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Follow up.

This is my cousin, who has an almost three year old foster to adopt son, and works in a daycare, so clearly she’s the expert in childcare.

Today is hard. End of story.

Detailed List of Trigger Warnings for The Foxhole Court+

The series is called “All For the Game” but most people know it as “The Foxhole Court” on Tumblr. Here is the list of trigger warnings FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES, however, please feel free to click the read more for a more detailed description of how that trigger plays out without spoiling anything.

I’m sure there is probably a list out there already, but just in case if there is not. Also, if I missed anything, please let me know! Last updated 3/9/17.

-violence (male to female)
-mild assault
-drug abuse
-drug misrepresentation
-alcohol abuse
-counselors/courts prescribing medication
-violence (guns, knives, fists, cigarette lighters, etc)
-sport violence
-casual violence
-familial death (referenced)
-gang violence
-torture (semi-heavily detailed)
-abuse by a family member
-mentions of domestic abuse
-rape by a family member
-minor character death
-suicide mentions
-mentions of sociopathy
-mentions of depression
-panic attacks
-knives being used
-character in a rehab/mental facility
-abuse in a rehab facility
-bribery of authority figures
-albeist language / homophobic slurs
-mention of animal cruelty

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where they are just and loyal || hufflepuff || listen 

i. gold rays // vinyl pinups ii. alone together // fall out boy iii. let’s dance to joy division // the wombats iv. she’s a riot // the jungle giants v. tongue tied // grouplove vi. san francisco // the mowgli’s vii. don’t stop // foster the people viii. laughter lines // bastille ix. different colours // walk the moon x. roman holiday // halsey xi. all this and heaven too // florence + the machine xii. smells like summer // early hours xiii. trouble // imagine dragons xiv. say it, just say it // the mowgli’s xv. i will wait for you // mumford & sons xvi. weight of living pt. ii // bastille xvii. cry baby // melanie martinez xviii. when did your heart go missing // rooney xviv. favorite record // fall out boy xv. crystals // of monsters and men xvi. jackie and wilson // hozier xvii. welcome home // radical face xviii. atlas hands // benjamin francis leftwich xix. be good // max brodie ft. tom rosenthal xx. sunshine lullaby // pebaluna xxi. someone new // hozier xxii. after the storm // mumford & sons

  • Elf: Can I live in Gondolin?
  • Turgon: Sure, but you'll have to stay here for the rest of your life or otherwise I'll have to kill you
  • Tuor: Hey, can I marry your daughter?
  • Turgon: Mkay

scarlet-amaryllis  asked:

ooh, how about luke for the name meme?

I love the weird doctor. Thank you for the ask bby <3


L: What is their favourite board game?

Operation l m a o

U: What’s their voice like?

Deep and soothing. He can be rather monotonous when he’s disinterested in something, but he can get this sweet eagerness when talking to MC about her collarbones or cats. Don’t even get me started on if he sees an actual kitty; it’s adorable and the thought of it makes me cry. 

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them?

It’s subtle unless you know him. Most people think he’s just using his formal doctor voice, but he’s really shutting the person off and treating them coldly because he’s hurt. He tries to remain as formal and distant as possible, but if the person presses him to find out what’s wrong, he’s likely to avoid the person completely or snap at them. He’s scary when he yells.

E: How are they with children?

On a technical level, Luke is great. He knows exactly how to cradle a baby and can make them stop crying instantly, but he would be emotionally lost. He’s not one to try and play with a child or talk down to them, so he’d be using all this formal terminology to explain their illness to them and they’re like ???. MC has to step in like ‘Luke, honey, no.’ 

Mary Lou Barebone is played by Samantha Morton, a working class British actress. In adolescence she was in and out of the foster system and is herself, an abuse survivor. She openly talks about her past, is involved in activism and is pretty much an all-around badass.

Her portrayal of Mary Lou, who physically and emotionally abuses her fostered son Credence throughout the film, whilst being a strong performance in its own right, has undoubtedly added significance given that she is a survivor herself.

And I have yet to have seen one interview with her, or one bts clip of her. There simply isn’t any mention of Sam outside the film.

Let me be clear: this is an twice Oscar nominated actress, who has as many lines & screentime as Katherine’s, Jacob’s, Ezra’s etc characters, who has personal connection to the material explored in fbawtft and yet she’s non-existent as far as promo & press tours are concerned.

Why is hers the only voice not been given an audience when arguably it holds the most weight.


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Barbershop Love - MissterMaia | YoonMin | Rated E | 22k

Jimin has never taken his best friend’s jokes about his alleged praise kink seriously, because that’s all they are and ever will be. Jokes. They’re stupid jokes that Taehyung makes at his expense to see the shy Jimin turn into a blushing, embarrassed mess of stuttering protests and meek curses. They’re only jokes, and they’re so stupid.

Or at least Jimin has always thought so, but then his hairdresser boyfriend asks him to pose as a model for his winter collection, and Jimin realizes that there might the teeniest, tiniest bit of truth to Taehyung’s persistent teasing.

Move - alankaar | YoonJin | Rated M | 10k

Yoongi feels like his new 7000 sq ft penthouse suite is out to make his life miserable. Seokjin’s just adding to the unholy mixture.

Bromance Noir - tangowithsuga | YoonJin | Rated T | 4k

A self-indulgent fic about sleeping, watching movies, being the best of best roommates, and the nuances of the Yoonjin relationship.

Seokjin gazes closely at his roommate’s sleeping form. He takes everything in - the pine scent lingering from Yoongi’s latest bath bomb, his pale smooth skin and slightly flushed cheeks, his soft pouty (kissable) lips - and considers seriously for the first time that he may have a crush on his roommate.

a little time alone with you - Chlexcer | JiKook | Rated M | 4k

Jimin’s life motto was ’never do anything with Jungkook that you wouldn’t do with Taehyung in front of the hyungs’, and save for that one time when Namjoon walked in on him and the maknae sucking face, it had worked perfectly. Now, if only Jungkook cooperated into keeping their secret a secret…

(Alternatively, the one where Jimin and Jungkook are a thing, Jungkook rails Jimin up during a movie night with the other members, and really likes being called ‘baby boy’.)

fly me to the moon - triangularism | NamJin | Rated M | 755

Jin smiles, the corners of his eyes crinkling, and Namjoon is so, so in love.

Phosphenes - CynoDemure | Namjoon/Everyone | Rated M | 55k

Namjoon’s life turned tough when we was sixteen and made one little mistake.

He lives many lives after that, always finding what he was missing.

Don’t Let Go - CynoDemure | YoonSeok | Rated M | 20k 

Yoongi swore he’d be the best he could be with what he was given, but things don’t always work out how you expect them to.

Farm Raised and Cage Free - CynoDemure | none/Taehyung centered | Rated G | 10k

“What the hell? Were you born in a barn?

"Uh. I was actually. And I miss it. This place makes no sense.”

Or; Jimin’s a little more judgemental than he should be and Taehyung is really out of his element.

Vulnerable - CheekyBrunette | NamJin | Rated G | 11k

Part 8 of Creating a Home series

“Jin?” Namjoon piped up, his voice small in the silence that had washed over them. Seokjin grunted in acknowledgement. “Do you ever… Do you ever…” Namjoon played with the hem of his sheets. “Do you ever think about what it’ll be like to bury Taehyung?”

Seokjin’s book fell closed.

(In which Namjoon is terrified for his newest foster son, and rightfully so.)