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If you're still doing Skimmons prompts could you do a high school AU where Skye and Jemma are -and have been for a while- dating and they start to have sex at Skye's foster home (no smut needed just to let the audience know they are) and May, Skye's current foster mother walks in and Just walks back out. Skye freaks out and Jemma has to console her. (Turns out May has a girlfriend of her own)

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“I think I’m going to run away.”

Jemma rolls her eyes. “Skye, don’t be so dramatic.”

“No, I’m serious.” She’s got an odd look about her: mouth slightly agape, eyes far away, the left one twitching just a bit. “It’s the only course of action.”

“So, May caught us having sex. It’s not that bad.”

“Jemma.” Skye’s gaze finds Jemma. She slaps a hand on the bed to emphasize. “Jemma. Do you even hear what just came out of your mouth?”

“This happens all the time, Skye.” Jemma’s nose scrunches. “Probably.”

“To who?” Skye flops dramatically back on the bed, covering her face.

Jemma is sat on Skye’s desk chair, now fully clothed. They felt putting a little distance between them was for the best, considering what had just happened. “To ’whom’,” Jemma corrects absentmindedly.

“Oh my god,” Skye groans. “Look, I’m just- I have to run away, okay? I can’t face her after this.”

“We’re not children, Skye. We’re 17, almost adults. Seventeen year olds sometimes have sex. May knows this. I really don’t think this is going to be Earth-shattering to her, just awkward. And it’s not like we don’t love each other.”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t even know you’re my girlfriend. Shit, she doesn’t even know I like girls.”

“Well … I think she knows now.”

Skye sits up abruptly, face ashen. “What if she’s not okay with it?”

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So I’ve been thinking about Andreil later in life and like:

