Fotamecus: A Time Experiment

Fotamecus: A Time Experiment

Fotamecus is a bit of an icon among the chaos magicians of the internet. [1] He was one of the first sigils that went on to become a servitor, and then later an egregore. [2] He was created with the intention of compressing or expanding time. His name itself is a mantric sigil- fo-tuh-meh-kus.

Fotamecus was created in 1996 in the United States by‘s Fenwick Rysen, and…

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“The film is an experiment. It is about modern day magick which has given birth to a new strain of practice called ‘Chaos Magick’. Instead of making a rather tedious documentary from the outside we decided instead to make a film with the magickians. It will record the casting of a spell through the creation of a ‘sigil’, a magickal image endowed with power. This spell is about time, an attempt by the magickians to construct a tool with which our subjective perception of time can be altered. The focus on FOTAMECUS is because this name is already used by Chaos Magicians across the world in attempts to alter their subjective perceptions of time. This project will provide a unique insight into an activity shrouded in secrecy and which is attracting larger and larger numbers of practitioners. On one estimate there were thought to be over 250,000 practicing witches or magicians in this country.”

I also found a trailer.