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August 2, Adopt me!

(Domestic Victuuri Daily Prompt Challenge)

“We should definitely get a girl!” Victor suggested.

“I thought you said you wanted a boy this time?” Yuuri looked at his husband skeptically.

“But girls are really cute! Especially in pink and blue ribbons!” Victor argued.

Yuuri sighed. They had been standing in a foster pet center for hours. The breed and name of their new dog had already been decided on. But for some bizarre reason they couldn’t decide whether to get a boy or girl.

Yuuri walked up to one of the foster caretakers and inquired about taking home a girl poodle. When the caretaker brought Yuuri and Victor over to the foster poodles, Victor noticed a pair of poodles sleeping next to each other.

“Ah, those two are brother and sister,” the caretaker explained. “Their mother died when they were very small.”

Victor’s heart tugged at the sight. He stepped closer to Yuuri and entwined their hands together, giving it a gentle squeeze to get Yuuri’s attention. 

“Say Yuuri, what do you think about…taking home one more?”


When Yuuri and Victor came home from the foster center, Makkachin perked up at the sound of two excited yips entering their home.

“Hello Makka! Your papas are home with your new siblings!” Victor announced, holding the two poodles up in his arms, both wearing matching scarfs. Makkachin trotted over and sniffed them curiously.  

“Rikka, Zen, play nice with Makkachin,” Victor set the poodles down on the ground and they all started to play with each other.

“You got more dogs? I thought you were only going to adopt one,” Yurio came out of the bedroom.

“Hi Yurio, we’re back! Thanks for babysitting Runa for us,” Yuuri thanked him. “How was she?”

“She’s sleeping right now and I hope she doesn’t wake up from the barking,” Yurio shrugged. “She’s more energetic than Victor’s youthful days.”

“You say that as if you’re implying I’m old or something,” Victor chuckled as he came up to wrap his arms around Yuuri.

“You’re nearly 40 old man, get over it! Anyway I better get going. I need to pick up Lyla and Rael from ballet practice.” Yurio grabbed his coat as Yuuri paid him the babysitting money. 

“We’ll come with Runa to watch their next show, save us some front row seats!” Victor waved.

After Yurio left, Yuuri and Victor peeked into the bedroom to check on their little sleeping princess. 

Half of their bedroom had been converted into a nursery. Little Runa slept in a baby crib that belonged to Yuuri when he was a baby, but his parents refurbished it as a baby shower gift. Victor cried as he hugged and thanked Hiroko and Toshiya a thousand times for the gift. 

On Runa’s first night sleeping in the crib, Victor took a photo and sent it to the Katsuki family so they could place the photo in their family album right next to Baby Yuuri’s photo of his first night in the very same crib.

The walls were painted with little wishing stars by all their skater friends. A hanging baby mobile above the crib was a gift from Yurio and Otabek. It was crafted by Yuuri’s grandfather with a moon, a poodle, a flower, and a figure skater. A soft lullaby plays as it twirled around. 

“She’ll be so surprised when she wakes up,” Victor giggled as he hugged Yuuri close to him. “Our little family has grown.”

Yuuri smiled and kissed Victor on the cheek. “I’m sure we’ll be the best parents for all of our kids.”

Ups and Downs but Mostly Downs

Request: If batsis (bruce blood daughter) had depression and self harm -anon
Same request from @robinlover11620

A/N: I have been getting a lot of requests for batsis with depression and self harm so I decide to do it today. DO NOT hurt yourself in any way shape or form. If you are going through something talk to someone you can trust because someone out there cares about you. Sorry if it is bad. I would like feedback.

Warning: This has a lot of angst in this. Curse word. Mentioned of abuse and rape. You might cry I got really sad after writing this myself.

Y/M/F/N - your mother’s first name Y/M/L/N - your mother’s last name

Word Count: 2345

Everybody has their up and downs in life. For some people it can happen when they are teenagers when they are being bully for their looks, but then glow up later in life. It can also happen in adulthood when they can’t pay for their mortgage and then later become homeless, but then they win the lottery and get there life back together. But this never happen to you, your life never the had ups, it was always downs.

It first started when you were born in a hospital just outside of Gotham. You were a perfectly healthy baby girl. But that is not how it happen, you were born in the street of Gotham, and you were not a perfectly healthily girl. You were born three months too early, and left there to die by your drug addict mother. She was high when she had you, but she knew that she did not what to keep you. She didn’t have time to rinse you and she just didn’t want to. At the last minute she realize that if somebody found you, and ran you through the system. She was in the system because of crimes she committed when she was younger, and she did not what you trace back to her, so she did the only thing she can think of, marking you. She had a generally idea who the father was, Bruce Wayne. Did I mention she was high? Well she was. She pull out her knife and began to carve into you, while you were screaming your head off because of the pain. When she was done carving into your right shoulder it read “Waye” she forgot the N. After it she drop the knife and left.

