Fosterswarm update!

Tirion and Jaina are out of the woods, both are now healthy and active (and Tirion’s eyes are now free of infection and he doesn’t gurgle and whistle when he tries to breathe anymore). 

And so, here’s a photo update of the lot! With an extra photo of Tirion chewing on my finger. Since I spent over a week feeding him formula with an oral syringe, he now thinks he can get milk out of anything long and thin. Liadrin and Tyrande are chunky lumps of fur and Arthas is…. Arthas. He’s from a different litter, which is why he looks so different from the others. It doesn’t show too well in the photo, but his black coat is frosted with silver. I hope he keeps it, it’s very pretty. 


Caught while eating so you can see the size differential between say Louise and Thelma. But look how SHINY Clyde has gotten! No more poor scrawny malnourished kittonz. (Go go Simply Nourish grain-free…) 

Bonnie has put on a lot of weight although she’s still kind of a petite, bug-eyed puffball. She now gives Thelma what for despite being smaller. Clyde is still a well-meaning goomba. Thelma has actually calmed down (towards me anyway) and enjoys being petted and brushed in addition to terrorizing her siblings. And Louise is still a tiny meep-thing who would rather sit on my shoulders or back and stay out of the way for the most part. I managed to avoid her sticking her nose up mine today, however. 



Not great, but better. These guys are, well, kittens, and squirmy and like to get way too close to the camera and move around and generally make my life hard. Plus I’m no pro photographer so. 

Louise doesn’t even look like a real kitten. She looks like a perfect little toy kitten or possibly a cartoon. She also has to be attached to me at ALL TIMES, crying the whole time, and/or trying to shove her nose into my various cranial orifices. Yes, she has tried to shove her muzzle up my nose. Several times. 

Thelma is by -far- the biggest and most mature of the group. She’s also the least interested in attention, although I can’t count the number of times I’ve turned my head and looked and found her sitting there on the futon next to me with her head cocked. Watching. Thinking. I managed to get a decent shot of her side so you can see her lovely spotted markings.

I can now tell Clyde and Bonnie apart. Clyde’s head is half ears, about, and he has a longer face and sleeker coat. He also has white armpit hair and what I swear to god are ‘white tighty-whities’. He’s almost as big as Thelma, but is behind her in the dominance hierarchy. He also purrs almost constantly.

And finally Bonnie… who also looks rather like a 'toy kitten’… so small and round and perfect. And fuzzy. Dear god is she a wooly ball; she has the longest and thickest coat out of the whole litter and is already sporting toe-tufts. She’s almost as pushy as Louise about having to be attached to me at all times, but she’s a bit more of a lady about it and not nearly so noisy.

Everyone is coming along well. They’re still kind of bony around the spine/hips/ribs, but they have nice round bellies now and I mean, I’ve only had them for four and a half days. Also as far as I can tell, aside from some soft stool (not really diarrhea), all signs of sickness have vanished without trace… and I blame the poop issues on a) kittens and b) their recent change in food quality/quantity. It should clear up on its own. I’ve been giving them lysine chews to help ward off returns of any URI… Bonnie is mad about them and will literally bite your fingers if you don’t hand over the damn chew toot sweet. And she’ll steal them from her siblings. I have to really watch her because I don’t want her to get too much of the lysine. You wouldn’t think such an adorable, tiny little puffball would be such a food rager. XD (She also tends to do ¾ body belly-flops into the milk dish too…)

Fosterswarm update~

The kittens have been taken to the vet, and it turns out, they’re not actually very sick, which just validates me all the more that they shouldn'tve been euthanized. They have an upper respiratory infection (sorta kinda not very much) and a few of them have conjunctivitis; I have meds for all and they should be hale, healthy, and noncontagious in two weeks.

I’m also starting to see personalities. Louise is far and above the most friendly and extroverted. If I’m not actively holding her, she will cry and climb my leg to get into my lap (whether or not I’m wearing pants; she’ll just climb right up my shin… my poor, burgered shin…). Bonnie is also very much interested in sitting on me as much as possible, although she’s quieter about it. Clyde likes to think he’s an Adventurous Man… only every time he wanders off and gets out of LoS of his littermates, he realizes he’s suddenly alone and starts crying bitterly about it. Thelma likes to do things all her own way and on her own timetable. Even if she REALLY WANTS you to hold her, she’ll be all indirect about it so you’re sure that she’s only letting you do it because it was -her- idea. 

The downside of the afternoon (as far as they’re concerned) was that everyone got a bath because stray kittens are dirty. The upside of the afternoon (for me) was that I got to have a short nap with an entire litter of kittens sleeping on my chest in a pile. Louise, of course, had wedged herself under my chin because I apparently belong to her. 


And there is Another Swarm. 

These guys are being fostered… being obviously much too teeny to adopt out. I seem to have missed getting a picture of the second blue tabby but she/he looks very much like that one (I just noticed its eyes point in different directions; I hope that’s Being A Kitten. XD). One of the blues is a girl, one is a boy, and I have no idea which one that particular one is. 

