Return of the Amazon Queen

The original name of the game was “Return of the Amazon Queen” because it was meant to feel like part of a serial and also the plot would feature the return of an actual Amazon Queen. But it was pretty obviously going to be to confusing for people so we changed it to “Flight” VERY early on.

These are some of the first test rooms I did when I was trying to work out how the hell you made something like a LucasArts point and click adventure. Also I had to do the art in 32 colors on the Amiga so that also presented some interesting challenges. Also, also backgrounds and environments were never my strong point so that was another huge challenge to learn.

In the images you can see the sprites that would be overlayed so that characters could move in and about the screen. Sprites had a “hotspot” set at their ground level and were sorted based on lowest on screen being equal to closet to the “camera”. So if you placed them right you’d get depth “for free”. It worked even better later when we added character scaling and dynamic tinting (to simulate lighting).

Top Image. I animated this gif using the sprites for this first test version of the map screen.

None of these prototypes made it through to the final game “as is” but if you’ve played it you can see some of the screens they inspired.