fotm: kane

I don’t get these people to be quiet honest with you. Pat has been proven innocent for over a year and a half, but there’s still assholes calling him a rapist. You’re not a rapist if you did not actually force sex upon the other person. His DNA was not found on her underwear or inside of her. Oh, and let’s not forget about how she tweeted about wanted to get money right before she deleted her account, and went to the bar Kane was at. She texted him for a while during the case asking for $3 million. Her mom made up the whole rape case being at her door. Fun fact her friend said that her story wasn’t even close to being true. If you don’t like him then don’t talk about him. If you don’t want to see crap about him then don’t actively look for it. If one of your teams player got accused of rape I want to see how you would react to that because I’m pretty sure you would be doing this to them over a year and a half later. Pat’s fans will stay by him. The only reason the DA never charged her with anything was because Pat didn’t want to, and because they were afraid it would make girls who had real reports afraid to come out. I got to meet Pat a few times, and he’s actually a really nice guy. I don’t believe he has it in him to degrade women like like that because he’s very protective over his sisters, and values women.