foudre noire

Okay but have you considered...

…. an abs reveal?

Imagine if Chat ad Ladybug started being super aware of each other’s muscles because they always end up on top of each other or in super close quarters/tied together during fights. Now picture Adrien and Marinette ending on top of each other (maybe in gym class) and there’s a sudden realization

I know these abs


“Coup De Foudre”

 …Not exactly love at first sight but still a grand moment that would spark the beginning of something potentially beautiful and true…

Inspired by the infamous Umbrella scene from Miraculous Origins Part II.
You know the one *wink**wonk*

The completed version of the PLAKKI art that I teased earlier this week. Can’t call myself a full-fledged PLAKKI artist (or Cheesecake as all the hip-hopping youngsters call ‘em these days. Calling this ship PLAKKI makes me feel kinda old school. I need to get with the times) without doing a cutie kwami twosome version based off that particular scene. Not as doki doki as the original but still forever cute ♥

Never has an umbrella and a little rain shower been so significant.

In case you folks can’t tell (Cause my magical arting skills are wicked like that) this piece is completely lineless. I was originally going to include lineart in this piece with a little soft gradient shading but then at the last minute I decided to in a different direction and try something new with these two for a change. In the past, I’ve painted PLAKKI in digital watercolour or soft gradient shading or a nice obscure blend of the two. But this is my first time going completely lineless and the results are well…surprisingly nice.

I ♥ trying different ways to paint my art so my fanart of these two cuties are no exception.

While I’m not sure whether I’d actually attempt this style again for future Cheesecake art (probably; probably not; this surprisingly took me quite some time to finish paint so I’m not sure. However knowing me, I might challenge myself at it again); nonetheless I’m quite satisfied with the end results especially with the colours and how the rain turned out! So many rain droplets!  
And I pray for what it’s worth that all my peeps, peepettes, fellow miraculers and PLAKKI Cheesecake lovers, enjoy this piece as well. Enjoy the art m’friends and please, reblog it around. It will make me very happy if you do! ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

And if you enjoyed this piece, I’ve got more so feel free to check out my other Miraculous fanart too. Until next time, ciao for now peeps!

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)


The Making of “Coup De Foudre”

Hey all, squiggle meister, LittleMissSquiggles here!
Since this piece turned out to be a fandom favourite, I figured I’d share the process of how I painted it from my very first draft sketch of the concept to the finished painting before final adjustments.

I’d like to extend a warm and eternally grateful special thanks to EVERYONE who liked, reblogged and commented on this piece. I honestly was not expecting such a strong reception. The response for this art was off the charts and the highest I’ve ever received for any PLAKKI squiggle art that I’ve made since I first joined this fandom. 

I hope my future pieces continue to receive the same support ♥♥♥ .

So really, thank you sooo much everyone! Thank you for your support and thank you for sharing!

Hope you enjoy the process too. Have a Miraculous Saturday <3

For the finished art, check it out here and for more of my squiggle process/art walk-throughs, follow me on my Art Process blog.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)

anonymous asked:

prompt; marichat but chat knocks on her parents skylight by accident and then has to explain himself to mrs and mr dupaincheng

Thank you for the prompt anon! Unfortunately, we have a little problem here. Sabine and Tom’s bedroom doesn’t have a skylight, only Marinette’s does. But that doesn’t mean I can’t work around it hehe. Here we go! It is kind of short tho.

Chat Noir adored visiting Marinette. He loved that he got time to spend with her, playing video games, having pillow fights and more or less sleepovers together. And the food was certainly a bonus. So here was Chat Noir, coming with a bag of two big ice cream boxes and ready to marathon. It was Friday and Marinette mentioned she wants to see that new TV series Versailles because of the costumes. Adrien wants to watch it to make fun of the ugly mustaches. Opening the skylight, he jumps in before somersaulting off the bed and landing in the middle of Marinette’s room.

“Oh, bonsoir my princess! Are you ready for this fine evening of…. of… er… “ Chat stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed they weren’t alone in the room. Marinette’s parents were sitting on the chaise lounge while Marinette herself was sitting in her computer chair, looking rather mortified. Her face screamed panic, while her eyes screamed murder. Absently, Chat wondered if there was a recipe for fried cat in wine sauce. If not, Marinette was one step away from creating it. He gulped. Turning to her parents, who were still surprised, Adrien straightened his back.

