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_George Harrison; United States/Estados Unidos; California/Califórnia; Long Beach; United States Grand Prix West/Grande Prêmio do Oeste dos Estados Unidos; 1978.


_Photo/Foto: Larry Roberts.

_Source/Fonte: Beatle Photo Blog.

so i just used the website fotoforensics (mentioned in a post i reblogged earlier) to analyse some ‘larry kisses’ and also some pictures of briana/louis.

i used ELA on this picture, or error level analysis. the edges and surfaces are consistent and no particular object stands out, meaning there have been no major changes. the only thing about this photo is that the ELA shows a few small blue spots, meaning it may have been saved using a program like adobe photoshop, gimp, or lightroom, however there are no other signs of editing they may have just used that program to filter it to black and white and save it. basically it seems like this one is real. HOWEVER the image quality is very bad which makes analysing it trickier.

i’m not sure if they’re actually kissing in this one but as far as i can tell it hasn’t been edited.

again, this one looks original to me!

i was pretty sure this was photoshop when i found it (i don’t think anyone really thinks it’s real) but i wanted to show what it looks like if it HAS been edited. cause all the alleged ones looked real. notice that the outline of harry is much lighter. he stands out a lot, implying that he was added into the picture.

now let’s look at the ELA for THIS photo.

like the first photo, it mostly looks normal– except it has plenty of blue patches, suggesting that it was saved with an editing program. like i said before, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but it could.

this one i’m not really sure about– the main things were that even though it’s very light in the picture the ELA is VERY dark which means it’s been saved many times (this doesn’t necessarily mean anything but it is a sign that would probably be there if it had been edited) and there are random changes in surfaces. for example on the wall behind her, even though in the picture there is no noticeable change, the color in the ela is different. it’s the same on her left leg. this MIGHT mean they edited her body shape. it’s very hard to tell on this, though. these could also be blue patches from photoshop?

that’s all! i’m really new to this so i hope i didn’t get it completely wrong… i referred to the tutorial many times so i don’t think i analysed too badly. i may have though, so this isn’t really conclusive. i hope you find this interesting.

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Mi novio últimamente cada que me enojo con el me manda fotos Larry así no se puede es alto forro del orto

@ novio del anon turn on your location! Qué tierno tho 😂❤️


ta uma bosta pq eu tenho um serio problema pra achar foto larry, tipo eu nunca acho quando to procurando agr que ja contei meu drama pra vcs da like se pegar