They were lying together in bed like they did most nights now.  She’d explained their whole situation to Adam by this point and he understood and, still a bit hesitantly, let her go sleep over with Holden most nights.  And so there they were, so much more comfortable and familiar with each other now than the first night she remembered both of them being stiff and unsure, but now they fit together perfectly and he held her and she curled up to his side and- it was just everything she could ask for and everything she was so afraid to lose.  Because she loved him- and she wasn’t really sure in what way yet.  She didn’t think she was in love with him, but that didn’t mean she could love him in a different way.  Even if it was confusing.  And then she thought back to weeks before when she’d talked to Jace in that stupid grocery store and she’d shouted feelings she didn’t even know she had…  Sex?  Holden was attractive- more than that he could even be hot at times without really understanding it even though Emma knew plenty of other girls did too.  And on top of it- there was this hope…  Because Emma never thought anyone would want to be intimate with her in that way due to the scars that were sketched into so much of her pale skin.  But Holden wasn’t afraid of her and he didn’t think they were disgusting.  “Hey Holden?…” she whispered, knowing he was still awake because his breathing hadn’t really steadied the way she learned it did when he fell asleep, “I uh- I was just wondering if you’ve ever had sex before…” she muttered, knowing the question was out of nowhere, and personal and her cheeks heated up a bit as she curled a little closer into his chest.

another large step towards the future → teresa & jace

As the days went on and the weeks passed by, left Teresa’s mind somehow became distracted with her sudden trip with Jace. It was an spontaneous moment and decision in her life. Eventually, finding where both of them wanted to spend some time by each other. Though, it wasn’t like they both left the state. They still traveled a bit out of their surroundings towards a upper part of California. Grover Beach. For a smaller town, it was beautiful. With some of the richest views and beaches. It might’ve not been as extreme as some things they did when they were younger. But, it was a step somewhat towards their spontaneous moments and memories. The bright side of the trip was it turned out successful. Possibly, the reason because both of them spent every waking minute with each other those days. It was just those smaller and intimate moments. Mostly, the cuddling. She somehow grew to love the thought of cuddling. Was an strange coincidence? Of course, it was obvious statement on why. How small moments just like ones that were spent minus the cuddling were important as well. It was a catching up session on those years that were join. Thinking about it again, it felt like nothing happened. But, her thoughts and plan by the time she turned thirty one quickly came back to her mind. The one thing she always wanted to do was… move into her first house. Most people achieved that earlier in their time and age, but after the trip, she felt like it was the right time for herself.

Without a doubt, she knew that she needed to have Jace by her side. Like, the male became a good luck charm to the women. She hoped that he wouldn’t be bored with the fact on house hunting with her on this Friday. Teresa told the President that she would be taking some personal time out again. Of course, the male managed to get the words out of her on what was happening. For someone in such a high position, a bit highers than hers. He informed the women on one of the best real estate agency in apart of their company, who he found places from. So, now they were all here with each other. Standing in front one of the house options the female agent had for her. She somehow put a standard on what she wanted, but she hoped she wasn’t sounding rather needy. Neither did she want to come off like that to Jace. She didn’t care too much about material things. But, she pushed off on this purchase for some time and it eventually needed to happen. A smile spread across her face, glancing over at the male before her eyes once again went back to the place. The nerves now kicking on if she wasn’t able to find the right place. She dragged out Jace, when clearly he could’ve been doing something more productive with his time. Oh man, the thoughts that started to race through her mind. It was too soon to be worrying and doubting yourself already, Teresa. Just take some deep breathes before you enter into the house. Everything will be okay. You’ll find the right place for yourself.

A few words were exchanged from the real estate as she started approaching her way towards the house. The women stuffed her hands in the pockets of her dress, heartbeating. Her eyes traveled around to see the large space. It wasn’t bad so far. Exactly what she wanted and in the same neighborhood as she requested. Stepping away from the main entrance of the house, the real estate women said some words about the house in everything while they walked through the dining room, family room, kitchen. A soft smile spread across her face, when the real estate lady once again glanced over at her. Eventually, ten minutes later, the whole first floor of the house was looked at and they started making their way towards upstairs. For some reason, the vibe for this house wasn’t something that she felt comfortable in. It was a beautiful home and everything. It just felt like something was missing for her. Something that didn’t feel like Teresa. Or maybe it could’ve just been her nerves, that’s why this house wasn’t a pleasant experience. All though her thoughts over this place confused, they scanned over the rooms. Her hands stuffed in her pockets still, nodding her head at few words from the other women. Mentioning how she was going to leave her to be to think. Teresa turned around to face Jace, her eyes widening. “I’m so sorry that I dragged you out here. You might possibly get annoyed with me today. I.. I just don’t see myself in this place. Or maybe it’s my nerves getting to me. I don’t know, Jace.” She stated, green eyes glancing up at him. As frustration spread across her face. 