“Monsieur and Madame Dupain-Cheng. Bonsoir!” Chat waved awkwardly. “I swear there is a good reason I’m sneaking off in your daughter’s bedroom at a late hour in the night without your knowledge.” Marinette turned to him with a look that screamed ‘SHUT UP’

The two adults exchanged a look, having more or less a mental conversation. Then they smiled at Chat. “You should come to dinner one of these days.” Sabine declared while she and Tom got up from their place. “I’m sure you can explain the… reasoning then.”

“Enjoy the whatever you are up to. We will send you some sweets.” Tom added as they opened the hatch door to climb down.

Marinette and Chat looked flabbergasted as the two adults disappeared from sight. They turned to each other when the door opened again and Sabine appeared. “Don’t forget you have a box of condoms in your closet, dear.”

“Maman!” Marinette exclaimed in pure horror, but she was already gone.

“Well, that went well.” Chat declared after a few moments of silence.

Marinette turned to him with a look that screamed murder. Chat gulped then pulled out one of the boxes. “I bought you truffle ice cream.”

Marinette narrowed her eyes, before grabbing the box out of his hands. “You are safe. For now.”

The tragic story of too much info about the sexual relationship of your best friends or why Alya will forever regret trying to kill Adrien

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @lunian !!!!!!! Remember when we talked about this? Well, I couldn’t resist writing it. I hope you’ll like it. Crack ahead. And if the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, this has some sexual references in it. Nothing happens, but many are said.


All the people who were still in the courtyard of the Collège Françoise Dupont run for the hills (or in this case, the school building) as Alya Césaire appeared and walked towards her best friend’s boyfriend with all the might of a storm.

“Dude, I think she means you.” Nino stage-whispered to his best friend as his girlfriend made a beeline towards them.

“But my middle name is Bartholomé.” Adrien argued.

Nino rolled his eyes. His best friend really needed to set his priorities straight. “That’s what worries you?”

Adrien gulped. “Burry me in a polka dotted coffin, please.”

Nino was under the impression he wasn’t kidding in the slightest. “Sure, if there is anything left to bury.”

“There won’t be!” Alya snarled as she lifted Adrien by the neck.

Well, this morning is certainly bound to be interesting, Nino thought.

One day, Marinette will be on time to school. One day. Today wasn’t that day. As Marinette speed walked through the school yard she couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining, birds were singing, Adrien was being strangled by Alya… wait a second.

“Alya!” Marinette shouted, rushing towards them. “Put him down.”

Her best friend was obviously not happy to have to delay her murder. Meanwhile, Nino considered if he should stop filming the whole thing. If Marinette was here, then maybe there won’t be need of proof for the police for a murder. Though, let’s be real, he would never turn his girlfriend in. He would have just posted the video on YouTube in his collection of An Infinity of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Piss Alya Off. If he was recalling correctly, this video would be number 2749.

“Alya, what is going on? Why are you strangling my boyfriend.” Marinette questioned crossing her arms, while Adrien was gasping for air on the ground.

“Marinette,“ Alya’s tone was regretful and the sad look in her eyes indicated something bad was coming. “I’m sorry to say this honey, but he is cheating on you.”

And in that moment, Marinette felt her whole world crashing down. “What?! With whom?”

Marinette was dying to hear that answer. Who? Did Adrien really cheat on her? Was it some rabid fangirl who jumped at his bones and Alya just got the wrong impression?

Alya sighed. “With Ladybug.”

Marinette blinked. “Damn.” both her and Adrien whispered maybe a little too loudly. Thus Adrien choked, cause he still didn’t regain his proper breathing.

“That’s… unexpected.” Marinette managed to say, trying to think of something plausible to get them out of this situation. She knew it was a bad idea to make out when only one of them was transformed. Damn Adrien and his filthy thirst for her spots. “It isn’t a problem, though, cause… um… this is… an… open… relationship.”

Oh well, not the worst excuse she could have had come with. Alya crossed her arms obviously expecting an explanation while Nino muttered a ‘dude’ under his breath. That’s when Adrien decided to be a supportive boyfriend.

“Yeah. Marinette has her fun times with Ladybug too,” he said, raising his index finger as if that would help him make a point while he was still laying on the ground.

Why is he like this? Marinette sighed internally.

Alya turned to Marinette with an expression that was a mix of shock and anger. “You are hooking up with Ladybug and you didn’t tell me?!”

