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Can’t believe I’ve never seen this before

#facade at Bund Finance Center in Shanghai by Thomas Heatherwick and Foster&Partners

Cartoon Network Forever 

Lesbian History:

Mabel Hampton
May 2, 1902 – October 26, 1989 

  • was an American lesbian activist, a dancer during the Harlem Renaissance, and a philanthropist for both black and lesbian/gay organizations.
  • met partner Lillian Foster in 1932; were together until Lillian died in 1978.
  • marched in the first National Gay and Lesbian March on Washington.
  • In 1984, Hampton spoke before thousands of onlookers at New York City Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade; there, she said, “I, Mabel Hampton, have been a lesbian all my life, for 82 years, and I am proud of myself and my people. I would like all my people to be free in this country and all over the world, my gay people and my black people.”

anonymous asked:

Hey Archy, I was in Philadelphia recently and was struck by the ways in which older buildings complemented newer, more modern structures. Do you have any favorite structures that highlight this kind of relationship between old and new, either in Philadelphia or elsewhere?

We have Philadelphia and Pennsylvania on separate feature posts and posted extensively about art and architecture of Philadelphia. Here are some structures that highlight the relationship between old and new:

Fondazione Prada OMA Architects

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A lot of people lately are bashing recent cartoon network shows saying that the “old” cartoon network will always be better than the “new” stuff because it was their childhood, but just because you didn’t grow up with new shows like adventure time or Steven universe doesn’t mean they’re any less good than the shows that aired awhile back like Billy and Mandy or the powerpuff girls. And some people say that its because the 90’s were better, that has NOTHING to do with the quality of a show! Some of the “old” cartoon network shows didn’t even come out in the 90’s they came out around the early 20th century! And you have to realize some people grew up in between so they grew up with some of both, but just because its not a show you watched as a kid doesn’t mean its crap. All shows are good in their own way, let’s stop separating them as old and new and just enjoy them :)

How about a Castle AU?

Leonard Snart is a bestselling mystery writer who lives with his best friend, Mick, and his son, Michael (who is NOT named after Mick, no matter what he says!). Bored with the main character of his successful spy series, Commander Cold, Len kills him off in his latest book, Cold Blood. He focuses his attention on finding a new muse–which comes to him in the form of Detective Barry Allen, an up-and-coming detective (and secret Commander Cold fan) who comes to him for help on a case involving murders in the style of Len’s mystery novels. 

Suddenly, Len has a new idea for a book–Flashpoint, the story of a kind yet kick-ass police detective named Malcolm Flash, whose mother was murdered when he was eleven and became a cop to prove his father’s innocence, and his roguish ex-criminal reporter/partner Lawrence Scofield. 

And, because of his friendship with Mayor Sara Lance, he’s able to shadow Barry on his cases for inspiration. 


  • Detective Iris West (who is still Barry’s foster sister) and her partner, Detective Cisco Ramon
  • Police Captain Harry Wells
  • Medical Examiner Caitlin Snow
  • Len’s secret, super spy half-sister, Lisa
  • Senator Eobard Thawne