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NCAA March Madness game soured as Confederate flag is raised outside South Carolina arena

  • A group calling itself the South Carolina Secessionist Party erected a large Confederate flag next to the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina, where two games in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament were being played on Sunday.
  • The display — which was up from roughly 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. — added a sour note to the day’s festivities, which included a stunning upset victory by the University of South Carolina over the Duke.
  • Demonstrators saod they were waving the flag to show off their heritage and to protest the state’s failure to preserve the banner in a museum.
  • “It’s a piece of our heritage,” James Bessenger, chairman of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, told WYFF. “Twenty-five thousand South Carolinians died in defense of that flag, and 250,000 southerners.”
  • “It’s unfortunate, but it’s America,” South Carolina head coach Frank Martin said of the display after his game, according to USA Today.  Read more (3/20/17 1:42 PM)

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Ilvermorny Heacanon

Full out DUELS over March Madness. Teachers don’t even bother teaching and end up putting the games on the projector (because unlike Hogwarts, Ilvermorny lives and breathes on WIFI).

“I have Gonzaga going all the way!”
“Yeah well you’re a fucking idiot, Thunderbird. Duke all the way.”
*both students receive bat bogey hexes*
“Arizona is winning, you imbeciles.”

Love in Panem presents: March Madness - 

Once upon a time, Katniss touched a pair of stones while searching for the Deathly Hollows. She fell in a hole that took her to Middle Earth, where she met a gang of Leprechauns called the Irish Rovers. She discovered a Tardis and soon she was in Camelot, where she discovers an Aleph under a set of stairs…Let your imagination wander. Explore the craziness :). Lose yourself in translation, or in sirens - a crossover with Dr. Who or Disney, perhaps? Write, draw, vid, have tons of fun - share the craziness with us!

Any story type. Any pairing. The only guideline is that you flex your imagination!  Stories and contributions will post beginning on March 20th. And remember, if you can’t join us for this challenge, we have one for every month through the end of the year. You can check out our Monthly Challenge list here.

Join us in creating mad magic!

Six Sentence Sunday - Dandelion in Darkness

This is an excerpt from the short fic that I’m writing for @loveinpanem’s March Madness Challenge. I have something for @everlarkficexchange but that one is in rougher shape and not fit to share at the moment. Anyway, Dandelion in Darkness is a Hades/Persephone genderswap fic featuring Katniss!Hades and Peeta!Persephone. In fact, every single character is genderswapped with very few exceptions. I had to make some revisions to the original myth to make this one fit our favorite characters but, well, here goes! It might be a two part-er because brevity, as you know, is not my strong suit.


Katniss was invisible to mortals. She made sure of it. But she felt the eyes of another, studying her, as if etching her into clay or stone. In her eagerness to see Prim, she had largely ignored the presence of anyone else.  The shadow of Plutarch floated beside her, waiting patiently for the escort that would take him to Elysium and to his eternal peace.

Above the hillock, surveying his dominion, was Demetros. A giant of a god, with gold hair and pale skin that blazed in a way that Prim’s chariot did not, though they were both life incarnate. Hers was the power of pure energy, of origins and creations, of the sun that gave to all without discrimination. His was the power of living things - green, fecund, full of birth but also of the decay that fed life in an endless cycle of existence and non-existence.

He was a fastidious deity and took great pains to care for the kingdom that had been entrusted to him since the days of the Titanomachy. His dominion stretched from the deepest roots of the most ancient trees to the tips of eagle’s wings that soared beneath the foot of Olympus itself. Every creature that drew its sustenance from the vegetation of the earth was under his protection and it was his power that fueled life. He existed in necessary symbiosis with Katniss - for he was Life and she was Death and one could not exist without the other.

However, it was not Demetros who captivated her attention, but the youth that stood beside him. Demetros was famously jealous of his children and hid them even from the eyes of other gods so that Katniss did not recognize this young being at his side. And a god he was, and most certainly a son, for he possessed the same golden color, quivered with same power as Demetros, and carried the same powerful build. His eyes had stolen blue from Prim’s firmament and were of a color that was dazzling even from the distance where she stood.  He stared in her direction with none of the fear with which she was usually greeted, but with open curiosity, as if he could not fathom what exactly he was looking at.

But there was an impunity, even a challenge, to his now roving eyes. She fit her helmet more firmly on her head, which appeared to startle him. This was no surprise, for from his perspective, she would have simply vanished before his eyes. He scanned the place where she stood, and the company of people milling about the burial site. She was sure he was searching for her but he would not see her unless she willed it.

The shadow at her side shifted, catching her attention.

“What say you, seer?” Katniss asked impatiently. She continued to contemplate the young man, and resented even the smallest distraction from this pursuit.

“Fate, my queen,” he said in a voice that, to the ears of a mortal, would have sounded like nothing more than the beating of a sparrow’s wing.

“I have no time for riddles, human,” she snapped.

“Fate,” he repeated. “The Moirai have made their decision. Your fate is now tied to the world. Soon Winter will come and the living world will cry out in lamentation until Spring is restored.”

Katniss pursed her lips in displeasure. She took great pains to stay out of the affairs of humans, exercising her dominion in her own kingdom and excusing herself from the happenings of the Capitol. She cared very little for the petty jealousies, affairs and vendettas of her fellow deities.

“You’re mistaken, old man. I have nothing to do with these things you call Spring and Winter. Death has softened your mind.” She made herself visible to Prim, nodding towards her sister, who looked at her with a longing that made Katniss’s cold heart glow warm and aching. Katniss desired only the solitude of her kingdom, to be insulated from such unfamiliar and powerful sensations. She withdrew from the now dispersed company but not before she cast a last glance at the young man, who scanned the horizon beyond her. Katniss had a fleeting thought, that she had not seen such beauty since the dawn of her existence.

Resolutely she turned on her heel and led the shade back to her chariot where they would escape with all haste back to her dark kingdom, to the safety of a world without shining gods. 

We All Get Lost Sometimes (You Know?)

Sometimes our best friends know us better than ourselves.
Sometimes our best friends want us more than anybody else.

{taehyung x reader}

{words: 1616}

{genre: slight angst and fluff}

(a/n: This work is part of my March Madness series! As March marks my one year anniversary of this blog, I wanted to do something special. Therefore, throughout the month, I will be posting one scenario (of varying genres and subjects) about each member. All stories will be gender neutral, so everyone can enjoy them. Once again, thank you all for your support and friendship. I hope I can write for you all for a long time - binx) 

“Y/n!” The loud voice snapped you out of your thoughts. Taehyung, your best friend, was watching you intently. You had to will yourself not to blush, as you always did when he looked at you longer than a glance or accidentally brushed your hands whilst walking beside each other. “Didn’t you hear me talking to you?”

You tugged on your sleeves, debating telling him what you were going through. You quickly pushed that thought from your mind. He had his own negativity to deal with; he didn’t need your hurt on top of his.

“No, sorry. Say it again?” you pleaded. The boy leaned back in his chair, scrutinizing you.

“Something’s wrong. What is it, doll?” At the nickname, your heart gave a leap, but it was only momentary. He didn’t mean anything by it, of course. He was just being his usual sweet self. Nothing to hope for, you reminded yourself. You weren’t feeling very hopeful anyways, as the cruel words you had heard about yourself resurfaced, pounding in your mind like a headache.

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