Marinette glared down at Adrien, who looked sheepish. “Yeah. And don’t forget about Chat Noir.”

“Chat Noir?” both Alya and Nino screamed simultaneously.

“Yeah,” Marinette stated, looking at Adrien, who finally picked himself off the ground, with a mischievous look. “Why don’t you tell us about your escapades with Chat Noir, Adrien?”

Her boyfriend laughed nervously. “What escapade do you mean?”

Marinette smirked. “Well, you did tell me that Chat Noir found you wearing cute yet sexy Ladybug lingerie.”

At this point, Nino had to turn off his camera, unable to hold his phone anymore. “Dudeeeee.”

Alya, to everybody’s surprise, was silent until now. But there was as much as the shock could keep her from asking. "But what about Ladybug?”

“Oh, she thinks the same” Marinette replied calmly while analyzing her nails.

“No, no, I mean, I thought Chat only loves her.”

“Oh that… well, who can resist this model ass?” she asked rhetorically while slapping Adrien’s ass for emphasis. Nino nodded vigorously as well. Honestly, wasn’t it universal knowledge everybody loved Adrien’s ass?

Adrien glared at Marinette. Not for smacking his ass, mind you. He loved getting his ass smacked by her. But for making fun of his taste in lingerie. Well, if this is how she wanted to play, so be it then. “Of course. So if we are discussing this topic, why don’t you mention that time when Chat caught you wearing lingerie inspired by his outfit?”

’Well, don’t try hiding the fact that once you begged Ladybug to tie you with her yoyo.“ Marinette scoffed, trying to hide her blush. That had been an interesting night.

"I need a bucket,” Alya muttered, not sure what to think of her friends and her idol anymore.

“YOU CALLED CHAT NOIR’S DICK AS A BATON!” Adrien shouted louder than necessary, while blushing.

“I guess, I need one too” Nino said, wishing he will just forget everything that had been said so far. And from now on, because apparently Marinette and Adrien weren’t done.

“Remember when you told Chat Noir that you want a collar with a bell too?”

“Oh, really Marinette, should I remind you that one time when I walked on you and Ladybug and you were blindfolded?”

Nino glanced at Alya. “Are we kink shaming them now or later?”

“Then you asked us if you can be blindfolded instead and, I quote ‘used as your little sex toy’.” that had been a strange day. She had an urge to blindfold herself, Adrien came over unannounced and things escalated quickly and she discovered some new kinks of her boyfriend.

“I guess, if we die right here, right this second, they wouldn’t notice it.” Nino states, but Alya was unable to reply anymore, not sure what to make out of this whole conversation.

“You begged Chat Noir to slap you with his tail belt.” Adrien argued back, while his face was putting any ripe tomato to shame.



"I’m sure it totally does.”

Adrien scoffed, crossing his arms. “But you can deny they suit me.” he knew she liked them. She even said so that night. They had been a little tight, but she had made him a matching pair better fit for his height.

"Jesus, how many moments like this do they have?” Nino questioned, clearly shocked by how kinky his bro was. And he was sort of afraid fo the answer, if he had to be honest.

“What’s more important, why are we still listening to this mess?” it was Alya’s turn to ask questions that will never get answers. “I’m not even sure if I want to use this thing as blackmail or just erase it from my brain forever.”

“To be honest, it would be much better if Adrien really just cheated on Mari with Ladybug,” Nino said hesitantly, obviously scared of Alya’s reaction. “I mean, I wouldn’t have forgiven him if he ever did that, but at least, in that case, us, innocent bystanders wouldn’t have to be traumatized for life.”

Alya could only nod. Honestly, the mental picture fo Adrien in Ladybug themed lingerie left her with brain damage.

After what seemed like an eternity Adrien and Marinette finished their not so little argument, both huffing and as red in the face as the surface of Mars. Not that anybody would say that out loud, given how much of a nerd Adrien is, he would come with some science facts about the color of the surface of Mars.
“So yeah, we have an open relationship.” Marinette concluded, the two of them finally turning to their best friends.

“We got it after the reminder about Chat Noir, thank you.” Nino said, sarcastically.

“Now get outta of my sight, my poor brain had dealt enough with your kinks for now and forever.” Alya ordered waving her hand desperately while rubbing her temple with her free hand.

“Well, if you didn’t want to kill me, none of this would have happened.” Adrien said with a smug smirk.

