So proud of you guys. Keep on Troopin. Keep pushing, keep fighting. Bring us back! We’ve come back before and we SURE AS HELL can do it again. All the way to Indiana.

First track released off of Sinclair’s upcoming album M.F.C.T. Feat. An0maly. This song was produced/mixed/mastered by Timothy “TD” Williams (Septembers1st). All Lyrics Written By Dylan Sinclair & An0maly. Follow us on twitter @Dylan_Sinclair @An0malyisill @Septembers1st Big shout out to An0maly & TD. #MFCT.

VERSE 1 (Sinclair)

Ight listen like i grabbed the mic
why you mad bitch these here are just mic & ikes
like the life, wanna try? get addicted?
take to many xanax by poppin my whole prescription
pot smoking, you an open pot to piss in.
focus like the lenz that im using to take a picture
of me chugging on the lista-rine to clean the blisters.
shit i shouldnt of kissed her but CLAIR'ly im a SINner.
starring at the ceiling. like wtf am i kneeling for
adderol & alcohol i wonder why im paranoid.
my psycho-active been wacker what does it matter
ima cracker wita pattern of snappin just like a snapper
back to the crapper u rappers to pinch a turtle
have her whipe my fuckin ass & check to see if its furtle
come hurry n scurry. u shouldnt worry if your kitty kittens dirty
you better not try to lure me cuz
ill deter this intercourse like an emergency
perminatly mark her fucking pussy with a..
I meant sharpie but harvey can hardly hardy har har Mr. Marty im barfing from all this partying so
why you starting? u probably shouldn’t of started me, its hard to be a part of this thing they call community
when usually its just a usless scheme to make these people think,
and if you skimmin my lyrics you dont know what i mean.

I mean alot of shits been fucking up
like a truck with the stick stuck
i mix stuff into the blunt so i get lifted up
i chug
fuck sippin shit dont even get me buzzed
now im drunk sending threats to this bitch i used to fuck
shit i musta feel in love
cupid hit me from above
stupid is as stupid does
i was stupider then dumb
off to jupiter from one
maybe 6 hits on the toung
Shell be backstab me but i deserve it though
heard of hoes spilling my secrets that i dont even know?
(Like wtf man. you talkin all that bullshit you dont know me bitch)
you think you know me hoe read my shit
you dont know a fucking thing
Dylans just a mental kid
so what up bitch
i fuckin popped a pill
modern day feelings man is something i dont wanna feel

HOOK (Sinclair & An0maly)

How you gonna say you know me
when i dont even know myself

Im drifting in & out of different paradox’s
remembering whats been forgotten
then blacking out of my consciousness

How you gonna say you know me when i don’t even know myself
i dont know myself
no i dont know myself so why you tryna go & steal my health
i dont need know help.

VERSE 2 (An0maly)

Sometimes you gotta go low to feel pleasure
But I’m so low I feel weathered
Weather be so cold, I feel stretchers
Before you kill my dream, can i go to bed first
And I don’t need to go forever
I just need to go until people know that I’m dope forever
I’m sick of being judged on all these social networks
It’s hard to keep flying with all these broken feathers
It sucks I gotta add technology
To the list of shit I keep bottled inside of me
Were you there when my parents broke up
To protect me from being mistreated when I was so young?
If the answer is no, son
Get the fuck up out of my way before I go numb
If you wanna walk a minute in my shoes, then you must be a little bit confused
I don’t got no love