Then right after that, a kind person found you and took you to the hospital, and adopted you later. Oh if only that was true. A bunch of thugs found you and thought they can make a quick buck by selling you to somebody, and they did. But you did go to a hospital, sort of, you were sold to people that sold babies to rich families who could not have babies. They have a setup where you stayed until you got bought. The only problem was that you were never bought. No one wanted a baby that was premature and still needed a ventilator. After 3 months they throw you out and leave you on the foster care doorstep.

After a few months, a man came and adopted you and you got to live in a mansion with a butler and brothers and sisters that loved you. Well that is what you dream of right after you got your daily beating and raped by the man of the house. You were 8 when it started to happen. When you were found you didn’t have a name. All you had next to you was some trash and the knife that belong to your mother. The people at the foster care center made up the name Y/N for you, and since you hand the words “Waye” on your shoulder that became your name, Y/N Waye. You bounce around foster care from foster care, and it also happen to you every time. You will get beat, raped or both. After awhile you got tired of it and ran away. You lived on the street, and you got by. You would steal from stores or people’s houses. You ran with this crew on kids that was leaded by a teen name Jason Todd, he was fifteen years old. He was seven years older than you. He was nice to you and took care of you, he was like a brother to you. He knew about your past and you knew about his. He was your only friend that you had.

One night he wanted to get some extra money, so he went off stealing tires off of cars. You wanted to go with him, but he said no because it was too dangerous for you, so he told you to go wait in our secret hiding spot. You did exactly what he said to do, you waited in that spot for three whole days. He never came back to get you. You thought that he didn’t want you anymore and left you just like your mother did. You were so mad you started to go on a rampage. You went into an alleyway that was outside of your hideout and started to punch and kick the brick wall until your hands were bleeding. After a while, you decided to grab the lead pipe next to you, and start swinging. Then you hit a mirror that was laying there. It broke into pieces, and you just looked down at the pieces and picked one up. Then you rolled up your sleeve, you looked down and see the cigarette burns that one of your foster moms gave. You went above it and started to cut. That was the first night you cut yourself.

A few years later you were thirteen you are finally a teenager, and one day a group of four boys found you in a alleyway because you were being mugged. After that they took you in and became apart of the family. That is what you saw on a tv show once when you broke into someone’s house because you were hungry. You were not like the normal thirteen year old girl. You were a short, underweighted girl who has to cut herself to feel something. You have been feeling a bit off lately. Even though your stomach is growling you can’t come to eat, you were sad all the time, and just loss interest in living. You are just the short skinny girl that has to cover her body with long baggy clothes because of the self harm and beatings you got in the system, that was left by your mother and best friend/brother.

You had started to get the same thought that every orphan kid thought of. Why did they leave me? All you had to remember of your parents was a knife with your mother’s name on it and a scar on your arm that said “Waye.” After a few days looking on the computer at the library, you found a website that would tell you where you can found your lost parents. First you typed in Waye, and nothing came up. Then you looked at the knife that had your mother’s name on it, Y/M/F/N Y/M/L/N. You typed the name into the computer, and came up with all of her information about her. There was a picture of her, and you look just like her. You look farther into the website and you found her address, she lived in downtown. It was only a bus ride away. After sitting at the library computer section for thirty minutes, you decided to go and see her. You hopped on the bus that went downtown. It was about a ten minutes bus ride until you reach the stop. You got out and walk to the address that you had written down. After a twenty minute walk, you ended up in a nice neighborhood with townhouses. You had it all planed out on the bus ride and the walk on to the house on what you are going to say to her, but once you reach the door you froze. You were lost for words. She was a middle-class woman with a nice house, why didn’t she want you? You were just about to knock on the door, the door flew open. “Oh hello. My I help you young lady.” The man said to you. “Oh I am here to see Y/M/F/N Y/M/L/N.” you said in a quiet voice. “Ok. Honey there is someone at the door to see you!” The man yell into the house. “Ok. I am coming.” A woman with the sweetest voice answer. “Ross and you go and check on Rose before she breaks something” she said to the man who is Ross, he just nodded and walk off. “Hello. Do I know you?” She said to you. You froze again, you couldn’t move or talk at all. “Are you ok sweetie?” She said touching your shoulder. When she touch your shoulder you felt loved and safe. “I am your daughter.” You said in a low voice. She took her hand away quickly and grab your upper arm, and took you to her garage. “What are you doing here?!” She yell at you once you enter the garage. “What do you mean ‘what are you doing here’? You are my mother and I just wanted to know you and why you left me to die.” You said with a crack in your voice. “I don’t have another daughter. My daughter is sitting in the living room right now playing with my loving husband.” She said getting angry. “But I have proof look.” You said while pulling out the knife and moving your shirt out of the way to see your shoulder. “See look this is yours, and look you wrote this on me for some reason.” I said while pointing. “The reason why I wrote that on your arm was so that you would not find me!” She said getting even more mad. “But why I was just a kid.” You said while your eyes started to water. “Are you kidding me?! I was twenty two years old! I did not have time to raise a kid! I was too busy partying, doing drugs, and fucking anything that had legs!” She was yelling at this point. “Well since you’re better now, can you take care of me.” You said with a pleading voice. “Are you serious?! You are literally the reminder of what I was, and that was trash. I went to rehab, and I have been clean ever since. I do not need that near my daughter or my husband. You need to leave right now.” She said with a serious tone. “But I -” you were cut short when she decided to slap you across the face. It didn’t really hurt you. You were use to it by now. You ran out of the garage and didn’t look back.

