Good mornin’, August,” he nodded towards his son. August was a momma’s boy. “Mornin’ Pops,” and continued to eat his pop tart while staring at his phone. “Nice slippers Y/N,” Harry commented, You nod but stay silent looking into your coffee hoping that when Harry takes them to school and Daycare today that he won’t come back and try to wiggle out of the divorce again. He’s called you almost once a week trying to win you back and even with the ‘No’s he still tries. 

Harry flicked his wrist to look at his watch and widen his eyes. August looks over at you with a look that says ‘See, pop tarts are a good idea’. “Oh c'mon guys le’s get you guys off to school,” Harry says as he turns around heading for the door, Abigal trailing behind him as August shrugs on his backpack. “Harry,” you finally say and he turns to look at you “You almost forgot Abby’s giraffe.” You pick up the dirty stuffed animal and handed to your daughter who hugs it, the neck bending away from her. “Oh..,” Harry said “Well we couldn’ forget tha’ now can we?” he asked Abby as she nodded. You gave both of your children a kiss goodbye as they left the house and into their father’s car.

“Don’t forget you’re picking up Abby from Daycare and I’m picking up August, alright?” you ask Harry. He nods and heads towards his car. Abby waved at you from her booster until the car left the property. You sighed in relief as you finish your coffee and head up the stairs to change into better clothes. Though you loved your slippers they aren’t very appropriate for the office. And by the office, you mean the room that you worked in. You typed away at your computer trying to understand your work when you heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Harry’s head peeks through the door and slides completely in. “Hey Y/N, I was hoping we could talk,” Harry asked you almost like he was on extremely thin ice. 

He is on extremely thin ice. 

“Well I’m a bit busy right now, Harry so it’ll…”  but Harry had already placed himself on the edge of your desk. You placed your fingers on the bridge of your nose, pinching the skin while sighing. You close your laptop and look at Harry trying to see why he was still in the house. “I know you said no but I think we should talk this out,” Harry began but you had already stood up from the desk. “What is there to talk about Harry? I’ve told you this over the phone and in legal documents. I don’t think there is another to tell you that no I don’t want to get back together.” You stated and sat back down with the feeling that he wasn’t paying attention to any of what you had just said. “But why?” Harry asked in a whine, you slammed your hands onto the desk which caught his attention and stood back up.

 “YOU KNOW WHY HARRY,” you said boldly and continued. “I will not have my kids hear me scream at you while you whine like the four-year-old and then run away like the sixteen-year-old.” You didn’t sit back down this time “So you’re the victim in all of this?” Harry sarcastically questioned you and got off the desk and stood in front of it with his hands on his sides. “I did NOT say that and NEITHER of us are victims in this. Abby doesn’t even understand what the hell is going on and August isn’t acting like a normal teenager. Do you know how bad I want him to fight with me? I want him to slam his door and play loud music and NOW I CAN-” suddenly Harry was kissing you just like you two were young again. You sat down on the desk and let him kiss you for a couple minutes.

 Harry’s hand brushed the stray hair off your cheek and held it, “I know neither of us are victims, Peach but I can’t stand sitting in tha’ hotel room, it’s strange knowing tha’ it’s in the same city of my wife-” you began to pull away, shaking your head but he gently pulled you back in. “My wife and kids and I can’t go back to them, I miss the kids so damn much and I miss yeh, I miss yeh more than I ever thought I could,” Harry confesses. "Y/N,” and he placed his other hand on your side of your neck so feather like you barely felt him except for all the heat radiating off of him. “I miss you so fucking much, I miss your food, your clothes in the same place as mine. I miss having you in the car asleep and drooling,” Harry somehow got closer. “I miss looking at you when I wake up, I miss your hands, your lips,” and kissed yeh, “Your neck,” and kissed your neck, “Your collarbones,” and kissed your collarbones.

 You were in a daze, a drunk daze of Harry, something you hadn’t had since you began dating. Harry’s hands had moved from your neck and cheek to your sides and squeezing them as he began to suck on your collarbones. "Please,” Harry pleaded “Let me come home.” "Home?” you questioned as you sobered up “There isn’t a home here anymore, not for anyone.” You pushed Harry’s shoulders and stood up and walked to your office door and opened it. Harry stayed on the desk, staring blankly at you for a few minutes trying to see if you were serious. He stood up and walked to the door but stopped in front of you “Wha’ are yeh gonna do abou’ the house?” he asked you and without missing a beat “It’s in your name and you know where the door is, lock it when you leave.” You released the doorknob and walk back over to your desk and re-opened your laptop and went back to work as Harry left the house, the lock faintly clicking after the door closing.


