The Littlest Lead Jammer

Princess Madd-Dogg of the Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby is your lead jammer. At 4 ½, she may be the youngest lead jammer in modern roller derby history.

TCJRD performed as halftime entertainment for the TC Terrors. As you may guess, the crowd went nuts.

Photo by: Fotodog

Submitted By: Fotodog

I love this! I remember watching them during the pre-show at an MNRG bout a couple months ago, and It was the most amazing thing!
Thanks for submitting!

Exuro, from Insprhye Performance entered this photo from our fall photo shoot in the Trick Concepts 2011 Photo Contest and we won 1st prize. 

I’m really excited. First, it just brought back the memories of a wonderful day of photography with my new friends and second, there were a lot of amazing photos entered in the contest and we brought home the prize.

This photo was the idea of Exuro and we were able to fight the overcast skies and chilling Minnesota winds to capture this fun, dynamic window.

A larger selection of images can be seen HERE

I rarely capture a skater when their down. This is one time I broke my own rule.

I captured this downed Des Moines Derby Brat during their bout against TCJRD earlier this spring. I debated whether to post it, but the anonymity of the skater makes it easier for me.

Roller derby is a fantastic sport, but is a beat-em-up and bang-em-up sport and unfortunately, there are injuries. Fortunately for this skater, it was a simple bruise on the top of her knee and she was able to rejoin the bout.

Peace and Love,

Juliette Lewis at Station 4 shortly after releasing her Terra Incogneta album.

It was 100 degrees with 90% humidity, but Juliette and her band rocked it out for everyone who braved the blistering August day.

Can’t wait to see her again (hint hint)


Took 30 years to get the guts to do a well fashioned mohawk and what better reason than my last official bout with the North Star Roller Girls.
Don’t worry, I still be around supporting roller derby as the official photographer for Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby and the media director for the Junior Roller Derby Association.
Long live Roller Derby!

Fun with Adobe Illustrator.

Playing with blending techniques and workflow.

Have An Ice Day!  - a saying that I used to say when I was kid when I was a carry-out boy at Cameron’s Super Valu. Carrying out groceries between air conditioning and 100 degree heat during these fun summer days.

I guess sarcasm and wit starts young.