Alya snarled. "Next time neither Marinette or even fucking Ladybug won’t stop me, Agreste.”

Adrien gulped. Marinette slapped him compassionately on the ass.

Marichat May Day 21: Akuma Marinette

Oh welp, this sucks, but whatever.

Chat suck in a breath as he watched the scene unfolding before his eyes.The many people caught in the akuma’s trance were quickly engulfed by flames and turned into soldiers kneeling down and swearing loyalty to her. So far he gathered she had mind control powers along with this trick of making a personal army.


He clenched his jaw. Where in the world was Ladybug? He had waited for her for half an hour now and it was driving him insane. She must have had seen n akuma was on the loose and a strong one at that. His tail twitches anxiously as he took another glance down. He couldn’t wait anymore. This was Marinette, he had to do something. He took a deep breath and jumped off the building, landing gracefully in the middle of the street. The many soldiers were ignoring him, not even looking in his direction. But the akuma stopped walking.

“Marinette.” he called, his voice echoing through the dead silent street.

He heard a snort. When she turned around, Chat bit his tongue to keep from gasping. She didn’t even have a mask on like other akumas. The only visible difference was that she was paler than usual. But that aside, one would never guess there was an akuma before them. Just Marinette in a beautiful red and golden dress.

“I have a title, Chat Noir. It is Princesse Phénix. Marinette is no longer here.”

Oh, I doubt that, Chat thought as he began walking towards her, slowly.

“Are you going to fight me?” the akuma asked, the red and black cape of her dress floating in the wind, making it look almost like she had wings. She was breathtaking, but he didn’t have time to write an ode to her beauty right now. She needed his help.

“I’m not here to fight you, Princess.” she raised an eyebrow as Chat got closer and made a curt bow. “I am here to declare my loyalty. After all, I was your first knight.” he got on one knee and bowed his head, hoping this plan will work. He tried to not tense up very much as she walked towards him, stopping only centimeters away.

“Stand up.”

He did as she ordered, not quite sure what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect the loving look. She cupped his face gently and began stroking his cheeks.

“Minou. My loyal kitten.”

There was a tenderness in her voice that surprised him even further. That was Marinette. Not Princesse Phénix. He needed to help her. His eyes scanned her fastly, trying to figure out where the akuma could be. Not the dress for sure. And she had no jewelry on, besides her signature earrings. Could those be? They didn’t look different at all. His eyes locked on the golden phoenix headpiece. More specifically, on a ribbon that had no place being there. He returned his gaze to her eyes, still glancing at him lovingly and he put on his best smile.

“Can this loyal kitty get a kiss, ma princesse?”

He tried to not get distracted when Marinette lips touched his. She tasted like vanilla and strawberries and he wondered for a second if that was the case when she wasn’t an akuma as well. But he didn’t have time for that. He wrapped his right arm around her waist, pulling her closer as he lifted his left to her hair, untying the ribbon as well as he could. She didn’t seem to notice, as she still kissed him. Bringing the ribbon behind her back, he broke the kiss.

“Chat?” she asked in pure confusion. He could have sworn it was as if the akuma effect wore off.

He snapped the ribbon open and to his surprise, a white butterfly flew out and a swarm of ladybugs engulfed Marinette, making her outfit and complexion return to normal before going along the street and turning everyone else back to normal. What in the world was that? How could this happen?


He glanced down to see Marinette frowning and looking around confused and even a little bit dizzy. She was back! He grasped her shoulders, making sure she won’t fall over. He gave her what could possibly be the biggest smile ever before pulling her into a tight hug.

“Welcome back, Marinette.”

You can blame @buginettedupaincheng for this

I know usually when there is a formal event in fics Marinete either wears a ladybug inspired dress or smt pink. I want her in a chat noir inspired dress with an updo imitating cat ears. Cat eye makeup. Dark red lipstick cause it slays. And a gorgeous af black dress. Also let’s say they are older so the dress can have a lowcut back and be a little tight and super elegant in a ‘I’m literally a princess now but I could pull a knife and cut your throat in the next second without spilling blood on my dress’ type of look. Everyone wants Marinette to walk on them they would thank her. In the stiletto heels she is wearing. Cause I have a headcanon Mari can run in heels (I know she is clumsy but still you can pry this headcanon out of my cold dead hands)