I kind of hate the title because it just doesn’t look right but I hope you like the new imagine, I don’t post imagines normally but it’s nice to write something other than a fanfic. ~Rae.

You know what really gets me: After all this time, after all that she has been through, after all she has seen and done and endured, Arya still remembers Mycah. Mycah, the boy who played with her on the kingsroad, who showed her the lizard lions, helped her look for rubies in Rubie Ford,  picked flowers with her, and helped her get covered in mud afterwards when she got a rash.  After everyone forget about it or dismissed it, with Joffrey worrying about his scars, and Cersei worrying about Joffrey, and Sansa about Lady, Arya was the only who remembered the boy who died. Who was twelve and young and innocent, who played with her, who died for her, who was her friend, and she was only one who thought he deserved justice. That he deserved to be fought for. 


Ven: Well actually, the truth is we get along fine now, but we’re not like Sora and Roxas. We just annoy each other most of the time. We used to have different roomies in our freshman year, but it didn’t uh, work out, so we ended up just getting an apartment in our second year and splitting the rent. It’s easier to live with someone whose habits you already know by heart, you know? We fought all the time growing up though.

You know, I was thinking… All Might and All for One fought times, but from All Might’s point of view, the fought for very different reasons each time.

As far as we know, the first fight was set somewhere after Nana wasn’t there anymore. Seeing that All for One mentioned that All Might was furiously charging at him with a hole in his torso, I assume that whatever All for One said or did before or during that first fight, it had something to do with Nana, and it drove Toshinori almost mad with anger. So much that he didn’t even care that he been almost ripped apart – all he was thinking about was hurting and beating that hated man in front of him.

So All Might’s reason for this fight – or Toshinori’s, since this was really personal – was revenge and hate. He didn’t really care about justice or doing good, he just wanted to hurt or even kill All for One. And he almost lost his own life for it, because he was ready to throw it away if it meant that he could win.

The second time they fought, All Might picked up the fight because he wanted to save someone. He wanted to get Bakugou, his student, back no matter what, and even went as far as going to save the boy himself, even though his strength was waning and his time limit dangerously short.

Sure, he didn’t know that All for One would be there. And All for One managed to drive him mad again, pushing his buttons easily. But what pulled Toshinori back out of it?

The cry of an innocent woman who begged him to save her, for one.

And I like to think that the thought of his student, especially that of Izuku, and that he wanted to live on and be there for them, is the second reason.

So this second fight, Toshinori was ready to go beyond and above all of his limits and win because he wanted to save, to protect, and, very important – because he wanted to live.

So while Nana’s death drove him into despair and brought him to a point where he was ready to die if it just meant that he could take revenge – meeting Izuku and the other children of Class 1-A, coming to care for them and wanting to teach them everything he could, drove Toshinori to wanting to live on no matter what.

That’s… that’s so important, guys. There are two very similar fights that have taken place between All Might and All for One, but they have taken place for two very different reasons, and Toshinori’s determination to win the fight sourced also from different reasons.

It’s beautiful, and amazing storytelling that Horikoshi is showing here. That man is such a genius, I’m in awe.

A Debt of Kindness

My faith in humanity is once again restored.  I so pray the gratitude lasts this time, and just in case you’re wondering what my most recent melodramatic outburst is regarding, here goes.  I had to run out to the grocery store and pick up a few things.  All was going well until it was time to pay with my debit card. I ran up a grand total of about 9 or 10 dollars and proceeded to get the dreaded chip malfunction.  We fought with it several times and eventually made it all the way up to payment declined. Thankfully it wasn’t terribly busy, so I “brilliantly” decided to try another line and card reader.  Same results of course.  There was a young couple behind me, and having no cash on hand I finally told the cashier, I’m sorry but I can’t get these items tonight.  Immediately the young lady smiling behind me, said it’s okay, I’ll pay for it.  I politely protested two or three times, and smile never wavering she replied each time, I’ll get it.  I don’t know if I’ve ever said thank you so many times in my life.  Even now as I’m giving myself a nervous breakdown over the debit card and a little project that I have to work on tomorrow, both of which will no doubt work themselves out, I can’t help but smile, and yes remember, that I owe someone I’ve never met, and will likely never see again a debt of kindness that I only hope I won’t forget to repay when the opportunity arises to help someone else in some small way. 

Auntmurble: you can use those mushrooms, I decided not to use them.

Me: isn’t that sorta a key ingredient in Beef Bourguignon?

Auntmurble: I didn’t feel like sautéing them and LETTING THEM COOL.

Me: yeah. That’s a real chore…I will definitely eat them!