i had an idea last year that if the show wasn’t renewed for a third season, my friend and i would take up the challenge of bringing it to you via a series of scripts. and since the brandon james storyline and the characters are being booted for a fresh story, i thought it would be a good time to get to work on the idea.

but instead of a number of scripts, i’ve decided to start working on a feature-length screenplay, that will hopefully tie up loose ends and give the lakewood five (is it six if i include gina?) a satisfying end. or not so satisfying end. 🔪

i’ve got so many ideas and i’m already a little bit into the writing process. it’s such a passion project for me because i want to see this story concluded, and in my own way. while it’s a given that not all of you will enjoy my ideas, i think it would be fun for you guys to read my take.

i’m sure there are fans out there doing similar things, but i thought i’d notify any of you who have stuck around my blog since my original announcement last year. 

Shock and Awe

So, Juni throws fits. Some smaller ones where she cries LOUDLY, wails and gnashes her teeth. Other bigger ones which include rage screaming, shaking her fists and flailing about. Occasional dramatic floor flopping or trying to pinch/scratch/bite/hit me and S. She has thrown these since the day she came into our lives. Once they were like 15+ a day. Now after almost 2 years, we average about 3-6 per day, sometimes less, rarely more. Drastic improvement, guys. 

They used to be worse in the sense that her cry sounded like a literal donkey. I am not exaggerating here. The first time I heard it she was in another room and I was literally like “WHAT IS MAKING THAT DONKEY SOUND. DID THE NEIGHBORS GET A NEW ANIMAL. Oh, it’s my (foster) daughter. Hm.” To cope with this we have named her Donkey Cry “Nester” (after Nester the Long Eared Donkey) and it really works. (Yes, I know this was from trauma, etc, but you have to cope somehow.) Instead of “Omg she’s throwing a fit again!!!! *internal rage*” It’s like “Aw, Nester came to visit!”, said with a smile. She rarely cries like that anymore and occasionally I find myself missing Nester. Key word here being Occasionally. She still cries, it just sounds more like your typical kid. Again, progress.

Today was a Bad Day. I teach her Preschool Worship class (like kids church during the adult service) on rotation and I rotated in today. She normally does great when I am in there. Not today. By noon we were up to 5-6 fits and she had earned a nap. By about 4pm we were well beyond our typical 6 fit limit. I had tried taking away her tablet, positive praise, earning rewards. Nothing was working. 

I was desperate. She was on fit number 10 or so with increasing decibels and rage. 

So, out of options, I told her throwing a fit was a privilege that she had lost, and that she was not allowed to throw anymore fits today. 

It. Worked.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why but thank all the higher powers that exist IT WORKED.

She immediately ceased the fit, pouted that she lost it and cleaned her room up. She followed the rules and kept the defiance and sass to a minimum the whole rest of the day/evening. No time outs, no other punishments. It was a…peaceful evening. At one point S reminded her when TV time was over she was not to throw a fit and Juni looked at her like “…duh, I lost that today.” 

New tool in the tool belt? CHECK. 

Discipline techniques for four year old who’s testing boundaries by being disrespectful and has very little feelings-vocabulary? His technique (primal screaming, preferably in my face) and my technique (talking about things or time in with me which I’m not sure if I’m doing correctly) aren’t working for anybody.