An akuma attacks. Marinette is one step away from exploding because Adrien was just about to ask her to dance. So she downright marches to the akuma kicks the akuma’s ass, take their object, breaks it, hits the butterfly with a plate resulting in nailing it to the table and repeatedly stabs it with a butter knife. Then she dusts off her hands and goes to Adrien smiling sweetly ‘so where were we? Alya was recording the whole thing she’s still shook to this day. So is everybody else. Adrien finally manages to ask her to a dance in between dying and fainting and almost asked her to marry him or step on him he’d be fine with either. Everybody is silent when they go on the dance floor. Mari glares at the orchestra to play some music. The dude in charge almost pisses his pants in fear and immediately starts playing. Cue romantic dance scene.

After the party Chat Noir goes to visit her and she shows off her chat noir inspired look and does a little twirl to show the whole look and he is hoping if he’s blushing that his mask is covering it (just barely) bc even though he fully knows Mari can kill a man she’s still so dang adorable. And Mari is super excited to show him her dress cause hey, it was inspired by him, she wanted a honest opinion. And she does this adorable little dance around and just looks at him with the big blue eyes sparkling when she waits for his opinion and Chat is close to die. He tells her she looks stunning and she’s so happy he likes it and does the Butt Wiggle™ and he just keeps dying

Tales of Miss Fortune (Part 5)

Welp, here we go pals. It is a lil bit meh. There is some dirty tak in the second aprt so caeful. Buuuut the next one will be fun, fun, fun. Here’s a hint: Someone gets drunk

First | Next

Adrien was pacing across his living room, sighing and groaning and running his hands through his hair. He was pretty close to make a hole in the floor. Which would have been unfortunate given he lives in a penthouse. He would probably come crashing through the roof of his downstair neighbors. Tho, last time he checked, the apartment downstairs wasn’t really in use, it was some sort of holiday residence of a foreign rich business man. All the better, if he makes a hole through the floor then he won’t bother anyone. At least his mind could be at ease with one thing. Cause sure as hell it wasn’t with the rest. Adrien continued pacing, his thoughts an entire mess.

Meanwhile, on the couch, Plagg was getting an eye twitch. He couldn’t even enjoy his delicious Camembert in piece, because Adrien was going through an early twenties crisis. Well, he was going through a crisis every week, but this was one of the over the top ones. Honestly, Plagg would probably be more indulgent if there was something important to worth get so worked up over. But no. Of course not. Adrien was getting worked up over the fact that his brain and his dick had diverging opinions.

“Kid.” Plagg called out.

Adrien, finally happy that someone acknowledged him, started pouring his heart out. “Oh my god, I can’t like her, I have morals, I’m a hero, I can’t just like a thief, but I do. I like her a lot and I even touched myself thinking of her… “

“Too much information, kid.”

“… and whenever I do that it is the best masturbation session ever even if I do it like twice a year. And it isn’t fair I’m not supposed to be attracted to her.”

“Kid, honestly… “

“Does it make me a bad guy and no longer a hero cause I’m attracted to her?”

“Kid!” Plagg flew in his face and slapped his nose. “Calm down. Seriously. There is nothing wrong being attracted to her. Honestly, what’s the worst thing that she had done?”

“Well, she stole the Mona Lisa and… “

Plagg scoffed. “Kid, please. I was alive then and I can tell you Leo hated that piece of junk. And the model herself got let expression than the ones you are working it. So don’t tell me this nonsense.”

“But she is a villain.” Adrien complained again, making Plag squeeze his cheeks.

“Kid, listen, no one cares. You are literally angry over your dick functioning properly. How do you humans say nowadays? Righ. You need to chill. So just go get to your room and take care of that nonsense and let me enjoy my cheese in peace.”

Adrien nodded and left the room. But five minutes later when he was laying down with his hand slipping down his pajama pants, it wasn’t Miss Fortune who appeared once he closed his eyes. It was Marinette. Adrien rolled over on his stomach and screamed in the pillow.

Fuck him.

Mornings were never good for anyone. They were especially not good when you were thrown across the floor of a small abandoned factory hall. It was a good thing he hadn’t gone to sleep at all last night, because Miss Fortune had an early start. She stole a sapphire necklace from a private collection, thus forcing him to chase her while the sun rose over the city of Paris. Actually, when put like that it sounded a bit romantic and he wondered if she did it on purpose. Knowing her, she probably did. Picking himself off the ground he attacked her again. And honestly, he had no idea how he managed, but he got a good enough grip to send her tumbling across the floor. He was ready to go for another offensive move and maybe manage to snatch the necklace. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her curling herself into a ball.