You were crying your eyes out. You just wanted it to be over already. You ran into this warehouse that look abandon. You found a rock on the ground and throw it at the window. You got a piece of glass and started to cut yourself, really deep. It was the deepest you have every cut yourself, and it was also the fastest you ever blacked out. Once you woke up, you were tied to a chair. You looked around the room to see who did this to you. All you saw was a man with green hair and white skin, he kinda looked like a clown. “Who are you, where am I, and why am I here?” You said quietly, you were still lightheaded from the blood loss. “Well well well, look who is finally awake. Well my name is the Joker, we are at my warehouse that you broke into, and I am kinda using you as bait for the Batman.” He said with a grin on his face. “What do you mean your warehouse this place is abandon and what kind of name is Joker?” You said with a questioning face. “What do you mean this is my home away from home, and kid there are worse names out there like ‘penguin’ and ‘condiment man’.” He said mocking the names. “Well at least you have a home I live on the streets with no one.” You said with a sad face. “Hey. Stop making that face and put a smile on that frown.” He said while touching your face. You tried to move your face, but he grabbed it again. “Don’t move or I will cut you more than you already have on you.” He said putting a knife to your face.

“Put the knife knife down Joker. You don’t need to hurt her.” A man with a weird deep voice said. “Batsy you came, and since you ask nicely I will put the knife down.” He said right before he stabbed the knife in you right thigh. “AWWW!” That was the only thing you could say. Batman came closer but the Joker said no. “Remember we had a deal. You give me the money and I will not hurt the girl, but I do not SEE the MONEY!” He said while holding my chin with a death grip. “Here is your money right here Joker.” Batman said while walking over and grabbing a bag behind a box. “Here take it.” Batman said. “See. Now was these hard.” The Joker said while opening the bag. Once the Joker open it a gas came out of it, and the Joker felt right to sleep.

Batman came over to untie you and get you up, but once you tried to walk you fell down. Batman caught you, but you could not feel your legs. You didn’t know if it was the stab wound or the about of blood you lost while you were cutting yourself. “I need to take you somewhere where we can patch those cuts up. Now the hospital is too far, but I know a place. Is it ok if I take you there?” Batman said to you. All you did was nod, but then everything went black.

You started to wake up, but your eyelids were so heavy you could not open them, but you could hear voices. “Are you 100% sure.” A man who sounded like he was in his 30s or 40s said. “Yes I am sir. The blood test came back positive, that is your daughter laying on that table.” A older man with a British accent said.

“Who is my father” you said while trying to get up.

So should I do a part 2?

TFC/AFTG Sneak Peek

Okay, so far Heartlines ch9 seems on track for Sunday (hmm, someone makes his appearance), but until then, here’s a peek at one of the fics I’ve completed for the @exyordeath-zine that’ll be out later this year (I’ve a couple of fics in it).


Andrew was about to go sit on a bench when he heard his name be called out again and found Riko and the others approaching him – Riko with a smug smile on his face, Day with a glower, Moreau blank and Wesninski… hmm, the kid’s eyes were pale blue and his expression attentive. Andrew took a moment to notice that before Riko spoke.

“Andrew Doe, seventeen years old, remanded to the state of California for grand theft auto and destruction of property, with further charges of assault and battery.” Riko’s voice had a slimy quality to it, in Andrew’s opinion, was too slick and smug as befitted someone used to getting what they wanted, was used to being adored… adored and perhaps feared, considering the way that Moreau’s grey eyes tracked the Japanese teenager at all times. That Wesninski kept his body between Riko and Moreau, kept them both just out of reach of the striker while also dividing his attention between Riko and his surroundings.

How both of the young men’s pale eyes had a certain emptiness to them that Andrew wasn’t used to seeing outside of kids he’d run into at the centers between foster homes or at WB and Emerson. An emptiness which spoke of having endured too much and having too much taken away, until nothing else was allowed to show through anymore.

“I’m speaking to you, Doe,” Riko said with a hint of annoyance in his voice, and Andrew forced himself to glance away from Wesninski and Moreau, to look at Riko instead and noticed how even that time, Day flinched a little. Yet Andrew didn’t react, all he did was cock his head to the side as he met Riko’s dark gaze.

“I thought you were here to play a game, not go over my rap sheet.”

Riko’s smile widened as he crossed his arms over his chest as he attempted to stare down Andrew. “Oh Nathaniel, how nice, another one with a smart mouth. If we sign him you could be a matched set.”

“Aw, Riko, you know you don’t mean that. No one can come close to me,” Wesninski – Nathaniel – ‘teased’ back with a smile even though his eyes remained empty as he gazed at Andrew. “Though have to say, it’ll be nice to have someone on the team shorter than me.” As he spoke, he gave a very slight shake of his head.