  • Neil plays professional Exy for as long as he can, until he’s like 38, 39 years old, maybe he even pushes it to 40, just one more year, and maybe he gets injured because of it
  • and that’s when Andrew is like “fuck this, you’re done. No more. Screw Moriyama” 
  • and Neil concedes because yeah, he’s pretty much fucking pushed his body as far as it can go 
  • so Neil retires
  • and he gets paid a visit by Ichirou one more time in his life, 21 years after the last time he ever saw the guy 
  • and Ichirou is like, u still need to give me money and Neil is like idk what to do now that Exy is over, it was the one thing I knew how to do
  • and Ichirou is just like ‘idfc how u make me money just do it or I’ll kill u” 
  • and so Neil is freaking out, big time, but he and Andrew brainstorm
  • but then Kevin pays a visit - and Kevin has been retired for a year or two at that point
  • and he just tells Neil “become an Exy coach like I did. I still pay my portion to Ichirou that way” (Because Kevin and Jean had to pay the Moyiama’s too, just less than Neil did) 
  • and Neil is like “fuck yes why didn’t I think of this!”
  • and so Neil becomes a coach
  • and he starts by taking over as the coach for the foxes (Wymack’s been retired for a little while at this point) and he doesn’t make much, but again he doesn’t need much because he still was able to make millions over his years as a professional exy player and there’s andrew’s millions too (they don’t like to admit but they’re basically a married couple who shares a bank account mhmm) 
  • and then over the years Neil slowly makes his way to a professional coach for Exy, he even becomes a Court coach at some point and coach for the Olympics team a time or two as well
  • and Ichirou stays silent and leaves Neil alone because Neil doesn’t make as much as he used to but he still makes a few million as a professional Exy coach
  • and Neil honestly doesn’t care about giving up money so he can keep living
  • And as for Andrew, he retires a year earlier than Neil because Andrew doesn’t have anyone to answer to and he knows when his body is done
  • but then, aside from Neil, Andrew doesn’t really have anything else to keep him occupied anymore 
  • and so while Neil still plays Exy, Andrew just kinda…exists at home with the cats (they’ve gone through a couple at this point) and spends his time with neil when he’s home
  • and then Andrew is there to take care of Neil when he’s injured
  • but then once Neil retires and figures out that he’s gonna coach Exy, Neil turns his attention to Andrew and what Andrew will do for the rest of his life
  • and Andrew is just kinda like “idc, Exy was always just something to do and something to make money so I could buy cars and shit” 
  • and Neil is v distressed because he doesn’t want to be the only thing keeping Andrew wanting to live instead of survive 
  • even though Andrew is content to just do nothing in life (except Neil *ahem ahem*) 
  • but Neil is determined so Neil keeps bringing things up
  • And Andrew shoots down all of them
  • “you could coach with me” Neil says
  • Andrew just gives Neil a look and rolls his eyes 
  • “you could counsel foster kids” 
  • Andrew glares at Neil
  • “you could become a social worker”
  • “fuck you, Josten”
  • then one day Andrew comes to hang out while Neil is coaching high school kids - which Neil does on the weekends, because he likes helping them too - and he notices a kid who is walking funny and wincing every time someone so much as touches them. 
  • and he’s on instant high alert, because he knows when someone is being…is being hurt by those who are supposed to be their family
  • Neil noticed too but when he tried to talk to the kid they bit his head off
  • and Neil knows what it’s like to be questioned when u don’t want to be so he let it be (for now) 
  • but Andrew goes to the kid and gets them to talk
  • probably by bluntly saying “I know what it’s like to be violated by those who are supposed to protect you” 
  • and the kid looks scared and like they’re about to cry
  • and Andrew offers the kid his and Neil’s place to stay at
  • and Neil is so glad that Andrew got through to the kid 
  • and they open their home to this kid who has no one
  • and at first the kid is combative and runs away, and Andrew understands the kid perfectly 
  • so he waits for the kid to come back
  • and they do 
  • Andrew talks to them and the kid ends up hugging Andrew and then they’re both very stiff and awkward and like ‘that was weird lets not touch each other ok thanks’
  • and Neil kisses Andrew that night in bed, v enthusiastically, and Andrew is like ‘what was that for, idiot’
  • and Neil is just like ‘u did what I couldn’t for them. I’m proud of you’
  • ‘ugh, shut up.’
  • then the kid stays with them a year or so before they graduate high school
  • and they leave in a much better place then before 
  • and Neil is like “we should become a foster home for kids who need a safe place. You could help kids like them”
  • at first Andrew is resistant because “foster homes never did anyone any good. trust me”
  • but Neil is like “you would be at the other end this time. you could do for kids what was never done for you”
  • and Andrew doesn’t do anything for a long time
  • but on one weekend Andrew noticed another kid in need, and Neil gives him the eyes, and so Andrew takes them in too
  • and then Andrew says “why the fuck not? Got nothing better to do” to Neil one night in bed and then Neil gives him a celebratory blow job
  • but really, it’s so much more than “nothing better to do” for Andrew
  • who then applies to be a foster parent and all that, goes through all the annoying bullshit to be allowed to take in foster kids (and tries not to strangle the government people who come over to like…interview Andrew for being a foster parent - or whatever it is they do to determine if someone can become a foster parent) 
  • and while Neil is coaching Exy, Andrew takes in kids who have nowhere else to go (he and Neil have the extra rooms, too. Their house is moderately sized, but still fairly big) and gives them a safe place to stay until they can legally be on their own
  • and Andrew kinda becomes known as the go to person - like a foster kid who is in college tells a kid they know who is in trouble “go here, he’ll take the best care of you. I promise. He saved my life” and they do, and turns out the former foster kid was right. that former Exy player and his partner sometimes literally save lives 
  • and while Andrew hates the praise he gets, doesn’t want it, or the gratitude the kids sometimes show him, as well as affection
  • he never stops, he never turns them away, he always makes sure his door is open.
  • and when Wymack dies, Andrew consoles Neil by saying “he gave me a safe place when I needed it. That’s what I’m doing, in his honor” and he actually puts up a sign that says something like “Wymack foster home” and sometimes he and Neil have up to 10 kids, maybe more.
  • and they all respect Andrew and Neil, because while Andrew doesn’t allow for any bullshit (like petty, stupid fistfights between kids), he never raises his voice, he never intimidates any of them, never touches them, never threatens them. 
  • they can almost do anything they want and have a safe place to go to, a roof over their heads with plenty of food
  • the only rules implemented are by Neil (because Andrew doesn’t care what the kids do as long as they don’t kill each other and have a safe place to stay) who doesn’t allow anyone to have drugs or alcohol in the house (and Neil takes them away if he finds them)
  • (His and Andrew’s alcohol is locked away in a safe that only he and Andrew know the code to) 
  • And Neil tries to make them do their homework and at least graduate high school (not all of them graduate, but most do get to a place where they go off and find a job, or well enough that they can take care of themselves out there in the world, and that’s all Andrew wants: these kids to stop being brutalized and abused). 
  • And whenever the kids leave, Neil asks them to please try to do something amazing with their lives, because he knows they can. They usually hug Neil - they don’t hug Andrew, but he stands there to see them off, and he usually has a few words for them. 
  • And this is what Andrew and Neil do once they retire from Exy. Neil continues to do what he loves, even if he can’t really play, he’s still involved in the sport. 
  • then he gets to go home and help these kids alongside Andrew, and he feels so fulfilled - he’s got Andrew, he’s got Exy, he has these kids (who he always grows to love or at the very least, feel very fond of - there are always a few bad apples, but even they eventually grow so fond of Andrew and Neil that they stop doing bad shit) 
  • And Andrew and Neil go to bed every night with each other, and they’re doing good shit with their lives, as well as shit they love 
  • “I don’t love this, Josten, it’s just something to pass the time”
  • and Neil knows Andrew is a lying liar who lies
  • (Also, sometimes the kids brag that their foster parents used to be Exy players and they’re fairly famous - and also, one of them is the freaking coach for that awesome professional Exy team they love) 
  • And Neil smiles and blushes when that happens 
  • And Andrew rolls his eyes in the background
For Practical Purposes Only -CS AU

Another in the Emma and Killian get married- for practical purposes only - until it’s not - series


“I found him.”