“Miss Fortune?” he called out. The only answer he got was a low whimper that it reminded him of a kicked puppy.

Oh no. Did he hurt her? They hadn’t been pulling their punches when they fought, not ever. But they had never injured each other seriously either. Chat walked towards her.

“Why are you so rough with me kitten?” she whispered when he was finally close enough to touch. Kneeling next to her, she turned her around to face him, careful not to hurt her even more.

Miss Fortune looked up at him with the most innocent gaze he had ever seen on her. He barely managed to hear her when she spoke next. “I thought you’d be gentle.”

Chat felt remorseful. He reached for her trying to help her in a sitting position. And just as he reached for her shoulder, she seized his hands. And that sweet, innocent look vanished as soon as it came. With a smirk, she whispered. “You look entirely vanilla.”

The next thing Chat Noir knew was that he was hoisted up on her shoulders before being thrown tumbling across the floor. He tried to get up, but she was faster. She came behind him, her thighs engulfing his, her chest pressed against his backside and her left hand holding the string of her yoyo as he wrapped it against his wrists. Her right hand reached for his hair, running her fingers through it, almost soothingly.

“So how is it, kitten?” she gripped his hair, forcing his head in such a position that exposed his neck. “Are you rough in bed?”

Chat hissed through his teeth as she dragged her tongue along his exposed skin at a torturous pace. Her voice was low, almost predatory and he liked it more than he should. “Talk with me, minou. Are you going to be rough with me? Push me on my stomach and pound me into the mattress? Or aren’t you even going to bother with a bed?” she giggled. “Will you just push me against a wall and just take me there? Or bend me over whatever flat surface you see first to make your job easier? Are you going to leave marks all over me? I love territory marking.”

As if to prove that, she sunk her teeth into the gentle skin of his neck just under his jaw, biting and sucking before licking it. Chat bit his tongue to keep from moaning. And suddenly, she changed her movements. Her grip on his hair lessened and returned to soft caresses while she was pressing soft kisses along his neck and jaw.

“Or will you be gentle like I aways imagined you being. Just lay me on a soft bed and show me with gentle kisses and affection. Whispering the sweetest things as you spoil me and make sure to not leave one patch of skin unkissed. Going down on me, eating me all night long as if I’m your favorite dessert and you just can’t get enough of me. Is this how you prefer it, chaton?”

Her lips moved upwards, setting against the shell of his ear, her tongue reaching out just for a small lick that sent shivers down his spine. And he never thought orders could be whispered seductively, and yet.

“Answer me.”

“Both. I’m flexible when it comes to it.” he choked out, unable to resist anymore. not when she was so close, showering him with attention and kisses. Not when he could smell her, such a sweet perfume that made his mouth water. He had limits.

Miss Fortune giggled against him. He could feel the vibration from her chest against his back. And to his surprise, she pushed the sapphire necklace in front of him. Settling his ponytail aside, she kissed the back of his neck.

“This is your reward for being such a good kitten. I like you when you are cooperative. You are such a sweet tame kitten when you want to. I’d like to see a little more of this from time to time. But until then.” she pressed a long kiss to his cheek. “Au revoir, mon amour.”

The next thing he knew was that his hands were free and the heat from her body disappeared. He let himself fall on all fours, breathing heavily. And even with her warmth gone, his face was still burning.

Such a good kitten.

Chat whimpered pathetically as he let himself fall against the floor. Why, why did she had to know how to press all his buttons?

Damn his bad luck.

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 1)

So this fic is inspired by @taulun‘s awesome AU. I hope you like it!

Also, this will totally have a sequel, I’m not letting it up in the air like this. 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4| Etc

Alya often described Marinette as ‘the most curious mermaid that ever swam in the Seven Seas’. Marinette had her own opinions about it, the main one being the fact that curious wasn’t such a bad thing to be, there were certainly worse qualities. But try telling that to Alya. Or Tikki, for the matter.

But if you would have lived almost 160 years old without seeing a human ever, you would have been wondering about it just as much. And while swimming so close to the surface during daylight wasn’t the most cautious move, the curiosity simply ate her alive. She didn’t want to see a human for the first time when she will have to kill him.

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