Puzzled by that – was Nathaniel telling him not to join the Ravens or something? – Andrew snorted in derision. “Not by much.” The kid only had about two inches on him, not exactly something to crow about. “Besides, who says I’m signing?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” Day asked as he came to stand next to Riko. “I’ve seen the videos and you’ve got a lot of raw talent, when you decide to use it. Despite your lack of reach you can shut down the goal and your reflexes are amazing, you have an instinctual grasp of where-“ He blinked when Riko held his right hand up in front of his face.

“Enough, Kevin, we’ve heard all of this before,” Riko said in a bored tone while Nathaniel’s lips quirked a little and Moreau continued to stand beside the kid as if he was a living statue. “It’s why we’re here, after all.” Riko nodded once to Andrew. “Kevin sees enough in you to make you worth our while, to have us come here before the senseless game with the Trojans, but we’re not going to beg.” His lips twisted into a sneer on the last word. “We’ll see how you are in person and if Kevin’s right, you will be offered a standard contract to play at Edgar Allen. Anyone with an iota of common sense would sign it.” His tone implied that he was rather doubtful that Andrew possessed any common sense.

“He’ll sign it,” Day murmured as if Andrew wasn’t there. “What else does he have waiting for him? This is his best chance to be something.” Behind him, Nathaniel frowned then spoke rapid-fire in a foreign language which sounded like Japanese, something that made Day take to glowering again.

Before Day could respond, Riko did in the same language as he spun around and latched on to Nathaniel’s left arm to drag him away as if attending to an unruly child. Andrew caught a quick wince on the kid’s face before it smoothed out – that and how Moreau finally showed some emotion, an angry look sent his way before the backliner fell in step with the other three men.

“Try not to fail too much on the court,” Riko shouted as he left, while Andrew wished he had his goalie racquet just then so he could smack it down on the bastard’s head.

He returned to the lockers where the rest of his team were gathered as Sanchez let everyone know who would be gearing up to play the nine Ravens for the scrimmage, and when about half of the team took to booing over having to sit out the game, detoured on the way to his locker for the rest of his gear to talk to Gabe.

“Wesninski. Talk, now.”


Yeah, Raven!Neil, Andrew still in juvie, my take on Andrew being drafted to the dark side….

dedicatedtonothing-deactivated2  asked:

how do you choose between cats when adopting? im looking between 3-4 lovely cats! ive already met two of them and im going to meet the other two. if theyre all matches i will have a hard time choosing between them. sorry if this is weird question lol

you’re asking the wrong guy because my answer is always TAKE THEM ALL

When I adopted Jynx I only got to see her through an open-window kennel with half a dozen other cats. I didn’t get to touch, interact, or anything with her which sucks because I prefer to get to know the cat beforehand and I think it’s generally good practice to do so. 

Each and every single other cat in the kennel was mingling with the others, visiting each other’s cages, and socializing. Jynx, on the other hand, was sitting by herself politely with her tail around her paws in her own cage [with the gate open] and looking at all the other cats with dismay. That’s how I picked her, she was the most relatable.

Things to keep in mind when adopting a cat (plus some info for any followers who may be adopting for the first time):

  • Both you and the cat have to click with each other. This goes for any animal adoption, the cat adopts you just as much as you adopt them.
  • Before you do anything with the cat, initiate the Sniff Test. This isn’t so much a test as it is letting the cat sniff you before you go to touch them. You wouldn’t go up to a human stranger and hug them for no reason. At least say hello first.
  • You’re going to want to go with the one that best suits your lifestyle/personality. If you’re a social butterfly and like to have friends over and want to be physically social and play with your cat, a social cat will be good for you. If you’re like me with very low-social requirements and a quiet home, a cat that will hang out with you but also give you space will be ideal.
  • A cat not warming up to you instantly isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some cats are wary in new environments with new people, but if a cat isn’t warming up to you after a couple weeks, you two you two might not be compatible in the long term and you may want to consider adopting a different cat.
  • Even though a cat is friendly with you when you visited them in their foster home/adoption center, your cat may hide for the first week in their new home. Bringing them food and sitting/laying down close (a meter or two away) is a good way to establish that you aren’t a threat and that your cat can trust you. Be sure not to stare at them or focus solely on them. Playing on your phone or laptop near them is a good way to create a relaxed atmosphere where your cat doesn’t feel pressured.
  • Common sense, but don’t pick a cat just because it’s cute or has a neat coat pattern.
  • This sort of refers back to bullet two above, but make sure the cat you’re choosing has a compatible lifestyle with yours. Likes to play and cuddle a lot? Make sure you can absolutely dedicate the time out of your day to play and cuddle them.
  • Try to go with a cat that has declared that it likes you. Cats will communicate to you that they like you by meowing, rubbing their head or body against you, tail flagging, purring, and laying next to you. Slow blinks, rolling onto their side/showing their belly when relaxing, and rubbing against you are signs that that particular cat trusts you and generally enjoys your company. Remember that exposed stomachs don’t always welcome belly rubs and an exposed stomach with the front paws drawn up to the chest and erratic, excited tail flicks may mean “I’m open to play, get the feather wand” (try to avoid playing with your hands or your cat may learn that biting humans = play/totally okay behavior).

this is wayyy longer than I anticipated it to be, but hopefully this helps a bit! any other cat guardians are welcome to add onto this with helpful information. have fun adopting!