There are three spotty/stripey brown girls, and then the black boy who is all that, a bag of chips, and doesn’t afraid of anything. Seriously, when everyone else was huddling in a pile, he was all IMMA GO FOR A WALK when he can’t even really walk yet. He is de debbil, fo sho.

Momma is a lurvely, sweet-natured siamese who is actually NOT these guys’ mom. They didn’t have one, and she was able and willing to surrogate for them. She’s a good momma… even though in her goodness, she’s moved the kittens behind the futon where I can barely get to them. SIGH.

In more sobering news, though, it’s come time to say goodbye to my oldest cat, Darius. While he’s not on death’s door yet, his GI system is racked (and unresponsive to treatment), he’s lost a lot of weight, and at this point he pretty much alternates between grousing about things and sleeping. To be fair, he’s 19 and has had a very full life. He’s outlasted two jobs AND the kitten I got to calm him down. But he’s also been part of my life for 17 freakin’ years and I hate having to make these decisions. In a way it’s testament to my caretaking that nothing sudden and awful has happened to my cats, but the lingering degradations of age are a miserable thing to deal with, and I find myself wishing they’d just have a stroke or something so I wouldn’t have to argue with myself over a judgement call. I waited too long on Tesla; I don’t want to drag Darius out for months with him slowly getting sicker by the day… and cleaning liquid poops out of the carpet every day either. I’ve already spent a couple thousand dollars on trying to find out why he’s so poopybarfy, but no one has any answers so I’m forced to assume it’s just ‘he’s old and his gut doesn’t work anymore’.

I won’t lie, I cried on the phone to the vet. I’m probably going to be a mess when I take him in too. I probably won’t replace him either, since Bonnie pushed me over five which is really my limit. On the bright side, the next oldest is Tidus who’s only about 10 or 11, so hopefully there should be a 10 year gap before I have to go through this again. @__@

Fosterswarm update

Everyone’s doing spiffy.

Xena, Warrior Kitte… I mean, Thelma, is still the biggest -by far-; she’s absolutely huge and maturing faster than the others. If the smaller ones were closer to her size I’d say it’d be time to relinquish them but they aren’t, she’s just Andre the Giant of baby cats. Also, she’s gorgeous, with a big square head and those lovely multicolored spots. It’s like having a Bengal without the side effects.

Clyde is… Clyde. Still the second biggest, but rangier than Thelma and kind of a bumbling doofus. I don’t think he’s very bright, but he’s kind of a fun, gormless dude, and there’s nothing wrong with that really. He’s super shiny too.

Bonnie has been eating like a black hole, and has noticeably gained weight (to the point where she’s kind of spherical in the middle) but she’s still pretty small. She’s retained her sort of bug-eyed look despite gaining weight, which indicates to me she’s closest to that mystery Persian ancestor of the litter. Been trying to get her used to being brushed because whoever ends up with her is going to have a handful dealing with her coat.

Louise is still really tiny. She’s eating, she’s doing well health and energy-wise, but she’s just… kind of runty, honestly. Her head still seems a little big for her body which contributes to that adorable doll-like face of hers, and her tendency to cock it to the side while she’s watching you is just about more than I can stand.

I’m a bit worried about how rough Thelma is when playing with the others, especially Bonnie and Thelma, but… even though I think she’s kind of a bully and plays way too rough, it doesn’t seem to bother anyone unless they happen to be the target of her maulings (she tends to pin them to the rug and chew on/kick them until they scream). I rescued Bonnie from her several times and the first thing she did upon release was bounce right back and try to sack her. (Which didn’t work, since Bonnie tackling Thelma is kind of like watching a three year old trying to wrestle a college kid…) Soooo I gave up trying to separate them and I guess they’ll work it out.

Louise would far rather sit on me (or climb on me) than play with her siblings, but I see her do it sometimes. If I crouch down, though, she’ll jump up onto my leg and then climb up onto my back so she can look around. You could probably train her to do tricks, since she already seems to have the behavior. It’s cute… well, it’s cute because she’s small. If Thelma was the one doing it, I’d be in some serious pain.

I find myself wanting to keep one of them. The points of consternation are, well, I don’t need to go to six cats, for one. The other is… how the hell would I pick one? Thelma is absolutely gorgeous, strong, wild-looking, and playful. Clyde is a clumsy, lovable goofball… and because he’s male and not all round and adorable like Bonnie, is likely the least-adoptable of the litter (black cats tend to get left behind…) Louise is so cute it breaks the brain and is the one kitten in the litter that would rather spend time with me than just about anything. I guess the only one I wouldn’t seriously consider is Bonnie, and that’s really just because she’s a medium/long hair. On the other hand though, as I said, I don’t really need another cat. Thelma is aggressive and very ‘alpha cat’ and while she’s a kitten now, when she grows up there’d probably be social issues in the house hierarchy. Clyde is kind of longhaired like his sister (although not as much) so he’d probably be a lint producer. And Louise is so -damn- sweet that she’s likely to be super-easily adopted (nevermind how cute she is with her doll face and white tipped tail.)

Soooo … mehhh. *flops about*