Foster The People discuss 'angry' second album

Foster The People’s Mark Foster has discussed the band’s second album, ‘Supermodel’, saying he was “angry” when he wrote it.

Speaking inside this week’s NME, which is on newsstands or available digitally now, Foster said: “I look back at some songs now and think, 'Wow, I was really angry when I wrote that!’”

Foster also explains that the lyrics for the record were written after all the music was finished. “It’s like a time capsule of thoughts and ideas and the things I was struggling with at the time,” he commented. He added that the record “retains the identity” of the group from their first LP. “There are songs that act as a bridge that fans of the first record will grab onto, but also songs that show a side that wasn’t there at all,” says Foster. 

The album was recorded with producer Paul Epworth in a riad studio in Morocco as well as in Los Angeles and follows the band’s debut 'Torches’, which was released in 2011. In terms of lyrical themes on the record, Foster previously explained to NME: “One of the biggest themes is consumerism and the ugly side of capitalism”.


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Foster the People: 'Supermodel is about addiction'

Foster the People frontman Mark Foster has said that parts of new album Supermodel are inspired by addiction, consumption and being alone in the face of adversity.

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Speaking to Gigwise, Foster said that whereas debut album Torches was more of a ‘balloon that would take the listener away’, follow up Supermodel is much more of an 'anchor’. As such he describes it as being harder to write as it was a more honest record, inspired by travelling and the inner demons that it opened up in him.

“I think this record is pretty vulnerable,” says Foster. “ It was a hard record to make, lyrically for me, some of the things where I was at with my life. I guess coming out of Torches and coming off that pilgrimage of traveliing, I was really confronting some demons that I hadn’t really confronted before." 

Moving onto discuss song 'Goats In Trees’ specifically, Foster says that he drew inspiration from his own addiction and struggles. He says the song was inspired by seeing goats who climb trees to eat nuts in Morocco and while it was simply a working title for the track it took on a new meaning for them as they recorded Supermodel.

"That song [Goats in Trees] is really about being alone in the face of a huge enemy and about addiction and being consumed by something I was consuming.”

“For me it’s just like the paradoxical nature of the universe and how like an addict, how does that happen? It happens on small scales and it happens on big scales.”