Defective (the first in a random collection)

In which a writer tries to write snapshots into the life of the first (and only) Rick to leave the citadel and actually raise a fucking family. 

His name is Rick C-236.B. And he’s vaguely and reluctantly domestic. 

Updates are not planned and this might go flopping spectacularly. This writer also has too many fics she needs to finish. So don’t expect a novel. 

Rick C-1902b stares at Rick C-236.B and takes a long swig of his flask. It’s purposeful, and a dick move at that. C-236.B’s flask had been confiscated after they’d finished patting him down (they’d completely missed the vials of high toxicity neuron gas he’d shoved up his ass so at least he had that if it came to it) and his hand twitched. His brow pushed down, and he glared at C-1902b, who made a show of shotgunning the rest of the vodka before tucking away the flask in his lab coat. “So, you’re being dem-ugh-demoted, huh?”

He wished he was that level of shit-faced right then. Sobriety wasn’t a good look on him. “Apparently.”

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feyremorningstar  asked:

I read “If we ever meet again”A Jonerys au and i loved it! I was hoping if you could write chapters about it,please?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply I’ve been a little busy but I wrote a one shot for you. Hope you enjoy!

“Damnit Snow! You’ve been on this case for months now and you still have no progress?!” Captain Mormont slammed his hand on the desk making it rattle. His face red with anger as he stared down the young detective.

Jon Snow kept his composure while Captain Mormont reprimanded him. He knew why he was making no progress but if he told anyone why he would surely lose his job and definitely be arrested for it.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself Detective Snow?” Captain Mormont voice broke his train of thought.

“No sir, I’ve been following a lead but so far nothing has popped up” He said to  him.

Grunting he dismissed Jon “Go on I’m down with ya” Captain Mormont went back to work on his paperwork.

Walking out of his office Jon couldn’t help but feel frustrated with his boss, his job, the case but most of all himself. Leaving the station Jon walked to his car and got in. Mind racing as he drove all his thoughts kept going back to her the start to the end of everything.

Daenerys Targaryen.

He knew she was dangerous. Those who heard of her knew that she was someone not to mess with. Jon did his research he knew that bringing her in would be difficult he knew what kind of criminal she was. They called her the “The Dragon Queen” She was tough, brutal even but not completely heartless. He heard of her charity work. Dropping off bags of money to different orphanages around the city but she was westeros number one jewel thief and she had to be brought in. Jon was a man of honor learning everything from his father. Not matter how he felt about the case she was still breaking the law not matter how good her intentions were. But meeting her was a different story meeting her changed everything.

Driving through the dark streets Jon’s mind wander off to the first time he saw her.

The lead he gotten told him that she would be at the docks by noon. Jon waited in nearby shipping crates. The weather was hot and being in the crate didn’t help with the heat. He waited for three hours he was starting to get inpatient. As he was about to give up he heard a car engine. Looking through the crate door Jon could see a group of men come out a black SUV. One man Jon instantly recognized.

Petyr Baelish.

He was number one on the WPDs watch list he was known for loving the finest things even if it was illegal but every time they got close he would somehow come out innocent. It frustrated the WPD to no end.

But what caught Jon’s attention was the shiny red-orange Camaro that pulled up soon after.

Watching closely Jon saw a woman step out the impressive car. She was wearing a gold-metallic dress that clung to her body perfectly. Even from a distance he could tell she was the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Silver blonde hair cascading down her smooth back. Plump looking lips painted a dark red. Two other men stepped out from the car one was tall with dark hair combed back with a beard. The other one was older but well built. They stood on either side of Daenerys both their faces somber and unyielding. They walked up to the men.

Moving in quietly Jon tried to get in better ear shot. The group seemed to be discussing business by the serious looks on their faces. Trying to get closer Jon could faintly hear what they’re were saying.

“So Ms Targaryen how can I help you this fine afternoon?” Jon glared at the smug smirk on Baelish’s face as he spoke to Daenerys.

“Enough with your pleasantries Baelish what is this I hear about you poaching girls over at Meereen’s foster care center?” There was venom in her voice. Jon could see the anger in her blue eyes.

“My Ms Targaryen those are some serious accusations I’m offended but even if I were ‘poaching’ as you say those girls are of age” He said calmly. Daenerys just glared at him the anger just seeping off her in waves. Jon was almost afraid she would combust.

“I don’t care if they’re ‘of age’ the Meereen district is under my protection and I don’t want your sleaze anywhere near those innocent girls” She spat.

