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Can’t believe I’ve never seen this before

This here’s my ideal Cartoon Network schedule this week (MON 9/25 TO SUN 10/1). Man, 25 years of CN. That’s older than me. And what better way to celebrate than with every Cartoon Network original airing throughout the weekend? (creds for idea to @cn-confessions) Starting from Dexter’s Lab on Saturday at 6AM and ending off with OK KO on Sunday at 7.45PM in order of premiere dates. Might be a bit of a stretch but I would definitely try this out if I did scheduling. Whether it brings viewers or not, what’s important is that we are still able to respect and appreciate the creative and hard work put into making 25 years of CN as successful as it is today.

Anyway, nothing much else to say here. Enjoy your week ahead!

anonymous asked:

He y arqui! Tienes algunas bibliotecas que te gusten en particular? Estoy buscando referentes. Gracias!

Las bibliotecas son de mis edificios favoritos, tengo demasiadas en mente. Para esta lista voy a ignorar bibliotecas clásicas como Trinity College en Irlanda o El Escorial en España y me enfocare en algunas mas recientes.

You can see previous posts about libraries following this link. Here is a very small selection of my favorite contemporary libraries:

Library at the Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum Tadao Ando

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cullenski  asked:

Hey, could I get a post about cool libraries please? I sorta have a thing for them

Check out the many previous posts about libraries! Including these feature posts:

Here are some recent library projects:

Musashino Art University Museum & Library Sou Fujimoto

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