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McLaren Automotive has today celebrated the manufacture of its 10,000th car from the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, England. The 10,000th car, a McLaren 570S finished in Ceramic Grey paintwork from the McLaren Special Operations ‘Defined’ palette, rolled out of the Foster + Partners designed Production Centre just over five years after the first car, a McLaren 12C, was completed

How about a Castle AU?

Leonard Snart is a bestselling mystery writer who lives with his best friend, Mick, and his son, Michael (who is NOT named after Mick, no matter what he says!). Bored with the main character of his successful spy series, Commander Cold, Len kills him off in his latest book, Cold Blood. He focuses his attention on finding a new muse–which comes to him in the form of Detective Barry Allen, an up-and-coming detective (and secret Commander Cold fan) who comes to him for help on a case involving murders in the style of Len’s mystery novels. 

Suddenly, Len has a new idea for a book–Flashpoint, the story of a kind yet kick-ass police detective named Malcolm Flash, whose mother was murdered when he was eleven and became a cop to prove his father’s innocence, and his roguish ex-criminal reporter/partner Lawrence Scofield. 

And, because of his friendship with Mayor Sara Lance, he’s able to shadow Barry on his cases for inspiration. 


  • Detective Iris West (who is still Barry’s foster sister) and her partner, Detective Cisco Ramon
  • Police Captain Harry Wells
  • Medical Examiner Caitlin Snow
  • Len’s secret, super spy half-sister, Lisa
  • Senator Eobard Thawne

Lesbian History:

Mabel Hampton
May 2, 1902 – October 26, 1989 

  • was an American lesbian activist, a dancer during the Harlem Renaissance, and a philanthropist for both black and lesbian/gay organizations.
  • met partner Lillian Foster in 1932; were together until Lillian died in 1978.
  • marched in the first National Gay and Lesbian March on Washington.
  • In 1984, Hampton spoke before thousands of onlookers at New York City Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade; there, she said, “I, Mabel Hampton, have been a lesbian all my life, for 82 years, and I am proud of myself and my people. I would like all my people to be free in this country and all over the world, my gay people and my black people.”

Fast Track
Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf: Foster + Partners

Tom Kenny is the Kevin Bacon of Animation

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See this beautiful cat who looks like a Studio Ghibli soot sprite come to life? This is Fuzzy. And she needs a home!


  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Age: 6 or 7
  • Indoor cat
  • Spayed!
  • Medium-legth black fur
  • Petite, but squishy 
  • Gigantic cartoon eyes. 


  • The loudest purr
  • Super affectionate 
  • Gets along with quiet, low-energy dogs of any size. So long as they don’t bother her, they’re cool. 
  • Quiet and sedentary 
  • Low maintenance. She does fine being left alone for a whole day, so long as she has food and some attention before you leave. 
  • Has a hilarious meow. Sounds like a duck impersonating a cat. 
  • Not destructive. She likes to claw furniture a little, but no harm has come to my vintage velvet couch. She’ll let you trim her nails if they get too long.


  • Is so stressed in the presence of other cats that she will soil herself
  • No tolerance for frisky puppy nonsense. She will hide under any furniture available. 
  • Probably would not enjoy young children
  • Demands pets always, but sometimes becomes over-sensitized and forgets what a hand is. She will try to mouth you a little, before realizing your hand is just a hand, and demanding more pets
  • Will play with your shoelaces while you’re trying to tie your shoes. 

Please reblog to help me find Fuzzy a home, and keep reading if you’re interested!

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Foster + Partners extend their space concepts from the moon to Mars

With the news that flowing water has been discovered on Mars, it seemed apt to post this fantastic concept for 3D-printed Martian habitats. Built entirely by automated machines using regolith harvested from the surface, these habitats hold a strong similarity to those imagined in a previous project by Foster and his team (which I previously posted here). Three kinds of robots would be dropped onto the surface of the red planet - one to dig the craters for the pods to rest in, one to gather and process the regolith used in construction, and a third to use microwaves to fuse the materials in place. Like the moon project, each habitat has a prefab core that is parachuted in, and this printed covering is created around as a protective shell. 

More at: dezeen