Key to avoiding pain in a SJM book

Only ship the main character with the brooding and mysterious tattooed stranger who gives also the main character tattoos.

Aeline IS Captain Jack Sparrow

@highladystarfall pointed this out in a post and I couldn’t stop laughing

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Yup, that’s definitely Aelin. And all the people that want her dead


The next time someone ask me why I prefer Rowan over Chaol I’ll just refer to the first time they saw Aelin’s scars. I mean Chaol just looked down at her and actually asked what she did to deserve those, like there was nothing wrong with that. While Rowan (even being the asshole he was back then) recognized that a girl that young shouldn’t go through that kind of stuff and was genuinely disturbed .

I know there are a lot of other reasons but this one… it’s just stuck in my head   

Heir of Fire page 356

Gods, she had no interest in him like that (HA), and she was certain he had no inclination to take her to his bed, either (HAHA). Maybe it wasn’t just from spending so much time in her Fae body (HAHAHA) that she still felt… Territorial (HAHAHAHA).

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Lorcan commission for @rowan-buzzard-whitethorn!!!!

It was a pleasure to stare at this hunk of a man for four hours as I painted. LOL.

Reminder that commissions are CLOSED. Will be opening again on sunday with new prices!!! They will be raised by about 10$ with additional terms and guidelines. Stay posted!