If you keep making decisions the way you’ve been making decisions you’re gonna ruin every good thing that comes your way. No matter what it is, no matter how great it is, you’re gonna blow it up because your dont trust it.
—  The Fosters
Foster families needed for rising number of teenagers in foster system
Family Support Services of Northeast Florida is seeing a record number of kids in the foster care system. The organization is actively recruiting families to help out and open up their homes to these kids.
By Crystal Moyer

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“Family Support Services of Northeast Florida is seeing a record number of children in the foster care system, and the organization is actively recruiting families to open up their homes.

The FSS is looking for local families who are patient and understanding of the needs of teens in the foster care system. "Teenagers, kids that are a part of a large sibling group, kids in the LGBT community,” Jesse Wilson of Family Support Services said. “We’re trying to find homes for those children, and they prove difficult to find.”

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«La poesia, stavi dicendo della poesia». Julie sorride, toccando la guancia di Faye.
Faye si accende una sigaretta nel vento. «È solo che non mi è mai piaciuta. È un modo di girare intorno alle cose. Anche quando mi piace, non è altro che una maniera molto obliqua di dire l'ovvio, almeno così mi pare».
Julie sorride. Ha una fessura tra gli incisivi. «Olé», dice.
«Ma considera che pochi, pochissimi di noi sono in grado di affrontare l'ovvio».
Faye si mette a ridere. Si bagna un dito e segna un punto a mezz'aria su un tabellone invisibile. Ridono tutte e due. Un'onda anomala si infrange sul bagnasciuga. Le dita di Faye sanno di fumo e sale.
—  David Foster Wallace, Piccoli animali senza espressione (da La ragazza dai capelli strani, traduzione di Martina Testa – minimumfax)



They say it’s fine if things don’t work out because there are 7 billion other fish in the sea. But I don’t want 7 billion other fish. I want you.

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The longer the kids stay with us, the more I feel moved to make some connections with the African American community here. I also feel moved to get involved with Black Lives Matter movement, and not just post things on Facebook. I was sharing these feelings with a friend this morning, about the anxiety and guilt I feel about not doing more. She started crying, and told me that I am already doing something valuable and important. She told me that she never wants to hear me say again that I should be doing more, because the act of opening our home is already more than most people are willing to do. I still feel moved to participate, physically, in the BLM movement, and will endeavor to make changes in our lives that result in our kids experiencing more racial diversity, but it was nice to hear her say that. I am doing something. I am making a difference.


Ram Tail Road Bridge by Frank Grace