Jon couldn’t believe what she was saying. He was expecting a deal or some sort of contraband but not this. He couldn’t help but be impressed by her vigor.

“Well Daenerys this is business and I am a businessman so if you want me to stop me from picking up any ‘lost things’ then there’s a deal that needs to be made” He grinned at her but it didn’t reach his eye’s.
“Yes I know what kind of ‘business’ you handle” Looking at Baelish with hate in her eyes she gave a brief nod to the older gentleman next to her. He turned around and walked back to the shiny Camaro and pulled out what seemed to be a long rug wrapped in paper. Daenerys grabbed it from his arms and presented it to Baelish.

“This is an original Dorne oriental rug made of the purest silk in the world it has been said to be once owned by Queen Nymeria herself”.

Baelish nearly had a conniption when he saw Daenerys and the older man unwrap the beautifully sewn rug.

“Huh-hhow?” Baelish was at a loss for words.

This time she was smirking “Baelish you know I don’t give away anything” She said sweetly “It can be yours free of charge but only if you swear to me that you and your thugs will stay away from all the homes under my care” Her tone turned serious as she stared him down.

“Now Daenerys that’s a lot of homes under your name I need some room for my business” He pleaded.

“No, this is my offer take it or leave it. I have plenty of other willing buyers that would love to have this in their homes”

Baelish glared at her as he took a step in her direction but he didn’t have chance to get too close as her guards instantly blocked his way.

Putting his hands up in surrender Baelish stepped back “You drive a hard bargain Ms Targaryen but I agree to your terms” Daenerys just gave him grin.

“I’m glad you see it that way”

Jon snapped out of his memory as he stopped at a red light. He checked his phone and he saw he had a message from her. It must have meant she was already waiting for him at the Castle Black hotel. Once the light turned green Jon zoomed towards Daenerys Targaryen.

Jon Snow knew what he was doing was wrong as he walked down hallway to their hotel room where he knew Daenerys was waiting for him. They met there every Saturday night at 10 sharp neither of them ever late. He was a cop one of Winterfells top detectives something that filled him with pride but what would his chief think of him if he knew that he was sleeping with the most wanted criminal in the country?. Jon didn’t mean for it to go this far but when Daenerys looked at him the way she did he knew he was fucked.

He had been assigned her case for almost a year and he was still making “no progress” in handcuffing her and bringing her in. Little did they know that he had already handcuffed her many times during their many nights together. Daenerys was nearly insatiable when they were together. She was a demanding lover and Jon was more than happy to comply to her needs because he knew that he could never get enough of her as well. As he neared the end of the hallway he grabbed the room key from his pocket and slipped it in the slot. Turning the knob Jon walked in the low lit room.

“Daenerys?” He looked around the room but he didn’t see her. Walking towards the bed he let his bag fall when he felt two hands wrap around his waist.

“I almost thought you weren’t going to make it” He voice was soft as she pressed her body against his back. Chuckling he turned around to see she was only in her silk robe. Her breasts perfectly perk and her nipples peaking through the thin material. Jon at that moment wanted to bury his face in them.

“Now when have I ever missed one if our special dates?” He teased as he sat on the edge of the bed and began to unravel her robe revealing her soft skin.

“You didn’t respond when I texted you” She added with a slight pout him which caused him to chuckle once more pulling her close to him “Babe I was driving” He told her as he started to kiss her stomach his bread gently scratching he smooth skin making her moan in anticipation as he slowly made his was down.

“Well it wouldn’t be the first time you broke the law” She slipped out not realizing what she said. Stopping his movements he looked up at her.

“What is that supposed to mean?” He asked.

Daenerys shook her head “Nothing, I didn’t mean anything by it" She tried to explain but just Jon shifted away from her and got up.

“You obviously did because you said it" He glared at her. Huffing she put her hands on her hips.

“You’re acting childish Jon it was a pointless comment all I meant was that you’ve broken the law before” She stated.

“So I robbed millions of dollors and make deals with dirty criminals?” He sneered as he looked at her. There was a look of hurt on her face as if he had slapped her. He instantly regretted his words.

“Daenerys I’m sor…” He began to apologize but she stopped him.

“You’re fucking the most wanted criminal in Westeros Jon you’re not exactly innocent either” She spat out as she tied her robe. Turning away from him she went to the closet and pulled a out some clothes.

“What are you doing?” He asked watching her.

“I getting dressed what else does it look like?” She pulled on a pair of underwear she was about to on some jeans when Jon grabbed her hands stopping her.

“Let me go” She told him not meeting his eyes but Jon could tell she was hurt.

“Daenerys” He spoke gently as he looked down into her eyes. There were unshed tears in her blue crevices “I’m sorry for what I said" he then began to kiss her face starting with her cheek then her eyes and nose. His lips finally made it to hers but there was no pressure from her as he kissed her.

“Daenerys forgive me” but she said nothing she was being stubborn. So instead he started to suck on her neck the way he knew she liked. A moan escaping her lips as he continued to suck on her sweet spot.

