Book Three is “Down by the River” by Edna O’Brien. This was a disturbing and difficult book to read. Set in Ireland, it tells a dark story of incest. Mary becomes pregnant with her father’s child and her tragedy is dragged into the public eye of the community and then the courts. Not the most uplifting subject to read while on vacation!

The Covers This was more interesting that I anticipated. The current cover used an image of a river, but I hoped to convey the story through the girl. I quickly found a series of wonderful photographs by Margaret Durow that I felt illustrated Mary’s situation. Her work can be found at Cover one fragments the photo with a cross image, illustrating the condemnation by the church of Mary. I felt Margaret’s image for Cover Two illustrated Mary’s pain as she twists in the water. The image for cover six is by Rosanna Salonia. When I saw this image, I could feel the girls isolation. I used typography to frame her, because she is trapped in her situation. Rosanna’s work can be seen at The other photos are my own.