reason i love the lucifer fandom number 4975: after being here for over a year, i can’t recall seeing a single post of ship hate.

it’s honestly getting a bit strange at this point. like, where are all the angry anti-deckerstar/laze/mazifer/etc bloggers? where are the 13 year olds writing essays on why it is Inherently Problematic to ship two (adult, unabusive) fictional characters? are we decent adults who have moved past that stage of our lives, or do we all just lack enough attention span to engage in ship warring? either way i love you guys

sg writers: make j'onn say he can read minds so he already knew alex is gay
sg writers, in the very same episode: make j'onn Forget about his ability to read minds therefore unaware that lena is just a soft gay with a lot of feelings for kara danvers who doesn’t want to have anything to do with her mother


———–— BTS ( Express “Spring Day” through your body ) ~ Wallpapers

J-Hope :  I’m the “Spring Day” itself! I’m the warm spring guy, J-HOPE. You should admit it.

V :  V is expressing through a flower cup. 

Jimin :  It shows freedom and stability.

Jin :  It’s a cherry blossom. Please insert computer graphics here.

Jungkook :   Maknae is also expressing cherry blossoms blowing in the wind! I’m looking for members who’ll join me in spring picnic!!

Suga :  When you say spring, there’s spring fever… Zzz

Rap Monster :  Though he is an innocent boy who wants to express a sprout, that thing won’t just stand alone…

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