“Let me make it up to you” He whispered against her skin. After a moment nodding a yes to him Jon had grabbed her waist a lead her to the bed. He undid her robe letting it fall on the floor. Gently pushing her down on the plush bed he started to kiss her neck then to her breasts where he proceeded to suck on them. Daenerys was already panting as Jon pulled on her nipple with his teeth making her cry out when he licked over the bite.


She had finally said his name as made his way down to her navel. His teeth gently grazing over her taunt stomach. Daenerys let out a whimper at his slow movement.

“I thought you were going to make it up to me?” She breathed out

“Patience”. He said, teasing her.

Sliding her jeans and underwear down her milky legs Jon’s eyes soon met her lustful ones as he spread her legs apart. She was pink and wet as he slipped in a two fingers. He heard her soft gasp at Jon’s fingers moved along her slick walls. Pulling his fingers out much to Daenerys disappointment he quickly put his mouth on her. His tongue darted inside taking in her taste as he sucked on her clit. Her fingers found his hair pulling at the strands as Jon lapped at her soaking walls. Her hips started rock into his face desperate for more friction but Jon continued with his torture. His tongue never stopped drinking in her delicious nectar. 

“Yes, Jon! Oh God yes!”.

Her hips jerked up again making Jon place a hand on her hips to keep her down. His face stayed buried between her legs until he could feel her body start to flutter watching as he made her come. She choked out a moan releasing his hair in the process. Sliding back up to face her Daenerys eyes were closed as she panted trying to come back down from her orgasm. Kissing her lips once more his bread wet from her juices but she didn’t care as she met his lip with eagerness. He adjusted himself where his pelvis was between her legs and pushed himself in her sensitive wet folds. Daenerys let out a groan as he began to rock his hips. Her hand found his hair again and pulled once more while the other slide down his back her nails racking up and down his back.

He trusted into her again and again causing her walls to tighten around him. Jon growled in pleasure at the feel of her. He never wanted to stop he wanted to indulge in Daenerys forever. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he pushed in deeper making both their bodies quiver in satisfaction.. His fingers found her button once more and squeezed. He wanted to see her come again he wanted to see the way her mouth formed into an O shape he wanted to feel her body vibrate in ecstasy.

“Oh Fuck yes!, more Jon!” She cried out as he played with her button and rocked into her.

“Daenerys, Daenerys, Daenerys” He began to chant her name like a prayer as he licked up her neck until he was face to face with her. Her face had a shiny glow to it form her sweat but Jon needed to see her eyes at that moment.

“Open your eyes my love” He told her as he slowed down his movements. Daenerys had opened her eyes blue meeting brown. Her lips were parted as Jon stared down at her Daenerys eyes searching his. He then realized her had called her ‘my love’ something he had never done before.

He loved her.

And the way Daenerys looked up back at him Jon knew she loved him. His thumb caressed her cheek and Jon knew he was too far gone. He felt like he was riding a runaway train and he never wanted to get off. Shuddering out a breath Jon crashed his lips back down Jon hungrily kissed her like his life depended on it. Pumping into her harder and faster Jon soon felt her start clenching around him. Daenerys legs tightened around him as he thrusted into her neither of them breaking eye contact as they moved as one. Soon Daenerys orgasmed with Jon following close behind. Both their bodies pulsating as they slowly came down from their highs. Jon had stayed on top of her still connected. Jon laid his head in the crook of Daenerys neck as she stroked her hand down his back again. Daenerys began to hum making Jon feel at peace in her arms.

After a moment he finally spoke “Am I forgiven?” Looking up at her beautiful face her silver blonde hair sticking to her forehead as her lips formed into a smile.

“Yes I think your’e quite forgiven my love”.

Whoo! I honestly did not expect to make this that long but I hope you liked my it. This was based on my cops and robbers au “If we ever meet again” Here’s the link:



Clara Hale, affectionately known as “Mother Hale”, provided care for approximately 1,000 children throughout her lifetime, including children born addicted to drugs, children born with HIV and children whose parents had died of AIDS.

Hale first began taking community children into her home in the 1940s, a few years after she tragically lost her husband to cancer. Her previous cleaning jobs had her working day and night, leaving her little time to spend at home with her three children. Through offering short-term and long-term child care for local parents, she was able to financially support her family and still remain a strong presence in their lives.

Eventually, Hale became a licensed foster parent. She took in seven to eight individuals at a time, caring for 40 different foster children by 1968. Throughout this time, she would also work to find permanent homes for homeless children and teach essential parenting skills to members of her community.

Hale planned to retire in 1969, until a woman pleading for assistance - clearly under the influence of drugs - appeared on her doorstep with a two month-old child. This incident marked the birth of the historic Hale House, where Mother Hale would continue to provide a nurturing home for needy children, chemically-dependent babies and those affected by HIV/AIDS until her death in 1992.

Preview of Eyes Wide Open All the Time: Chapter 27

Despite the comfort of Makoto’s embrace, Haru does not sleep much that night. He stares up at the ceiling fan in thought, absently playing with Makoto’s hair as he snuggles his cheek against Haru’s heart.

