foster sahaiman


Okay, silliness aside, here’s some more pictures from the end of chapter three and start of chapter four.  Once you get to chapter four, the game opens up quite a bit (as you can see in the fifth picture), letting you choose which towns to visit in what order.  Each town has a mini-adventure of its own - I opted for the jungle, first.

One thing about the game is that there’s tons of cameos here.  I’ve omitted a few photos of returning characters for spoiler reasons, but safe to say at this rate it seems like if they were a moderately important side character (but not a key one - I haven’t seen, say, Henry or Angela) in a past prequel trilogy game they’ll pop up here.  Fun times!

Also, I’m really enjoying Foster tagging along.  I kind of hope the plot twist with him isn’t as blatantly obvious as it seems.


Chapter one down! Nothing that hasn’t really been covered in the pre-release media, but it was still a fun time.

My thoughts so far:

  • The game is gorgeous, much like PLvsAA.  Maybe it’s just that I played them on a 3DS XL, while I played Miracle Mask on the original 3DS, but really, everything looks amazing, especially in 3D.
  • The music is also wonderful - much better than Miracle Mask’s in my opinion.  Unfortunately I don’t have any way to record sound from my 3DS on this computer.
  • Some tough puzzles, even early on.  I wonder if they decided to bump up the difficulty for the last one.
  • The framerate seems a good bit stronger than Miracle Mask (and PLvsAA to a lesser degree).  The Puzzle Solved! animations are 60 FPS, for instance.