Hi everyone I would like you to meet Ringo a gorgeous little border collie pup. Ringo has come to the attention of Claws n Paws Rescue Group when he was handed over to one of our Central Coast vets with a heart murmer . 

Sometimes dogs can live long lives with this condition but unfortunately in Ringo s case this is not to be as his heart murmer is quite servere and his life expectancy at the moment is only 18 months.

Ringo is just a darling boy that really loves life and has the sweetest disposition, what we would like to do at Claws n Paws is to try raise enough money to be able to give Ringo the life saving surgery he needs.

I know not everyone can afford to donate but if you even just donate $5 or $10 to Ringo’s surgery or share his cause it would be very appreciated and go towards saving this boys life.

You can donate here:



This is Baby and she is in need of an immediate foster or adopter. She is located in Oklahoma. She currently is in a foster home that took her in since she was being abused and neglected in her previous home, but the foster is looking to have someone else take her as one of the resident dogs is no longer getting along with her.

She is great with other dogs. In fact, she needs to be in a home with other dogs as it makes her more comfortable. However, she is very playful and energetic. She learns quickly and would make a great dog for sports or a hiking buddy!

Please contact if you are interested in adopting or fostering, or if you know of an organization that may also help.

I normally do not list animals I have not met myself, however I am willing to work with people who have an URGENT need. If you are one of those cases, please do not hesitate to contact me to list your dog here.