Makoto does not wake up at all during the night, not even when Haru slips out of bed to pace the cobblestone patio in the backyard with cold starlight overhead. He sits on top of the picnic table with his elbows braced over his legs until the winter sky lightens to pale blue. Restlessly, Haru moves to the porch swing with his knees drawn up and a quilt around his shoulders. The frosted grass blades catch the sunrise in icy prisms of gold and pink; white clouds swarm overhead and Haru reaches out to catch the first snowflake of the morning in his hand, then closes it into a fist of resolve.

He slips back into the bedroom without so much as a rustle of fabric. Haru unfolds the blankets and upon lying down, Makoto magnetizes to him and startles awake. “Jesus, you’re freezing,” he breathes, hands rubbing warmth back into Haru, pressing kisses all over his fingers to unwind their stiff, cold tension. “Did you go outside?”

Haru shrugs, tucking his chilled toes under Makoto’s legs. “Just for a while.”

Makoto’s brow twitches up but he does not say anything – instead, he reaches over to the nightstand and takes his hearing aid off the charger, then nestles it into his ear, adjusting for a few moments. After that, he puts on his glasses and levels their gazes. “Are you hungry?”

Haru nods and they move to the kitchen after Makoto puts on his prosthetic. As pancakes cook on the stove and the wheezing tea kettle fills the house with invigorated warmth, Makoto looks over Haru’s burned forearm. He handles it delicately, turning his arm this way and that to find the worst damage. “I have some antibiotic ointment left over from when my burns were still healing. Would you like to use some?”

Haru nods a little too eagerly and Makoto smiles sadly, returning from the bathroom with a tube of what might very well be liquid gold, because Haru cannot even describe how wonderful it feels to slather the cream over his charred skin. It saturates his burns in cool relief and Makoto dresses his forearm in loose gauze to let the wound breathe. “Kind of crazy that cosmetic damage can hurt so badly, right?”

“Yeah,” Haru says, eyes roaming up to the edge of Makoto’s shirt sleeves, studying the imprint of flames that licked up his skin.

“My back was burned a little deeper,” Makoto sighs as he turns to the stove to flip the pancakes. “It’s mostly just patches of second and third degree burns, but there’s a few areas of fourth degree burns, too.” He shrugs while sliding Haru’s pancakes onto a plate. “I have nerve damage from them, which is a blessing in its own way since I can’t feel those pieces of shrapnel in my back very often.”

Haru shakes his head and forks off a piece of pancake, chewing, “You’re scary-optimistic.”

Makoto leans over the kitchen table to wink. “Have to be.” He nods down at Haru’s food. “You want anything on those?”

Haru blinks down at his pancakes, thinking, then his heart twists. “Do you have blueberries?”

Makoto does, just a small handful of them, but the taste makes Haru’s eyes burn with unshed tears for Gou. Blueberry pancakes are her favorite meal and Haru would give anything to make them for her just one last time. He wonders how she’s doing at the foster center – if she has slept at all or if there’s a television there for her to watch morning cartoons on, so she can have some semblance of the home she lost.

Haru has so much to answer for, but the heaviest chain of guilt is bound to the person sitting next to him. “I need to tell you something.”  

Makoto tenses, his eyes unblinking even as his features sink in dread. He composes his expression and swallows to brace himself. “All right.”

Haru glances at the microwave clock in concern. “Don’t you have to get to work?”

Makoto sweeps a thumb over his phone screen to show him a text message. “That’s from the principal. It’s a snow day, so I’m off.” His foot nudges Haru’s under the table as he smirks. “I got the text when you were outside for ‘just a while’ last night.”

Haru’s eyes fall flat and Makoto’s smirk deepens, then he laces their ankles together. “I’ve got plenty of time for whatever you need to say, but… I’m a little nervous because it’s clear that there’s so much on your mind.” His voice falls to a deep murmur as they watch snow spill over the window frame. “I know that nothing is okay right now, but I want you to be.”

Haru captures Makoto’s resolve to memory, the set of his jaw and the fierce green of his eyes. Haru smiles hopelessly and cups Makoto’s cheek, his voice falling to a whisper of vulnerability. “You make me okay.” He shakes his head with earnest insistence. “When nothing else can.”

Trauma, grief, and fear long ago pulled Haru’s heart out by the roots, leaving an empty foundation behind where nothing could ever grow. At least, until Makoto planted seed after seed, nurturing them with sunshine smiles and golden sincerity. Haru has always bloomed under the attention in his own quiet way, but now he must run from the maze garden Makoto planted inside him, the one in which Haru lost himself in goodness, security, and warmth. He will abandon his comfort zone because he must find those empty spaces in Makoto now, and fill them with the love he deserves.

With the truth he deserves.

“I’m a drug dealer, Makoto.”

the payday gang does donate to charity but it’s not a robin hood thing so much as it is “I just got called by someone asking for donations and I have literally more money than I know what to do with, time to make this guy’s fucking year”