Seeing Double | closed rp with fosterxmisfits

When Eryn headed into work that day, she thought it was going to be like every other day. However, she should’ve realized it wasn’t going to be like every other day the moment she stepped through the lobby to get to the elevator, the guard at the door staring at her in surprise. Ignoring it, she pressed the up button, ready to tackle whatever case she was working.

As she got off the elevator and headed to her desk, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her newest partner, Deputy Brewer, staring at her in shock, and then looking over at someone else. Frowning, she marched over, but before she could ask what was wrong, she froze again, her jaw dropping. 

She cleared her throat, straightening as she struggled to regain her composure. The woman in front of her, looked exactly like her! Minus the scars on her hands. “W-who are you?” She asked, swallowing and forcing a smile. {What the hell is going on?}

In Your Arms AU


Pearl had been in her room for hours.  Crying.  There wasn’t much else she could do at the moment.  Things were just starting to go right for Pearl: she had friends, her grades were rising, she’d gotten a good job and she’d found someone she loved- something she never thought she’d do.  Of course that meant her father had decided they needed to move away.  Her happiness wasn’t actually the reason for their moving- there was some kind of new medicine program on the east coast that her father was going to be a part of.  But that meant that everything she’d come to find…  Everything that made her happy was something she had to leave.  And so she cried and cried, unsure of what to do with herself.  After a while she realized all she wanted was Kris.  At that moment there wasn’t a thing in the world she wanted more.  

And so she snuck out and drove her car down to Kris’ house, trying her best to clean up her tear stained cheeks, mostly to no avail.  She got to the door and opened it with the key he’d given her, afterwards holding it close to her chest as she tiptoed to his room.  When she finally got there she opened the door just slightly, whispering into the darkness, “K-Kris?  Kris, it’s Pearl…  Are-…Are you awake?” her voice cracked slightly, hoping she hadn’t woken him up.

With Teresa being out of town for few days for conferences, Josephine was held responsible of watching her younger sisters place. Entering into the younger girl’s face, she noticed on how Teresa started packing up her belongings for her new place. Josephine remembered when she was in the same place with her, uh, husband. The status of both of them became confusing over the past few months. They went to counseling, but was it going to work out in the end? They were trying for the twins. With house sitting for her sister, Josephine had no other choice to bring the kids with her. Thinking and finding someone to watch the kids, knowing that her mother and father would be on board on the situation, but she knew they needed time away from them. So, Brookelyn and Christian were at Auntie’s Teresa house. This was like their second houses, always excited to come and spend the night here. Possibly the reason because it wasn’t a home but a beautiful, luxury apartment. Both of them were so used to spending time over here, little before they knew, she would be moving out. Knowing that it was going to be a challenge to carry two twins down flight of stairs, when they were both half asleep. Josephine decided to bring their belongings with them, to spend the night. 

Tucking them away in Teresa’s extra guest bedroom, that was reserved for the twins, when they spent time over here. Josephine’s spent the last few minutes staring at her children asleep, by the doorway. She had to eventually pull herself away from looking at them. How quickly things passed by in ones life. As Josephine quickly walked in the hallway to the family room. Her women’s green eyes scanned over to a box full of pictures that Teresa was eventually bound to pack, the top picture was of herself with Jace. The smile spread across her weary face, seeing how no matter what could happen in life. Things can be worked out. Her sister was one of the few people in the world, that always remained positive and saw the brighter side to every situation. If only Josephine, could take all the wise advice that the other exchanged. Her eyes eventually pulled away from the pictures. Everyone deserved happiness. As much as Josephine was heartbroken over their break up decade ago, she felt like she forced Teresa to go out. But, Teresa would was always different than Josephine and Alex. She was the strongest person in the world. A true inspiration. Her eyes fell down to her left hand, exchanging a deep sigh, noticing as the female still wore her wedding ring. It was a part of her, the other couldn’t pull away. Understanding Teresa and Jace, years later. She remained studying her wedding ring till a knock on the door, brought her back to life. Her brows furrowed softly, making her way slowly to the door. Peaking through the door hole, on the other side Josephine witnessed, Jace. She hadn’t had an encounter with him since they recently got back to together. Figuring he was here to see Teresa and possibly forgot she went out of town. Unlocking the unlocks provided on the door, she stepped aside and looked at Jace. “Hi, Jace. What has it been? Oh, who cares. Lets not let the past define the future.” She spoke, a delicate smile on her face. The words she just said, stung her, knowing she wasn’t the exact way with her ‘husband’.


Helena folded her arms over her chest, wiping tears from her eyes as she walked up to Kellin’s door. Fishing around in her purse for the key, she quietly unlocked the front door, stepping in as silently as she could, keeping her head down as she softly shut the door behind her. “Kellin?” she called out, half-hoping that he wasn’t home to hear her broken whispers. “Kellin, it’s me. Helena. Are you here/”

“Will you stop smiling at me like that? It’s creepy.” Melinda responded with her brown eye widening, as eyes focused around in the room both of them were in to avoid his gaze. Smiles that always were always a killer for the young female. It reminded her too much of creepy Lifetime films that she would watch on weekends with her mother.