i slept through math class yesterday and today i foudn out it was cancelled yesterday. thank u weather for making my teacher sick and looking out for me 

Theory on Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy.

“Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy was one of Cartoon Network’s original programs created back in the late ’90s. It’s a pretty simple, wholesome show about three kids (all named some variation of Edward) who … really, they just spend a lot of time trying to scam the other kids on their block. They’re kind of assholes. OK, so maybe it’s not so wholesome.

The rest of the time they spend on other common teenager activities.
The Theory:
You know what else isn’t wholesome? Dead kids. This theory proposes that all the children on the show are actually dead, and the neighborhood they live in is purgatory. But then again, they said the same thing about Lost and it turned out to be bullshit (mostly).
Why It’s Not That Crazy:
For one thing, some of these kids already look like they’re dead: Pretty much everyone in this neighborhood has weird skin tones or odd-colored tongues, like corpses might have. More like Dead, Deadd and Dea- no? But then there’s the fact that there are no adults in the show: They’re mentioned, but never seen. You do see vague silhouettes of adults on a few occasions, but they never move (yeah, that’s not creepy or anything). The closest thing to an adult we ever see is Eddy’s older brother, whom they meet the only time in the entire show’s history when they leave their neighborhood/purgatory. However, the guy turns out to be a complete piece of shit, meaning that it’s totally feasible that they were simply visiting him in hell. He lives in the circle reserved for goatee sporters. This would also explain why the setting of the show is so hard to pinpoint: In one episode, the kids are seen using a typewriter, despite having been shown using a computer in another, and they seem to know what a cassette tape is, unlike most teens of the 2000s. The theory holds that this is because each one came from a different period in American history.
Rolf, the weird kid with the inexplicable Eastern European accent, died in the early 1900s in a farming accident. Johnny, the one whose best friend is a plank, comes from the 1920s, when owning a piece of wood with a face painted on it made you the most popular kid on the block. Jimmy, the sickly kid with yellowish skin, died of leukemia in the 2000s, and so on.
The theory also alleges that there’s one set of characters who aren’t dead, but not alive either. The antagonistic Kanker sisters, who frequently abuse and berate all the other kids on the show, are actually demons placed in purgatory to torture them. Coincidentally, they are the only regular characters who have pink tongues … just like non-dead people do.”


So I have these two Crystals with really pretty hexagonal structure. They are mostly black but when held against light you can see that it’s transparent and dark bluish green.

One is a big hexagon with appendages and the other forms an upside down pyramid/cup. Their shape is really awesome.(First one pictured twice from both sides; The pyramid is the same material) They are really small approx. as big as a fingertip.

I have no idea what they are and I looked everywhere and nothing seems to fit and then… I found this.

…(impure) Moissanite (picture from german wikipedia)

I got them literally for pennies in a mineral box. So it can’t be…since this stuff is really rare, but I have no idea what else it could be. I need to check out their hardness. If I can’t scratch them they probably are Moissanite because they have a Mohs hardness of 9.5 ( 2nd after Diamonds).

…. I think I can remember trying this and was a little confused of how it’s undamaged… so I guess it is? That would be really amazing. I need to make sure tho. They are at my parents place so I can’t check right now.

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I dare you to kiss + a-budding-dreemurr


Asriel grins and holds one of his ears gently, blushing softly “Well well well! I like this grey one!”

The teenage goat monster makes his way downstairs, seeing the other goat busy on the couch writing down in his ever-present notebook. He shouts “HEY BUD!“ before dashing over and jumping into the spot next to him.

“Don’t blame me for this, I literally have no choice!~” he says, grabbing the other boss monsters fluffy ears and pulling him into a smooch right on the lips.



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Since you and your friends (Sky, Gab, Zeb... Zek... Zep... KSGHAKSG) often go goofy around in marches, can I sometime ask you guy to help me with some testing, like "Can Charger splat someone that stays under its inking line but isn't aimed at?" ?

Marches? You mean matches right? (I’m still tired ahaha;;;)

Now for your question… the Charger needs a direct hit in order to splat their opponent. Therefore, if my opponent is under the laser of my Charger, then they’re not going to get hit. They’ll just get covered in my ink.

I could still try it out if you still don’t get it what I’m saying because I am still tired;;;