He saw the name Henry Mills on the manila folder she tossed onto the coffee table before she disappeared in the deep recesses of his couch. He racked his brain, trying to remember which skip this was, but nothing came to mind.

“And what was Mr. Mills’ crime, love? Are you anticipating a struggle?” He never doubted that Emma could take care of herself. The woman was a force to be reckoned with when it came to apprehending the men and women of Boston who felt they could skip out on their bail. But he wished that she took fewer chances all the same.

He hadn’t taken his eyes off the Red Sox game, knowing Emma would fill him in on the details of the case, as well as her plan for luring the suspect into a meeting that would allow her to get the handcuffs on. She was brilliant at that.

Her silence at his question signaled that something about Henry Mills was out of the ordinary.

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Keith can play piano really well! Before he got kicked out of the garrison and moved into he desert, he would play piano all the time. When he kept moving from foster hone to foster home, he needed something to distract him. Guitars are too big to carry around from house to house, but most people own a piano or at least a keyboard.

Now imagine if Red realizes how amazingly Keith can play the piano and adjusts the controls to make a keyboard.

Certain chords and notes do certain things with Red! Keith’s piloting becomes even better than it already was, since he can play his favorite pieces on Red.

(His favorite to play during battle is Solfeiggetto, and the scales and arpeggios lead Red through super acrobatic moves.)

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ITS NOT UR UTERUS. Cis Men should have NO SAY in what women* do with their bodies. and using your logic, if god intended for that baby to be born, it would have been born. Adoption isn't the answer, especially with the 510,000+ kids in America alone waiting for a family.

If rights to a uterus are what we’re worried about, why are we destroying millions of them in abortion? Bilateral Müllerian ducts form during early fetal life, and become brand new uteri in the womb. If having a uterus entitles someone to an opinion on abortion, entitles someone to bodily autonomy, then surely we can all stand up for those smaller women’s rights as human beings, giving them the right to life, not to mention their body not being mutilated or sold piece by piece. 

A person’s a person no matter how small.

These two pups are named Shentea and Diamond. They are in desperate need of a foster home, and if none can be found before the end of the week, they will likely face euthanasia.


Because their previous owner claimed that they were wolfdogs. They are not. They are likley German shepherd/husky mixes, and now their lives are on the line because of misrepresentation.

I’ve offered to foster these two if no other option can be found, but if you or anyone you know may be able to lend a hand, PLEASE contact me ASAP. They are currently in Klamath Falls, Oregon, but I can help with transportation if need-be.

help: cat needs a home in Chester County, PA

hi everyone! so my girlfriend @copperphosphate recently moved out and couldn’t bring her cat, and i can’t take care of any more pets on my own so we need to find an indefinite foster home for her. here’s a picture of her! 

her name is kalameet, she is 3-4 years old and very sweet. We are looking for a foster home because when our living situations change again we’d love to have her back, but we don’t know how long it will take so we’re asking for someone to keep in contact with us and take care of her. I live in New London PA, please contact me if you live nearby (anywhere in the tristate area) and are willing to give this lovely kitty a nice place to chill until we’re back on our feet together. thank you! 

ill post the whole story later but my gf adam and I are getting kicked out of my foster home and I need money so I can get an apartment (im also job hunting, might work at target)

Im 18 and really mentally ill (which got me kicked out lol) and its just me and my trans girlfriend out alone and we really need help

Pls donate to my PayPal (m3l4nch0ly @ I can even draw for you (look at my blog, there’s a link to my commissions prices on there) anything will help, im just hoping to make at least $100. Anything will help honestly thank you

Pls signal boost if you can

Bloo: “I think he likes me!”

I will confess now that RGB is my least favorite character from “The Property of Hate” and I intentionally gave him a hard time here.  I’m not even sorry.  


Here’s a shout out to all of the lovely, furry foster siblings out there! This is Ralph, a rescue that came from a terrible puppy mill situation. He was having trouble adjusting to his new foster home until his new buddy, Snow, stepped in to help. Here’s the story from his foster mom, Sonya:

Ralph is making some good progress now, thanks to my sweet Pyrenees, Snow. I had my 3 dogs upstairs and gated off. I left the door to Ralph’s room open for a while, but he never walked out of the crate. I made him scrambled eggs, but he wouldn’t touch them. Finally, I brought Snow over to his door. He stuck his head in Ralph’s crate, sniffed him, and walked away. Ralph followed behind right out the back door to the yard! We spent some time getting fresh air, and he walked up to me several times if my back was to him and would smell me.

Great work, Snow! A lot of the dogs that come to us are frightened and traumatized. Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle new friend to help them through.

after the avengers’ identities were revealed during the Battle of New York they decided they should use being in the public eye to their advantage. they now support a number of charities and causes including: no kill shelters, domestic abuse safe houses, donation managed detox centers, AA and anger management groups, escorting staff and women to and from abortion clinics, help and support for lgbtq* teens, orphanages and foster homes, special needs sensory rooms, youth groups, mental heath services and support for victims of abuse and hate crimes. the number of volunteers increased almost immediately increased in all charities the avengers were shown helping.